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"alan foreman" Discussed on KGO 810

"Island Jones gonna hand it off to Larson and Utah beginning to run their offense, Alan And Kwan. He's going to be right on him. So that'll be the match up to put a star by 20 against Alan, Can you stay with him? And this is what Alan likes do driving right for the paint quality, able to get a piece of it anticipates tips it around. It takes it away, so the first battle goes to the barest Yeah, they did a nice job. Then again of his qualities defense that length. It made it very difficult for Alan. Foreman goes over the anticipates Grand up top couple bounces picks up his dribble was over the quality on the left side. He'll go down to Bentley Ryan, left wing. Looking gets to Forman McHale, the top catch, shoot deep ball and really deep off the front of the rim. No good rebound by Alan Just underway in Salt Lake City, and it's gonna be kicked bike wanting off fast, Alan. So Sideline in balance for the running utes. That's what I was talking about Timmy Alan And take the ball to go and to end with it. So even though Ryland shows is their point guard and a good one Alan has got that capability. That I'm going over the top of everybody on tune in. It's got it on the right block and toss it back out deep ball off the hands of baton. No good still scoreless, just a minute plus gone by. Form and bring it up the right side. Kelly with the catch up top. Well, anything about the past and I want is a bitch Grant on the left side. One bounce, elevate shoots, and it's like somebody may have gotten a piece of that. When that an air ball off the hand of anticipates. Yeah, that kind of isolation play tough fadeaway jumper for Grant. Larson balance the top. Drift over the left side now back toward the middle 20. Waiting patiently. Not Jones. Survey..

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