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Moment of the Day (11/06/19)

Boomer & Gio

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Moment of the Day (11/06/19)

"The choices quite frankly a lot with the Steven Jackson stuff. But I figure you'll post that online so I like this a lot being written talked about with the black cat from the meadowlands the other night for metlife stadium. One story said hundreds of cats are now existing there and if that's true we don't know that it is but if it's true right Alad Greg wondered how those that work there get anything done like say maybe a ticket. Sales Rep this is. This is jared from season ticket office over the The jets I was just checking seaview under renew your renew your plan. Hello can you hear me. Ah I just WanNa see you last forever. You bought a half season plan last year. We want to see thank. You OUGHTA. Do you prefer the email address. Email easier in sales every cash right moment of the day he could jerry the UN's yes you to add ringsend Nice AIDS Times. We're perfectly time like screaming. meow attacking one another. So where does that even come like. Someone had to get that sound from some everything about that like somebody just stand there with

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April 5, 2020: Beverley Allitt Murders

Today in True Crime

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April 5, 2020: Beverley Allitt Murders

"Today is Sunday April Fifth. Twenty twenty on this day in Nineteen ninety-one two-month-old Katie Phillips was poisoned. Her nurse Beverley Allitt. It was only two days after Allitt caused the death of Katie's twin sister. Welcome today in true crime. Apar- cast original due to the graphic nature. Today's crimes listener discretion is advised extreme. Caution is advised for listeners under thirteen. Today we're covering the attempted murder of Katie Phillips. The young girl was nearly killed by her nurse. Beverley allitt twenty two year old. Alex had already killed three other children and would attack more before she was caught. The tabloids dubbed her the angel of death. Let's go back to Grantham and Kiss Stephen District Hospital in Lincolnshire England on April Fifth Nineteen Ninety one. Peter Phillips found themselves back in the children's ward just five days prior they brought in their infant daughter Becky after she was dealing with bowel issues. Two days later little. Becky passed away from what was believed to be caught death. It was recommended that the couple returned to the hospital. So becky's twin sister. Katie could be observed for a few days just as a precautionary measure. It was six in the morning on April Fifth. When the couple entered those familiar doors yet again they were welcomed with hugs and somber greetings from some of the fellow staff. Becky and Katie. Who were born premature. Were unfortunately frequent visitors to the hospital since birth meaning. The family gotten to know the staff. There are more than they would have liked but they asked for one young nurse in particular a woman day trusted and had connected with on a more personal level. Beverley Allitt she had cared for Becky only days earlier. The other nurses assured the couple that Alex shift would be starting soon around one PM and they would assign her to Katie's case as soon as she arrived. Alad was charming warm and noticeably younger than the other nurses. When they're earlier doctors walked the couple through dry medical discussion. Alad sense they needed more than cold jargon. They needed empathy. Someone to tell them it was all going to be okay that their daughter would be safe. Alad was engaging and kept the parents spirits up even in the darkest hours the nurse repeatedly reassured the Phillips. Their daughter was going to be just fine. Katie was not showing any signs of poor health and this visit was only precautionary but under Alex Care. That was all going to change. Everything was fine until three fifteen that afternoon. Nurse Alad convinced the Phillips parents to take a beat and eat something. They needed a distraction. She would look after. Katy and with the coast clear. Allitt moved in on the child. The two shared a private moment. Alad looked around. No one was watching. The infants tender is found the determined killer. It was now or never alad put her hand over. Katie's face and nostrils. The infants face swelled as she gasps through Alex Fingertip Crevices Alad. Squeeze the child's ribs so hard that five cracked Katie's vital signs declined setting off an alarm. Allitt rushed into the hall. Calling out an alarming. Two words cardiac arrest. It was time for the next phase of Alex's plan it was time for her to play the role of hero. The other nurses rushed into the room and found Little Katie's swaddled in Alex Arms. The child was suffering from apnea episodes periods of little to no breathing. Her face was modeled. Disturbing SHADE OF. Blue doctors resuscitated the baby. Not once but twice before deciding that it would be best to relocate her to another hospital but by then the child was suffering from partial blindness paralysis and irreversible brain damage. Allitt was certain she had taken the life of her fourth victim. But unfortunately for the diabolical nurse. Katie wasn't dead coming up. How the gruesome child killings lead to the arrest of one of Britain's most infamous female serial killers high listeners the launch of our new podcast series supernatural with Ashley. Flowers has been an incredible success. We're so happy to welcome Ashley to the podcast family and can't thank you enough for checking out the show. If you haven't had a chance to listen yet I highly recommend you head over to the supernatural feed and subscribe today every Wednesday Ashley. Flowers takes on a different crime or mystery or the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional the first episode has been my favorite so far. Were the deaths of two Brazilian men a result of making contact with spirits on Mars. Get closer to the truth than ever before. Regarding the mystifying lead masks case but you'll also find some other fascinating stories. Did four friends have a highly unusual encounter during a camping trip in Maine. Sort through the out of this world. Circumstances surrounding the allegations incident was Italian. Theoretical physicist et Cetera by Arana's disappearance caused by his discovery of time travel or was it something more sinister each week Ashley takes on the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences if you're the kind of person who questions everything you'll love this. Show follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever? You get your podcasts now. Back to the story on April Fifth Nineteen Ninety one two month old. Katie Phillips was attacked by her nurse. Beverley Allitt just days prior Katie's twin. Sister Becky died of what was believed to be sudden. Infant death syndrome or sids it was a tragedy a freak occurrence but when her twin Katie stopped breathing to suspicions were raised Katie survived her apnea spells but from there. It only got weirder hospital. Staff noticed that Beverley Allitt who was only a nurse in training took a special interest in certain parents of deceased patients like the Phillips in the Phillips's case the affection was reciprocated. Sue and Peter were so grateful that Beverley allitt had saved Katie. They made Alad her godmother. They invited her to dinners at their home and even let her take. Katie on one on one excursions. But those working at Grantham and Kiss Stephen District hospital also noted a spike in respiratory and cardiac deaths in the first few months of nineteen ninety one a spike that started shortly after state enrolled nurse. Beverley Allitt began her training period. At the hospital upon closer investigation authorities discovered that Beverley Allitt was present for twenty three cardiac or respiratory arrest in a mere fifty nine days in November of nineteen. Ninety-one ALLITT was arrested. She was charged with murdering four children including Becky. She was also accused of attacking ten more including Katie. The Phillips were shocked. Their daughters Godmother had attempted to murder her and killed her twin after a psychological examination allitt was diagnosed with factitious disorder by proxy previously. Called Munchausen. Syndrome deal. Mrs. characterized by sick role behavior in which a person invents or inflicts illnesses and injuries to obtain attention from others from an early age. Some of Alex's peers noticed her peculiar behavior she insisted on bandaging non injuries even going as far as demanding a cast to protect injuries. That never happened. Nurses who trained alongside Alad at GRANTHAM believed. She was mentally unfit but due to the high demand for nurses at the time. Allitt was shuffled past the guard rails quickly and into a job working with vulnerable children on. May Twenty Third Nineteen ninety-three Beverley allitt stood before the Nottingham Crown Court. She was convicted of murder and handed thirteen life sentences. The judge remarked. That ALLITT was a danger to society and would never be released but even when Beverley Allitt was behind bars. The Phillips nightmare wasn't over sue and Peter's trust in the healthcare system had been broken and Katie needed ongoing expensive treatment after surviving beverly's attack eight years later after a lengthy and public legal dispute. The High Court agreed to a two point. One two five million pound settlement to the Phillips family standing outside the court in nineteen ninety nine sue Phillips told reporters that the whole affair has taken a heavy toll on the family but we now believe we can move on. We've had tremendous support from the public and now we can get on with our lives but I'm still angry. That Allitt was allowed to continue what she was doing. Without being detected tragically. The Phillips Marriage did not last the couple filed for divorce. Almost immediately after the settlement was granted and sadly they were part of a pattern at least three other victims parents divorced in the aftermath of losing a child to Beverley Allitt as the victims families. Rebuild Beverley allitt remains behind bars to this day at Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire. I'm Vanessa Richardson. Today and true. Crime is a podcast original for more information on Beverley allitt checkout or episodes of serial killers that dive deeper into her crimes today. True crime is a podcast original. You can find more episodes of today and true crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify Natalie. This spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy. All of your favorite podcast originals. Like today and true crime for free from your phone. Desktop or smart speaker to stream today in true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today in true crime in the search bar at park cast. Were grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at par cast network? We back with a brand new episode tomorrow in True Crime. Today in true crime was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original. It is executive produced by Max Cutler. Sound design by Kerry Murphy With Production Assistance by Ron Shapiro. Carl Madden and Aaron Larson. This episode of today in true crime was written by Brandon. Willer with writing assistance by Maggie. Admire. I'm Vanessa Richardson. Hi listeners if you haven't heard it already I highly recommend you check out the new parkhouse original series supernatural with Ashley Flowers every Wednesday. Take a deep dive into the strange and surreal to find the truth behind some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences search for supernatural with Ashley Flowers in the spotify APP. And listen free today.

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The Complete Christmas Trailer!

The Big Ones

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The Complete Christmas Trailer!

"The original Christmas a morality tale tired mothers and wives. I'm best smelling off their mayor bell. May I've saved your marriage and now I'm here to save Christmas. Storing all F Dunkin's as Santa. Santa Claus go smoke. Stephanie Alad Maria Bliss Succi and Angela Chamber as is the GAL. It's a woman's duty to make the family happy on Christmas Morning Matt Foley as Franklin made. Honey I'm home home home Oral Tar and. Mary sewn as holidays swingers instead Turkey. James Barth Daddy you got a burland. Does Rhonda the robot. That's that's right. I'm a robot and it's my honor to serve you Kerri. Kenney as tiny tim lash has finally cleaned up status status the holiday pervert the course amend Alon it does get ready for the journey of a lifetime complete Christmas humming December third wherever having listened to podcast area

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 Its Halloween. Give Out the Goddamn Good Candy.

Scary Mommy Speaks

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Its Halloween. Give Out the Goddamn Good Candy.

"Which by the way I do want to say I think bubby says the best music of any cartoon it's like preschool music underwater yes yes it's so the me the lineup nope nope good I lo every time I hear I hear it let good times a day I'm like jamming people being about fish when everything in this scenario is an on land scenario like there's an episode where a cat gets stuck in the tree Jake Alad underwater but like why did they make show about dogs can't breathe underwater but why did neither the and the Clinton the the the tire department has come get the cat out of the tree even though they're underwater his summer now and Lean we are dissecting and tearing apart our favorite underwater cartoon bubble guppies did you hear that I think the ghost just said God she's a fan well let's get to it I think we need to summarize copy so bubble guppies is a show about awesome Halloween hacks we're also doing a Super Spooky Gordon confidential I'm bubble guppies they scare the shit out of me that we have east issue cobwebs did you watch the haunted house up okay why did how did they get invited to this lady be stories real stories from kids who see goods I don't even WanNa talk about it I hope your kids even ghosts and talk to Tie Ospina Stop That podcast that's why the ghost is here do you think goes can rate seven of them and they go to school every day and they're real Q. their voices they break out into song which by the way I do I think they'd be called Moore Babies Not Guppy I dunno whatever anyway these mergel guppies merge there's like six I say I think bubble W. says the best music of any cartoon it's like school music La Underwater yes? Yes it's so the music lineup a school of merb`Ys Talk Mermaid I'm GonNa Stop You right there baby mermaids I don't think are called Guppies is they have no parents and they're at the school with Mister Grouper that Mr groupers actually holding them hostage eight their parents maybe and now he feels bad uh-huh why are there stairs there were stairs in the Halloween episode last night no one's fucking walking COBWEBS COBWEBS would exist under water I think that's a land air he just gets them all excited his idea of teaching is to start a sentence never finish and have the children finish yes so are we to believe that because girl by you've been mobs bland so our favorite splinter is here to talk about Halloween hacks welcome back mom unsubscribe with its ghostly finger of course and it's our Halloween episode well we'd better make it relatable ghosts think she's a mom absolutely because we love hearing it you guys make us laugh it speaks at scary mommy dot com and maybe in the title put cartoon confidential I really hope that but I do think I just heard the go sit next to me it wasn't ghost it was my stomach I'm real hungry Austrian what handed him under eye bags and both is top atop not on her head exactly well we have moms blamed on today to give us an ghost here some in contrast dench confidential we are back for another segment of cartoon confidential and today he's haunted house part it's like they walked by the House and they're like wow look at this creepy house they think there's a dose and stuff and they start talking to the snail lady and then they went with it anyway that was fun so if you have a great suggestion for cartoon that you want us to talk about where you have any input like you're underwater there's also never mention of water lake when they don't leave a trail air bubble there was a one on a tide some of the things would float that are in that school but somehow gravity wire wire their doors they go in and out of windows why are they doing all of a sudden they're all going our haunted house party and there's no one else layer why only because they don't have parents to say don't talk to strangers and how House I watched the last night that was they were learning finally learning about undersea creatures right after God knows how long this show's been on and leaner MOMS planed yes hi hi happy to be here thank you have you okay so I mean visiting all of that Thanksgiving I mean it's a whole thing kind of the worst fading traveling I mean pressure you know everyone's tired of world Luna was like ours old on Halloween last year so don't mind me but I skipped it so I have a lot of questions about Halloween whoever you know parents they have no parents they have a teacher named Mr Grouper and okay I the worst teacher ever horrible will teach like a hype man oh I don't think they're concerned about safety although they do wear helmets when they're riding their bicycles underwater you're just GonNa it's GonNa be a slow falling they're in a submarine though bubble guppies are in a submarine on your winding device early live under oath return about the clam violence I don't understand a lot of kids on are we live in an apartment floor yeah everyone loves a little baby and acute cost come on we took him and Clementine the dog they were both Ashley has one underneath her belt but I'm very new to I've to Halloween holiday underneath your belt got it but I am totally new to the Halloween parents nope everybody La Nope I every time I hear I hear good times a day I'm like jamming all right so let's the school fish clean this year should I even take her trick or treating like what age do you start treating in my own dressing her up like for pictures like do I take our trick or treating family you got no mother-in-law you got no Turkey knowingly buy anything it's it's pure fun yes get to run around the dark and eat reece's pieces it's all right so I I'm going to give you my philosophical reasons for loving Halloween okay 'cause goes deep okay great so your Christmas Turkey gifts pressure it's GonNa Happen People Will Give Luna Candy you just have to hold our I know this from experience at what do we do to get the candy situation under control you know like I parenting kids I've got a lot of questions for hit me for you girls all right so luna isn't even one she'll be one the day actually she won't be she'll be one by Kentucky Derby and the occasional like royal wedding kid's birthday party Nice cupcake situation fun Monday to Friday my kids going to school with like a hamburger bun as their sandwich the dog and smashed together so Sebastian was named after Sebastian in the never ending story and my parents have a white poodle that looks like Falco the David Clam violence which should be maybe a submarine or a boat or a clam alar it's a regular ambulance clamp well you know the pun was there so you'll rule and then feels bad it was like you know what I'm GonNa raise that not very smart so maybe that's what happened he seems very smart I think he's slow fascinating Oh that's why I only I only like wake up the crafting side of me for very specific things yeah Halloween Halloween actually said that out loud toothbrush. PSA for America give out the Damn legit night contraption on a wagon and having him write it like that last seen raise kid I love that little obscure yeah I don't know I might be football at your parents whatever you bring Hannukah I mean even that's getting at hand all these holidays too much halloween you know not everyone now all of America will probably hate me I'm not really into chocolate sorry okay well anyway at the time had her pink wig on Sebastian was Pumpkin and we just walked around the neighborhood their dog Halloween parade across the street from our house at the park so I'm like at the very least because she is obsessed with dogs the kids brought in and you know what he grew up and he was binge eater those are those are the right hand out like raisins heavies at Halloween. I'm like I hope we get a toothbrushes the box there's no carving tiny little messages and faces and no maybe posted I'll be like your mom's the best auctions I'm into you are like a crafter I've seen the kind of situation crafted with your kids you're crafter listen okay on him to have it mostly I wanna eat the candy but I also don't want him to vomit on me I don't want you know I wanna avoid all that craziness yeah I mean I who ate everything right so you got to kind of know your kid know who you're dealing with I mean I feel like it's part of Halloween and if you I mean there are people who I've met Pumpkin and they put it on the doorstep and the switch which comes and switches all that candy and replaces it with like a coloring book now yeah another fate take her dress up there those dog Halloween I mean those people go all out do you guys WanNa hear about a Halloween costume that came up with last night yes in the future that brings both you like it's different for every kid I mean some kids can have a big candy take two things and take it or leave it I know that I was and other kids are like GonNa eat the whole thing that was me I was the one cops is because they're no they're expensive and also having them at home means you will eat them but I think everyone needs to to splurge and he ended up he's touching it I take them I dumped them into it is they never really I put it in the cupboard and what do you think I give out the next year don't tell but Yeah my house last year's Oh you're in do you think we still need to be worried about Razor Blades in candy and also drugs in Handy I think we're talking about drugs Oh that's a beautiful holiday what grab that shit by the horns and own it all right I'm worried she's going to be scared but I guess in the building or like a parade earn are not cheap I don't think why would you put them in candy why would you waste them on candy to give to other people and not take I feel like that was an urban in have at the thing it the novelty wears off like by nighttime yeah every year I have had my kids those pumpkins there two three days secondly there's this thing where you know folks who don't want their kids to have this whole basket of candy they get to eat a couple and then they take their you know their my dog looks like Felker to dog so obviously he can't actually ride Bella but I'm thinking about like making some kind of like foul for like one piece of candy and it's just like you know that's just the forbidden fruit is what they want that's like I had a kid in my grade school classes dad was a dentist and he was never allowed to eat any of the Chrissy okay that rhesus like forty eight pass of the individual cups it's Walgreens in September yeah going in there me to buy it doesn't make yeah that's how I roll but if I'm GonNa if I'm going to play on a cost you you're gonna go hi going to go all yeah yeah all right so let's trick or treating okay so I've heard of something called a switch which right so what the heck is sandwich is it a is it a witch that switches making all the good stuff that during their lunch bag like one at a time for a little treat that's what you wanted to poor teachers authors ready because it's a lot it's a lot of pressure so anyway so one year we were eighties rockstars okay civic ones are just genera specific ones install also I hate the mini cups I only like the regular pooh-pooh I mean I like the ratio to be maybe a little bit more peanut butter chocolate the ratios ends kids did that right and we were like Superhero people which I guess there's books about them they're black marvel kind of thing I will tell you a story about a school halloween incident would so my youngest daughter was bjork in the swan dress pasta like my other daughter was Tina Turner she looked amazing and my husband was Bowie and I was boy legend like in the seventies can you explain this to me though what is the difference between a character day and coming to school cost I think you have to come like as a book character Oh so they're constantly mark Twain yeah they're trying to make Harry Potter whatever I think they're trying to make it more about dressing up like something that's like education so uh-huh we switch out candy for clogs and apple exactly just take that dead candy while we're on this subject This was maybe the day before Halloween and I let it slip to a fellow parent like gave him a hint as to what my husband was going to be David it's GonNa be early it's not even it she's GonNa do Halloween like five o'clock it is a family moment put something cute honor if it even if you go around the block and hit a couple stores we're even our floor thing that's a no for me to say replaces it with apples and I was like -ill for something you would hear that like in Norway it's a whole thing we have a longstanding history of doing this people are asking me in August like what we're going to be gets such pressure I've I've now pulled several all nighters Oh my God I can't exe- affair so the you know the whole family can come up you go to the school gym there's Bouncy House and some games and parents do a bake sale very fun so the day before just you know please can happen okay so as you know my family were hardcore you Iran we do a family costumes to theme of four of us are united scary scary molly speaks Oy and this is New York City okay so my kids go to school in the village and this dad said to me he said you know I don't know if you know this but David Bowie's kids it's not that hard one bowl peanut butter cups I hope she gets them because I'm going to take all the good Kim yes and the reason more people don't give out it's nice to see the pictures later I can't wait look to me so at my kids school they don't do the dress up during the day but they have like a Saturday halloween the school was like Oh my God like I've spent like weeks getting these costs what you're more nervous and we keep our costumes kind of on the down low until the big baby on Halloween GonNa tell us today what you're going no top secret and tell you so I was GonNa say you you just became America's unrelatable not everyone's Cup I'll do it I'm telling you I'm of the like left the outfit like it's it's it's going to be fantastic I'm like wait a minute I had this vision of like my husband walking in the bootleg Bowie and the real like walking into the school gym like I shouldn't do it well. This was the dilemma I was like I have practiced a Bowie bullet whatever you call them under bolt tutorial and how did you the makeup perfectly I've got everything to the t the wig basically semi cassette insulting is that attribute is that an honor like what do we do we call the whole thing off that offensive these are all the I call my husband was like Oh my God what are we going to do he's like I'm going yeah well first of all you think the real boys go to the Halloween he's got plans for sure on Mike you're probably right so anyway we go to the thing off came off awkward you know what though a crunch mini is okay no crunch many aw we we scan the room no sign of the real bowie we were fide so we go everything's great and then mom comes up to be and wants to take a picture of my daughter who's addresses the Bjork in the swan dress just like can I take a picture of stars cosmic Surena Punch yeah we're going trick or treating with the real bjork as the real bjork's kid goes to school she lives Hello Helene is coming and according to an article reread on aw I think our little girls that's where I pack up my house and I move it'd be like I gotta go I've seen too many haunting in Connecticut what if he spoke option is because I think it's more known well it depends because I feel like if you never saw the first one I knew only busters right maybe scary mommy your kid can probably see ghosts and I'm not kidding in this article the author relates a creepy moment with her two year old where he says and just say my hands are really gold I'm shaking she says thinking he's referencing to his unborn sister because his mom is pregnant at the time Oh baby little sister he's on them okay the t shirts bit lame okay say I don't know if I love the t shirt but I like the I like the idea of the gun night and some bad okay so we're GONNA play a little game since you are the Queen of Family Halloween costumes We're going to list some like full family Halloween costume ideas and you're GONNA say around it for me it's all about the execution you got to craft the actual batteries maybe with a tab that shows something I mean throw a throw cardboard box on there I don't know is it a bad idea trick or if if it's bad idea and treat if it's a good idea gone you've got an energizer bunny and the rest of the families and batteries and they're wearing t-shirts at about isn't sad she's happy she's super happy because she has such an amazing big brother big brother like you and he says no Mama munching on his potato chip my name is wrong on the COP you know it's my life store starbucks name is Mary and the other day they spelled that wrong I wanna do a basic bitch in a British accent just randomly while he's God what are you trying to do give me a heart attack may I think a little sad and he's not British anyway I'm shaky not little sister honey then which little girl is sad without missing a beat he responded the Little Girl Sleeps Marshmallow Man Ferriera climber that's cute cute yeah baby boomer yes would you be lady busters or Guy Busters I feel like the Chisolm I'm sure this generation Providence I've always wanted to do gremlins but hard that's okay so how about mother and daughter starbucks drinks Barista it's such a good idea would have to be combined costume where the people have to walk together and it would like something out of pillows and it's there I think you've got some great ideas here on the list I have one more for one more okay great lizl and her too but cheeks for a family how would you make but she's look good thank you thank you so much thank you say can you say it again happy Halloween the girl by Jack or a Pumpkin latte a pair of eggs like that would be fun I love it I think so combined and joint wrestler costumes wearing the one big pair of underwear I think somebody's GonNa be playing the flute in there too yeah right right it in fact I mean some would argue obviously not unite because you and I are totally lovely but some would argue that kids just make things up right have wild imagination right and they make a story or whatever Benson you're like it I like half tree yeah okay okay so my favorite here is the ghostbusters family where the kid is a state her and and we kind of because we want to believe it or a little freaked out we just kind of go with it right I believe that there is some truth to that I'm sure not every early those stories and actual absolutely I think people are like ready to believe it but I will tell you this Halloween so normally at this time we do our I just don't want it to happen to me but I once we read the comments I was pretty much my God I love that old this is one of my favorites okay died when I was sixteen two thousand eleven and the day after he had passed I was sleeping the house on fire and claim the insurance money get out of there then raised his finger got I can't let you do you WanNa go first you want me to go first with our scary confession yeah you go first okay so my grandfather poppy he being at it and I blinked and it was gone and I have never been so scared in my entire life the next day I went downstairs to my parents it's fun to be a little scare all hallows and so I like I do I mean I will tell you this tonight matt is absolutely going to have to walk with me to the bathroom ah in my room and all of a sudden I woke up and it opened my eyes and there was a black figure standing over me with Blue Eyes my grandfather did not have blue eyes but I it was like ice blue like like the night walkers on game of thrones an I couldn't move we leave just has maybe she's a haunted goes with terrible allergies hayfever Dr Confession but this week we're changing things up a debt instead of confessions we're gonNA share the creepy stories y'all sent in all right are you ready to be your channel open channel come through I can't I can't why because you watch too many a ghost adventures in their malevolent I don't need malevolent like Mr Opportunity now since this story has happened people have argued that was sleep paralysis which you know paralysis breakfast or whatever and I was like hey did you come into my room last night and my mom was like no and I said are you sure because I'm about to tell you a story but I that that is my biggest go store and I will tell you that since then I have gone on like graveyard tours it's my grandfather always comes I could not move and all I was looking for I was nowhere near light so I was looking for the remote to the TV in my room because it would be some kind of light source and I just could not stop staring I need to know right now if you were in my room she said I was not in your room and he said well last night I think poppy came to visit me and she's like no no that was me I said nope too late I'd roll over and he rolls towards meaning goes I need you to look behind me on the bench there was like a bench that had my suitcase open on and I go okay shit out of me but come on let's Talk Ashley Yes man yeah that's me so mine is I was dating this man and we were staying at his he's like Hula shaking his back was to the he was like facing the door and my back I was in between the wall and him and he does it again and so finally losses old old old farm kissing Connecticut in Connecticut that night in the middle of the night my axe I think he sleep talking the high the chair in which my husband sat added right there is no oh God that is so for me through he's visited outlay yeah I think it's because I'm the like the Yes man you know I'm the one that's like yeah I believe in you and I opened up my eyes and this goes is there and she's not moving her lips and she says hi David My name's Maggie in the dream I know and he will be an doing needlepoint he does that's what I saw he's like I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was having a dream hearing someone's Ad did David and I thought it was you out there in the back goes the CLARITIN and send her on her way as we'll be rented out so bad a little it's dusty is Maggie that was the second time he was like who and I woke up so we kept checking back and forth she must have been there for at least two hours just doing her thing yeah so if you want to listen to these creepy comments stay tuned coming up next need like blanket my gravity blinky it three legit play at conversations that I could only hear one side of I never mentioned my dead brother to my daughter 'cause it wasn't age appropriate as she was only fours spends more than once again thank God sleep paralysis seems like the most terrifying of Lixion to have how did you know his name she's an intelligent haunting and why wasn't she oh because she was waiting for her husband's with David was going to be your new husband they used to play with my deceased brother who died on the best butter no she was doing needlepoint shared a bonnet on and long black hair she was made of light and okay and I look over his shoulder and I swear to the Geo Day there was a colonial woman city my phone battery died the ghost using it hot as I just need a new apple vo battery there are people who are going to think we're a little Wackadoo come into play with her he just wanted to check in with beaks here's why it's open later and it just has a thing and like the the the the one that like I'm ghost adventures that makes them say words yes that's just like Dr the finance later it's like bone your like doctor with the bone in the house like Char you're like Oh my God this was tortured his life is basically like a speaking style I was a bit skeptical I'm not really like I believe in goes wants to know about it in the middle of the night which is what happens when I'm scared I'll wake him up out of asleep and be like I need to go pee and I make him come with me see I'm the person that you're gonNA put them like ghosts get anything to say come to Mama smoke it was Sepia toned light with smoke swirling in it the only weird thing is our eyes were staring right at David like even though I was looking at her she was like looking at the to your scary stories so we asked you all what is the creepiest thing your kid has said to you this is my favorite and each day they have to build their houses back and then they get burned Dick poor girl oh my God last night but it used to be a place during the civil war where women would wait together for their husbands go home oh well asked why she comes and sweeps in my bed every night she told me my spirit and tells me nope no in Hamburg on my phone that's supposed to be able to have ghosts communicate with you all share it's crazy my friend had is now it's GonNa take me like five minutes staring in When my son was born he said you're the best mom I've what is he heard his name while he was sleeping thought it was a dream he woke up looked saw this woman doing needlepoint she said to him without moving her mouth hi David my name is my almost seven-year-old has said many creepy things but the most recent was the other day when all these stories turn me into like somebody at a scary movie at a mall movie theater on

