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"alam adil" Discussed on KMJ NOW

"That's bad just wakil our borders that's what we need to start really watching because once they flip that nuclear weapon in through a cargo container or wh truck or however that hell they would get it any air defense they think that this shootings bad we beater not just the mexican border i i've said this many times on your show i'm talk about the border around our entire country needs to be upgraded well this is why keep talking about what this is why we have to come together to look out for one another big 'cause it's gonna be uglier then you know some day than what happened in las vegas we're not gonna know what hit us because we've been too busy with all of these petty political arguments yep that's all i gotta say it and you guys are smart one so our little and that god our borders our borders yeah yeah i yeah totally sure i hear you tim loader hey what's going on ray hey i i yeah i don't know what gaby gifford and i i don't know what uh hillary of talking about because their weapons that were used automatic weapons is already a legal i met eight he got them some were obviously because those are not legal anywhere anyway ju uh this is never going to change because it's always going to be political i mean until a democratic party gets off the mantra of uh uh don't ever let at good crisis go to weight which is like directly what they're doing because they're just going to politicize it you something to voters by i know uh well i'm in manual it it you know he is the one that coined the phrase i believe an and and it it has said he alone michael and i were sitting there talking what they're like 1100 shootings last year you don't hear most of i'm uh actor actually yeah actually there were thirty five hundred and fifty shootings alam adil of that forty three hundred people were shot.

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