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"alan likely" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"And it's time for the Hopkins news feed. Kids and younger people in general seemed to succumb to Kogan, 19 infection much less often than older people in those with other medical conditions, with the recent household studies, suggesting that parents usually brought the infection home. Get. Aaron Millstone, a pediatric infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins says observational studies are bearing fruit. As schools air starting Tio require testing before students return for sports. They're finding kids that are positive there, asymptomatic. We know that their kids going to the beach coming back positive. We have kids in the hospital there Positive. We know that kids have this virus and we know that anyone that has this virus is at risk of spreading. So I would really caution people from thinking the kids are not playing a role in helping spread this virus. We can prepare for the fact that when schools go back that, you know by a big role in spreading it At Johns Hopkins. I'm Elizabeth Tracy for 26 Sandwich. Massachusetts has a new name today in a collaboration with Hood, the oldest town on the Cape is officially renamed Ice Cream Sandwich for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which is today. Hundreds of people are sick after a salmonella outbreak involving red onions. First thing on the end is a little red onion. There is tasteful and summer recipes like corn salad. But more than 500 cases of salmonella and at least 75 hospitalizations in the U. S and Canada have been linked to red onions. The FDA says they came from a produce supplier in Bakersfield, California. Cases in Oregon, Utah and California have been traced to Thompson International, which is re called red, Yellow, white and sweet onions shift since May 1st, they were distributed to wholesalers, restaurants and retail stores. If you have any in your kitchen and don't know where they came from, health officials recommend you throw them away. Deborah Rodriguez. CBS News Allegations of workplace abuse on the set of Ellen have led to speculation on whether the long running to daytime talk show could be canceled. But Alan likely isn't going anywhere. The Runners. The show runners say that allegations of abuse in their words have been greatly overestimated, and Alan will likely began re filming both of her shows. Near the end of the month. A North Carolina man spent four hours buying up lottery tickets and $15 million when you have a good feeling, you go with it. A North Carolina man played on a hunch and went on a journey to find the $5 million mega cash scratch off game winning ticket after spending approximately four hours going to about 40 Stores buying every mega cash ticket. Kevin Clark finally hit it, he said. When he scratched it, he started to cry. Clark took the lump sum, which, after taxes landed him about $2.1 million. He says he wants to invest in real estate and some small businesses. Lisa Matteo CBS News Ah, A fire continues at a recycling cycling plant and saga is the Wheelabrator there, we will get an update on that situation in the next half hour. Right now. It's for 28. Heart radio's.

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