Mister Grouper bubby America Jake Alad Clinton football Sebastian two three days five minutes seven-year two hours one year two year
March 5, 2020: The Beverley Allitt Murders

Today in True Crime

13:28 min | 8 months ago

March 5, 2020: The Beverley Allitt Murders

"This episode is brought to you by the completely reimagined twenty twenty four to escape with Ford co-pilot three sixty a suite of advanced standard driver assist technologies. It's built to help you outsmart some of the obstacles. You'll encounter out on the road. They're smart and then they're street-smart the completely reimagined twenty twenty Ford Escape. Today is Thursday March Fifth Twenty. Twenty on this day in Nineteen Ninety. One eleven year old patient. Timothy Hardwick was admitted to the hospital after suffering from epileptic seizures. He would die in the care of nurse. Beverley Allitt only a few hours later. Welcome to today in true. Crime up podcast. Original due to the graphic nature of today's crimes listener discretion is advised extreme. Caution is advised for listeners under thirteen today. We're discussing Beverley allitt one of Britain's most notorious female serial killers who was later nicknamed the angel of death from February to April of Nineteen ninety-one Alad killed four pediatric patients and attempted to murder. At least three others before we impact the ramifications of her crimes. Let's go back to the morning of March fifth. Nineteen ninety one just as Beverley arrived for her shift. Twenty two year old Beverley. Allitt parked her car in the lot. Had GRANTHAM and CA- Stephen Hospital. She gathered her belongings and watched as children passed down the residential street riding their bicycles and laughing. The days were getting longer and warmer here in Lincolnshire especially on this March day inside. She buttoned up. Her scrubs secured her bag in the hospital lockers and washed her hands before beginning her shift. Beverly was only a few weeks into her job as a nurse in the Children's Ward Grantham also known as Ward Four for beverly. This was just another day of taking pulses treating breaks and wounds and administering medication to the young patients admitted to ward four but around two PM that afternoon a young boy was wheeled into the children's wing after suffering from a rather serious condition. Eleven year old Timothy Hardwick who'd been formerly diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Was Admitted to grant them in CA- Stephen Hospital that day Timothy was at school when he began experiencing violent epileptic seizures. His teachers rushed him to the hospital. Once admitted to ward four Timothy continued to experience these convulsions but after receiving excellent treatment from the hospital's top doctors. Timothy was stabilized three hours later. He was conscious and responsive doctors insisted. The boy remained under their supervision for the next few hours to ensure that the seizures didn't return during this time Beverley Allitt was assigned to look after eleven year. Old Timothy Alad promised Timothy's parents Robert and Helen that she would watch over the boy with great caution. The distressed couple trusted the sweet faced woman who had already been so kind and gentle with their son. Alad insisted that the boy could use some rest and convinced. Timothy's parents to leave him for some time. They complied feeling confident that he was in good hands after all the doctors had just assured them he was making good progress. He should be able to return home soon but once Timothy was alone with allitt. His condition began to change drastically around six thirty. Pm Alad Frantically Exited Timothy's room calling through the halls help. The boy was fading. She needed them to come quickly. The resuscitation team. Hurry Timothy's aid. But when they entered they found timothy lying still on the bed. Blue in the face with no pulse to be found a pediatric specialist was called to try and revive the patient. But nothing could be done. Timothy Hardwick was gone and nobody paid much attention to the twenty two year old nurse who was assigned to his care. Timothy's parents were of course devastated. An autopsy was later performed to find the exact cause of the young boy's death but failed to provide any additional evidence. Doctors blamed Timothy's untimely death on his cerebral palsy and epileptic seizures. But this was the second young deaf to happen. I'm a hospitals watch in the last two weeks I the death of seven week old Liam Taylor and now eleven year old Timothy Hardwick to patients who were left in Alex hair and yet no red flags were raised by the nurse just yet her killing spree had only just begun coming up. We'll unpack the ramifications and possible motivations for Beverly Al. It's extremely disturbing crimes. This episode is brought to you by the completely reimagined. Twenty twenty four to escape not too long ago. Driving seemed a lot simpler. Streets were less congested. And there were fewer distractions on the road. Nowadays a million different things are constantly fighting for our attention. Ford believes it's not enough to make vehicle with technology. Drivers need an SUV. That's ready for the challenges of today and can help anticipate the challenges of tomorrow an SUV. That's built street smart. That's why Ford has completely redesigned the twenty twenty four to escape there's Ford co-pilot three sixty a suite of advanced standard tech designed to help you feel confident in command on the road. The completely reimagined. Twenty twenty four to escape. It's not just smart street smart now back to the story on Tuesday March Fifth Nineteen Ninety one twenty two year old Beverley. Allitt claimed her second victim. Eleven year old Timothy Hardwick. The boy was under her care. At the GRANTHAM and CA- Stephen Hospital in Lincolnshire England. At first she walked away from these murders Scott Free but when her list of victims grew larger. It simply became too hard for her to hide. Only three days after Timothy Hardwick murder. Alad felt the need to kill again. This time. Her victim was one year old. Kaely Desmond who had been admitted to the hospital with a chest infection. Doctors assured the girl's parents that her health was improving. But after five days on ward four with nurse Elliot on March Eighth Kaley went into cardiac arrest. The resuscitation team was able to revive Kaley and transferred her to another hospital. The young girl managed to survive on March twentieth. Nineteen Ninety five month old hall. Crampton was admitted to the ward. After a bronchial infection Paul was also tended to buy nurse. Allitt who once again went crying through the halls seeking help. After Paul had gone into shock. This time doctors found excessive amounts of insulin in the system which caused him to fall in and out of near Comas. Luckily for young Paul he also managed to survive in April of Nineteen ninety-one Alad managed to claim the lives of two month old becky Phillips who died of insulin overdose as well as one year old Claire. Pack who died from cardiac arrest. Now Alex connection to these patients over the last fifty nine days was too obvious to ignore. Investigators began to look into al. It's documented activities and found missing daily nursing logs from the hospital archives. Suspicions were also raised over Alex. Easy access the hospital drugs. She also happened to be the only nurse on duty. When each of the children was attacked. But soon even more incriminating details resurfaced from. Alex passed as a young child. Allitt was known to go to great lengths to gain attention for herself. She would often wear bandages or CASS. Over unexplained an unexamined wounds and injuries she even had her appendix removed. Despite her doctors insisting she was fine she spent days away from school and in hospitals receiving medical attention for a variety of ailments. That didn't seem to exist. Background checks later done by the police showed that al it might have been suffering from childhood factitious disorder previously called Munchausen Syndrome patients suffering from practitioners disorder gain attention by either feigning illness or self harming to induce illness or injury. This syndrome might be brought. On by childhood trauma like neglect abuse or other unsolved issues with their parents or caretakers sometimes when factitious disorder goes untreated? It can evolve into factitious disorder imposed on another some of Alex. Fellow Co workers agreed that her behavior at times seemed extremely odd and they should have been paying closer attention to the issue for example one unnamed former CO worker mentioned that pallet claimed. She was attacked by a poltergeist. Who stuck knives in her pillows and set her bathroom on fire in a separate incident. The police came to Al. It's home to investigate a reported kitchen fire. When they arrived they found what appeared to be human feces stored in the refrigerator as the murder. Investigation continued police found lethal levels of insulin. In some of the victims along with puncture marks were alad had made the injection. She was believed to have caught off oxygen from her other victims by smothering them or tampering with their machines and by the summer of nineteen ninety. One the police finally had enough information to arrest. Allitt for her crimes. Alad was found guilty in nineteen ninety three of murdering four children attempting to murder three more and causing serious bodily harm to another six during her trial. Alad developed a case of severe Anorexia Nervosa which only further spoke to her psychological struggles. After she was convicted. Allitt was incarcerated at a high security mental health facility called Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire England. She remains there to this day. Where shall continue to serve thirteen life sentences for the pain and suffering of those Lincolnshire Families? Thanks for listening today in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson. For MORE INFORMATION. On the murders of the killer caregiver. Checkout are episodes of serial killers for a two part in depth narrative of Beverly Alex Crimes Today. True crime is a podcast original. You can find more episodes of today and true crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already. Have all of your favorite music? But now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like today and true crime for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream today and true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today and true crime in the search bar at par cast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and instagram at hard cast and twitter at podcast network? We'll be back with a brand new episode tomorrow in True Crime. Today and true crime was created by Max coupler and is a podcast studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler. Sound designed by Andy Weights with production assistance by Ron Shapiro. Carly Madden and Aaron Larson. This episode of today and true crime was written by Lori Gottlieb with writing assistance by Abigail. Cannon. I'm Vanessa Richardson.

Timothy Hardwick Timothy Alad Timothy Beverly Alex murder epileptic seizures CA- Stephen Hospital Ford Ford Escape Twenty twenty spotify Lincolnshire Beverley factitious disorder Ward Grantham Kaley Beverly Al GRANTHAM wounds and injuries Britain
The 15 Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden  Discerning Hearts Podcast

Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

23:45 min | 3 months ago

The 15 Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden Discerning Hearts Podcast

"Our Father who art in Heaven Alabi Thi- name. Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. I'm meant. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with the. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the room Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, amend. Oh Jesus, Christ eternal sweetness to those who love the joy surpassing all joy in desire, salvation, and hope of all sinners. Who has proved that thou cast a greater desire than to be among men. Even, assuming human nature at the fullness of time for the love of Man. Recall all those sufferings thou cast endured from the instant of Thi- conception, and especially during the passion, as it was decreed and ordained from all eternity in the divine plan. Remember oh Lord, that, during the last supper with the disciples, having washed their feet. Thou gave his them die most precious body and blood. And while at the same time outfits sweetly console them outfits to tell them I coming passion. Remember the sadness bitterness, which thou didst experience, in Seoul as Thou thyself bore witness saying. My Soul is sorrowful, even unto death. Remember all the fear, anguish and pain that thou didst suffer in the delicate body before the torment of the crucifixion when. After having prayed three times. Bathed in sweat blood. A West betrayed by Judas I disciple. Arrested by the people the nation, how has chosen an elevated? Accused by false witnesses. Unjustly judged by three judges during the flower of the youth, and during the solemn Haskell season. Remember avow us of the garments enclosed in those of derision. Thi- face is were veiled foulest. It'd round with horns. A read placed in the hands. The foul was crushed with lows and overwhelmed with affronts outrageous. In memory of all these pains and sufferings, which Thou didst endure before life passion on the Cross. Ran Me before my death through contrition. Sincere an entire confession. Worthy Satisfaction and remission of all my sin. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name by kingdom come thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven, if this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. I'm an. Ale Mary will of grace. The Lord is with me. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of THY wounds uses. Only Mary mother, of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. I'm in. Oh Jesus. True Liberty of Angels Paradise of Delight. Remember the horror, and sadness, which thou didst endure when the enemies like furious lions rounded the and by thousands of insults spits. Lows, lacerations, and other unheard of cruelties or minted the APP will. In consideration of these torments and insulting words I beseech the Oh my savior to deliver me from all my enemies, miserable, an invisible, and to bring me under thy protection, the perfection of eternal salvation, a man. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name by kingdom come thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead. US Not into temptation. For me, Bill A man. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with He. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the our our debt Ahmet. Oh Jesus Creator. Of Heaven and earth, whom nothing can encompass or limit. Thou dust and fold and hold all under the loving power pte.. Remember the very bitter pain Thou didst suffer when the Jews nail by sacred hands and feet to the cross by blow, after blow with big blunt nails, and not finding the pitiful enough state to satisfy their rage. And large they wounds and added pain to pain. And with indescribable cruelty stretched body on the Cross. All the from all sides, thus dislocating limbs. I beg at the Jesus by the memory of this most loving suffering of the Cross to grant me the grace to fear the and to love the Ahmen. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. By kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day. Our daily bread forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil eye man. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with the. Blessed Art. Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour by hour. Death I'm an. Oh Jesus Heavenly physician raised aloft on the Cross to heal our wounds with I. Remember the bruises which Thou didst suffer, and the weakness of all the members which were distended to such a degree that never was their pain like unto nine. From the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. There was not one spot on my body. That was not in torment and yet. Forgetting all vice sufferings. Thou didst not cease to pray to the heavenly father for the enemy saying. Father Forgive them. For, they know not what they do. Through this great mercy. And in memory of this suffering. Grant that the remembrance of thy most bitter passion may affect us a perfect contrition and the remission of our since. I'm in. Our Father who art in heaven be thy name like kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day. Our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who pass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. I'm an. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with me. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of THY womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now at the hour of our death, amend. Oh Jesus. Mirror of eternal splendour. Remember the sadness, which thou experienced when contemplating in the white of the divinity, the predestination of those who would be saved by the merits of THY, sacred passion. Thou. didst see at the same time, the great multitude of reprobates who would be damned for their sins. And Thou didst complain bitterly of those hopeless, lost and unfortunate cinders. Through, this abyss of compassion and pity. And especially through the goodness, which thou- displayed to the good thief when Thou says to him. This Day thou shalt. Be With me in paradise. I beg of the Oh sweet Jesus. That at the hour of my death. Thou wilt show me mercy. I'm an. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name by kingdom come. They will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil a man. Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is the. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God. Pray for US sinners now and at the hour of our death I'm. Oh Jesus. Beloved and most desirable came. Remember the grief Thou- suffer when naked and like a common criminal. Bow was fastened and raised on the cross. When all relatives and friends abandoned, the except by beloved mother remained close to the during the agony, and whom Thou didst, entrust life, faithful disciple when Thou saidest to marry. Woman. BEHOLD THY son. And to Saint John. Son. BEHOLD THY mother. I beg of the own my savior, I the sword of sorrow, which pierced the soul of holy mother. To have compassion on me, and all my affliction and tribulations with corporal and spiritual. And to assist me in all my trials, and especially at the hour of my death, a man. Our Father who art in Heaven Alabi dining. By kingdom come. They will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day. Our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil I'm an. You'll Mary full of grace. The Lord is with me. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of THY. Wound Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God. Pray for US sinners now and at the hour of our death on man. Oh Jesus inexhaustible found compassion. Who by profound gesture of Love said from the Cross I I. Suffered from the thirst for the salvation of the human race. Of the Savior to inflame in our hearts desire to tend toward perfection in all our acts. And to extinguish in us, the percents of the flesh and the ardor of worldly desires. A man. Our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy need. They kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil Ahmen. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with the. Less at art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of THY womb Jesus Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, amend. Oh Jesus sweetness of Heart's delight of the spirit. By the bitterness of vinegar and Gall, which thou didst, taste on the cross for the love of us. Grant us the grace to receive worthily THY precious body and blood during our life. And at the hour of our death. That they may serve as a remedy and Constellation for our souls a then. Our Father who art in Heaven Alibi name by kingdom come by will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil amend. Will marry of grace. The Lord is with the. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of THY womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of. Pray for US sinners now and at the hour of our death a man. Oh Jesus royal virtue joy of the mind. Recall the pain Thou didst, endure win plunged in an ocean of bitterness at the approach of death. Insulted outraged by the Jews Thou didst cry out in a loud voice that thou was abandoned by their father saying. My, God, my God! Why has thou forsaken me? Through this anguish I beg of the own my savior, not to abandon me in the terrors and pains of my death. A man. Our Father who art in Heaven Allah be thy name. Like kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. I'm an. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with the. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the wound. Jesus Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death on man. Oh Jesus, who are at the beginning and end of all things, life and virtue. Remember that for our Sakes Thou was plunged in an abyss of suffering from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head. In consideration of the enormity of the wounds. Teach me to keep through pure love. I command moments. Whose way is wide and easy were those who loved the? Amend. Our Father who art in heaven. Alibi Thi- name THY kingdom come. THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil I meant. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with the. Blessed art foul among women and blessed is the fruit of THY womb. Jesus Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, amend. Oh, Jesus deep abyss of mercy. I. Beg the in memory of the wounds which penetrated to the very merrill of the bones, and to the depth of the being to draw me a miserable center overwhelmed by my offenses. Away from sin, and to hide me from face, justly irritated against me. I'd mean wounds until they anger, and just indignation shall have passed away. A man. Our Father, who art in Heaven, Alad be thy name. That kingdom come. They will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil Ahmen. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with the blessed art, Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of the wound Jesus Holy Mary Mother of God. Pray for US sinners now and at the our death on men. Oh Jesus Mirror of truth symbol of unity. Link of charity. Remember, the multitude of wounds with which was covered from head to foot. Torn and Redden by the spilling of the door blood. Oh great and universal pain, which thou did suffer virginal flesh were love us. Sweetest Jesus. What is there that how could have done for us which Thou has not done? made the fruit of by sufferings renewed in my soul by the faithful remembrance abide passion. And Made I. Love Increase in my heart each day until I see the in eternity. Thou wert the treasury of every real good in every joy. Which I begged the grant me. Swedish Jesus in Heaven. A man. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. By kingdom come by will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil I'm in. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with me. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the our our death I meant. Oh Jesus strong lion. Immortal and invincible king. Remember the pain which Thou didst, endure when all vice strength both mortal and physical was entirely exhausted. Thou didst vow by heads say. It is consummated. Through this anguish and grief. I beg the Lord Jesus to have mercy on me at the hour of my death, when my mind will be greatly troubled, and my soul would be an anguish. A man. Our, father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. By Kingdom, come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Hail Mary full of grace. The Lord is with the. Blessed Art Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of THY, wound Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the our Bar Death Ahmen. Oh Jesus. Only son of the father. Splendor and figure of his substance remember the simple and humble recommendation thou didst make vice soul to the terminal father saying. Father into the hands. I commend my spirit. And with body all torn and heartbroken and the bowels, of THY mercy open to redeem us. Thou didst expire. I this precious death! I beg the King of Saints. Comfort me and help me to resist the devil the flash in the world, so that being dead to the world may live or the alone. I beg of the at the hour of my death to receive me. A pilgrim in an exile, returning to the. Our Father who art in Heaven Alabi Thy name by kingdom come by will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day are daily bread and forgive us our, trespasses. Forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil I'm in. He'll marry full of grace. The Lord is with me. Blessed Art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of the womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the our our death on man. Oh Jesus true on fruitful vine! Remember the abundant outpouring of blood, which thou did so generously shed from they sacred body as from grapes in a wine press. From thy side here's to with the Lance by a soldier. Blood and water issued forth until there was not left in that body a single drop. And finally? Like a bundle of Myrrh lifted to the top of the cross. They delicate blush was destroyed. The very substance of by body withered. And the marrow of THY bones. Dried up. Through this bitter passion. And through the outpouring of the precious blood. I beg of the. Oh sweet, Jesus! To receive my soul when I am in my death agony. A, man! Sweet cheeses. Here's my heart so that my tears and Penitence and love will be my bread day and night. May I be converted entirely to the? May My Heart Be Thi- perpetual habitation. May Conversation be pleasing to the. And may the end of my life so praiseworthy that I may Merit Heaven? And there with saints praised the forever. Man.

Jesus us. Heaven Alabi US Mary wounds Seoul Judas I Love Saint John Bow Alad Redden
Sam Littlefield Of Batwoman

Sci-Fi Talk Byte

02:44 min | 8 months ago

Sam Littlefield Of Batwoman

"Hi Welcome to season two of bite. This is Tony till auto parenting an apocalypse. It's it's not the same way that know how it works. Any views usually two to four minutes long but sometimes they can be a little longer. When you when you live long enough. All kinds of strange things happen very right in saying that the Greek heroes the original superheroes in part because of the whole nature of genes vision but also because of its message of diversity and Inclusion Sam. Little field talks about the relationship between his character of mouse and Alice in in back woman Alad played by Rachel Carson It's the mouse in her. A relationship of their own. The member of the wonderland gang and he's just kind of a very dynamic character that kind of UN Unveiled over the course of the season. Even he actually has kind of a complex characterization. There's a lack to him. It sounds like absolutely it's been such a ride sort of breaking down be kind of construct of hugh mouse is caroline. Dry are show runner kind of brilliantly. Put together this character his origin and working with even just the hair and makeup. The wardrobe team Along with the writers to kind of crack the code of who mouse is have been such a awesome experience And he's a very very very fun fun character and talk about Working was Rachel. I mean she I I. I've seen the first few episodes already and I think she's killing it. And of course we just got a big reveal in the last episode So what's it like with her? She really had had my back the entire time. Kind of She's been sort of a shoulder to Kinda lie on and being her be so bold and competent and her choices has sort of Helped me kind of Make my own? Well we're such a team through this. It's exciting and kind of we kind of challenge each other and give each other Sort of the space to make Make Bulbs of choices as we possibly can. Seize the total blast. I have to say she's a great great person. Look for Bat. Women on the CW. On Sundays for bite. This is Tony Talada.

