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"alani monaci" Discussed on The World: Latest Edition

"I'm marco werman. You're with the world many governments across the globe or fighting insurgencies right now in mozambique in southern africa. They've been struggling to contain a rebellion for four long years. Thousands of died. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in northern mozambique in the province of kabo delgado but there is hope that the tide may be turning. Here's the world. Africa correspondent halima condie earlier. This week the anthem of mozambique played on a windy afternoon in pemba. The capital of the kabul delgado province. It marked the launch of a new peacekeeping mission by the southern african development community. Sadeq as it's known is an organization of sixteen african nations. It's sending about fifteen hundred soldiers to help. Mozambique fight a years long. Insurgency major general alani monaci from south africa up described the mission this way to support republic of mozambique to combat acts of terrorism and violent extremism by neutralizing threats to region or to create a sexual environment. This is a turning point for mozambique. The country has been reluctant to accept help and has denied the scope of the problem. Robert wrestling is the ceo of panja. Risk an intelligence company. He is based in south africa. They have been reluctant to do sir one because a homegrown insurgency in the ruling party's home province is deeply embarrassing and has huge political and symbolic reputational damage to its. But that's changing. As attacks in the region have continued last month when thousand troops from rwanda arrived in coupled gado this week the us announced it would train when hundred mozambican commandos rangers. The extra support appears to be making a difference already this week. Mozambican and rwandan forces freed the town of modem boy depri- from insurgents. He was attacked last year. Mozambican general cristovao. Arthur chu may spoke with reporters about who these insurgents are very some was becomes. Does onions somalian's drc and other country who lead this group. But how has it terrorists. Still there are a lot of unknowns about the insurgency in northern mozambique. The region is predominantly muslim and earlier. This year the. Us government said the militants are tied to isis but many experts still are not so sure. Here's bustling analyst. I very much doubt and this is also backed up with very little evidence at the moment that there are strong ties into himself ideology leadership recruitment funding supply between the disparity insurgency northern mozambique and different parts of islamic state in africa. Beyond that one thing is clear about this insurgency. It's been deadly and destructive. Here's mozambican general. Row arthur tschumi again. The acute people destroyed infrastructure. If you go around you will see what they want. They don't want people living in peace. Many people in kabul delgado are happy to see the arrival of international troops. Here's one man. Speaking to rwandan state media from palma a town that was decimated in a deadly attack. Back in march via gigi show we're wand and troops. He said are bringing peace now. He wants to bring his family home but tonight. A machado a senior researcher with human rights. Watch caution what. We would one day on me to do at this stage. That is to make sure that the air is completely safe before they allow in grades anyone to return home. Machado says that the government needs to investigate alleged human rights abuses committed by the mozambican security forces against civilians. They had relatives that way. In force disappeared betrays devastated all ill-treated or beaten by security forces. All somebody executed as more troops arrive in mozambique to fight the insurgents machado says human rights needs to be a top priority for the world. I'm halima condie in nairobi this week. The biden administration turned its sights on a favourite target for american presidents opec the organization of the petroleum. Exporting countries opec controls more than eighty percent of the oil reserves on the planet. President biden wants to thirteen opec nations to pump out. more oil. biden is making the play at the same time that americans are dealing with high prices at the pump and as a us is resistant to tap into its reserves to unpack the global oil game. We're joined by ellen. Walled with the atlantic council global energy center. She joins us from jacksonville florida. How is opec responding to the biden administrations criticisms and demands to increase output ellen. Opaque hasn't issued a formal response. But there were some comments from opec delegates from. They basically amounted to our market analyses. We don't really see a need for more oil right now. So which is basically what you're saying. No we're not going to pump more. We already have plans to pump more oil. In fact we're not gonna put more than than we planned and don't know what you're talking about. And how does the white house does it see that. That increase output is satisfactory. Well it seems like they don't think that this increased output satisfactory but in in effect opec is going to be increasing its production by four hundred thousand barrels. A day each month from now through december and probably farther into twenty twenty two. So it's really kind of confusing as to why the biden registration is pressing opec for even more oil now where they already have plans to increase it wrote so opec does get a lot of criticism from the white house when gas prices are high. Here is this criticism of opec fair. It's not all pex fault in this case and gasoline prices in the united states aren't just a factor of opec they're mostly a factor of of oil prices but there is more that goes into it so for example last year or in say february of twenty twenty. The us was pumping thirteen million barrels. A day of oil now republican much closer to eleven and that extra two million barrels. A day doesn't seem like it's coming back. And a lot of that is due to policies that the administration has put in place that discouraged producers from expanding production domestically. So why do you think the. Us president is saying opec needs to help. What's the rhetoric about..

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