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"alan walsh meadow" Discussed on Bruins Beat

"It's hard to completely Bank on him for season. You can say, is to go to the future, but to actually have him be the starter on a team that is looking to go to the Stanley Cup is tough, that's just how it works is dead. But there are some interesting older free-agent options in that. I mean again, halak is officially gone. That is not, he's not returning, he's not coming back. That has been announced crunch. Alan Walsh Meadow for not making a big deal out of it. You know, you just kind of, I think you tweeted it. You said it to someone so not not a huge, you know, picture of Sweeney putting a sword in the bath. La creditas crazy like that. Um, but what is interesting what is interesting is there's one named. That's right, he's not even a free agent he's it's Braden. Holtby out in Vancouver you know Vancouver wants to buy them out and that's one name that's been kicked around. Is may be a guy who come in and no absolutely not. No you don't want Braden holtby near your team. And we said this last offseason we this was people were saying this last offseason in Vancouver went and signed up to 2 years 4 million per awful. And I was looking at the stats last night every single month, Vance, even worse than you think it's worse than you think. It's like I thought he was like bottom climbing. Yeah, yeah, I think he was this horrible and I'm not going to go step-by-step because it's hard to podcast people off. This is is boring. But you can go down the line and he's bottom five in every stat, every single stat. He's bottom five in high danger. Say percentage. Granted yet he was behind a shity Canucks. Defense took. I'll give him that crappy connects defense but hellebuyck's behind a horrible or behind a bad defense in Winnipeg Thatcher. Demko wasn't terrible in Vancouver. Hope he was terrible. Hope he was so awful like the numbers if you want to go check them out. Go to Natural stat trick and look at them yourself. They're terrible. This is not a guy. You want even at a million? A million-and-a-half. I don't care that. You want a cup. A few years ago I don't care that he used to kill you whenever he play you play the Bruins, I don't care. He's not good. Stop with the whole. You know, do the Brewers are going to, you know, sweep in and get Opie on the cheek wage. No let another team. Make a stupid decision like that. Like, like they can ice skating Oliver ekman-larsson, which is also the dump and now having to dump all these hundred. Yeah no. I I was thinking about this yesterday, the Bruins being interested in that and just program to a cold sweat cuz I know the arguments going to be is that he's one. So he's better than Rask when he's been a below below replacement. Level player for eight years now like he's been dogshit. So I know that arguments coming the Bruins somehow get in the mix or there's rumors about it so whether you don't get it, he's a winner. Yeah he has a hidden 897 say percentage, his last two capitals and that's why they replaced him with uh feet Advantage. Check and Sandstone off and all those guys have the Bruins roasted in the offs, that that was a better option on it. And he'll be brought them. But Yeah, if that's a guy that's very concerning whether even if they're eating some of the cap, the Vancouver Canucks and it's a one-year deal. I don't know how you go into it cuz then you go back into the mix of is Braden..

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