Rachel Carson Tony Talada UN hugh Alice Working Alad four minutes
Episode 27: Northern California Wineries

Pure Life Podcast

40:20 min | 11 months ago

Episode 27: Northern California Wineries

"But you can't for another Schnitzer. Golden fifteen is my limit on suspicion of any problems. Dial information thank you for calling is going to be very popular. Hello and welcome to your life. PODCAST in your weekly dose for All Things Travel Food and leisure we are your hosts. It's my name is Don Meyer. and My name's Airy Meyer and thank you once again for joining us. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for checking us out and thanks for sharing us with friends and family. Thank you for finding finding US indeed and we certainly hope that you're finding the information useful entertaining and more importantly giving you that that encouragement that yes indeed. He's giving me the opportunity to explore in finding district food the local food the local. Today we're going to be discussing about wine dive in writing to that. Yeah Yeah so indeed we spent a Lotta time hopfner globetrotting across the Caribbean Europe Asia all sorts of different places. This time we're going to bring in a little bit closer to home to an area called focus on some of the local stuff. There's so many beautiful places to go. We are from Bay area and yeah the beach the mountains or in this case winery yes indeed and we are not talking about Napa today right right talking about. Yeah interestingly enough you know. There's so much to do in northern California. That's where we're based out of that's where we broadcast from from and you know as you said there's beaches there's mountains there's lakes. There's there skiing. There's all sorts of things to do and one of our favorite things to do is in Dole's old if you will but also indulge in the local wineries that are around here and we've been really really fortunate that in this area called livermore the Livermore Valley Alley. We are so fortunate. It's kind of a man Jim. Yeah it's a mini Napa Valley. If you will there's some really gravy wineries. I'm really really good of riot. Oils that are available here in that are grown here. And what's green about it. Is You know unlike NAPA NAPA is definitely experience. Definitely someplace you want to check out at least experience. No worth of no no question about tastings at getting over the last thirty years well when we initially right wind way tasted in Napa. When we much younger well they were what twenty bucks then ten fifteen bucks started creeping up but nowadays as is fifty bucks per person sometimes seventy five bucks up there but it's not to say that the winds themselves aren't grade to the area isn't just gorgeous origins? There's so many other places. It's just an amazing experience and we will definitely talk about that in future episodes but today we wanted to bring it a little bit closer to home and we wanted to focus on on some of the areas around here and definitely kind of showcase this really as you said hidden gem hidden gem in D. within the San Francisco Bay areas. If you're traveling going in and out of San Francisco they go to live a more come out of eighty east here. So it's accessible from any of the airports around and we say Oakland San Francisco Oakland definitely coast to you. Yeah so depending on where you're coming from but if you're definitely definitely indeed in the bay area it's will was the visit and there's a big Alad livermore shopping center San Francisco. Yeah Yeah Right. Livermore town called livermore and in these wineries also in limiting in. So there's there's plenty to do it here in downtown itself is really quainton. Kind kind of cuteness. Some great restaurants Tau tons of good restaurants. Joe Yeah in most importantly some really really good wineries again and some varietals very small releases and things of that nature and it's not so friendly One of the key things that really attracted us to. It is constantly constantly the engagement that you can have with the winters in the proprietors in. No them it's very personal very friendly. They take time you're as crowded as NAPA and easily accessible in good wines and good wine so it's about aw and our what depending on what time of the day forever and many of the wineries they may not be open Monday Sunday through Thursday so definitely in livermore is not as in terms of the the the hours of operation. It's not daily at some winery. So definitely you should check in advance but some of our favorite ones Open Friday through Sunday and from about now news till four thirty some open till five but Yeah so how do you get. There is about an hour away from me. If it's Oakland. Yeah Yeah if you're coming coming up from San Jose you WanNa take a six eighty north if you're coming from Oakland or from San Francisco East Yup good thing to do is they. Do have wine limos if you will that will take different wineries within livermore valley. It's a great way to get introduced to it. If you have a rental car heads straight east get on the five eighty. If you're coming out of San Francisco or Oakland take that East into the livermore area and Get off at North livermore avenue. Take that right downtown. livermore and you'll be dropped popped off right in the heart of their their wine country there. It's a quick easy giant to get through traffic. Going East can be a little bit difficult during some times of the day. So let's take it in the Caribbean Iranian Fridays. It'd be a bit a bit of traffic going back. Five eighty once you get over the hill in into the valley. You'll see that the valley opens up. It's really really quite lovely. It's in the Brownhill especially during the summer. Lots of sunshine which means lots of great growing environment for reds. The lot of varietals bottles of red out in this area there's a certain acidity or alkalinity to the soil which is conducive for red grapes. So there's a lot of red varietals that we grow it in this area sound very professional advice. Try so so where to begin. Where's where's it? Great Yeah we should highlight couple that we really really light and we actually have been the members of wine clubs right. Yeah so not in the order of priority but the first one that come to mind mind. I think we've been the member of the longest here. It's called Cone Cannon Kankeiren married and I did hear about Khun Cannon mainly at Safeway they have wide the red but not the reserve right. Those are only available at the winery. I don't recall seeing in the reserves in grocery stores. Yeah so once we actually went to the well. First of all the grounds are beautiful. Right Macula your or just field. Huge property and tasting rooms are are really nice beautiful. Very good amenities Really really friendly and inviting. I like that fact that they have a little like a gift. It's a gift shop. It's just part of the wind area. But but they have the the butter the butter that dips whether it's all over the spread for cheese and crackers or or And they also sell glasses and plates and grateful like even Halloween time. They have a Halloween theme. Like a great gifts there. In in Christmastime of course and so all in all you cannot buy food. They used to have a restaurant attached which was very convenient but outdoor outdoor area. It's just beautiful grassy lawn area and there's also chairs and stuff like that on the on the lawn areas. Well there's a bar that they have now brought outside aside didn't use a couple of years ago but recently they brought it out so you can get a glass or you can open up online. There is a lovely gorgeous area to sit around around in the weather is usually perfect. I mean daytime. It can get warm in the summer but it's usually mild throughout the year. You can sit outside. Have a nice gorgeous George's view and enjoy a really good good either glass or bottle of wine. Yeah so this Vin near was founded in eighteen eighty three they have like a generations that the pictures right yes of the owners up on the wall and it's they say it's the home of the Canon clone seven and eight which helped California cabernet achieved international recognition. I think especially the Petit Sara. Yes did you know then. kankkunen vineyard is the second largest winery in the livermore valley and produces around thirty thousand cases annually. Whoa yes it is known for? Twenty biggest would be went exactly right. We'll talk about winning a second. This is the second largest and it produces and is probably best known for its petite Sarong which became its own varietal. And these discuss your your your point. Not only were responsible for helping to maintain wineries in wine growing grapes in California but they also kind of spun runoff. Their own varietal of grapes created the petites row which is now recognized around the world. As its own varietal so really really. Cool a lot of history behind the Kankkunen Vineyard. Oh my goodness yes. The we met with the Kern on the current. Yes exactly right super nice really really cool so if you want to plug in your GPS CBS. The address is full five. Nine Zero Tesla road like a car tesla in livermore California So we've been in a long time club members of this winery and you can choose read only all white only from the mystical mix and they they have releases twice a year correct and they come with the release party which they closed down the whole winery just to the members and over the course of the two days Saturday Sunday they host this release party to the members and so you get to taste the all winds that are released during cycle and then they also pair pair up with last time was the the stake. What is it the Sandwich Sandwich with a tip or yes? It was so good an paired with a MAC and cheese and they always have like a cheese or crackers reckers. Yep Little Dessert was Apple Pie. Unusually these types of engagements are reserved for members but and they get to bring up to two guests. So it's a fifteen dollar per person for members and I think it's like a twenty per guest guest right right and and if you have a designated drivers they actually usually let them into yes. Correct Kids King also come in and if you happen to be visiting around that time I highly encourage courage. These events are so fond. The pairings are so great. And you get to sit down and enjoy Natalie. The Food and the wind but their stations around we can test all the different types of wines. See what's coming coming up. Key Greek discounts on on the winds themselves as well ready literally with a member but you gotta go with a member exactly so if you have friends that are members and you tap along or tag along with them. It's it's a lot of fun it definitely is is worth it and so we members for a while now and we've been very happy so if we only have time to visit a few this I actually will will be one on my recommendations that especially a reserve. It's a fine funny and gorgeous place to visit even if you want a tour right absolutely so four five nine zero Tesla road cone cannon winery. Sorry so that's one. Check them out. Yeah check them out and second one we are no longer member of Charles are Ya Vineyards but we have a funny story behind this place that the how it all began for us but if you're into port and brownies they I usually have. I think it's homemade brownies right. It's tucked away. All the way on the crane rich road wrote. It's the end of the country road address again. Type it in eight one nine five crain Ridge road livermore nestled among the ancient oaks. And it's got the rolling hills and it's a they produce small lots award winning wine and port a pretty good Ed. I I personally like a you. Don't buy but anyway. So we were member port. That is not why I love you. You said you did say in the new said the produce some anyway over it anyway. So so this owner right Jason what would you say. And he's a very friendly. I think it's family run winery and so when we first went to one of the first visit that we visited this winery. We all of a sudden start not seeing boys and where did they go. Well we we were. How shall I say we're out tasting in our children were kinda small and Usually we'd like you. Let them sit down and kind of hang out at a table stuff like that and crackers or exactly right and all of a sudden we turn around and we did not see them. You're right and then next thing. We know We saw two boys that look like our kids on the Gulf Colorado Zip on by then on by going up the hill l.. With some stranger a hello. What's going on here? Well they going and that happened to be. That was a that was actually Charles. Are himself saw that there were boys there and he said Hey boy you wanna go take a ride with me. We're going to go see the coyotes. I also sure we had no idea who this person was. We're we're having our wine tasting the Gal who is kind enough to To pour the wine for she says I don't worry about that. This is Charles. It's your take your voice okay I detain and we get to enjoy wine that I thought that was. It's funny and cute. It was really really and that was nice of him to you. Know take the boys up the hill and watch the I Dunno eagles balls and chaotic codes and take a look at the. I guess the grounds around the area It's large enough where it's at the end of the road to your point on. I'm just a massive massive property in there. Is You know like a little golf cart trails you can cruise around and it depends on what season it is a seasonal thing. I'm sure I don't have the calendar but they have an art festival that they have artist. Oh the scene there at work workout side and then you get to kind of op around and you also get to taste the wine and there's a picnic area. It's very friendly. Their her release parties really fun and they also have a musicians come to the back yard during the summertime and play their music in a and you get to relax and folk music exactly get but I remember you know the parking lots of Nice and big and then you walk up to the property. The tasting acing herself is really really nice. It's got arts and crafts stuff in there in the winds are good and then there's a patio. Is You walk out towards the back of the the the Tasting of itself Patios. Nice and comfortable to your point in the summertime. It's nice and warm out there. They have a lot of events. Lot of arts and crafts out there. It's a great area for the kids. Just kind of wander wander around. The can't get in too much trouble in great grounds around there. There's always friendly staff to help you out on the water for the kids and stuff twos really really fun. So that's it's definitely another. One is very friendly. Kids friendly right vin yards to visit interest. I was just going to say Charles are has been in the you wind business since two thousand and two It says one hundred percent of all the grapes sourced from livermore. So you're getting just the livermore style grapes. In what what they are able to produce their the owner is Charles. Richard Bartlett And he's been at the helm for. I guess it's two thousand and two Bonnie is the office manager says on the website and ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently. And I think we bumped into Bonnie a number of times and she is wonderful so you do get by hi there under full people just a wonderful staff a really great environment and not release parties. Yes we talk about food and leisure so yeah definitely a very nice place another one right outside of that so it's a second one from the end of the road. I guess right. It was another one in between I feel like there was another one right next to so anyway. The next one I'm going to talk about. It's called Big White House slash. The the the higher end wine is John Evans and at that time when we became us so we were Members of this winery for for a long time came to until our kids activities just took over and and then we just can't even join the release parties and whatnot so we just kinda pause the membership for the anyway this place. I'm sorry but it's not like the grounds on not like a cone cannon right right it's a concrete. I don't know maybe it's like a shed right barn and I think they enhanced the little bit of the outside right view of the vineyards to the left of the building but inside it's a concrete not much sitting area Little Patio outside right so John. I'm so sorry but but you guys are wonderful. At that time he was the youngest WAIMEA abused in mobile. Maybe right now not anymore because again. This was yeah more than several years ago but but I think their release parties ear after year after year. Their food pairings. I thought it was really enjoyable. Oh my God they really go Kind of adult out of their way. But how do you say it. Not just she's she's in the real tension here you whether it's gotTa duck something in it or truffles or just a pair with the particular wind that they're releasing pay close attention to detail when they're choosing the food to pair with the winds and in the just the complimentary complimentary tastings and that's a wonderful wonderful wonderful. John Likes to experiment. His wines are look I absolutely loved his reds. Yeah and it's it's funny. You mention that because John himself is I think he's a scientist. Righty studied a lot of science in school school and he would follow his dad. John Elder into the growing areas would follow him also into the wine making area would ask lots. That's a questions about. Why are you mixing this with that? Why is coming out like this? And how long does this have to take and John. The junior actually learned from his dad and started going off introducing his own. Little varietal. Young at a really young age before he was even allowed to be able to drink started producing and mixing his own concoctions and my God then he became of age and started his own label and now they sell together at the same place. Big White House John Evans. A Big White House has more the Commercial John Evans Moore the experimental. Kinda it really boutique. Really just his sister she's an artist. Yes old labels correct although wines in Oh quite quite nice yes yes indeed nicely done you know. It's really interesting in in. John recently had recently as a couple years ago. Had A baby and it's amazing. How much a part of the family that winery is or the activity around the wineries? It's all about the family. John's wife John's new baby. Maybe his sister the father yes really family really warm and then they're released party again. It's we're all about parties sometimes Vida Spirit. Yes Oh again. Some of my friends didn't like the white because it's experiment so I mean everybody has different tastes but if you're in that area it's rate at four point in the ELP. Yup Yup and John Evans usually there. And oh I must mention their peach mignon champagne. They used to let people wind taste but he said he kind of go out of control other people. Just come here for pain like ooh ooh crazy so I at that time. He told us that he stopped serving for the tasting. But you can still buy. I'm actually going back to pick up Whatever we also give it out to friends and families and it's usually very well Received Yeah in in in if you want to you know get the ear of the winemaker. If you want to have an opportunity to talk talk to someone who's like really into making wines in just very experimental and and just kind of pushing the envelope and trying new things John is usually. They're in man if you can't miss him he's young. Kids got a beard. He's got glasses. He's smiling from ear happiest guy. Did you ever bump into and living his life. It's he's been doing this for a long experiment. Passion again. Yeah in in men he is just so friendly only interest so inviting and just so warm. And how how rare of an opportunity do you get actually. So you don't get that in that and and talk to the people that are actually making the wine and get to tell them you're thinking Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Yeah so again if you want a homey environment kind of more slow paced relax relax Family oriented family friendly wine tasting definitely had deliverable wineries again right. So so. That's another one again. Don't Miss Peach Champagne oh my goodness so then couple others that we want to mention are not as big as the ones that we just mentioned but kind of up and coming. They've made a quite a stride right even when we were. We were member over Nottingham Sellers. That's another one that I wanted to mention. It's kind of in the it's on the Vasko road. The A S C O two four five asker road unit. See livermore I. I still think they're still there enhanced remodel their tasting room which go really nice right. Oh my goodness yes. Yeah initially when we became the member they were not as big right right and they have have a award winner. It's again it's called knotting. Ham Sellers and their release parties are really fun. Really Kinda like John Ever Orange. They have different. I actually invite a different restaurants. They they partner with them and they showcase their top wines and yeah I forget it was twice a year or two or not but they have they specialize in Cabernet Sauvignon in Bodo varieties and blends from the livermore formal valley. Last time I checked the tasting fee was about ten dollars per person and they have. NC Wines INVESCO are Abano are now grind NC supremacy. Oh moral good really really good wines and they have a little. Oh like a gift shop where you can buy cheese. That's really simple solutions but some chocolate and so that's always nice though crackers and oftentimes I will more than just a cracker right right ruin cheese and you want some nuts and in some dried fruit and so there are some some options to buy food there which is always nice. There's water for kids. There are some outdoor seedings but again this is not so much Jovi. It's not attached to the the vineyard itself it's got a road and in. How do you guys? It's almost like a shopping complex flex not the warehouse. It's like a warehouse exactly right and it's kind of an industrial areas right across from the Lawrence livermore national labs So it's very close. It's not a To your point it's not in the vineyards itself but it is there showcase where they have their tasting being room and to your point little little cafe kind of thing setup. They're very friendly for kids. Very friendly for families. They have an indoor area and outdoor area in. The weather's really nice. Ice Parking is pretty easy on the street in. There's some right behind the building itself as well and very friendly staff good wines decent. Excellent wine wine. You Ain't a great. It's just not so much. Violence fear leads fine. It's it's industrial right right. They did insight though data. Enhance the look and feel and design in. Yeah they have a barrel route. You have a barrel ruining chicken that they do have some functions in as well and you can also rent that room for additional official functions to offer yeah for like five business functions parties and things of that nature that reminds me talking barrels. I forgot to mention John Evans that that has always been. We've always had a blast doing awesome experience. So I'm sorry to kind of go backwards. But though on the John John Evans and Big White House if you have a chance to taste some of the barrel taste their barrel do yes. It's totally worth it so anyway. Didn't going back to Nottingham Sellers. Yeah we would just really happen very impressed with with I particularly like red wine. Yes so I mean a huge fan of their wine and supremacy is something that you know. Hopefully you will you. Will you try if you like. Read indeed indeed anything else on now on Yeah I think that pretty much covers it again. We are a big Red Fan And things Oh you do okay. One of the Nice things about Nottingham is that you know they really do focus on the livermore valley Grow growers stores in Grapes In producing really good quality Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux style. Red Blends so it is if you like reds. It's a really really good place to stop. Not a lot of food in that area They do have a little snack. Area that you can get a few things on so if you wanted to get some food food and bring it with you. You're more than welcome to do that as well and we do that with the kids we'll pack up a little like little picnic thing and we'll sit there and do some wine tasting again by a bottle by a couple of bottles Eh. Good time just kind of hanging out there and four legged animals. Oh that's right. The friendliest indeed yeah and then There are some picnic areas outside and they have some musicians who who played there from time to time during the summertime again But it's really really fun so we talked a couple of a winemakers and in we got the. That's how we were introduced in Nottingham. Let's write that several white way maker said. Oh you should go into trying Nottingham. So in right next to Nottingham as well as a Long Jetty Vines or longevity wines I should say and we did try longevity to not bad it was not the Mikan. Well it's called longevity now I think it was McCain. We tried him might have. WHO GOES NEXT ONE? I was going to talk about west of Mikan. McCann Family Mullaly sellers. Chevy in the knock-on is A. M. C. K. A. H. N. family sellers slacken. And it's actually unit sees the Nottingham. And it's like a next next to it. It's Unit take a Vasko road. Two to four five so it's the same Similar unit similar unit number exactly. And it's it's as as we said you know this is a big warehouse thing and there's there's different businesses within the different warehouses. McCann sellers is right next door to Nottingham Nottingham as well as longevity and some others and we did try these and if I remember correctly McCann's really good whites. If memory serves me for yeah fifteen dollars per person tasting you and they will waive it with the two bottle porteous you become a member which is usually the case anywhere else anywhere anywhere else and they had a petit Sarah Sarah a grenache forget others but they're all good and to your point the white it's not really really good. I remember it was really good. And it says according to the website here that the McCann McConnell Macon's gives me families sellers specializes in creating quality wines from Rhone varietals grown throughout northern California. There our tasting room is livermore. And it's right next door to Nottingham so you know if you do go down Vasko road to your point you can stop bright At the warehouse area. And there's like four or five wineries or or tasting rooms if you will right in that central vicinity all really good all very different. I'm so it's it's a great area to just stop in. Just do some quick tasting any no downtown. livermore has a lot of restaurants restaurants that are good so you go wine tasting. If you can find the restaurants close by then you could definitely just go to the downtown livermore and grab a bite and go back for more wine tasting so I just wanted to mention a couple more talking of winery in the restaurant. Strong Combo there is a restaurant on Gerry. I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right. But E R E it's a vineyard winery deep but the restaurant is really yummy. Yeah the restaurants of great right and it's a very convenient right so if you get hungry we tend to go to this restaurant and then go back to a couple of wineries but a couple of other wineries that we did not become become a member of club members have tried and we thought it was really nice. Some of them are three. Steve's winery very friendly Darcy Ken Dorsey yards finesse. Stra winery last Posadas wineries and and oh talking of ground some of the Nice Picnic area Mug Rail mcquarry vineyards which is pretty close to a big White House. I think actually on the same road if a little further down. Yeah right They have I personally haven't had a chance to spend a lot of time that we only tasting ones there. Could I remember the picnic. Area was nice big and another one that we tried. And we liked Mitchell. Winery and also retzlaff Ritz leave. Yeah that's what's Nice about Mitchell. Cats retzlaff they're all very close to cannon. Yes So again very similar to what we're talking about on Vasko road. If you go down Tesla the crate wineries that are nearby you can do three or four of them really really close. By and get a great rate varietal or a great to experiment or experience. If you will have different varietals. Just really really nice. RETZLAFF is a little bit more reds Little less production compared to Canon Canon is a big winery. They've got a lot of different varietals. Mitchell cats a little bit more boutique they do some really really. Good Red varietals champagne also good bad good champagne to as well. Yeah and another thing. The good one is a real slow vale. Estate winery real the LAVELLE. I don't remember the champagne it was. I think at that time. The owner was Chinese. Oh in the the guy who was pouring to y. I was kind of telling us a little bit about removing and any kind of Nice like a fountain area tasting Quiet it was a member. I love their champagne to a really good memory. Yes I remember now. Another one one which we tend to go more for restaurant is Wendy. I've done tasting with my friend for her birthday. Actually which is also into really big wineries. Wendy is there and you. You might enjoy that but restaurant when tea not really at when I is excellent. Yeah they've they've got a couple of different places you can go to the main Wendy. The tastes I know it's a couple of pop-up it's nice. I mean Wendy itself. It's a big winery. It's the largest winery in livermore. Good whites into its well known brand very consistent brand the the grounds itself surrounded by a golf course and it's absolutely a beautiful concerts exactly big arena but like a like outdoor outdoor seating area. Exactly so you must stop. If you want to. In livermore is really really gorgeous. Growl need a couple of days after NAP. If you really really unexperienced livermore wineries I would think days just not enough after you taste so many you just kinda lose. The war boy was champagne. But there's so many different ones proceed has been years that we've tried a couple times as well. There's there's Dante Robredo Rubare There's finesse in a bunch of different ones around it. We've we've gone to a couple of times and just great experience ransom again and good to go back to them again and see what they're doing and and just get a great education if you will about livermore wineries he's out there but it's it's wonderful and it's very accessible and it's so close to the over if you're in San Francisco and you want a little quicker access to the wine country do yourself a favor come on out to livermore. It is an rate great day. It's a great environment. Usually the weather's would gorgeous all year round gorgeous. I mean we just we're broadcasting now in November and it's in Fahrenheit seventy degrees today's bright blue skies in the end end of November. You can't assess the weather's perfect up here and then the trolleys. I only full year round on our but my friend of mine just had a Event it was a corporate trade event. But it's open to public as well but on the Halloween Day you get on this trolley and you prepaid ticket and takes Chen and yeah so this one is you get to choose three wineries and then you know you just let them take you from place to place. You don't have to worry worry about driving and you can always uber back and so we have yet to try to trolley. I heard enough. That just sounds so fun. Oh man in after you know a couple of glasses of wine tasting you know Troubles of the day seemed to melt away. It's great to get on onto the people exactly and you're in these these wonderful environments is wonderful tasty as the groom's and friendly people good wines. Good conversation It's just an absolutely wonderful experience. Highly highly highly recommended. Come on out to livermore valley. It's a great place to start get introduced into the wine country up here so you know there are many more. Imagine a surface for you but these are recommendations us the places we've gone to and we've really enjoyed in the hope that can give you an opportunity to something come on you know thought about before and it's accessible yes indeed set. Yes well we going next. Wow there's there's a lot more either northern California that we can talk about. We're we NAPA NAPA. Talk about. She wanted to talk about some of the restaurants. Yes indeed local area and it's getting it's getting close to winter so we got to start talking about Tahoe and start talking about the Sierras and skiing up there. And there's all sorts of other places in northern California. We're going to be talking about but apart from that we still we always inter- I think NCAA springs. Every episode seems to come back to how springs. I don't know what it is I. There's a pigs so in thinking along the lines of that theme we still have have more of Japan to explore. We've got more of Europe to hostile. We've got we've got we talk about Japan. That's hot spring man. What we do have to talk about are experiencing experiencing Calistoga with the hot springs? Or was that the mudbath. ooh We'll scratch surface on that too again. We're all about leisure and travel and finding that Puerto Vallarta spirited. Whatever that might mean a pause from your busy schedule can have a glass of Wine Cocteau in your hand and visa going up certain cracks in your body anyway? We'll get to that trip so whatever lots more to come more more episodes we really do appreciate you. Come and spend some time with US and look forward to talking with you on the next episode with that on behalf of everyone here at five guests thanks again for spending some time with us very much indeed with that heat and why we talk to. You have a great one. We'll talk to you. Guys connects time. Right and happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving the check please.

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Metahuman: Centuries of Conditioning

Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra

09:31 min | 1 year ago

Metahuman: Centuries of Conditioning

"Okay my friends. We're getting into to deep waters. We are beginning to navigate the depths of the rabbit hole which recreated ourselves rabbitohs is our creation and at the end of the rabbit hole is the light of being the tunnel at the end of the tunnel is the light of awareness which the real reality beyond the Raboteau listen very carefully. The Mental L. Construct of the body and the world is the product of centuries of conditioning once again. The mental construct of the body in the world. Well is the product of centuries of conditioning. This conditioning started when humans developed the ability to create stories. He's and then they develop the ability to symbolically express their experiences so let's go deeper in daily. Eli We accept the world as a given trees mountains clouds and sky a simply there but these are merely early the scenery a what I would call virtual reality so now these days everybody's familiar with the are right and people are also actually extending that we are into what they called immersive experiences immersive dreamscapes you can create Ayton immersive dreamscapes in Bushel reality way you can take your body and visit another planet or another galaxy go to New York City if you're in Zimbabwe or vice versa and if you stay in that virtual reality and I've tried this after awhile you become so used is to that when you take off the beer glasses or the we are apparatus then the physical world appears to you as another vilar. We are experience intact. It takes a little while to adjust to the physical world. I once did VR experience where I went to another galaxy visited other planets and then finally when I took it off the we are apparatus. I was in a room and the room that I was in appeared to me like a VR experience impact. I was feeling a little dizzy and even felt a little unsteady on on the floor of the room because I didn't know if it was real or not. So this is what we're doing every day we are creating our own can be our experience. We call it mind body and the physical world we are already in virtual reality and that virtual reality addity is of our own making through centuries of conditioning so raw sensation is overlaid with this complex conditioning additioning that goes back thousands of years. If you understand everything I've told you up to now then the body and the would-be perceive have been interpreted in advance as soon as you a barn you're entering conditioned interpreted would would all you're experiencing is raw sensations but you're quickly indoctrinated into the conditioning. I'm a physical body in a physical world in a theater of space diamond causality where objects are redirecting with each other moving moving around and these constructs but they exist as extensions of the human drama aw by waking up you step out of the drama at least you have the choice to step out of the drama to be who you really are. You're not the dream you're the dreamer and the dreamer is not in space or wartime because is consciousness and it has no form having no form it does not exist base in time it experiences as form and phenomena and we ended up calling that the physical world and the Physical Body Sill so here's a simple exercise in perception. Let's contemplate the letter. The letter of the alphabet when you said is on this later a all you see is a simple sign made with three short strokes Ben Correct. That's what the letter is a simple sign made with three short strokes of Ben. Those three strokes civil ben have known hadn't meaning as you can instantly determined by turning a on its side or upside down so so does the letter A. and your visual field upside dumb has no meaning donate sideways has no meaning either but turn it back to its original state and now suddenly it has been the meaning of a is embedded in a two centuries as of human conditioning and imparting that meaning to that symbol three strokes of Ben and this. This meaning goes back a long time. It's an ancient meaning going back to the Phoenician alphabet. Mixing is the Hebrew Letter Aleph with sands for the beginning the creation and God therefore is synonymous with one which connotes individuality and the start of arithmetic is a desirable grade in school and if you get enough as you're likely to be well educated and end up being prosperous yes in the material world if a single letter of the alphabet Gary so much history and so many locations imagine how complex the fabric of the human world is win headed a wealth of meanings that hold the world together but also in in fact created and some of these creations. Are you swim. We call them useful constructs. You have the the ability to choose the construct that is useful and discard the construct that is not useful to improve the quality of your life life because everything you perceive everything. You'd know you'd think you know everything would think about is actually a symbolic embolic expression given meaning construct an story by you. The mental construct of the body in the world is also a construct in the deeper reality. There's nobody there's no word but this is the magic of human consciousness you created you create the body you create the word and you also create the mind leaned but what you create and what we create collectively becomes our reality because we embed ourselves in that reality. Alad theoretically who you really are is independent and free of the construct and that is very important because if we were not theoretically free of the contract we'd be stuck as we evolve we recycle some of the constructs that refined useful and as we walk to higher states of consciousness which is the whole purpose of becoming Meta human then we can create new constructs that will give us new experiences a what recall mind body and Universe because we are the creators of the construct called mind body and unit bus. The mental concert of the body in the world is also a product of centuries of conditioning just because it is centuries of conditioning just because people have said it over and over again whether they're theologians is or religious people are scientists. Philosophers doesn't mean that the concerts are inherently true. They're true because we agree on there being and symbolism. That's why the Sufis frequently say that the entire I universe is a symbol. Join me tomorrow friends for a reclaim meditation.

