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"alan mm" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Welcome back Dr. Time Sports. You know the switchbacks have been in the news. Lately, They announced a another. A player returning George lobby, see going to be returning to the club, which is good news. We also get very excited about new players, maybe even more so right new players. And, uh, the switchbacks have announced a couple and no one of them has been kind enough to join me on the show. He came up in the New York rebels system. In his native New York played college soccer at Wake Forest. It served as captain for part of his time there, and with the Demon Deacons turned pro with the New York Red Bulls to in the U. S L Championship. Was on the team that made the Eastern Conference finals. Easy Bringing He's bringing all of that experience here to Colorado Springs, the newest member of switchbacks, FC Stephen Etcheverry. A joins me now. Ah, Stephen. Great to have young man. How are you? I'm good, right? Thanks for having me. My pleasure. And as fans may not know I you're not new. It didn't just show up with the switchbacks, right? You have been training with them a little bit last year, but I would imagine. You know, getting a deal done and being a full fledged member that has to feel pretty good. It's so exciting. I've actually been talking with Alan. Since this time last year, November 1st of 2019 is when we first connected. Soto be out there for 34 months, training with the team and Have finally turned video. It feels great. What did you and obvious I guess I should bury the lead here. Uh, our Allan stepping away? Um, you know, there's this time, Stephen, as I'm sure that it's been crazy for you. It's been crazy for everybody. Just Your reaction to Alan stepping away from the club the other day. On on a personal, you know, I was I was started because he's obviously a great coach. But he's a great guy, and so to hear that he was having some issues with family and some personal struggles at home, I was I was saddened by that. But from a team perspective, you know he he did a lot for the switch back to the club. He pushed the club forward the organization forward in an incredible way and only a year's time. So We'll definitely miss him. I think that the guys that are returning in myself that that had the opportunity to know him. Well, most will be thinking about him throughout the year. And we're gonna obviously Like every other team. We're gonna want to win a championship. And I know that I can speak for myself. I guess you'd say that he'll be in the back of my mind every moment throughout the season. Well said I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on that. So you talked about the conversations that you had with with Alan. You know what? What did he What stuck out to you? What? When he was talking about because it's you know, it's about him, and it's about his system as any conversation between a coach and player would be, But I would imagine. What he was trying to do here in Colorado Springs came up in the city itself in the new stadium and all this kind of stuff. What were some of the things that stuck out in those conversations that made you say? You know what? This is the right place for me to go. There are a lot of things I think Colorado Springs. The city is so unique. The elevation the five military bases, just the culture. Everyone being quite active is always people biking and running and whatnot. So I think I think that for me Itself was kind of a draw and then from Alan Mm. He knows the game. Really? Well, um, he the people he looked up to are also people I look up to in the game of football, so the style he wanted to implement aggressive attacking style but also quite pragmatic and And being realistic about the way we go forward in the way we defended the group. Um it was akin to what I had learned in the Red bull system. And so I felt that I would fit in quite well. Then he was also a big culture guy, so he wanted to make sure that everyone's Just acting with integrity on the field disciplined and, um he hold people to a pretty high standard, which I had that at Wake Forest and that Red Bull. So for me coming in, it was Not an easy transition, but it was relatively comfortable one because I knew what I was getting into, you know. Stephen Echeverria theme newest member of Switchbacks, FC, joining me here on drive time sports I mentioned at the top, You know, you came up through the Red bull system a very good system for developing players here in the United States. Uh, you know, in football, it gives you an opportunity. Unlike some other sports, you know, we got the NBA draft here about 30 minutes from now. And and I know the MLS has the super draft, but You know, it's such a You know, kind of a crapshoot, right where you're gonna end up. If you're in a sport where it's just a full on draft, you could end up being and you're playing in your backyard. You could end up playing 3000 miles away. In soccer, you get the opportunity. If you're good enough if you're promising enough player To sign on through the developmental academy. You got that chance You paid your dues. You work through it. You grew up as a player. What was it finally, like when you put pen to paper and became a full fledged member of New York Red Bulls, a team that I imagined that you watch closely growing up. Yeah, That was a crazy moment because I had been there six years prior in the academy A couple years in college. I would come home and train with you 23 teams. It was. It was one of those things where a lot of guys in football. The They retire at their home club. So if you look at Shah via Barcelona, you're a number of players that they just play the whole career One club and there was a time where I definitely wanted to do that at Red Bull. Um, it was. It's obviously in my backyard. I grew up watching. Um, a lot of the two teams in the 2000 and I went to my first professional game with the MetroStars game on the Metro started became the Red Bulls. A couple years after S O. It was incredible to represent the city of New York. Um, the state of New York and my family because we immigrated here from Puerto Rico, so it was special to see them at my games and I really enjoyed my time there, but a same time. I'm also probably even more excited for this opportunity. And Colorado because There's just with the new stadium coming and there's just a vibe around the team and the city. The community that I felt was quite special, and I'm really excited to get going in 2021. Yeah, we all are. Steven. It's a very a switchbacks midfield there, joining us here. On. Ah, drive time sports. So New York guy? What? What part specifically, like an obvious Forgive a lot of us, right? Who live out here on the western part of the United States? We referred Tonto. You know, New York City. Where in relationship to New York City? Did you grow up? So I'm from Slate from New York. It's about an hour and a half northwest of the city. It's quite rural. You would. If you were to see where I live. You would think I'm in the Midwest somewhere. Um, it's a far cry from the city idea that most people have How How did you? You talked about your family moving from Puerto Rico. How did they how they settle on New York state and how they settle on Slate Hill. So is my grandparents that moved here on both sides. And then my parents were my parents in the city and Obadiah, Um and they work their way through the school system there, my mom with and why you? My dad went to a school in West Chester. I got a police officer and my mom works in finance. So they kind of just work their way through with the kind of chip on their shoulder immigrant mentality that a lot of people come here with. Eventually one of these times have a family and raise kids. They decided to move out a little towards the country, and I'm grateful for that, because it allowed me. I wish I had a front yard that I could play soccer. And then, um I didn't have to worry about traffic or, you know strangers. I had space to play. So it was great, Great decision Or maybe half. I think So where, where? What side of the family? Does the football talent come from? Probably neither, Um, my dad ran track, but Before was something my haven't older brother and he got me into the game when I just wanted to be like him Growing up. And so that was where I started playing it for years old here and played Hill and He was the big catalyst because without him, I don't know if I ever would have picked up a ball to be honest. That will. Ah,.

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