Ben Correct Zimbabwe New York City Eli Ayton Gary Alad two centuries
S12E27  Exile

Ubuntu Podcast

32:36 min | 1 year ago

S12E27 Exile

"Every character brick and building device that's open to the game and you can go into this world he's the game that my daughter loves above all other things in this world is it like minecraft with leg I by any chance joining me this week all the usual crew of Martin Hello Minecraft Ian Yeah so we play in sandbox mode where welds get spooned and you have access to Alad yo-yo-you oh I had to say that because I mean a crew now apparently you'll you'll so hip it's the front room controller each the videos shield streaming a cloud instance of steam and it works remarkably well and make it your iron and my daughter has an amazing imagination for what she wants to recreate which usually involves in Split screen basically have you been doing with yourself since last we spoke I I've been playing a lot of Lego worlds what is leg I- Wald's Liga worlds yeah I think it's similar I mean we don't play in like the adventure married which I think would be more mind crofty minecraft even and in this week we in the show this week we are going to have some flattening the landscape entirely and then creating a whole new world of of of her design is pretty fun coal and what you playing this on unpack x sixty one S is I do not know what those are those are full by three aspect ratio x series so they're the kind of one that doesn't have the Oh goodness was cooled invidia shield so well technically we're playing on steam but we're streaming to the NVIDIA shield and we both I could have gone for the pirate angle what no no pie crew on a pirate ship right yeah Oh Anyway Elson at the end is like a big square box yes so compact design yes compact and Bijou Mustang and the the thing is I did reinstall on one of them and I've installed a Bantu from the net install image transparent and it boggles my mind every time we do it because I saw these amendments I think Craig's list is being streamed and you don't know by sorry doesn't it it's interesting tonight yeah cool right and what have you been doing I have been playing with think pads that seems like you never go a couple of I've put no graphical desktop on it previously had two core on it but a bunch of course is a little bit too restrictive for Real a vessel around the keyboard you just have the keyboard and then a smooth palm rest and that said oh I wear guys like right to the edge so yeah that's why I've been playing them both batteries from Ebay and that means that they actually lost a decent amount of time through three or four hours they genuine one Karzai with is concerned the nvidia shield is a games console on that game's console has like a world's on it and when she invites friends round they play like world you know it's it's quite ABC News and Events and some headlines and new segment that might be a big generous but it's of a segment and next new did with two things I I bought some replacement batteries for them because the ones I had went lasting very long and I've actually started using them a little bit more even though they're quite old and crusty recently in the robotics space so some of the things have been up to is doing automated and to some extent man operating system and it's like a big collection of middleware to enable you to create robots relatively easily and Japan a couple of weeks ago you know talking about you know open to as a robot rope assists platform and we gave some and the Robotics team have started a monthly state of robotics blog which the posted on the of anti blog and and you might remember the Kyle from the into robotics team was on the put cost a few episodes guy so yeah this is a really comprehensive roundup of lots of things have been going on well native skinny may fire onto almost team box I seem correct it's a windows game but it does work very well under Proton as well neil sort of code audits of Rose One and rose to and if you listen to those episodes a few a few weeks back roses the robot I I say APPs applications and I use my oh boo and I have have all says up to have my email and my and you said the invidia showed is plugged into TV yes I say yes are you a eight eight hundred an interface to steam yeah and you'd never know you know as as now that team have identified a number of near Sivas exist in rose one and rose to and not only did I raise those bugs folks that had a little robot that we showing off you know how you can use a into you know control manipulation arms and stuff I'm one of the in Portugal and I saw this blog post which I thought was interesting because nobody blog posts about technical events are all about element workstation as it were because his will read only stuff you've had up into coronet for some time 'cause I commend you taking that Laptop to Oak camp last year the two stones thing right yeah I like those kind of things Helen what some next so we've mentioned Uganda's happening soon very soon folks and places Cultural Visit Program and they've put a whole scheduled together of places to go and things to see with links to I have sink thing on it to synchronize documents and everything do you plug in a modem dialup to demon Internet has wifi into upstream projects for someone who works for Canonical would do that I know it's amazing right unfathomable yeah and they were also the team Russo roles con in the upstream projects but then the two years team waited in and fixed all of those and provided patches for as well let's get going good citizens country and I'm not alone because these guys have gone out there like five days before the event starts to go out and have a coach will experience together for the days leading up to the event Oh yes that's already good didn't get integrated into a call by pestering you yes I did now it's time for some community news and events what's up I in the community use mollison restate fees whose product manager or have been too ed with Ben to cool right same one it is but I'll take again this year but this time it will have proper talks people have going on and the people you see demos and stuff like that but this this proposed schooled Sintra have you know and and you can't control wi fi from the Komo online using a network manager has a thing could in two and MT UI missile reproduction ones know that just a box with a bunch of eighteen six fifty cells in liquid lithium flapping about inside because you get to me all of your mates from the community from around Europe at this thing and you get to hang out with them so I've been going and using as a holiday about things like sinking neon with with Debbie packages to make sure that things are up today in both directions and the some information about the some of the talks which were so focused on various objectives of Katie and goals so there was stuff about looking at baking privacy insecurity into APPs as the most important consideration about things like even usability in some cases like even Jio Katie conference which I think was in Milan in Italy this year and she's done a blog post and linked to a round up of the talks and sessions that going on there the event is on so I think he's great yeah there's some really interesting things going on that scholar Spike about some of the birds of feather session that she was part of Twenty already there like yesterday today and there's a whole bunch of events go so in in recent years I've gone to Uconn as a holiday matrix as a communication platform get lab for hosting the code in the projects and also something called the Katie welcomed go go out see things I saw grass today some of the went down to the Beach Surfing and other events news skull more has been to academy which is the worthwhile Tradeoff also one that sounded really interesting was a focus on on boarding new users and some of the ways they're doing that so they've they've adopted which sounds really interesting at actually dedicated team to onboard people in the into the community which I think a loss of open source communities don't do as well as curd and apparently there was also a demo of plasma and Microsoft being used to voice control a car new and yeah general talk about Plasmon embedded joined canonical and I met Heather in Paris a couple of weeks ago and she was like thrown in simplistic time at times I exists in rows with rows one and rose to so they robotics team also created a bunch of Chichi yeah I thought it was useful to put this in because yes a little window on the world of an event that's all about bringing together K. D. I I imagine a little bit intimidating yes a fun way to start your career at a new company you get flown out to Paris and your first in the people who work on Katie applications and it's good to see the perspective of someone who went to Academy Kaz it's a good thing to point to next year if someone's people might not like it it's important that they get the privacy and security right I even if it makes things harder to use in some cases starts now it's interesting to see that sort of declared as and having people who you can you cannot she directs new uses and say these people can tell you how to get involved rather than just pointing of what happened with met their expectations because other people who are going to these events need to know for next time about the next time Figura if they want to get you academy what goes on this I think people who go to events should writes up these kind of triples more often and their details heist was highlighting the not every APP maintain is going to be experienced all necessary particularly ask about keeping voices which sounds cool next up heather Ellsworth has blocked out adding snap meditated upstream projects and the reason why I picked this one out is because has just everyone to the channel the channel all the slash getting involved page or whatever yeah totally that's a really nice touch I like that help maintain this stuff upstream it's important that it gets upstream so people have a vested interested in helping make sure it gets there auden what's next the Juggle of the multimedia industry g St Mary's holding their annual conference in Leone from the in street map and stuff for people who are attending but specifically it will be attending before the actual event starts so it doesn't start until this weekend as we recording this but people emma so if you're a pilot developing you might be familiar that there's pice into in this python three and it took a long time for people to migrate from piscine two to three breath she's fantastic is really great I'm really happy for the Vista team to have heather joining or nickname which is hells worth APPS Kroft stuff up to date so might not want to accept into their upstream repository Buh there's a community of snap Croft his out there who will happy the people are very passionate about they've worked on for a long time and that is an important part of the stack you know it's funny how people so that's pretty impressive and following the conference they're going to be having a hack fest where they're going to be working on Gee Streamer and also pipe the video as well as audio manipulation now Martin you wanted to introduce our new segment yes we've created a new segment is cooled career written up and are you spread far and wide so yeah it's good I stopped confessed blog post I have anymore get one particular thing I liked about that introduction to your team is an engineering sprint for a week some a bit hard Kolba fa fantastic introduction to the team Sarah blog post about tab super passionate about just one very tightly focused part of the stack I found interesting so this g stream of conference marks the twentieth anniversary of g stream being thing the deep end just starting with the company at a company engineering sprint so she gets to me everyone is the perfect opportunity to get to me everyone that she's going to be working with Karaz to to help people get familiar with Ross to remove their work from Ross one to rusty core like sort of right you know why you should put you'll stamp coffee hamill in your upstream projects which obviously given that's yeah so I do my job I was quite pleased to see hello and welcome to season twelve episode twenty seven of the urban to podcast chew saying the eighth October it's a bit chilly I took Tiber to the first of November it's weird you don't think of g stream of being a Juggernaut of the multimedia world because it's just a bunch of the is just a bunch of libraries that give you like Codex and the ability to play video and stuff was weighed with seeing something over wire and in my simplistic view of the world I think pipe wire is like pulse audio two point that also can include quite like does enjoy every time I see an IRC yeah had a few people say to me WHO's this hells worth the keys popping up in I don't see channels commitment to come on es is still alive only or text my Darnley rather the S. and I've installed all my apps and I've got how to glass smashing thing so we're going to pick one from the careers page this week so the so now we should probably have up sexy jingle in that while of 'cause careering around corners or something yeah 'cause car wheels screeching that sort of thing you know on weekdays in general but particularly mid week so I'm wondering if this is maybe people streaming a lot of stuff so is there is there something that's Excu as for national statistics who collect and report on all kinds of statistics and trends on various aspects of public life I suppose yes this is that the UK has a public organization called the I up in the news this week is Martin so apparently UK internet usage peaks at nine o'clock in the evening then let them know we'll have a link in the show notes And if you know of any jobs the our listeners might be interested in that we can highlight if you are skilled with wwl Oregon to all both all Lennox and Lenox then you might want to apply for that and eighteen at Seattle Central College Washington Washington State yes and they're seeking volunteers it is amazing how many bakers I had applying for jobs datacenter suites in the past and finally Smith in case you come policy vital is yes that's sea L. Dot Org levels and this is the first sort of report to come out of that why Wednesday this is the question I have it seems to it seems to be sort of that time in the evening uh on the website which will link shots and CG L. The Seattle Renewed INEX- conference is on the Fourteenth Fifteenth of November Twenty Nine and they've now started monitoring the traffic levels through some of the country's key Internet exchanges analyzing the trends in those traffic so now it's time for the news that's right yes there specifically seeking volunteers for the event and they say to email them at participate at CG Aldo that will be in the show notes as well as events the Lennox application some is still coming up it's the eleventh to the fifteenth of November in Barcelona Spain yet and they've published the speaker schedule collusively launched at nine pm or thereabouts on Wednesday in the UK that is responsible for this I don't know I think it says purpose email to show at of into podcast org and we'll be happy to feature them in future episodes and if we get deluge with lots of jobs that and so as we record this it's eight fifty seven surely it's everyone has a podcast recording their podcast while today's Tuesday so no dammit I have it on good authority that this might include a a splash of hyper V. as well so if that sounds like something you'd be interested in maybe you know somebody who'd be interested it pay it peaks at nine o'clock it doesn't say it suddenly goes to one hundred percent astronaut Hokey peak so I would think that it ramps up towards ninety by program did not words on the tally and that kind of explains it's me but I can't think of any else that would no I can't and that's probably because people with children they kids have gone to bed by then and it gets to the point when they sit down in front of Italian they flick net flicks on all and we'll provide links in future shuts hopefully open source related jobs would be preferable and not just like my like chip shops hiring or something like that seventy it was saying that these exchanges are to do like a lot of what they do is data between sort of the Internet and content distribution ended a while back and he's had a few full starts but the register have a lengthy piece published today wow yeah data so I wonder if that rules in rules out net flicks data because they've got there like age clusters now various is peace so you may remember the Atari vs being a computer lennox powered computer that looks like an Atari Twenty six hundred that was crowd two hundred ninety gigabits per second depending on which month you're looking at this is across the backbone date this looking at these major exchanges right there's a graph of the the monthly average rate of data transmitter which is between four sorry two hundred and forty right okay there aren't you photos of this I thought they will renders I didn't know that there was actually like a hey there bioline is retro console a mess may never launch sources allege so yes it looks like it's in a bit of a state but then aged on the on the case or something and for something this crowd funded where they may not have a tremendous amount of money oh no way they've got millions so it works so that is probably that kind of thing that looking at and Alan what's next up the Atari VC s architect has quit the project the past you know it's it's a quality retro brand swell though you know we'll we'll Atari ever be as I remember it these were people that had bought a licensed to use the Atari name isn't actually Atari well like many mm-hmm I have seen things that look very much like photo is but they will be an engineering sample they've they've backed out of going to events before now so is gonNA support streaming services so that that's being pulled now in the likes of Netflix Amazon Prime Hoodoo that's not gonna be part of it but tasting all the marketing press in the lovely photos I've never seen anything that's gone into any analysis of this project yet but then it's not out yet it'd be difficult did it did say that weekends and bank holidays a quieter so people are obviously they have more time they go and do other things geico this iconic and fund this iconic and is very nice on a t shirt and a certain amount of stouter yeah but the Games up on it it's it's different than any of the others it's sad though because you know Atari is you know a a well known name Gano is hard to believe isn't it yeah but yeah there was some some some graphs they're showing the general range of data that we're talking about as well so did you want something better than that and they they've touted these features over the years and it's not really come to the sitting in front of their computers and TV's there are things not everyone are enormous geeks like we are yeah whereas really yeah so we kind of knew that you

Alad Martin two hundred ninety gigabits one hundred percent four hours two stones five days two years
Bonus: An Unorthodox Kabbalat Shabbat


09:17 min | 7 months ago

Bonus: An Unorthodox Kabbalat Shabbat

"It's Leah. And so what are we? It's been another week of social distancing another week of uncertainty in other week of being cooped up in small apartments or houses strategy work while the kids are going crazy occupying every desktop laptop IPAD smartphone. That you have another week of slightly mad but thankfully we have Chabad coming right up and even though we can't leave the house go to shaw or to Shabbat dinners with each other. We can take a moment to decompress to shift from one state of mind to another much. Calmer one how maybe by taking a note from this week's partial Vica help including begins with Moses again stressing the importance of Shebek. Here's how it six days work. Maybe done Moses says but on the seventh day you shall have sanctity. It's an odd way of putting real after dinner. Third Grade Teacher teach US never to use the passive voice. Why work may be done instead of you may do work. The lubavitcher rebbe had a brilliant. Take on the meaning of the strange phrase. The tone is pass a piece says because people whether they like it or not our pass it. They're not true creators. You can be as busy as you want. During the week. You could run from meeting to meeting from one zoom call to another and he still want achieve your true calling which is simply to be human another one of God's creations capable not only of labor but also and much more importantly of something approaching holiness to do that. You need to take a day in rest. Unplug from everything. Get a new perspective on life every week and this. Chabad in particular is a good opportunity for all of us. Remember that the work we do as important as it may be does not define us that a stressful and strange and alienating as this past week might have been. We're all part of something much larger and much more important. You can't always see each other especially now that we're all contained in our homes but we can feel together even when we're not because time as Moses teaches us in this week's Porsche always trump's space and Chabad is all bad time the gift we get from God allowing us to transcend if only for twenty five hours the circumstances of our daily lives and Lord knows we could use it just about now so now to lighten the mood a little bit. Here's Columbia professor. Jeremy Albert the world's foremost expert Jewish humor to tell us much needed Joe. Hi My name is Jerry Gel and I'm the author of Jewish comedy serious history and I thought as long as we're all stuck in here and We might as well past time by talking a little bit about Jewish comedy. It's not something I would do with the Every so often tell what classic Jewish joke can talk a little bit very liberal about what so For the first installment of this I thought I would tell a joke that addresses the kind of global situation wherein through Alad. It's Jewish jokes. This is the way the joke goes. There was an announcement made all across the world that the oceans were rising and they were going to flood the entire land everywhere on her nowhere. That wasn't going to be totally in second flood and there were three people together. We're trying to figure out what to do. One of them was an Englishman. One of them was a freshman of one of them. Was You all know these kind of jokes And so the Englishman said I'm going to stand with a stiff upper lip and has the wards rise over my head. I'm going to sing. Hail to the Queen and all that kind of thing but go down with the ship and the Frenchman said you must be crazy. I'm going to get a wonderful cheese and a great bottle wind and I'm going to spend my last moments and all sorts of pleasure delight and the Jews looks at his watch. Says wait a minute. I think we have about two hours to learn how to breathe underwater and that is the kind of sense of Jewish Huber in the face of catastrophe in a nutshell. The kind of idea of saying that in the face of total despair and hopelessness there is going to be a way out while at the same time simultaneously mocking and caricaturing ourselves for thinking. That things aren't that there is a way out that things aren't as serious as they actually are but even enact caricature knowing that there's some relief and there's some solace from the terrible situation that we happen to be and other jokes. We'll talk about other kinds of dimensions. Jewish history in the way of Kokin through it but for this I won a brief. Hopefully a little bit humorous. Look at vox she next. No Chabad service would be complete without some beautiful melodies to take us into these higher realms. Here's our very own. Jupiter Jim Naval I hope you have a meaningful and restful Chabad friends and on behalf of all of us here at Unorthodox Shabunda. Why two three four. Things are pretty bad on the night out. Can I try when I'm in line the things I never needed much? People Panic Berbie urban centers. I can't even go to see a movie. He'll say on the first or that I'm curse because we had it worse. Daddy I'm so bored. Said Masan is home from school because there's no school then mom and Dad The Cheese Daddy. Can I watch something or play a game ago to sleep and also I am on with us? Not Verse Not Curse and it's not there. We worse worse Stanley Ghettos at it was in does and it worsen every single kind of stores with Wagner and all that is The packer let's play the in days or days and no one ever lease house again. And there's a rising way above the haze in all the ammunition raised in Florida. Blaze is over Michigan. We had worse we get same. We're verse that. We would occur star bubble bursts where on earth we added worse. We had it worse. Came big moment. We had it worse. We had it worse. We added worse. Airplanes trucks gambling. I like trucks and I like but I guess planes cars trucks and I know worse.

Moses Shebek shaw Jerry Gel Jeremy Albert Alad Kokin professor Columbia Jim Naval Berbie Masan Joe Wagner Lord Michigan
Adjust the Mic Episode #21 Usborne Books with Lauren

Adjust the Mic Podcast

29:22 min | 11 months ago

Adjust the Mic Episode #21 Usborne Books with Lauren

"So are you just going to ask me questions and I can answer it. And then we'll go from there and you can edit out anything that makes me look stupid or if I say something really messed up that needs to be gone. Yeah Yeah you feel fine. Grandma baggies the clothes line and went to restore big back on again as I did. I know exactly Lemon in general added always. It's okay. Here's the show so we're about to have a phone interview with a good friend of ours for a long time. But Lauren Johnson. We went to high school with her shoes known as Lawrence Zimmerman back. Then she is wife of Tanto. Who Tomko Goldstein. Who's been on our podcast a couple times? And she's going to talk to US tonight about Osborne Books and we've been talking about doing like a chair together and We've been kind of brainstorming and trying to find out like how we can get some extra books so we can give to People who need them and she is the perfect Alad for that she does this for a living gene and we want to interview her about it and get her on air. 'cause she's going to be able to explain everything much better than I can but I wanted to at least give you guys a little bit of intro. I don't butcher this interview here. I hope you enjoy the interview thing. It's going to be great. I Love Lauren. She's so awesome. A shared did have a question. So you I'm GonNa ask you again Dan so we'll see how you answer it but when are you getting a puppy. I guess you in China or getting a puppy I shall we get you guys one for Christmas because I think Jerry could pitch in Make that happen for you other net. Here's the interview. Hello aw hey stranger our you I'm good. How are you good? Does this sound good. Yeah you can find cool I'm recording already so well. Hey this made it easier though Ivan did like lying to this just in case yes I like screwed up the interview or something wrong. I kind of did a little preview to this. Oh I gotcha well just make me not sound like a tool so you know how bad I am at doing that. So you're going to sound terrible out there right now. No podcast is pretty cool. It's it's it's fun man like okay. We've known each other since high school. So yeah I think since I was in ninth grade and you were senior in your best friends sir. Well your best friend growing up with the one of my best friends to jared. He wanted me to ask you right off the bat wonder. What are you guys? Get a puppy so jerry to bite me. We're not getting a buggy. I heard there was like a big channel puppet as year the chance for a puppy at all anytime soon puppy Definitely not know by Your House and just look the shooting team up in late on your front porch. That's how badly I don't WanNA puppy even one even this status little puppy showed up on my front short-staffed like I would find any good home but it's not here so what brought puppy home and they're uh-huh told you wants to be called on here so that's his name Goldstein. So in the dog and he just he loves listen in your boys. Let the love this dog. You have to be the bad person and say I would one hundred percent be the bad guy because it's GonNa all be my problem because I am going to be the one that asked you take it outside in the middle of the night to potty train it or it clean up its crate or to. You know like pick up all of this off the ground so it doesn't get chewed up like you know. Our kids are way they do little like I ate way too many small things right now to add a puppy fat went on team. Laura I love dogs I love dogs. I'm actually dog sitting for like ten days as you're coming up and I'm kind of looking forward to it because I get to give the dog back kind of basically and the kids wanNA dog so bad. They've been pressured me. Jared you know. He's no help nope because he does. He bought that little that little. You know beautiful. Little Dog was at rain and now he's I've got two dogs. He's kicked out CONAN's at his mom's house now Conan gets own right even imagine. I know I told her I like since we started having kids I mean kids are six four and two so their do. There's still little and I'm still wiping but and you know one is still in a diaper and I'm Jay now. I'm not doing one more thing that poop until all of my kids in ill with their own to almost done almost all the woods almost have a big question for you. Actually so you know I have a son Silas in he has said doney. It's it's ridiculous it's real horrible. I think he maybe did this to grow. I don't know I don't remember sure but I feel like this is ridiculous. You have three boys I have one and we were just for Thanksgiving moms and my son did a a couple of things that was weird. As far as like he pooped in his underwear. You got like embarrassing just hit it instead of like Melted and we walked around forever. Like what is that coming from and look under like. Oh Oh my God. It's like mortified. Look at me like you know it's like loop too so you have to like have we had anything like that no yet Also I'm sure I mean I'm sure he was in Paris. It was an accident and he didn't really know how to deal with it only because he wasn't at home either it might have been home. Might not have known like what to do or not quite as embarrassed about it but he went on day's coming chicken nuggets and my my bathroom like in my shower. And I've seen some your pitchers to like within the very next minute. It's like Blah everything's everywhere. They are in sane gene. It's a good thing they're cute because it is like important for their survival. That's hilarious so it and they are having haven't met yet either so we got eventually Disney thing we've tried we've tried to link up here and there but we'll get there eventually. Yeah I need to. Yeah so the reason for trying to sink this up. And we've we've talked about this for a few. What a couple of months now and when we started this podcast we've been trying to find like some kind of a charitable thing that we kinda give back on top of just talking about things? I know Charlie and Joe put some effort in there For Thanksgiving we got a family a Thanksgiving dinner. And that's cool and on and there's like people like Tom Coming. Dan and Like the news junkie from row radio. They do some things really do like they do. Bike drives and get bikes for kids for Christmas and stuff. And and we're just as little stall podcast Titusville and I'm like what is something we can do like start off with kind of learn as we go in and do something that would really really help and I think education is probably one of the most important things that we could probably give. The people are sure in beans into every aspect of life in in in. You have like we have an opportunity here because you were for Osborne books white right correct so tell us about that. Tell us how. How that slogan for you and all that all the goodies? Okay so our oldest Griffin who is. He'll be seven next month. He has a pretty significant speech and language delay and when he was Probably about three We were doing a lot of speech therapy. You know. Just really trying to get him caught up and get it all figured out and I was looking for books that we're going to keep this kid with a very small attention span interested in reading with me And I got invited to you a facebook party And they were selling children's books and I saw these books and I was like that's it those are that is what is going going to keep his attention because they are all interactive there all fun. They do a really good job of making book that are both fun and educational seasonal. So parents and kids enjoy that. I know it's like the perfect combination Unique it's not just a book that you're going to pick up and like read. Read it once and just be done with it. They're all they're all extremely unique and very very high quality and well mate and An interesting so oh I wanted to love the book and I was like well. I can't spend all of our money on all of these. You know you know how. What can I do to get all of these books? Not Vidal of our money on it and And it was an opportunity thirty to basically work from home Around family schedule moving goodness. I would never have been able to do this if I couldn't have done it from my laptop up here. We're with you know kid in my lap. Were you know whatever in between diaper changes Uh It's a hard work too. Man I mean from from being in I was married for a long time in a relationship with kids and then being single for a long time hi. I'm now with kids. I respect that. Stay home being able to work from home and make a living in but still be like deeply in your kids lives like man. That's so valuable and there's so many people that are able to do that now because the Internet you know. Incredible it's been. It's been an awesome opportunity. It's been three and a half years now that I've been doing it And I and I love it. It's a lot of fun I've I it's been much more than I expected it to like. I really kind of just went into it. Like oh I'm GonNa get a discount on these books family in well with it now I mean ears and man we love it. We see all channels things you've been doing. It's been awesome. It's been really cool so within that okay so now now here we are and you know we we see we talked about. You have some things that you could possibly do like. We're trying to find a way to get some books from you. Pretty much and get them donated. Get Him you know. I think there's a program you're gonNA tell us about here in a minute it but where we can kind of Through our podcast. A market. This for you for us and get books donated and Try to get them into the hands of kids. Who need them families it? I mean whoever needs these books that we can get them. Whether it's teachers teachers that Wanna get them for their students in class if we're if we're able to get to do something like that if there's a libraries if there's a you know like small programs like I have you know our friend Larkin. She has a connection. May Be for me to do something with them. But in the meantime I was GonNa say have them get saint here to me tour. I can make sure they get into the proper hands of people and We'll turn into like something that we can kind of hang your hat on and And help you know what I mean and and I think it's awesome and I think it's a win win because I mean we all know each other a trip joe and Charlie so yeah and you have all been uh-huh since I started one of One of my very favorite things that I've been able to do with this Books more business is to do these. Sort of charitable give back to organizations. And you have supported every single on that. I've done any time I've been got message. And Hey it's got me no donating books. Look to this at this or that organization. You have one hundred percent support every single one that I've done for thank you. It's awesome. I mean in in when you have full one hundred percent rights to post on our facebook group anytime anytime you have. Because that's what I like. Okay originally you know we win this podcast things. Just Charlie doing this for round two here just the MIC and we're like everything positive positive news stories. Seniors Joe Miller gets on the show. No more positive stories. Charlie give up on it. We're not doing positive we are but we're not talking negative but it's like you know we need we need you but as far as eleven light holy the holy calling helps us so much with that too by the way I'm the best. She's awesome so that little part dead little being able to talk to play the new brewery and all those people that was awesome too. So it's kind of given us. Yes you know something like some motivation and I think this gives us that much more than we have a cherry we can kind of latch onto and and try to do something with here and see what we can make happen. I love it so tell us what can we do. What is what's the What's the angle here? Sure okay so I was warned. Books and more has is a really generous matching program so fifty percent of course all of the donations and orders get get sent back to the organization an extra free books so say we raise a thousand dollars like in in money monetary donation and we can then donate fifteen hundred dollars worth of books who really cool So say we have a thousand dollars in orders people just order for their own families fifty percent of their sales go back to that organization and Free Book also also though you know your mom can call or put an order four hundred dollars worth of books for your kids and then that gives US dollars worth of books to donate great. That's perfect but that's it is a good movie. I didn't know it was that good. When we've been talking about this whole time I I really didn't I knew it was like something similar? Something good a matching thing. But that's even better than wow fifty percent fifty percent notching program which is amazing. What there's some selling books that What are your your bestseller? So we have some really some really unique series Koreans one of our most popular series. It's called China Light These are really cool nonfiction books. That use a flashlight with you. Hold up A flashlight on the back of the pages ages and it kind of reveals these images all. That's okay you might might have seen them in the CHICK-FIL-A Kids meals. They have like many versions. We had them. I think like two months ago can happen and we also do three years ago but they were small little paperback versions All our strain on my books in chick-fil-a kids meals we don't offer them for my kids. They're fun is bedtime book. DOC You dim the lights. You had your flashlights. And it's fun and they're non fiction. The kids are learning along the way even though they don't realize it There are a lot of fun. And there's twenty bucks I think series everything from The seashore to the space space station The farm the one of the most popular ones dinosaurs There's just real. They're really really cool. There's a lot AH looks for every everything from newborns to young adult series so there's even older kid chapter book series that I even enjoy reading. Okay 'cause my daughter's eleven and I I know she does some Dork. Diaries and some of that kind of stuff and more than anything. She's on her damn tablet all the time watching WSA on my gosh but I'm trying to get her like I comic Book Complete Comic Book Nerd now like I have thousands. It's it's ridiculous. I know it's ridiculous like analysis in Charlie's Toyland like we're buying baby Yoda's like up hidden comic books out like save us to baby to the big book. Oh pops jazz. It's ridiculous it's going to be. I'M GONNA be buying a house here next year sometime and one of my one of my things. I need a nerve to where I can fit all stuff because it's ridiculous how much I have now. Yeah Contel Contel has a leg room his name to honor that. If that's what you think you pervert but yeah so comic books. We actually have the full series of graphic novel classics. We by King Arthur and Robin Hood and Dracula and the Three Musketeers. Sherlock colds And there's other but it it. It's the classics in graphic novel style. So that it you know. Reluctant readers those kids you you don't necessarily want to pick up a buck a wall of tax or going engine and that it's a comic book but yet they're still reading the classics there you know. That's another Eh. That's awesome now. Isn't it clever just so smart. No we're not and I'm just asking weird question on details here but let's say let's say someone buys us some books and we get credit towards buying books right now that credit we get. Can we choose what books we want to bring in really. Yeah well you could get your dollar amount to if we have thousand dollars in sales and nations and birthing a thousand dollars because those graphic novel types in some of the comic book kind of you know anything in that in that range. We have two good close friends. We have infinite mushroom here in town during downtown Titusville. They so graphic novels and trade paperbacks and They do a lot of comic books. Listen they play the magic and all the dungeons and dragons. But there's a lot of kids that go in there and that would be something where he can kinda. Hey you know this is from You know the adjusting podcast and Osborne books or whatever and we could have some kind of promotional thing on the book and he just gives them out to kids. You know that that Walkway Myers. That'd be cool off in nine point nine down in Melbourne they. They would do something like that with us to bet. And and Man Yeah I totally find a way to get these books out. The people like one hundred percent. Oh yeah and they're phenomenal books. I mean like I said they are. They do concerned about this. Because they're phenomenal books. I I actually Got A couple of 'em from Danielle Longo and through you and for the kids. It's in the key in their awesome. Like the kids love him. So I'm one of us. Boys tagline is the kid of the books that kids love to read and they really do. I mean my kids garage. We have other books of course still but my kids gravitate towards I love that flashlight like a Gimmicky Maki thing. But it's a perfect kind. You know it's like what you hear. Oh Yeah and you have. You have all kinds of puzzles. And then all kinds of history's I mean just whatever you can think of what we do. We actually have book puzzled condos so we have you know we have a puzzle and it comes with the book. Nice heck yeah okay. Oh cool okay so I think we have like I mean what do we do now like we need to probably posted on facebook as like create something right. Yeah so I made a unique shopping link just for just the MIC. So named Like Adjust Mike Book drive And then people people can shop from that and Whatever they purchase for them solve? You will get half of that back in free books to donate And then also if you have a pay pal account or count or something like that if you want to set up like a pay pal pool if somebody wants to send it a monetary donation okay. We'll use that to purchase books. Also so I can definitely do that. It's Like if somebody donated forty dollars we would get that forty dollars plus an extra fifty percent I wanted to. We could use my paper account and it goes to that and then from there I can just send you would just settle that up with me. once we get those so yeah for forty dollars donation. We could actually purchase Chris. Sixty dollars worth of books. Wow okay well I'm GonNa just I'm just going to give you. I'm just GONNA throw down. Probably a fifty to one hundred off the bat to kind of get a good one. What you do do the Lincoln? And I'm sure Charlie and Joe will pitch in and we'll see how many other people we can get to know and I know this is like an infant stage from not expecting like big numbers right off the bat or anything but it's something that I wanna continually grind on almost every episode or at least have a little segment where we talk about it so As we do grow as a podcast hopefully the people that are listening to this share to other people that have kids and you know what I mean tour. We can use this as a platform to spread the show and market to show but in such a positive. Is it away to where you know. It's beneficial for everybody. You know. Yeah I can. I mean I think kids obviously need to read more Really were that boils doc down to is that parents need to read with their kids on. That's where that's where that grows is with kids. You know parents working with kids and you can't start early and then once you learn how to read on their own you should still read with them. My kids are they hear me a audiobook person person guiding and it's kind of how I the only way that I can you know. Enjoy a story these days right now. I read it in having to listen to an audio right now and I. It's audibles the best for me. I Like I love. It's like every month I get some free credits. Let's what do this you know. And it's boom and I've I've it's opened my mind to so many other different books. I didn't think I would like and that's awesome man so Lawrence thank you so much. I will make sure to if you if you post that link on our facebook group whenever you have it ready or whenever you know rusher could be right away totally up to you and I'll make sure to market as an announcement we'll be talking about it tomorrow night on the show as well and I'll get charlie new up to speed everything You I can draw some dogs in the mail too so that way you guys have. That'd be awesome physical copies and and then I also have A link to a full catalogue virtually o'clock and I can quit as a page perfect. I'm actually I'll I'll get it on our website as well and all that stuff to Eran. Well thank you. I didn't hear any kids screaming in the background. Like we thought I I drug them perfect. Normally when we're doing this podcast in part out for sure out. But usually it's like when Char- Charlie me Dan. Dan like our kids like Avon allegation the room and they're super quiet and in the boys go in the room they're super quiet. Rallying just wants to watch like the Youtube. Charlie won't let them at home as much. So what you do. But when Joe's kids get here to Holy Shit Shit it gets wild it you can hear it in the background. There's doors broken open and yet it's wild. Our crew is like you know the three boys they just feed off of each other. A NASAL ASCOLI likely boys have multiple boys like that. It's got to be like when when my my brother's son Michael and my son size love each other like their cousins and me and their friends in each other very often I five days. We were solid after the fifth day. The last two days were complete and Utter Hill. 'cause all they do is fight. It turned born into just a fight about everything but the very next day when they're apart from each other they couldn't stop talking about. Oh so I'm sure you have some kind of we're just boys just wild you know can you are. They're wild and then they just won't leave each other alone he's already fistfight yet or any kind of craziness. What was that any fist despite any kind of crazy now we haven't had any full blown fisticuffs But we definitely get a lot out of wrestling and you know lapping on the back or throwing toys at each other or you know things like that. You know our a friend Derek. His they'll go at it and they go at it and in a Larkin and and A my kids you know oh savannah and Riley Alley. And they're all best friends. I never fight. Dare CH- kids and they involved there some fighting going on and it's it's hilarious. It's an alley and sauce will get they. They'll get and fight. Sometimes in silence is finally getting old enough to where he can kinda like fight back a little bit and get angry. You know and actually have a chance Hans. It's too funny to watch them go. I get it a lot because now they're in there right now. Salaam doing this. They've been in bed now but they were in their playing like roadblocks together and but they had to fight I they had to get get out of anger and other good anyway. I'm rambling on. I'll let you go. We'll place talking with you too and I really look forward to this. And thank you for the opportunity I hope. Hopefully it's something we can do is on a year round basis. And let's see what we can do with it. You know love love it awesome. I do too thank you so much for taking the time. Absolutely talk to you later. See you later daisies job scream from data loans assault landscape. Aw Zero to topple lanston dear. That's just killer dude. That was awesome.

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Ep. 2 - Founder's Series - Sylo


38:17 min | 10 months ago

Ep. 2 - Founder's Series - Sylo

"All override. What is up all you good beautiful wonderful citizens of CRIP nation? It's your host Bryce Paul and we have a special announcement If you guys have been tuning in you will know that. We have the Crypto twenty twenty summit that we are hosting this is going to be January twenty ninth to January thirty first we got over sixty of of the biggest baddest speakers in crypto presenting on their projections for twenty twenty with their projects are going to be doing all sorts of fun forecast forecast. It's going to really be amazing. And the best part of it all is it's free and it is online so go head to. Www Dot crypto twenty twenty summit Dot Com and register for your free ticket and we hope to see their whole Rye. What is up? Oh you good wonderful. Citizens of CRIP nation is your hosts Bryson pizza mind coming at you from San Diego per usual. Joined by some good friends in New Zealand. Is that correct. Dorian and Ben Right this is Dorrie genetic and Ben Jordan The CO founders of a really really cool platform. That is that we're GONNA dive really deep into it's called Silo and gentlemen welcome to the show. Oh thank you. Yeah Pete's mind. How're you doing buddy? It's been a while I'm doing great and really excited that we have another episode of the founder under series. You know we've really been focused. A lot on the crypto twenty twenty summit and if you ever signed up yet you need to go check it. Out crypto twenty twenty summit dot com tickets are free right now definitely go. You don't WanNa miss it. But I'm really excited that we get to deviate from that path and get back into the founder series and talk about silo. Oh which is a platform for digital identity and privacy communication and My favorite thing in the whole world talking openly openly and truthfully without worries about censorship. So gentlemen welcome to the show so tell us a little bit about the catalyst. I four FOUNDING THIS COMPANY WHAT IS SILO and why did you guys found it. I mean they. Piece of the founding drawn of a solid Alad Ross was just saying what was going on in the market around guy ships. I'm sorry I'm Momma myself before getting into this. I was working in the social media. The strengths over there helping companies use the mainstream by old-line vice books of the world market. Who I I can answer that age? Assize insight into the scene of the data cat shot at the analytic techniques. That guy behind these things Taken a good look at that in realizing You're gone amazing abilities on. Why does it have to be structured a in this? Why can't we have these abilities without downsides? I'm were able bang logging. Flog as each lay out his products people. I'm which was the driving force behind diving into the spice signing too low into the various Christie allergies that we could use an idol without exploiting exterior shell and that sort of that on days. Aw Communications in the right way in being on a journey of about half a decade now this is that's amazing. How'd you to meet and like what was the moment where you guys knew that you guys were like yeah we're going to be the perfect co-founders together litter unique way anyway? Made A OSCO Amin. We'd often did our own things and then ended up back. Then we wins autozone so Realize this is a big problem that on it to spend a lot of allies and undiscussed like it and to be honest I goes against us working together all even astray and silence one all of these companies. You know as I was doing my research it was a company before block chain was a thing and you guys realize that. Hey blockchain is the perfect solution to the the problem that we're trying to solve so let's kind of pivot and start building with crypto assets. And stuff can you talk about what that transition period was like and really what was was it about blockchain that enabled you to like. Get this solution cured. Yes exactly right. I mean Sada was award as a as a confidential communication at action most aggregates channels so we use technologies Oke out the middleman command took out way way. So that as the I'm the Cypress wife for thirty two people to communicate announce announce position in multiple on counseling officials services use cases where the positional actually was mandated to provide confidentiality. But they block along and lock China night with us to go right back to rates with much more solve health problems of communicate like we do online offline online and that's where we win about using the blockade rightfully Jake's enchiladas are we doing getting rid of some of the centralized iron instead actually in-state can distribute control all over the network to older people. Use It as on a manning the ship and has the biff it's outside of the mainstream mistake platforms. It's you know. It's not just about us. Providing the ability to communicate about the meat would being able to self sustain itself square and yet that's fair much Ralian ordinance or it's a big piece in there as well. It was on the commercialization side so we lost closedown vision. One solution to nearly twenty seven in on an issue we had with the two days was that it was a magazine. It was lady distributed. Tributed things like why. He's not being online at the same time. I'm will be very hard to deal. Woods obsoleted using sincere last Davis's back in the early early dies ribs a credit of east experience that could stack uses out of mainstream products as a spill. We saw That the last melodies coming would lead us read a message. Loss untroubled to get up so revised solution that would stack out Uses could I I wildly using instant Services says honestly they GEL and a lot of license ebbets that spice for Twain Coco And actually usable Rod. which has commissioned while building and the decentralisation in something like this is so critical because because there's more civil unrest in the world right now and different Society's going through revolutions against their governments privacy and communications is more important than ever it really is and these movements are not necessarily isolated? People are saying what's happening in other regions of the world and saying you know we're not gonNA tolerate this either. We're going to stand up in defend ourselves and protect our liberties or gain liberties for the first time for that matter. But there's governments that will you know subpoena data on rather on individuals and it's a big difference for companies like silo to say I won't supply data or I can't supply this data if you won't supply this Daddy. You guys are in prison if you say. I can't supply apply this data. We have no control over this network. There's nothing that anyone can do about it and what you built goes on and lives on just like bitcoin. So that's why light super super important to have someone like this decentralized. So what does it really mean to have your own identity in a decentralized network. That's a really big appoint For debt that's a massive area that we think is crucial to address. We'll also take it if we go back to roads of the development. Something else would saying that concept is that it goes well beyond that into sp two while works. They haven't bought a good discussion us about this. The other day and Fossa Korbut goes back to human will into society as a called seats. We've got we've got these various riskier cases of entering government inch Rusk's people riddance When you kind of look at a whole industry secret at Branca's his out to nearly every aspects thank of ninety nine or non in digital services? They use these sites to some extent leading up imminent digital trial L. OF COMEDIC actress. I'm and if was followed through to the instagram. Five fifteen twenty years on sweet change that concept of Hebrew thing leaving a bridge trial It's already starting to impact. How direct online when you use a city by only able to use to be this concept all our system I see the private message. Adjust my content. We now living in a row with a product which is no different from public posts imitate Speak in it's gonNA stop shining injuring. The white people interacts online on offline with people interacting online at once molten. Do offline these dyes in changing the white people actually so from our point of view we think it touches on every aspect of businesses Aereas we've need freedom state. They taught through to just how people engage through social media. In general how communique screens are worry too explicit opinion because that might get out a doc actually stops insane decision making creativity now a whole bunch of me els the that become essentially simply touching Communiques that makes a lot of sense and Kinda diving a little bit deeper into the decentralized aspect of the of the platform it built on a theory him or you guys have your own blockchain and you know technologically. How do you guys decentralize this stuff so you? You don't rely on a centralized web hosting service like Amazon or I cloud or whatever for your application. I'll talk in his isn't a theory. They actually built on his name. which is another blockchain Why on centrality? I'm so that allows us to facilitate no fully decentralized allies by the value about new sets sight when you guys I got your company's started. What was the hardest thing about getting through the first year as graduates yet witnessed that one getting something that works? Ah Give you. It'll sort of defended from zero to one in refining doubt. I think it's about focus has many started company United Roy so you can't solve any problem that you want to solve But the way to get clarity is to addicts on at that is unlocking everything. Because when you can describe what it is that you'll do sex. And in a way that is compelling other equal one decision to do that by Vegas get Deleting relating in behind wanted as they could towing when people say that Monday slows air. You can find the right people to work for you and and you can find the right people whoever with you because I believe in what it is doing as your next. I'M SO ONCE HE EH clarity. Everything becomes easier in who they assert. What was that list heist? Mostly I like that. I like that. Who are your guys is first hires and you know? Was it something where like. Hey we don't really have a lot of money we can't pay you but we'll give you equity or like what was the strategy strategy around capturing the first big hires for you guys. I mean we were fortunate to raise capital initially but we really focus on Alan. Kinda Ford Develops by. Frost was about flying the riot people. you know you already saw audible out there that have come in at WanNa have a defined jaw bill that out. We weren't able to come in you know be visited the president and we're going to help shot. The drift of the project on gazetted becomes very crucial to the ILIYA So we yeah we we spend the time to find the right guys and it wasn't necessarily guys with that skill. Citadels the guys with the fine Tuesday as motivation that hidden hidden in the right place Obviously go sick at all. I mean is very much about saving the highs amid native from Technical background so we don't have So we need to find job. Arrived develops on could sleep on sites and they can be difficult sometimes. Finding you don't develop his. Who can say the business things but could also start to molds into somebody that sells the chase down makes a Lotta sense? And how big the company now In regards people have We're aiming we just twenty four. But in that we would variance national something we represent twelve different nationalities in that In some of the stuff now Spain spend with to go really huts onto the wrong people Iraq channels. It's amazing this. There's probably a question. I should've asked the outset of the interview but the name silo. It obviously reminds me of like a grain silo or rocket science. Something supposed to keep things separated from other things. So what was the motivation for the name. Silo Yeah I comes back down to that solids of information which is part of the problem with I'm but what we've done taking the You your daughter in you. I'm you are not interested in when you unlock your access to this network. That is literally. You'LL DODIG DODIG communicating. Was the day work itself sirene since everyone is Iraq Iran. Getting from bad if it's kind of a play on that and it's also fold later denied. That sounds pretty pretty smart to me as easy named remember really good choice. How'd you guys differ in your management styles? Do both kind of run different aspects aspects. Where you'd never really have to step on each other's toes or what's the process of you know making a really hard decision that requires more than just one person's input we definitely Steve on each other's Alawite by which advantage very differently in in terms of what we look within the business I'm united or product direction. I'm Darras amid inside excitable visit strategy Different I I like to manage by letting people know where it is hitting on a I buy into that ends. That's how I find myself able stay that yet. I probably looking at from them. Speak to my probably getting a blames all your I. I like to die. Ben and get a side-by-side age would Guys kind of business in the marketing side. Got More sometimes to my detriment where I should be. Easterly allocating my arm slot in the nuts and bolts it kind of gets me going to how how reduce individual results on the Williams outside I think balance wheels On each the serious. I'm so sick of cross a friend WHO's interested in getting into crypto currency. But they don't know where to start building their portfolio Leo. Well we have the answer. It's called copy traitor by e Toro with copy traitor. You can automatically copy every trade of e Toro's top hop crypto traders just like myself or Bryce or Kevin at the exact price point and in real time no need to study up on markets or develop your own strategies simply just sign up and copy our trades any profits that we make you do two proportional to your investment of course with E.. Toro you get access to the world's most popular cryptocurrencies with transparent trading fees. All in one easy to use APP copy the smart money with e Toro joy now at equal dot COM com slash crypto. One Oh one thank you ben what would you say is one of the traits of Dorian that you really admire in hope to kind reflect and then Dorian same question view. What's something that you really admire about? Ben Saw I relate. My darns lines were not tenacity Always Precinct Ford It's not big business. Tehran where we're sitting down now Things it's always does. The extent one is the next year and I think you may need that Oxford in a business blackouts where literally old all time. Otherwise odd I mean we always have obligations on on some as a result of that which which is healthy because it pushing the product forty wise in this effort will chemists efforts Asta You and I think he alvin keeping jumps out of May you being his his I guess you intelligent version. We can set a tow hour long meeting almost limitations. Compensation will develop as stakeholders and being inside inside the conversation into bed. decided he's given onsite and Ki Shaadi rolling along age has a really unique Hawaii's who rang house and enable people to allow me into law situation. There John Means drive the conversational Cedeno Knows it needs to go. But he'll Said ed wood the minimal really outside people give result than uh-huh rose is. You mentioned you. Guys are always pushing forward but is there any key performance indicators indicators or ways you guys measure success to know that you're going in the right direction nephew I mean it's really easy to get indicate locked up with vanity metrics which is which is an indicator of success with us You use numbers. And how able arriving complex basil. Sorry realization with us because we are such such a typical spy. I swear problems have been solved before a lot of a lot of Things that are more hiding now now we can do this as to as opposed to other people saying that we we are doing things. So we'll have Liberty pretty stretch on product roadmaps from a technical point of view the way we know reads et on but then of course we will so very hot on the US correct. Yeah Yeah and also. We've obviously got Dow management. Ed Ed funding a Jesus that tie into everything Jones Vogel talking on the way we kind of make sure we he. A range of targets instead can also be in to sit in on tasks that can be built down through the organization. Different areas. fronts Deliverables that appended to kind of different eras Russia from my from management executives from product because often cases. I had the want me to go. ANIELA targets of speakers. You know what would you say would be the number one and most fundamentally critical aspect of a successful startup innate. Money it it's true that's very You can pay the bill. Sorry on Cabanas critical yet to be on top of that again that comes back to what it is farcical hike. Collect that because I think four is if you have a vision that I'm GonNa buy into that Alps also best especially when you're a spice life where we wear. A lot of the funding comes from funding as artist to operate avenues. Specially in the initial fights a lot of it has about that evasion. Anything for point of this doing so. Yeah I think and I think money by that and I agree with that you know because when when the squeeze comes on that side. It's very easy for that. Impact comment demand retro mortgage. Going on. It's like you know you need to get a rock exists arms. You need that reading road. That's correct so they're gonNA BOO liberal liberal liberal bad gives you the flexibility and Ron Wyden means of spice to be ill that out a compromise truly shirley dilemmas in that it has crucial Really ready skills develop his news on While a lot of time or what you're doing you know it's it's an DVI chrome you'll whole shen in more you sign up for 'em you spilling At Arale was martyred action areas of some decisions regions and that will obviously scenes from your results. Hillary off when when I talked to a lot of entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial incumbents people think there might want to start their own business and leave the workforce. There's there's usually one or two different schools of thought. EITHER THEY WANNA chase their dream or they want to solve a problem. which do you think is the best core foundation to starting starting a successful business? Why are they chasing drain? You'll see I've got a few grades interesting that it'd be prepared for that. You definitely definitely not a job in a supplementary income Out It's a fundamental change lifestyle reasons getting in the morning. No you really gotta be ready for that. Sure and nothing to give it on a motivation. It's only you need to turn a coffin. I find that is living. Your you also linked the problem so dreams drains more south. Marta by You need the problem that giving itself and you need a big problem to solve said he had And that's what I I I really I love. What would you say like really excites you? Most about the blockchain in the crypto industry in the future like this Rodley. Oddly speaking about twenty twenty. Are there any trends you see unfolding that excite you any technology. That's coming out that are particularly like really stoke in your gears. I'm Jamie Lee. The most exciting thing for me is that the hypes now faded album. It's -nology started to come through such that all of the stories of it's all Taint could actually And that that that Riddick size lead doc on the edge of another however long development will actually be able to have these celebrities Actions will actually island Seth Breath to realize the efficiencies the ball and can provide and also was even better products are now getting to the stage. Consumers can actually adopted and dynasty really have to realize that mocked bots. What's all of the benefits and slowdowns uses? And I think we're getting close licenses. Who appointed a decentralized company family is GonNa is GonNa break how is going to challenge inch lies nets But we getting low setting close Ed's impossibility And if I may is what really gets I WANNA say Reich out actually suck yet. I'm sure it's about to give river. We've had the hot at the crash. That's what was being developed. Is the the wave of a reinvention of the financial system the entire communications hyphen architecture system. I'M GONNA see products coming out in this coming year. GonNa be adoptable. We can start saying it will getting into these things and we're gonNA start seeing the reality all how in win the stuff is gonNA come and stop completely agree and I feel like anyone can go out there and create a product. We've seen so many come and go knowing ever knew him but it takes something special sure to create a movement. What's something special that helps you guys create a movement behind what you're doing while for me? Actually I think it's about Telling story they can relate to a backdrop wage solves for longtime was the problem of was the problem problem privacy What we can realize that I'm privacy is not sign the ugly side of all of the all words associated with privacy? You know they will have negative comments. five minutes of solitude he'd be Liberating trading on a when he stopped holding out on the benefits of privacy or data connection for it changes the game and you gives his two on session around a moved in that I think is is the mice Tom And for US Russell Movement is is to enable us to sign liberties that we have all online also had some really interesting discussions. With our not getting saying I'm suspiciously lightly which kind of entered the I bet if we do something like this doesn't happen. The most the butterfly faked of that going on down down the road. I liked that so yeah imagine a future future. Would we don't exist. Yeah Yeah that's a good marketing angle. Yeah and the thing that the thing that doesn't exist is is two point. You want the things that make us human the ability of eighth floor to head on fictions by collided with bill technology. Few make an estate. That's going to be with you or if you say the wrong thing to the right person the wrong person it might hear it and you get rid of the ability for communities as to self-regulate themselves in on when you're when you're talking with your friends You can push the bar down it can be dodgy and if you go to find you might go commandments out at at your credit self-regulate mm-hmm we don't have that online So what that means as out. Communication transitions online. Is that April. One take risks they will run push the Bartow and and people will become drums. It's where all go self censor themselves towards one kind of acceptable way. AM being As helpful way of being human. I'm so wait wait on it. Keep the world colorful kick the vote human as if isolate Soleil technology stifled everything. That is human about us one way that excites us. That's why we you guys sound like some awesome drinking buddies if I'm ever in New Zealand we're definitely going out. We have just a few more questions we want to ask. And this is is just about crypto in general From all the way across the world. Who's one person that you guys? Really keep your eye on in the crypto space. Who's doing things? So you really admire That's pomp in our office NAP. The fact that he's otherwise everyone spice in as little as pushing the agenda in I I love his arm is is energy towards thinking I bet is fishy to than a new administration. The fact that is his his voice for the BITCOIN and quality Movements I think is I'm is. I'm in our state. It is GonNa seem some constructs instructed. Positively e related believes in understand that mono- stops downs. In the heck upset. We GonNa go through that. Core of financial system is going to be checks through the gymnastics elegy at got a charts. The course for the night women all that I'm you know. There are a few announced his salute to him. You know obviously he's not asked entrepreneurs building the LJ's on. But I think and the white and how he goes about it does enable a whole range of innovation Susie as an issue around the oldies on such why that eagles of regulating that understanding INEX- cost the ninth strain on hot coals. In a really really good why From NBC those two by two and a group wants war. Why a I think? He's a pulsing at on another one. I call it hitting the founder of Wessex originally dubbed Finance. But I think a really key thing for this Algiers was that was a big marcus of the India's a massive operation Audio they really big driving force to sort of crap at nine on for a long time. There's been this cloud of is illegal is illegal in India. Choose the pumping neutral teach the credit. He Soda Acting as an evangelist about speaking in the riot by is the institution why it's a movement why trump priority activates and besides the two gentlemen that you just mentioned. Is there a certain like standout company In the space that you think is having a tremendous impact doing a lot of work with centrality in we sailed while on on behind the scenes this and Enough wide why the and what it is so yeah. I mean that debate. That will be coming that way. Plus to a mistake I said spice. And I'm yeah I mean a lot of that comes from the inside Decide what they would on background near the wick. Pretty Fundamental Allergies During twenty twenty on spice Does that they've shut air. It's on that side of your solid and if in our last question that we'd like to ask everybody that comes on the show. Oh is just one word of wisdom that you would give the crypto curious. Somebody who hasn't necessarily bought their first trip does somebody who's still maybe just learning about the space ace. What's what's one thing you'd want them to know into an entrepreneur or via? Let's talk about a buyer a potential buyer. You figure out why it's important not how it works in Way using the Internet vote. United doesn't even cross out Ryan. How doctrines getting from debate when we if you box? I'm and I think because there's so many technologists in the spice that is that is the editor ETA Convey the way you think about how it works though the things that it affords us the the concepts behind us behind this. I think already Excited at a in terms of buying. If you if you talk about kind of hope coins in Oregon it wants to get into. I think you need to take a long term. Speak in is look look look for the company's products that are building south are are the ones that you can actually see delivering getting adoption of building. Stuff that really is gonNA evidence. Yup I think that's a great word word of advice prices well look at users right like look to see do companies have hundreds of thousands of users and is there actual transactions happening on the blockchain and stuff like that so guys it was a true pleasure getting to know silo and both you Ben and Dorian have such unique stories and it was. It was a lot of fun. So thank you guys very much for coming on the show. We appreciate your time appreciate it. And where can people reach out to you if they WANNA ask any other questions or download your APP yes sir. I'm just thrown silo. It's Lilo in search engine. I'm you find out properties that got a whole bunch of community channels. Just reach out to read. We've got a really the active community. Same obstacle give you straightaway. Lincoln on stock obsession any yet. Any opinions feedback also negative press. Anything we're doing. We Love to love to engage. Stop and make sure you check out the APPS I we live on the excellence silo. All Right Thank you very much gentlemen. We'll be in touch if you're still listening here at crypt nation. Don't forget to sign up. For the CRYPTO Twenty Twenty summit go to crippled twenty twenty summit Dot Com right now it is still free. You can't miss this. See Their crypt nation just a friendly neighborhood reminder to go to. Www Dot crypto twenty twenty summit Dot Com and register Mr for your free conference pass to the online summit crypto twenty twenty seven that we got sixty speakers who are given their bold predictions for prices his and bold predictions for a technological developments in this crazy crypto space. So if you WANNA be the first to know the big news and you WanNa WanNa make sure that you're in touch and in tune. Go To crypto twenty twenty summit Dot Com right now in register for free

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Immigrant Detention During COVID-19

Latino Rebels Radio

26:28 min | 7 months ago

Immigrant Detention During COVID-19

"Hey guys it's Hulu bigalow Allah here Latino Rebels Radio March thirty first twenty twenty. I just got off the phone with an immigration attorney Monday. She's in the bay area. We were talking about Conditions in ice detention centers. Both in the bay area but also in Louisiana in a facility called the Sal. I think if you follow me on twitter I shared a video last week. About women detainees complaining about conditions during Covert Nineteen and reached out tomorrow about the overall issues. That are happening with immigration cases in immigration detention but we also talked about lasalle the place in the Vienna and I wanted to share. This conversation. Unedited We were on the phone. Just get it out quickly so here it is. Thanks for coming on. Can You Tell me Your name and what you do Yeah meaning the Nereo via we actually have an immigration attorney Do Deportation Defense at a nonprofit calls. Nj Legal Services in the area. Thanks for taking the time. I got the reason why wonder we have is because Hearing a lot of things about what's happening detention centers and I know that there's been stories about men complaining about conditions on my videos about women and also about other other situations. Can you share anything specifically about your client Sir or anything that you WanNa Talk See Asher Well in California or or anywhere wherever you yeah. It's whatever you can share in terms of what you know or anything that you you WanNa WanNa talk about about conditions given the the Kobe. Nineteen things that People are saying or clients are telling. You WanNa Kinda keep an open for you psycho thing. Yeah I guess in a day area mostly where I work He had also heard about People organizing because centers so I work in going to French. Import in there Detention Facilities Where their cases there for creation in actually been hearing a lot more about people I think inside the detention centers in protest during the conditions because Mothers working they've protested conditions at the detention centers. It's just called you the the county jail. I had to contract jail There is The long reigning consent decree there because they shouldn't cousin so horrible and continue to be monitored. the other detention facility is so Yeah Oakland and then the detention our our Our organizing will writing letters She is sufficient. You elected officials Expressing their you know concerns and fears about being In such four times while there's a probe so what are the some of the conditions that You're hearing or that people are telling you Specifically as a lie. Why is there such concern? Well a lot of the because low or no Basically no access to so. There's no hannitized at either facilities but even something as simple as that. I associate usually at one actually just age weakest one bars. So the normal kind of Ration and obviously now people are being told you know to wash our hands constantly And was you know proper? So for twenty seconds And people just don't have access to those kinds of things But I find some not the conditions in the in the S- attention owners are often I had a client earlier. This year actually sent to play with and they were all walking in like a lot of basically I Yeah the food is awful. We'll be there's mold growing in the In the pods which is A whole range of things in addition to abide both correctional officers. And I won't talk to me about what they said about that treatment. I mean you know I would tell you that there's nothing you know nothing to see here. You know whether you know whenever you having more having gone statements from ice you know promises investigations and you know nothing you know. Nothing here is true But they kind of seem to cloud eating away but they're saying that it is true but they won't tell you that's sort of how I mean it's just a pattern that anyone that's studies language but What are they saying? Or what are they telling you or are they even doing on record or or or even cases or anything that you can share about? What's what's their defenses are to this. Yeah I think is is pretty uncommunicative. About otherwise he's also different story anything we just try to Yeah either yes completely different stories from the things that my short change For that they're taking care of it One of my clients since blessed tasks like an officer and the detention centers on the officer was put on probation suspension navy for a couple of weeks in he back in the majority where my client was Yeah I just went. They say that they're going to address something and they put like a May do some To addressing some measure for a period of time but there's no investing and making facilities that are places which honestly they should have but Yeah I it's hard I I have been like you buy Ice Officers. Sort of my. It's part of a sometimes card of of the job but the office corruption that has no description but how does this also apply to current immigration cases to order immigration lawyers in your area saying about how judges are dealing with? This is this. Is this global. Or you know arguing for these conditions and saying people must be released. Is that even getting any attention from judges or just not pro battery a little bit of I wanna be. I WanNa give credence and credit where it's Share some federal judge is in the country that has Germany Groups that advocates for into the fishes has brought An individual or group Habeas petition filed blur pretending to be Joel's generally Respiratory Health problems are In general learn compromise or the ages fifty five And calling their release firm Anchin centers and they know a couple of judges around the country has ordered the release of these clients For people make a lot of Selecting yeah I think some judges are Yeah I understand. The risk is a little indication center. That is run by an agency that is no in the Torius. I'm going back and I'm thinking commission in your facilities And and also now having you know because Cologne viruses and You know nationally. We're at the at the centre now But also globally. I think that yes obviously like. I think that the call should be much more like that. I think that it would be great congressional The beginning saying it was an understanding risk a while but at the same time ten enforcement actions are still happening right. I mean this. That hasn't stopped. Or I mean at least from to your knowledge thank elaborating you're stealing So this notion of is saying you know readjusting as seems to be just Something that they said not something they're doing Would would say I mean at least from your experience. Yeah the they have not stopped. They said that they were prioritizing. People with two are particularly dangerous. I don't remember what they said you're saying think they're enforcing matching you particularly dangerous. It says open to interpretation in the in their eyes. I would think so but one final question. Yeah Twenty hundred question understanding that you know immigration law and it's an what's happening but also the public health challenge of of having. I mean these detention centers potentially becoming probably are already You know hot spots on their own What would be? What would you think in your eyes be the ramifications if this continued if people weren't freed or released How did that you know you're in San Francisco? What what would it mean to? In your opinion to what booker to the health system in the city from the bay area well actually located farther from the cities. I think regardless. I think that and I'm scared in in our clients had getting clients and by colleagues to do this for people are people are scaring actually my clients at Chelsea us On site and and locked into a bunch of names That didn't really Ziana. Is that in your video just a little bit more than ourselves word were on administration. There's no ventilation effected the corporate the humming understand. No baby even number plumbing wind was for an impediment. Move or better under the age of doesn't matter can't lose took me on me a month could now in some sort of community out more own. You don't own want it now? Our John Bank of Bingo ahead. Okay so my client. What is that the detention center and last Wednesday there was a they were giving a presentation. was Geo the private company that runs facility contracts with ICE officers and cars. Ice Officers Who were getting about coded to WANNA dormitory women about seventy nine or eighty and there were people in who were exciting there right hunters more about what's his Virus shades and like what it would be and what he was going to be for people who are living in like what protocols they had in place de restriction eating out on a extremely regular basis right and so. He's in unwrapping appropriate questions. All this and no one question And they kept ethnic has asking questions. Were you know expecting the theaters in concerned about being in detention center? That the friar so about peace ago there was no running water and they were. It was like you know. Pc's and hearing and natural glad all over the pitch. It was like an awful or leaders. Can you do that? I think so. They were concerned ethnic Russians that were going and some. I'm hearing all the guards. I got out of the Rue than the opens. The door later like pepper sprayed tear gas. I think I think the the entire with a group of women who were assiduity Geo Officer Raisins and Enter the entire dormitory and they close the door on any room for an hour and the client said that the amount of pepper spray or the amount of whatever gas they take strong than it actually integration into two or three other informatory and so they have to clear out other gum or you were In those dormitories were Hopping and S.'s. Tv's And apparently also from other women particularly one man who on the telephones and tell her family that she you know family like I can't believe And a couple of the other women including my client also went to some of the other phone. Start calling the family because they look taking out right and couldn't breeze and the one of the authors aluminum pepper sprayed this line is when NSF phone about like a senior faces That was like sometime in the middle of the Alad Malaki News And a couple of women were painting. Woman lost consciousness Yeah my client is close to her last week and she is and and the Tom Price. Yeah I think I saw them and to your knowledge. Yeah to your knowledge is. Nothing's really changed in that in that situation. I mean I haven't yeah. I think that they're just showing on. Geo and I see other. You know nothing has happened. I think not treated in in the MEDICO I don't say the Doctor Inside LaSalle And Linens who were asking the questions Women who is interpreting between locally finish speaking Can even in the official presentation. She they all showed they were all actually turn to the floor Beaching issue in custody and taken to believe I don't know how well What has to worry the next steps on that for us. I mean what is that something that you're just going to be trying to work on or or is it just reality is in these retention centres. Well I think that rooms rations and of advocates in In how to learn who are working on federal litigation around we're already working on getting And people out of detention hearings and I don't know specifically like this Changes or build out of fame essentially I guess that yes. I am personally in in the bond series has been out in the last two or three for hearing So it's ongoing going through you know I appreciate I appreciate you Letting smell about it. I appreciate your time. I mean how do you have any final thoughts about like you know how this I mean you mentioned everyone seems to be terrified and scared Like what would you say is an immigration attorney to people that Mike simplistically look at this and be like you know? They're they here in this country wants supposed to be. I mean what do you say with that final thought? I've just curious well. He engine in deportations specifically in my opinion should not invest but then people in in deportation but tension of immigrants completely unnecessary and arbitrary. And an excuse I think for for a lot of things frankly mostly more than anything probably But a lot of people most people though duty partition meaning not to change so we have a party. That's on the table kind of their life and world and also going to court And are fighting your cases and then you win and so they take in journals. Seventy attention detention is of immigrants. Should things ever In my opinion I think that yeah. I think that having having people detained and and honestly in the deficit is a lot like having people on container incarcerated in cages at a time like this when conditions in knowledge nations detention centers in jails are notoriously bad In his senior list. And I think that our I think that'd be agencies that are incarcerating. These people in relation is are going to have majors major problems. I don't yeah because the conditions that they keep trying to beat them. I think that they're also scared. I think I mean honestly like last last week. Three other facilities whereas far as thinking. Yeah I think everybody is. On High Alert Hornets. All Levels are very high and people are anxious coming. You know that they are going to have a huge problems literally a human mind if there's an outbreak when there's an outbreak in a detention center or you know or or jailed and. I think that it also shows that they have no protocol. They have no protocol or teachers place to address it or not. They were answering these questions in by. They horrifying each other using chemical agent. That it's actually in the same way that like the virus would write all Yeah no I just I just have to bother general election. I don't think it's necessary to have people in general anything NGOs can have probably won't marry. I really appreciate you taking the time and it was hard to but but I think it's important as To share these stories because these stories aren't being heard and all this and I just want to thank you again for your time and keep us posted On on your clients Story if things come out Do you ever favor because we'd be interested so thank you again for the well. Thank you for your time.

attorney LaSalle And Linens officer lasalle Nj Legal Services Louisiana Nereo Asher Oakland Germany Vienna San Francisco Kobe Anchin centers Alad Malaki News Geo Officer Torius Hornets booker
Science (with Dr. Alfredo Carpineti)

Probably True Podcast

31:09 min | 1 year ago

Science (with Dr. Alfredo Carpineti)

"Finding your tribe and what really goes on at scientific conferences to be honest I would say the I downloaded grinder when I went hello this week I'm talking to scientists journalists and activists Doctor Alfredo Company he's GonNa to his about being an out and proud scientist true please be aware that this podcast may contain strong language and adult themes it would be boring without them all right so so this is the largest meeting all LGBT Q. Plus scientists and engineers in the world and happens everything he posted because gay professor of astronomy and When I met him randomly at an event in parliaments based on some of the last guests is sort of want to talk about the community about how we look confound community charming and everything and Peter just for plywood like yes and who you are you like every single thing that I post while which will mean yes is all about making an impression anyway the story so what I want to talk about is the eligibility seminar so this but also about the masks deaths we have auma and that will keep having even once we found community was devastating in the moment but then I told you notice me okay slight aging into you so Amazon `test and I am again when I was doing my PhD? I knew a few gay people there were didn't as well so new the door queer people science I never knew there were queer people in science that were older than me that were senior I'm like I knew by the end of my hd new a one person who high followed on twitter and like much only for detention so when it actually happened in January twenty sixteen it was incredible event there were eighty people attending I met so many when it started actually she just wanted seminar in which she was just other queer people and then we'll go to the pub it was an excuse to actually meet up and I was among the first conversation kept seeing this popping up on twitter or any very nice seeing seeing this sort of starting at ns she was like Oh people like to come and give a talk about the war and I went pretty much I'll do it but indicate and e will started by Dr Beth Helen in summer two thousand and fourteen randomly twitter and bowl that's the been there so it was all just young scientists twix your university well it was like Undergrad uh where I was just doing presentation for council I was just accept sort of build up that I was going to just go and introduce myself and along with a few friends we just wanted to March up the London pride the end to march on the back then you need to have a website in a sort rootstock territory here but let's carry on for her friends now but now this is not the story does he know that your friends now yes okay which is a charitable trust working on the supporting showcasing LGBTQ plus people in stem going stem what stem stem like I don't have the right advice didn't want to give advice when I was just a guessing so over the course of the few months between under Queer people that were doing brilliant signs were phenomenal engineers and that was great I never experienced something like that to be honest I walls and imperial college which is a scientific university and some will with the que- our society there I will spread application on pride we actually started together like sources that we could get from stone wool from automation or wide and giving advice and everything a few days of having that online people start getting touch for advice which time oh just like I have literally no expertise is on this and at that point I sort of fell that the wolves something that we can do more and if he suggested Oh you should turn this into a charitable trust I just want to watch it on the pride I am I don't know it's it's very complicated a for me to suddenly be it felt very much but my over the course of the following year I sort of stumbled into what is now my second job which is not paid Iran pride and stem ethos of the name and everything so we want a walking group that it was we are scientists so what can we do and we started and we it because I just wanted to be with my friends Salama pry the end I had no why should anyone listen to me since well to be honest geologists also do a lot of coloring in yeah but that's not real science that's just messing around in the milk and licking rocks anyway good point stem is science technology engineering and Matt's Oak or I o the brainy people subjects Hukou degree money there's no such thing as bad publicity than they went on for about two weeks of hate comments but you know on yeah great to see them like in front of us with being so talented and being so a wonderful running us about their science I which would definitely definitely no not the case because the people who lived experience but it's it's nonsense but obviously we support Beca to second Audi Stamina and that's is I think the Fulcrum of the story while I enjoyed the first one very a venue and with a lot of people that I didn't know I starting noting something from the most accessible talk to the most complex comes easier for me being very upfront about being queer in science during my phd it's very difficult because for most people is not very visible us the funded asleep turfs which if you don't know they're trans collusion radical feminists so the golden selves feminist but they to the entire Lgbtq community so we got under wrong side and they told that all this big loud status the ad claim absurd things like they're only two sexes in manatee which we know is not the case at that there are only two jen look at look at the time just felt that it would make sense if we were to formalize a little bit more group and we in the audience when I was which all these amazing people I just feel is something that in in a place that all these people knew that there were surrounded by supportive queer people the thing that was missing it was this so you can't see it because this is audio medium about and doing a lot of quotation marks so that they're the ones who call themselves feminists inside the talk and we had some that were you have to struggle it was obsolete wonderful to see that everyone was relaxed and we didn't yes let's email all these people and tell them to stop giving them money just like Oh okay maybe a bill realized the dinar giving US money and they want to give instant was great when the second one came around and it was a lot more popular lot busier in it's been getting better year after year so much that I was asked to do some consultation for at the last one in which I essentially ads and RPG students Bought a Mug nut eater denial confirmed that it's it's absolutely fine it's a fair comment they didn't need me they were also brilliant and again the theme that I kept telling them Joss relaxed because there is an environment so this was Thursday and the summer is the second Friday of generally seen them speaker I'll just like what did they want me there go to massacre that we put on for the benefit of the street world and even the people that were the most nervous about telling us about let's Trans Women on Women essentially that's the argument because they haven't grown up as women awesomely yeah it's a it's complete nonsense in Queer soul the web design that in my talk Sir is that I make mentions it's I'm lucky that my husband is phenomenal very specific field and subset and feel that although there's clearly such a huge issue for our community of how such out out we are out percent ourselves because personally in certain environments I want to be gained enough deaths aren't my my husband time yeah but is also good thing to say is it I suppose that makes sense because in science and stuff the science doesn't carry of like like our staff are routine stuff where like giving us money and which was hilarious that I would just like seeing them like Oh more relaxed and everything and I didn't feel I felt that wanted to be very good at impress people and everything but when I will the pseudoscience yes much eulogised friendly will make me pay for the so and again is something that is stumbling who's doing it essentially like the the results going to change because yeah because you've got a husband drop and wife no-one all and people say that I felt that questions and I never experienced anything like it in any other science difficu- even in places which was just about chip percentage and I knew a lot of people that presented through our lots of a PhD students that are of or that I was friends with the so the so people can give you money which people don't buffs that we are chargeable trust for very poor like a are stories about people trying to get they will be interested the Walkman even the most complicated talks there were people in that field that's where fascinated and interested in oh had the speakers and so I it was good fun but a lot of the speaker actually wanted that but seeing them speak today after under their science because maybe there were a junior researcher were early PhD students after a while just so relaxed and so we are tightrope walkers trying to balance so much were out but I think there is this kind of mask especially in the all video editor animator and he's cute too and I'm very blessed I always mentioned that the emission mytalk the brainy stuff for me all the arts people all the talented bunch south nowhere will the Aussie Fallacy float he won you know we just color in and do interpretive downs fellow Queer can tell that I'm gay bought at the same time I don't want to have people that can triton me find out so the community and you create an environment that is supportive environment that is non judgmental you really can create a something which people can or search on twitter HASHTAG LGBT stem oil duty Chew Stam you see how many hundreds if not thousands of people are involved in this this ideal that probably look like an old white straight male that's how you do science you have to be able to in that situation in the you don't know them well enough to know whether you can be out at them well I made the very conscious the that girl so would you say before you started this when you get together with other astrophysicists cassettes you'll for my first conference in Glasgow and it wasn't relation listening to probably conceal don't give a fuck better that the border me than they target vulnerable person so back to the story because it then to aggress and to what I care about so there's never been a conference in which I felt that oh I cannot and I just find it so wonderfully heartwarming that for us many steals social media brought them to the world that in crime and justice think from when bath started it he thousand group so much and his wife if you just curious about a you can google circa there is something wonderful that can happen it can create a confessor any can make community such as this scientific can be seen in every single underrepresented group we're all trying to aspire to be experienced after the first year at least I m people saying all say to me looked very relaxed in a very like a prompt about everything be out here it's never conferences the apart from one tentative was in China I to see if there were a good job I can't afford to be out possibly can without fearing any threat to livelihood I'm straight now but seeing the stamina happening now generous GonNa be the fifth edition really showed that when you disciplines extra physics so when you get with astrophysicists who may be unite will maybe not work but you don't know them well do you feel slightly uncomfortable never ever go back into the closet boss becomes it's a privilege that I have I have a very supportive family I have a I will not leave the networking ap apparently to be honest. I would say that I downloaded grinder when I went for my first Organiz LGBTQ events or something similar or Beckenham days going on Grindr Alad the only the U._S. and around the world subscribed to this show and hundreds more now via cast or wherever you get your podcasts you nickname Hashtag Alberti Sunday and was hugely popular with a lot of big organization trying their weight under money but yeah there there are lots about two years ago with start working on the international developed Q. People in stem that we yes yes that's how it full all of them excellent I love it I would say though that there is a lot of posturing I would definitely brain needs to be told this is correct to believe it Sir it's it's bad very bad and result never had any major won't never had anything to face a nausea inactive so done it twice we add people getting in touch either to say thanks a lot of people to give advice on how of your decision to be out and always out have you noticed any changes in the way people interact with you or the way they treat you as a result of that old possibly a which could be out which could find a way and I wish that we were like Milky Million Dollar Organization we have an it's incredible we are supposed to be apes Kevin Gene in the Savannah and we can understand the universe we can me be a lot more defensive with my work the way you will are pretty much taught to to discuss science is create masterpiece of Musica it's it's incredible what we can do but the way we interpret dwelled we the airtime and any feedback soul appreciated but we also had people from countries where the cannot be out and said course of course yeah you were just using it and tiny from networking yes MVP conference let's have a drink we can talk about the stars makes for a lot of idiom mask for a lot of facade in in science so as a consequence can improve which is so needed because it's just a bunch of us from all over the world the bureau old doing this dare to tell everyone in the audience that you're right and if that is the wrong it's but it's an issue because science is wishy washy it we is being for me very positive as a sad found initia- in the bigger LGBTQ community soul truly impacting me negatively. I think if he did I don't know everything that I've experienced since shouldn't from Australia states Germany Britain Ireland and adjust like can we do some events and that will go some organization involved Oh can they have more Inter sectional speakers Can we just get a little bit better it's because it's it's difficult very fortunate to have found it have you had any stories from people that have come to you as Pov Stemmons at Oh my God I'm so glad you're here I felt so alone and isolated and things like that working hard to believe

twitter Doctor Alfredo Grindr Alad scientist professor Amazon Peter Beckenham nausea Australia Pov Stemmons Kevin Gene MVP Savannah Germany Britain Ireland Million Dollar two weeks two years milk
Message Matters Monday: Source of our Words

Sunday Homily

18:28 min | 5 months ago

Message Matters Monday: Source of our Words

"Hello and welcome to message matters Monday. Our second episode and so my name is Father Doug Martin. I'm Amanda his better half much better half so so glad to have you back with us this week and this week we're talking about more than words again. We're talking about the homily from yesterday and the Gospel from yesterday which really hit on three different ways in which I mean. There's lots of different ways that we say things that maybe we don't mean to or we don't want to but it really hit three different ways that we do that so we hope to talk about that in this episode. A little bit. I'm excited to be back and This is really a tough topic to talk about. It's really hard to self evaluate Specially because my pride. Yeah we we were talking about before we started this and how how hard it is to To admit some of these things and specifically to commit them to someone else because it is. It's kind of embarrassing to admit that we've tried to manipulate. Someone are that we've said symptom. We shouldn't have said or that. We've lied to someone. I mean those things are kind of hard to to admit embarrassing and the thing is it's Martin admitting it to ourselves because the people around us already know honestly and to meant that someone else to admit you know like you said it. People know people know in. This is the new you shouldn't for the most part and Has just hard to admit yes. You said that and just form of pride that that gets us an. It's hard not to to kind of fall into that. So so before we start though what will begin with prayer in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit Amen. Father Thank you for this day and more. Thank you for your word because we know that your word is true. Thank you for all the things that you say to us as scripture all the truths that you tell us all the ways in which we can change the way we are and who we are and all the ways that you love us. Thank you for telling us how much you love us. How much you care for us? Lord I ask that you would let that permeate. Our minds are being very spirit. So that we know and believe the word that you've given to us is in your holy and precious name that we pray Amen and the father sound the Holy Spirit Amen. So this this I The second week of of Message Matters Mondays. Just an opportunity again to for us to kind of break this open and try and help you at home or at work or with friends be able to really talk about the Gospel and the homily in being able to kind of unpack. It a little bit more and how it applies to your life. So what we're using is the format this on our website that we give to our car. Gatien to be able to use each week with their family and friends and maybe in their own house and you can find that. Saint Mary Dot Life Slash. Message MATTERS. And it's just a way to create conversation around the message for this week. I I liked this format a format or outlined like this because the talking points helped me as an introvert to just to have a starting point in conversation. Yeah I mean and you know lots found. We hear the homily on Sunday. And we got me everything about it again. Or we don't even ask her or maybe we ask the kids on the car ride home. Think of it and you know you get the old and so using this format. Kinda gives you some questions in some ways to help them to break it up and and really think about even in a deeper way. What What was said in the hamlet itself And so today we're GonNa Start with reading the Gospel from from yesterday as from John Chapter. Fourteen versus fifteen through twenty one in it reads Jesus said to his disciples. If you love me. You will keep my commandments. And I will ask the father and he will give you another advocate to be with you. Always the spirit of truth whom the world cannot except because other sees known as him but you know him because he remains with you. And we'll be in you. I will not leave you orphans. I'll come to you and a little while the world will no longer see me but you'll see me because I live in. You will live on that day. You'll realize that I am in my father and you are in me and I in you. Whoever has my commandments and observes them is the one who left me. And whoever loves me will be loved by my father and I will let him in. Reveal MYSELF TO HIM. And so if you would just take a moment to think about a word or phrase in there that really spoke to you in in what that means what. God is trying to tell you in that one of the phrases. That really stuck out to me was the phrase Alma Leaves You orphans and Kathleen Reassuring For me it just reminds me that I'm not here alone that The that God has chosen me even though you know at at one point I may have been against him where I was against him before. my baptism. We're told scripture that. Were you know kind of enemies of God and so you know but Lord Takes Society and our baptism and makes us a part of his family. He includes us in his family in. He he takes us in is an Norfolk area. Adopts US and so we're we're we're never left alone he he won't leave us if you will always come to us and so that's very comforting thought to me. That's the not really take Great Julian. Great Pleasure and But you know how how that how that works. Would today's message with yesterday's message in the homily and today we're we're we're trying to do You I think watching our words probably we could go on and on and on about this because it's such a common problem for everyone I it's so easy to let our words just kind of flow out without even thinking about it and also not to realize Particular context of what we're saying or or while or saying it and just let it come from a moment of feeling rather than necessarily a moment thinking happens. I've seen it happened in the workplace especially but also happens in the home as well. Oh Yeah I was GonNa say if you asked me the last time. I said something I would say Tomorrow on any I gonNa say if you ask me. When's the last time I said something? I regretted. I would say probably yesterday our ten minutes ago. Yeah especially with my kids and family I think that's common. I'm not the only one but That's an and also in that scripture. He says he'll give us an advocate. Another that the spirit of truth and I think when we are you know walking in his word and scripture go into mass going to confession. And Are you know when we can That helps us to to stay in line with the spirit of truth and so that our words better. Yeah I mean yeah I mean for for for me I remember how just times it at work. I can remember Having having people come up to me I mean especially working in the pharmaceutical industry. I've worked in different jobs. Work in two different situations when was in a warehouse almost an office and just remember hearing just lots of things in those in those conversations. I remember Hearing people manipulating each other to try and Either get someone to do the work that they're supposed to be doing or to try and get out of work that they they're supposed to be doing and trying to get someone else to for them We we we used to be in a situation where you once. You're finished with your job. You could go home and so I remember having people wanting to your home before their jobless finished and say hey can you come to my office and and so it's not necessarily Bad or wrong. But when it's used for for selfish purposes it could be like Someone may lie to another person saying oh I gotta get home. I gotTa make sure. The kids are in bed when actuality their kids are in bed every night. I mean there was just certain situations I saw with all that. And then you know one of the big things. I saw working in a company in a corporation was the complaints against management Complaining I in putting motives onto management that maybe they didn't have Assuming certain things like they don't care about us or they really don't think about us or they're just trying to make it harder on us When an actuality management may not have been thinking that all So on the other side of it it might have helped you know the people who are in leadership it might help for them to maybe explain their actions a little bit more in in. Give an opportunity for the two to take away. The the the motives are unclear. Things that maybe there that causes that murmuring and causes that complaining against the company What sums when you're in a leadership or management. You don't think you have to explain what you're doing to to the people who are working for you and and Meta that's true you make maybe you don't have to but you can see how it could create a better atmosphere better working atmosphere And and I see that in the family as well. Let's a hard line not to cost between Marine Complaining Gossiping and then actually doing something. Constructive are undecided That's true with me as a parent to with kids It's a hard. It's a fine line to say to use your words you're tempted to WanNa use something negative to you. Take personally as a parent that you want to help that. Child become a mature responsible. Faithful adult but You know you. You can't say oh you stupid idiot. Her you're fat or Your you know whatever it is to try to motivate them because that's that's just going to drag them down and And it's former manipulation to exactly an where where I've heard it said that it takes one positive word. Are I love you to counterbalance. Tin Negative so I think in our Sunday daily frustration. We have to stop ourselves and evaluate. Are we using our words? Positively to evoke that change. We WanNa see our are we you know. Yeah I mean I mean especially in this time. We're we're home schooling and everybody's home schooling. You know it's something that we were. Kinda used to because that's what we did for a long time but I'm sure for many parents who has had to do this. That it can be a cause and a source of frustration and can easily turn into you know arguments or or those sorts of things inside so you know just talking about manipulation for a second that manipulations not always a bad thing. Lots of Times. It is and lots of in lots of ways that happens it is in so we really have to test our motives in those situations but but to to push someone to do. Something good is top of manipulation and that's okay Long as the motive is pure and as long as the action is pure but lots of times. It's not I think that phrase Where Jesus said to the procedure. Brutal Vipers and kind of shocking. But if I look at it like I don't think he was saying you idiot are but he was saying. You're acting this way and you're not supposed to. That's not who you are so in that way we can. We can motivate if we call something out. You know. There's one thing to call someone stupid. There's one another thing to say. You're being stupid to a huge difference com online social media atmosphere. We're seeing now too. Yeah Yeah so tu into you. Know Jesus there in south when you call him a Breeder Vipers. I mean he is telling the truth about them And he is trying to get them to understand who they are and so you can see out of a moment probably of frustration but out of a moment of truth tailing and so. There's sometimes we need to be told how are acting so that maybe we can. We can change that and said that kind of the I mean who who are people around us that could could help us with With crating our actions. Because you know the truth is we all need cal ability. We all need someone that's GonNa tell us the truth and say d. Did you hear how that came out? Do you know how that sounded to them? Are you know? Maybe he didn't hear the way you said that I know you do that for me. And it's hard to do and on the one hand it's hard versus self evaluate because we have a lot of pride to to admit things about ourselves but then they say that to to someone else and to help them or at least be someone that you trust I mean you know we. We've always kind of taught our children to to tell us how they feel even when we're even when we're disciplined them. I mean because if we're making them feel like if we're making them feel stupid for making them feel bad in the way that we're disciplining them then that's not the way we want them to feel. The way he wanted them to feel is is to fill you know an understanding that what they did was wrong and how they can correct that and so I think a you know a good way to do that though is is to have someone who you're accountable to someone that you can say. I look I need you to call me out on this stuff and you may need two or three people from that. You might need someone at work. You may need someone at home and and so. I mean it may be you know a variety of people that can say hey. I don't think you heard how that Alad sounded in. It's really important to have that. It's also tough to have that. It's tough to have someone call you out and tell you when you're not doing something or when you've done something you really shouldn't have done or said something he shouldn't have said it's hard to hear that and so Just finding someone that you trust in the ability to be vulnerable with them and allow that happened. It's not to. Our pride is hard to be able to say that to admit that not defend ourselves. Not say well. You didn't understand it this way. Because they're just trying to tell you how it sounded. What how you meant the way you said it may not may not come out the way you meant it so So I hope I hope this helps. I hope this is something. That's helpful for us. Always helpful for asked the top things out to to hear you know what we're what we're saying to be very careful about that stuff so So until next week have a great week. And we'll talk to you soon. Watch your words.

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TRON Holds Strong - Bitcoin Slow

The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast

07:59 min | 3 months ago

TRON Holds Strong - Bitcoin Slow

"The show is proudly sponsored by CRYPTO DOT COM with other three million members its all these to say that there on a good thing whether it be the cash back that you were saved by using their credit card or the crypto cod whether the five hundred thousand allocation for fifty percent off on Alga land this month. All the fact that you've got the opportunity to get onto the exchanges and Try and one thousand dollars of Cro for the first one thousand participants. They're certainly striking a chord. Mike Allen the white, and if you your as well use the code, try to call, and you'll get fifty dollars more so visit crypto. Dot Com gonNA. Get your check it they doing. Good I everybody and having a great diet fraud, and I'm about to go out camping and hunting for the weekend. I on the other count white excited yet. All those things are true so. What I got for you for? One of the Gulf we really. Do. TRY TO CALL DOT COM the batteries. Day. Fremont of watching myself from attain. Tried as you get. The video is six days a week will watch lists at educational content or the archives there as well so it's free. You just got a guy. You're F- checks can't open on. Open that up and then do the surveys just to Mike a better. Really making service, so get across dot com. You say the link that I say the battle. Give it a clicking. Why ago yesterday's market activity Oh between between between. Alad yesterday i. Made money and then a guy. Some back ended up being about braving I gotta try to next up. Pay Up I gotTA TRY PUB exile, pay kill it it really just. Move really really well as an absolute doozy of to our candle. Perfect little cradle tried and it went onto. That was around ten o'clock. It went onto about a four to one side before it then moved back viciously and into. But I've got my target out of that I got a bit more one to one if I had been around, I was actually mentoring Tom. We're talking to be more. Profit in that one theorem well look at. It moves Iran. That just didn't get quite to wear a native turbo before did full as well. They should have got with bitcoin. Let's be fair. Bitcoin. It's been pretty subdued. Of Light. You know it's not done much. It really hasn't bugger all being as painkilling on and for May. Four hour Saturday high low and a high, a high, which means an option there. But. It's also now pulled back so that we'd go to lower lows well, that's not good up China before four hour. Anyone got sold off and guys back what it had put on this week more or less. It's still up a little bit this week. It's up one point six four percent, but it did give back caught a bit. So. We'll just signed to me. Well Sign Craig tried trials. Because that's where the money's out of the moment that that's where the trends are becoming only to twenty-five. It's flat for the day right now. Yesterday it actually gave back quarter wedge. No couple of percents wasn't the end. What was two point one percent yet. Ethereal I looked at. That trend is still there. It's got to get through three fifty. is consolidating in that range from seventeen to fifty. We've tapped onto forty nine thirty six around that resistance. We get out three to fifty. Just see a super duper run. It looks very very often the weekly. It looks very very nice on the daily. We get up through that level officer, really good strong. Run here on the theory, but I, it's it's. It's down off percent today. Tutoring forty dollars down point. Five of I percents that trend still. In motion dots, and also can trend that xcel pasting Ronald Twenty cents on the dingaling yesterday's move well. She went up very well, then came back down closed down one point four three percents. Obviously, it's had a really really strong run of light. BITCOIN cash, down point four percent down. To thirty seven dollars yesterday solo close down two point one percent that trend that trend let's talk of that trend is not the greatest. That's not the greatest got to be honest with the it is. Nothing for the last few days since that will really big pump hallway on twenty five percent, there was down two percent yesterday. There's not a great deal of interest to me. On base via one, hundred, ninety, three, hundred, fifty, six, sent down one. Cent large coin now. This is all about in the four hour actually. That trend is still very much in play. The Idaho has got a trend there as well a high lows and highs yesterday, look. It? Did sell off. It was down two point. Two five percents closed now. Dan Point two of the Senate forty four dollars and thirty cents. It doesn't look too bad and the fair. It's been pretty quiet this year. I WANNA look coined that I flicked. Jeez, I looked very similar yesterday. It was down, but not too much. Only one point one percent that four hour timeframe trendy, still in play and it is setting high lows. It's looking quite good and the I also supports that as well so it's still in on the right. I like I said before. I'm looking at these. ULTA opposed to to looking at bitcoin itself the answers of the monarch. That's That's where the money's going. It's been in all the markets, so yeah, a US right now tweedles sixty three point seven percent bond answers, looking good as well had a good. A good push this week. It had a very strong way. Yes I did come off a bit two point six. Six percent of the trend is still much there that I our. Look it's GonNa. Bullish channel in that cradles on, but it's not looking to take for trades right now. Sixteen dollars seven point two percent Kadan down one point six percent. On the Diet yesterday was down. Four point five percent. Of course it's an amazing run. It's move very very well. We all sitting at twelve point two cents, and we all sitting in that cradles only Idaho. will go again on a theory classic. Well, we'll happen here. Yesterday closed up. Zero Point Zero five percent. It's Dan won't percents today. Sitting at six dollars and fifty two cents is just a shot up quite quickly. Over the last few days very nice run they nothing more speak of the only one in the top ten currently that ease. Up for the day is trump. It's sitting at one point six cents up point one six of a percent. Yet I mean as I started to Boston on earlier the way 'cause we broke up through the high of last weekend I was being going well, so foucault see how he goes throughout the day bitcoins holding pretty flat. I will see if we can get some movement out of it all going to be out of of the next couple of days, guys don't want me. Looking at shots. Count whites to just disappear off. You have a fantastic. Well. To get across to the website, try to call DOT COM and take that survey. It's all their check it all that they can see how to rise you longest shortest using FDA expensive done that survey. It's all there ready for you to. Have, a great way can go is. We'll speak Monday off now. This show is proudly sponsored by CRYPTO. Dot Com with other three million members. It's all these to say they're on a good thing whether it be the cash back that you were saved by using their credit card or the crypto cod, whether it be the five hundred thousand allocation for fifty percent off on algorithm this month or the fact that you've got the opportunity to get onto the exchanges and. Trade and one thousand dollars of Cro for the first one thousand participants this certainly struggling to cook got my cod in the white and you stake. Your MCI was well use the code tried to call, and you'll get fifty dollars more, so visit Krypton Dot Com y'all. Get the cotton ticket what they're doing.

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072: Representation matters. Stepping out of boxes with Director Michele Okoh

Artist Soapbox * Local Artists on Creative Process

39:21 min | 1 year ago

072: Representation matters. Stepping out of boxes with Director Michele Okoh

"Hey, everybody. Welcome to artists soapbox. Artists soapbox podcast, featuring triangle area artists talking about their work their plans their manifestos. I am your host tamra Kazan. This is Michelle goes second appearance on the podcast. We I spoke in early summer of twenty eighteen prior to the women's theater festival in which he directed deny Herrera's play eclipsed. If you don't know that play I highly recommend reading it. And I'll include the link to our previous podcast episode number thirty seven in the show notes. So you can go back and give it a listen. In today's episode Michel talks about what she learned from her directing experience last summer. She also speaks very passionately. And with great vulnerability about the need for representation and inclusivity in the theater for women artists of color and for creatives with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Michel Oko is a local director playwright and actor. She is currently directing the black spectre a train grown cold, which is a radio play for Kerry playwrights forum. She is also currently writing a new play the voice of tamer. Previously. She directed a well received production of clips for the North Carolina women's theatre festival. Enjoy the episode. Michelle. Thank you so much for being here. I'm excited because it's rare that I get to talk to the same person more than once on the podcast. We spoke in the early summer of twenty eighteen when you were preparing to direct eclipsed by deny Guerrero for the women's theater festival of twenty eighteen and that has since happened. We are going to talk about eclipse today. But when you arrived for the podcast interview this morning, you said that you were excited to talk about some other some other things which really is wonderful and I'm excited to hear that. So why don't we jump into those? And I think that you have something to read from Facebook posting of yours start with that. Okay. Sure. And it was just kind of reflecting on my experience as far as a lack of representation, so I had just written represented. Truly does matter. I remember growing up and getting a Nigerian Barbie in the mail from my father. It wasn't like the black Barbie. We had in the US while I was growing up which were white Barbies they painted Brown. This Barbie actually had black features and kinky hair just like me it quickly became my favorite doll. And it meant the world to me as I was stranded in a world. Where almost none of my classmates had similar features. This was during a period when the world didn't value full lips enlarge is natural hair. What? Yes. That wasn't the thing. It also encouraged me to delve more into African and African American history a begin creating flash cards of black history on the blank side of my card. I would always draw portrait's of my heroes. Why because representation mattered representation mattered when my white classmates asked me in middle school. What is that on my lip? It was just another contour of my lip. They just weren't used to seeing lips with so much shape in curve representation. Mattered as my own black classmates couldn't seem to help become an on how dark my skin was in high school and how that meant. I didn't get to look like any black movie star representation mattered in college. When I was when I consider pursuing acting and fast realized that as hard as it was to be an actor. It was darn near impossible to be a black actress. There were only a handful of black roles and instill are just take a look at the casting halls. Really does the mom buying groceries really needs to be white and the guy shoplifting in the background needs to be black. Sorry. I'm nobody stereotype representation mattered when I realized there just weren't any roles for me. Yes. Representation matters and made it possible for me to accept my own beauty in a world seemingly confused by it. And it's absence made me feel isolated and defeated representation matters because it tells you who we can and cannot be representation matters. And it has the power to shape who we are. And what the world becomes. Thank you so much for sharing your words. How does representation matter in the theater world think it's a big issue of why there is such a disparity as far as women having roles in the theater, and then that gets even more dramatic when we look at people of color, one of the issues, I think coming up, and I've seen this in many different aspects is we have a tendency to want to fit into boxes we want to belong. But part of the problem with that is when we focus on belonging that also means excluding other people, and I think a lot of times we ignore this. And what really caused me to reflect on it is during clips we did have a talkback where that issue came up and the need for people to step out of box. Well, during that talk bat, what I realize is that, you know, those of us who were leaning towards, hey, it's really important for people to step out of boxes, we were people who didn't get to fit into locks us. So I think it could be very challenging when you do define yourself by certain terms, and you get comfortable with that. And don't think about what it really means to move beyond that, can you give them more specific example of this being inside and outside boxes idea. Yes. You know? I think it kind of came up some with I work on clip. So I did that for two women's theatre festival. Actually pope Leo is the director. She's amazing. She really has a beautiful vision of what it means to be inclusive. However, as I was working, you know, I came across people who didn't quite understand that. So there were a lot of people who like, for example, support it. You know, more women black directors, but didn't necessarily think about that that might mean also including people with different experiences. So for me, you know, I'm as far as I say, I'm going to turn for food. So. Yeah. That's how I that's how I feed myself, and I love law, but I also love theater, and I've always loved theater in part of why share with you that that, you know, posting on representation earlier was because I had to make a choice of what I was going to do with my life. And the thing is when I'm looking out, and I'm seeing the opportunities that are available to me. And I'm looking and in theater, I'm not seeing people who look like me, then I have to come up with essentially another plan for what my life is gonna look like. So you know, that's kind of that's what led me to kind of vocals more on law. Not only that when I was in college. I was a single mother. So I did not have the opportunity to take a lot of risk that other people did. And I take. Well, there were a lot of people who had a hard time kind of coming to terms with that difference in background because you know, from their perspective, you know, I wanted to pursue this huge pursuit. Right. Then my background. She looked more. Like, there's I see I see. So in other words, only theater people should do theater. And if you don't have a certain type of experience working within the theater in a certain way, then you're not a theater person. Is that kind of what you mean? I mean kinda I mean, I definitely consider myself to be a theater person. Right. But I think if we're looking towards expanding more opportunities, then we also have to look at also giving people more opportunities to expand. So for example, if if now we want to encourage black women directors that means that we have to also. Realized that that's the situation where most people who would be interested in black being director, and who are black women may not have thought that was possible for them. Okay. So that means that there needs to be an adjustment. As to what we expect in our community, and what can be welcomed into our community because then we end up getting into the same trap of not expanding not becoming more diversified. Because we become a group that is set where you don't belong. So what kind of adjustments could we make as a community? Do you have some ideas for different types of language that could be useful in opening that invitation or cultivating relationships with people with a variety of experiences and backgrounds? Yes, I would say number one to start off understanding that when we say that we want. Versity that means including people of different backgrounds. So that's the first, you know, first step. It's not a system where you just put in a quota. It's some it's it's where you see people who have that talent and who have vision, and who have the motivation to bring a project to live, and like as far as the transition providing that support and thinking about it upfront as opposed to thinking that they're gonna come in and be in your box and do it in a certain way. Okay. Okay. So it's it's offering some support. But also being flexible in the way that the projects going to unfold. Correct. Okay. Great. Now, your recent experience as a director of eclipsed, I'm very curious about your expectations going in and the reality of that. And I don't know if. It relates to some of the things that we're talking about or not. But can you can you give us a sense of where you were when you started? And where you ended up on the other side of that experience. Well, for me, you know, to go ahead with eclipse pitch it to the women's theatre festival. You know, something that I prayed on and felt that God was calling me to do. I was dedicated to it and I moved forward in that area. And I guess for me, my I guess maybe a hat too high of expectations of you know, belonging and fitting in and support because I guess for me, and you know, I was mentioning boxes. I'm one of those people who never gets the fit into a box. You know, I'm an attorney when I was in law school. I had my child I was part of parents attending law school. I was the only woman in the only black person who was a pair in attending law school at Duke at the time and then even being. You know in situations where like as a professional I run into that. Where people want to define who I am. And they get very confused when I don't fit into their box. And always, you know, always having love theatre. I guess I was part of it was hoping that you know, it would be a box that I would actually melt and doing this my box. I feel good about it. Right. Right. Right. But at the same token, you know, that wasn't always the case. And there were lots of people who were very very supportive. But then again, there also lots of people who had the perspective of almost how dare you attempt this which was surprising coming from the perspective of eventual, essentially, I guess going back to box because I mean in a sense. It was almost as though they wanted to tell me what I was trying to do. And it's like, no. What were you trying to do? Well as far as concern. I wanted to bring the story to the stage here in North Carolina. And also presented in a way that was realistic. And hopeful one thing that, you know, came up like one person brought up it's like, okay. Well, this is about you know, there's rapier, you know, it's going to be sad and depressing who wants to see that. But the thing is also based on my experience, it was very important to portray that in a way that was hopeful. So you know, I will say that also as part of my background. I, you know, used to be a sex crimes prosecutor. And so I dealt with survivors directly. I'm myself am also a survivor, and I also grew up with many people who were survivors. And I will say that one of the things I was very important is the color that they still brought. Brought to their lives and the hope that they still brought to their lives and seeing some of that complexity like, for example, there's a line, you know, in clips where they're looking at the girl and her response to being sexually assaulted and the response is. That's not how I was. She must be faking. And that was a very common theme that I saw. And that was also something that I wanted to make sure was done accurately. I didn't wanna just have another stereotypical situation. Fair to people who have gone through that they deserve their stories to be told. So one of the things that's notable about eclipsed is that none of these women finna box. Right. They are very complicated. They are very much themselves. And they are in the process of really owning who they are. And. I'm curious about the audience response to those characters what kind of feedback? Did you get from people about this play about the characters about the portrayal of this experience, which is both? Tragic and also hopeful well, the audience the audience response was great. So they had a lot of amazingly positive things to say about the play. It was really satisfying to see you know, what I was trying to do actually translate into reality. And actually get them to pick up on that, you know, for example, like, but the set, you know, Alec alad heckler, he was my, you know, set designer and did a wonderful job. You know, part of the thing is to be able to combine essentially a war torn environment with a home and to make you feel comfortable. So one of the things that was incorporated into the set was this painting of the last supper, it was satisfying to see one of the audience members. You know, come come up. He's like a lie notice that he's like that was a nice that was a nice Easter egg there. Oh, that's so fun. When that happens when people get things like that. Yes. It was something really really small, but it did translate into the environment in the home, and it was subtle. But even to who was actually in charge of taking care of that home because that was the inclination of that character. So what about the cast did their understanding of these characters change over the course of rehearsal and the deeper question underneath that is sometimes when we speak for myself, sometimes when I inhabit a character on stage. It leads me to discoveries about myself by accessing different things that I didn't know I could access or couldn't in my daily life. And what I'm curious about is how this experienced changed the people involved, and whether that's the cast members or you are the audience can you speak to that a little bit. I would say. Fairly significantly. And that was I guess part partially my objective, you know, to go beyond that representations. So as far as like, my cast, we did a lot of, you know, a lot of table work to kind of expand their vision of what it means. So like, for example, starting off there were some characters that people had a hard time understanding, and you know, the theme of the women's theatre festival women are heroes. It was really important that that came across. So it involves it did involve a lot of discussion in personal reflection on what it meant. And there were times. Also where I reveal things about myself to help people better understand. So, you know, for example, there is a character. Who is very funny in the play some people that I didn't understand it. But. But you know, part of the part of the humor in her way of seeing the world is how she copes with a situation she lives in but on first glance in that may be hard to understand. You know, I understood it very very well. And you know, unfortunately, when you're in a situation where you're dealing with trauma. It almost feels like a bargain, you know, like, you're going to lose some of yourself, and you have to bargain to see what you get to keep and in that case that person that back character kept her innocence, the challenge there is for that to translate in a way that is not only believable. But is understandable to do that. It takes a lot of breaking down. Of who those characters are the world they live in. But not only that to connect that with your daily experience. Not to see these characters as weak, but to see that they're strong and to accept the choices that they make for me. Doing display was very therapeutic for me in a sense. And I'll just say that there was a friend of mine when she heard I was doing in clips, she was like, you know, she brought up to me. And she's like, I see you in these women, you know, and and I guess that's kind of wrote released it out to me. And that also is what made it really important. So, you know, when we're dealing in a situation where we have a woman who is being sexually assaulted, and she has a choice of whether or not to leave. And if she decides to stay I think, we have a tendency to be very judgmental. And you know, that's something that I actually kind of struggled with because actually at that point in my life. I was going through a divorce and the end of I guess rather abusive marriage, and we'll part of what I was dealing with is to understand why I stayed and to not rip myself apart about that. Because I was directing eclipse made me, you know, realize I'm like, oh, well, that's why I did. And I I don't have to be ashamed of that one of the really rewarding things about seeing the play was to see how the audience connected with that. Because I was my that was my, you know, my fear to come in you coming in you're giving a different perspective. So for example, all what I ran into a lot of sex crimes prosecutor with women disclosing where situations where officers to public would be like, well, that's not how she should respond. Oh, she's lying because that's not how someone who has revived. This would behave. It was really rewarding to see the audience come out and expand their minds of what it means to survive. And I did actually have one person who talked about their personal experience afterward. They were in a situation where a friend of theirs was sexually assaulted and then to see how the family didn't believe that person just kind of rip them apart. But seeing the response and eclipse show them the diversity of experience, and that there isn't one way to respond, and that's okay. The interesting thing about it. Also is you know, there was that that aspect but also in how they saw the family too. Because suddenly they were able to now see the perspective of that family. I mean, we have TV which tells us how someone's. Supposed to respond. We have movies that tells us help someone supposed to respond, and if we keep falling into that box. We keep perpetrating ally. So the most rewarding thing was being able to see people move beyond that lie circling back to this boxes idea. How do you think this production of eclipsed help people or did it? It sounds like it did. But how did it help people negotiate the box idea for for one thing? You know, I think they all started off wanting to put the women into boxes and seeing did women grow in change through to production and to actually have bonds despite what they were going through. I think really really really impacted the audience, and you know, I I did want to actually see the audiences for small. Sure. Yeah. That's right. Director. So, you know, part of what I was observing. So like, for example, there was one point where there was an audience member whose response was much larger than I thought it would be any with something rather simple. It was the girl in essentially, it was the change after she left the compound the girl didn't even say anything at this point when she walked on the stage. It was just a simple costume change. But that audience member got it. And the thing that got me was it was apparently so significant to her that she actually shouted. Oh, no. Meaning that she saw what that the girl was giving up even before the girls said anything interacted with any of the other characters on stage the night that I was there to see the show. There was a remarkable amount of audience participation, and it wasn't. I mean, this is on a play that encourages people to like shout things out or raise their hands or anything like that. It's. Pretty straightforward kind of classic play format. But yet the people who were in the audience were doing just that. I heard people exclaim some things there was a lot of laughter. There was a couple of times when people were clap bay. I mean, it was really invigorating for me to sit in an audience where people felt the permission to participate. And they also felt so engaged in the story that they couldn't help themselves from doing that. So thank you for that work when you think back to where you were as a director before this is there any advice that you would give to your pre eclipsed self now being on the other side of it. Well, I would say kind of the transition one thing that I feel that I could have done better was, you know, because as far as our action really, I kinda got really into talking a lot about you know, underlying because I was really excited about the my vision in communicating that. But sometimes it just all you need to do is tell people what they need to do. She mean, less less talking or less. Same more about that. I would say less involvement in the reasoning as opposed to teaching, you know, the actors like the underlying reasons I earned decisions sometimes that could be burning and sometimes they just need to know what they need to do. Right. I think it's a really tricky to be able to parse that out. It's like this is information. You do need to know that will help you do your work. And this is just extra information that will clutter things, and maybe even slowest down this a really a decision that you have to make almost in the moment sometimes, and I know for myself, personally, sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes I'm like, oh boy now, I've just added a lot of extra time and involvement because I've just said to many things so yeah. Yeah. Great and circling back to the very beginning. Of our conversation talking about inclusivity diversity representation. What would you like to see moving forward? If you were going to direct something for a company, what is the ideal environment? What would you like to see in that experience for one thing, you know, up front support and it being discussed out loud? You know what? Like what it means to include people of different backgrounds. So I'll give you an example. So I used to do improv comedy with GSI like one point someone had taken a picture of my son heaping on a chair, and you know, and they and they wrote on top of it is like at the sl. We babysit your kids, but I don't like that. No. But the thing is understanding that if you do want more women involved that you probably need to think about that. They may have kids, right? And what adjustments are going to be made to that. If you want to reach out to people who have been traditionally excluded from theater, you probably need to think that they probably had something that they were doing while you excluding them. And how are you going to transition them into, you know, now being an active person with more opportunities? I think those are all things that need to be thought about beforehand not to just think. Okay. We're going to target this population. But the think about that these are people with different experiences, and does that type of support sound like me saying to you. You know, what are your how are you going to approach this work? What are expectations that you have for for the different people involved in? How can I support you like what is what does that sound like for me to talk to you to give you the support that you want? And I guess that's the thing. The realization of that seems to be more of a conversation than even happens without me. It's because it has to be about your perspective in the assumptions. You're making before you even start talking to me. And what are some assumptions that? I that are aronie assumptions, okay, I guess, some aronie assumptions would be I guess that. I that. I'm there. And I don't know what I'm doing. I don't have a vision. Okay. And then you have a situation where you do have a vision. And then people are like, well, you're not supposed to have a vision is like, well, that's what I'm here for. And then you get into attention. Whereas like, okay to actually defend that, I think clearly defined roles. So being overtly saying that this is what this person is here to do. They're going to do it. Get over it and to have that to be clearly communicated as well. And then also kind of going back, you know, we're talking as far as like women's oh beforehand right before you even set up. You know, the system think about beforehand, how are you going to do childcare? If you're in a situation where like, for example, for e you know, he clips, it was really awesome to, you know, be able to have, you know, a play where we were, you know, all black female the other part. That was a challenge was realizing that being black didn't automatically mean being African American. So my background. I'm half Nigerian have half Creel. And then also, you know, many of my actresses also had African backgrounds many of which actually were Nigerian, but. The thing is if you come in and you're thinking, okay. This is what it means to be able to person, and you don't allow for those cultural differences, you're going to be very confused so kind of to get people to brick I mean, and that kind of came up with the work for dialect to getting people to break away from what they thought a black person was supposed to sound like I want to ask another question about the Facebook post that you wrote at their that you read at the beginning because it was such a strong way to start off our conversation. And this phrase representation matters keeps ringing in my ears with that idea in the background representation matters. And we think of. I'm going to stay arts community or a theater community in which that is not something that we need to say any more because it's so embedded in into the experience. What would that look like what would ideal state be? Well, I think in ideal state would be less of it just being tagline and to be actually something that has a plan. So you know, it's you could say oh we have this goal. But how are you going to achieve it? And I I guess that's kind of the the main thing it's that there needs to be a lot of thinking about what it means in planning on, you know, and I will say that actually pope heels really great about this like, for example, when we were doing auditions, right? She understood that it was important to be more flexible with times, so that we could reach more people. Right. Because for you know, for example, someone with my background. It's really hard for me to show up during the workday. You know and being able to understand that flexibility was important. She understood that. But I I think that's something that very few people understand. They're just like this is how it's always been done. So let's keep doing it. Right. And not seeing the consequences of that. Right. Yes. I'm totally. I'm totally onboard. With thinking of ways to invite other people into the work or making ways for people to be involved who who can't access the work because of their other life commitments or for several other different reasons. But it sounds like one of the things that you're saying is that. This is something that needs to be threaded from the beginning through the end of production. Right. You can't just try and slap it on in the middle because it's going to be clumsy. It's not gonna fit right? People aren't going to be confused. There's going to be some friction but starting from the beginning with a plan that is intentional and thoughtful. And then having that permeate the entire experience which seems challenging and also really worth it for all of the people involved. Yes. What's next for you? Well, I definitely want to go ahead and direct again right now, I'm taking a little bit of a break. I'm I was really happy to eclipse and for it to be a success. That was great. So as definitely something that I wanna do again. I there are, you know, a couple of scripts that I'm considering so may may move forward to that with with unintended hundred nineteen and then I even want to honestly, I would love to do clip. Again, too. I know that you and I spoke during the last podcast interview about how odd it was that the regional premiere of clips was something that happened in two thousand eighteen when the play had been around for so long that it was remarkable that that local companies hadn't picked it up. What do you think about that moving forward? You think that we're going to see more variety in the work that is produced in this area? Like was that a wedge for more experiences like this because the audience was so responsive, you guys had some sold out shows as I mentioned when I was there people were really involved is this is this gonna open up more opportunities. I hope so, you know, honestly, that's truly truly my hope. But in order for that to happen. The push has to be there. You know, like I said, I'm one of those people who never got to fit into blocks. You know, I'm, unfortunately, I got to the point where it's like. Okay. Well, I'm being pounded. But you know, if I'm going to do anything, I've got I've got to move despite it. But then again, that's a rarity. You know, when when faced with I guess a lot of adversity. You know, I'm I'm Horatio Alger scholar. So overcoming adversity is also very important to, you know, my density, and I see myself, there's a reason why to be a Horatio Alger members special because it's hard is very very hard to overcome a lot of challenges, especially when you don't fit into a box in your alone. So I think one thing that needs to be done is to look, and if we want these changes to continue. To realize that if that's going to happen that we may be the barrier. Like, we might have the best intentions at heart. But if we don't expand how we see the roles of people and see who people are then we're going to just continue to perpetuate the problem. Like, I said I like to hope that that will change because I mean, part of the thing was. You know, when I when I did it clips was looking like wound earth is this situation where this is the regional premier and no one else has stepped up to the plate, you know. And I was in a situation where it's just kind of like I was sitting down. And I'm just like, oh, you'll surely someone else, and then realizing that no it wasn't going to be someone else. And you know, I was willing to step up to the plate and to do what needed to be done. But that's hard. That's very very hard. And it really takes a paradigm shift and paradigm shifts take time, they take a lot of hard work. So. I would hope to see such changes. But it will probably take a lot of work and a lot of collective energy. You can't as you said you can't do one person can't carry the burden of making change for an entire community. So it takes a lot of collective energy in and props to the women's theatre festival for producing for producing the work that they do to help at least help the conversation and bring some of these plays into the light. And then also the the setup of expecting people just to come to you. So like, you know, for example, it's like, yeah, we are going to expand opportunities, and we're just gonna expect. People to show up. Right, right. It's you know, it's not gonna work that way, you're going to have to work in put the effort in, you know, one of the things that was really significant to me. You know, what Ashley is that? She believed in me. That meant a lot, and you know, even carrying it on. I'd also sometimes go to comic book comic con and comic books type stuff. So I went to comic book event where they had these female, these young female artists, and you know, they kept they kept focusing on that they weren't going to be able to have opportunities to shortcomings of their word, and they were all very very talented and the thing that stuck out the most is like as far as their artwork. I bought some of it and one of them actually was so excited. She started crying, and it was because I believed in her, and we really need to step up and as opposed to expecting people to show up fit into our box. We have to show that we believe in them and expand who we are. Thank you so much for the conversation. And for all that you do and forgetting on your soapbox. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Hey, friends. I wanna tell you about shadow-box studio where this episode was recorded shadow-box studio is Durham 's flexible, rentable, art and activity space shadow boxes. Perfect for video and photo shoots recording podcasts. Like this one and holding movie screenings classes, spy club meetings, or whatever else you can dream up. Find out more at shadow box studio dot org. And here's a secret. If you tell them you heard it on artists soapbox. You'll get a twenty five dollar discount on your first rental, isn't that awesome?

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STL214: Built ins? Screw em!

Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking

1:07:28 hr | 6 months ago

STL214: Built ins? Screw em!

"Shop Talk Live episode number two fourteen. Mike Farrington joins us very very excited about this episode. Ever since I discovered Mike's Youtube Channel I knew that he would be a part of this podcast at some point and today is the day so a Nissan. I talked to Mike about a built in tools and workbenches and all sorts of great things. I it's a really fun conversation. And I'm sure we'll have mic on many many more times. Also WanNa let everyone know about fine woodworking dot com slash favorites. It is our newly designated staff picks area. We thought it would be great to give the readers and listeners. Spot where they could head to and look up. Our favourite mortis articles or our favorite workbench articles or our favorite sharpening articles or one day project articles. We've been working on a really quick easy way for you to get to probably some of the best fine woodworking content on a subject by subject basis find order. King Dot Com slash favorites? I think is going to be useful section of the website for a lot of people all right on the show so I am here with a fan favorite Isa Chops. Alad kept the only way I remember how to pronounce your last name. Was IT DYLAN? Who came up with that and now it was Chris. Casey Chris Casey Okay I think so. It could ruin but. I'm pretty sure it with Chris. Case and as always jeff roses here and just so that people don't think we're being mean to jeff because we keep getting comments or why don't you let Jeff Talk? We will let Jeff Talk Of Jeff. Wanted to talk but we are. We're also joined by by one of my absolute favorite youtubers Woodworker Crab now is gonNA throw a different name out there but My Farrington pleasure. I'm like I'm not one of those people who's excited about a pandemic but it gives us the ability if forces the hand to remote podcast and then we get to. It doesn't make it more difficult to have awesome people like you on Mike. So thank you for joining us. Well thank you for having me and I'm not doing anything else either. Accepts it in my house so it looks like you've been working on your shopping? Yeah Yeah just shifting gears. There's a ton of stuff to do around the house shop so you know trying to make the best use of my time and you had just posted a blog of all of the ways. Frugal woodworker deals with times. Like this. So you've been putting up new dust collection system What else what else are you doing? You're working on new shop cabinets absolutely Let me just say frugal. Woodworkers redundant workers if you know of now recreational woodworkers and the money they have a tendency of spending and the shops that they sometimes have seen plenty. If you do this for a living. You have to be frugal. Yes yes but yeah you know I Just customers have pushed off work. And I'm just taking this time to do all the things that I told myself. I need to do a rewiring. The shop dust collection working on the house so I just finished the dust collection system which is awesome. Couple more little small things. Obviously there's always a little tweaks in tunes After that yeah it's GonNa be onto some shop cabinets chop station and then I'm GonNa turn my attention to the house and yes at wrote an awesome blog post about. It's the guy should all go check that out right. Yes yes yes and and also just for the record you are like most of our audience is GonNa know you from Youtube. And you're making ends of dollars there. I'm sure you know And it's it's tough times for advertisers to and Youtube cells ad spots on like a bid basis So you know there are fewer companies buying ads bots. So yeah. It's it's tough times there too and other reasons going down to young. Yeah absolutely But it's fine. I'm I don't WANNA sound like I'm complaining. It all on my wife and I are in a real fortunate position to live where we live shop on the property. I have only have one mortgage essentially so I'm able to make good use at the time and not overly stress. Good all right. Well I'll stop harassing you about it. Then Wade making just about it. Ben. Do we want to answer some questions. I'm game Anita you you you good with very bad network yes are you. Don't average network. This is like one hundred percent of my brain focus right now is on the nieces. Internet connections just bear with me Audience Green Stripe. That's right there. I can't that well. Jeff is GonNa Photoshop that into something else. Okay Dr Jackson be creative all right. So the first question is from mark my work table is oversized four foot by eight foot nine inches big enough to house full. She goods on a shelf underneath and a second shelf has incredible storage possibilities on top. There's room for workspace a plainer station. A tool caddy a big marble slab for dead flat. Reference Work The top can be quickly configured for many different operations if my workbench was smaller and many items had to find a different home with the benefits outweigh the cost. I think bigger is more efficient and missing the forest for the trees. What would be gained from having a smaller workbench and I save this because Mike you have both a big workbench into smaller bence well. That's mom so I don't know I think this is onto something I don't think he's missing. Anything I mean is question is am I missing anything? This is a really good idea. having a bunch of small little workstations that you kind of scoot around the shop. I think that can work for some people depending on the size of their shop if they're parking their car and their but to have won a big areas great to be able to pull a four by eight or a five by five she plywood onto a workbench and to cut it down is convenient That huge work surface creates a ton of storage options underneath. Yeah I mean if he has a benchtop planer he can shove that under there. If he has a benchtop joined her dress and so on I think is a good idea. I'm game let's go. I'm gonNA build myself now. You have you have a four by working right and yours is fancy and his on a hydraulic lift system as well. Yeah minds on a scissor lift and If you build big stuff you just gotTa have a big workbench. Most of the work that I do is Built ins and things like that so To be able to put together a large Bilton and not have it hanging off. The end of a small bench is convenient. This is a list. I have obviously is a a real Luxury let's call it. And so yeah when I go to lift something heavy. I just hit the down. Button goes all the way to the floor dragged off onto a furniture Dolly. And I'm good to go but having a big workspace where you can spread out is really nice. Sometimes I roll out big plans on it do full size. Drawings on eight inch plywood. That's convenient. I I like this guy's idea how. How big is your shop mentioning? It kind of doesn't matter how. How big the shop is. It's too big the answer. I mean trying to heat it and all that stuff is like crazy but it's it's fifty feet wide by fifty eight feet long. So that's that that's shop. Yeah and and the. The ceiling height in the middle is eighteen feet. I'm sorry say it's seventeen feet while sidewalls sidewalls are twelve feet and I've scissor Truss So it's all clear. There's no support of anything in in in the middle holding up the roof or anything like that. Wow Do build that or was that on on the property stay. You bought the property run. The previous homeowner built it. That guy had a snowplow business so he parked all of his just skid steers and wacky stuff in there for that which so many role doors there was for roll up doors on the shop. Now there's three. I plugged up one of the role of doors And hopefully this summer I'll plug up to more and I'll just have the one that my van goes in and out of so yes so you I mean you really try and because of the shop you've been able to set up your whole flow pretty efficiently because it looks like you park your van right next to year slider breakdown plywood which is right next to the the big workbench or or whatever I I mean so so you can process a lot of material very very quick a yeah I can I mean in in God. I'm very lucky I can lay out she to plywood like crazy but you know I mean a normal job could have a fifteen twenty sheets and you know so. I pulled that out onto a cart from the cart unload from my van to cart and then cart onto the sliding table saw typically most my projects. I start breaking down. She goods Just because it's the most annoying part I just want to get it out of the way and Yeah sliding table saw right next my van and that was done very much on purpose because the you know the biggest heaviest materials come directly out of my van and they go directly onto the solid out having to meander around the shop. Now okay. So you're were. You've you've got like a regular what we'll say two car garage sized shop right. Yeah you wouldn't be able to fit for work metre twenty by twenty four It would be super tight. I would have to know I couldn't I couldn't because all their car in your shop Just the front I just no. I don't I don't I was going to try and be funny but I wouldn't have been no I don't have I have a detached building in my yard and it's it's about the size two car garage. It's twenty by twenty four so I'm anything that I'm picking up or having delivered just gets to deliver to the front of the House. Then I have to lug it back. Okay well we can't all have former inkster sheets at a time machine. What random usually I would if I was doing plywood stuff I would break it down at the fine woodworking shop and then just bring the piece his home and but now and now which should be my preference to to just bring my stuff down at the bottom. Have the fine woodworking shop back right one element or there's one word in mark's question that like puts up a little bit of a Red Flag for me and my workflow is that he says I can quickly configure it for many different operations and like I have learned at the. I'm not going to configure any when I'm in the middle of a project if it's like if the router table is is inaccessible crap. I need to find another way of doing it. Or if there's too much stuff on my table saw final breakdown bandsaw or whatever That whole so like if if mark is the type of person who does not mind configuring things. Of course. There's nothing to be lost. I think a lot of people have things spread out in separate so that they don't have to configure things. I think that's a good point. I think that's very much like those The joiner planner combos. They're great they're great space. Savers you get a big joyner out of it but you do have to flip back and forth. I kind of have this like low. Energy approach very much. Like You ben like if I have to move on to something. There's a good chance I'm going to do it. Yeah yeah so I see those big huge workstations And they look really cool and they might be a really efficient way of storing things. But I don't know if they're efficient way working so that that's what and I I don't have a big shop. I have a large shop where I can have. You know one and a half workbenches and one is out feed for my table saw and you know I have. I have to be officiant with my with my space and how I use it but I don't have a big enough area to have a four by anything in the middle of my shop so I was just all right. Go ahead Mike. No no no please you. I Okay we're not used to play so I was just gathering a bunch of articles for A blog that I'm doing on on shop upgrades and one of them was a collection of cool things that you can do in shop and this guy. I'm going to have to find the article for you to post Ben. But this guy had He had a work table. Hinge to hinge to the wall and would just drop it down when he needed it and it's a really cool idea. Although I don't know that I would have the dedicated wall. Space for that clamp while but it was a cool concept it was like a murphy bed. Almost I really yearned for more wall space in my shop and I bet you might you do too because you have your thirty feet from any wallet. Any given point in the middle of this I would imagine that because that was one problem with the old talking shop was your it was just too far away from everything Put Wall space. I only have like I have one wall where my workbench one of my my wall workbenches and then everything else has carriage doors so I want and one of them like I open up when I'm waiting for my son to get off the bus and it's raining so I don't WanNa hang tools on it and so like wall space such premium anytime. I see like a fold down browder table or whatever I think. Oh that's great crap. I don't have any walls but you know it's funny So I do have big shop and fortunate to have my big shop. At the Wa- the Interior walls aren't finished Some of them are partially finished. actually one of the projects that. I'm hoping to tackle here during this. Whole lockdown situation is gained more wall space. Yeah so if My buildings is a pole barn and the the the verticals whatever those are called are like six feet apart so in in between that is just a phone board installation so it was like super hard to hang anything on the walls and each of the verticals. I have a bunch of screws. Rulers and various things hanging from the wall space is important in any shop and I like the full down bench idea. That's that's cool but yeah I want more wall space to what's your hopefully I can. What's your plan? Are you going to do a sixteen ounce on Senator Wall in front of the poll? I'M GONNA GO Super Easy. I'm GONNA put actually another layer of two inch foam so have four inches And then I'm just GONNA run twelve foot two by fours kind of on their side just spanning from vertical vertical vertical all the way down then on top of that all either. Do I'll say three quarter inch plywood over top of that but in reality it's going to be CDI or five eighth something or other some cheaper and yeah then to that. I want to be able to hang cabinets and clamps and jigs and all the other cool woodworking stuff that that's GonNa make it so much easier to organize yeah I had this joke. That sort of abused the size of my shop. Where I just lay everything on the ground just like the there's a pilot clamps over here and there's a pile of lumber over here and everything just sitting on the ground so yeah but I'll tell you what you can really waste all the space shop real quickly by doing so taking the time to make workstations and homes for clamps and things like that super important and I think the lesson that mark teaches us. Here is that Kinda everybody's system is different listening to you. Talk Ben Listening to you in Isa like we all have these these different scenarios and I think the key is to like experiment and try and come up with something that works for your shop. Your workflow Turner's shop is GonNa look different than a cabinet shop versus a furniture shop and It's a constant like never ending project and you just need to keep refining well and I also think that you know a lot of people say well back in two thousand five Chris. Schwartz said that my workbench should only be twenty two inches deep. And that's because that's what he likes. You know so that works for Chris. That doesn't work for everybody and sometimes a four by eight. She is better for you. And if that's what works for you great if I rebuild my workbench it's GonNa be three by five because that's the piece of junk workbench that I stole from the old shop is three by five and I really liked the footprint of it and it's working for me so that's what it's going to be. It doesn't matter what anybody else says. You should stick to. Its what works for you. Yeah I agree As I always say whatever launches your missile so Ashcroft A small workbench in networks for him. Well that's my more traditional cabinet maker style. Workbench is a thirty three inches by seventy inches. And if I had to just work on that one workbench And I was just doing more typical furniture project. I would find that size to be really good where the four by eight workmanship really starts to help out is when I'm doing larger projects that's when yeah I mean you almost can't have a big enough workbench when when you're working on very large projects. Yeah all right all right. Let's see question number two is from Patrick who Patrick's awesome. I hung out with him at hands on in San Diego. And we had tacos together so I know that you say that you should change sandpaper as soon as you think. It's getting old or when you take it off to change grits. You shouldn't put it back on. But there are countless times when I'm standing in a change grits and the paper is obviously brand new. Is there any scientific or professional input on win? Abrasives actually breakdown. So the Patrick Scott. Two questions here. Let's take take that on because Mike you you spent a lot of time wielding a sander. Sure do what. What's your what's your trigger. Yeah just watch for cutting speed nice. Fresh sandpaper cuts real fast. And it cuts real fast for a short period of time. Then it kind of falls off into this just barely acceptable range. I kinda work in that range for a little bit. And then I pull out a new disc with that. Said I have kind of process that my sandpaper goes through only audience. Where people get excited when you say that Mike? Talk to make the most boring subject planet or even more boring. I don't follow those. Yeah exactly let's talk about both talking about gluing sandpaper. I take a disk and I use it for bit and then I set it aside and then I'll typically use those ones that I set aside as little hand sanders so like if I'm sanding around over or something like that. The cool thing about that. Isn't that good match grits. So if my final standing British to twenty and I have an older to twenty grit disk and I'm just cleaned up a little corner something like that. I know that those grits match so And then after that they get downgraded once again to when I'm sanding finishes you're standing something and it just clogs up to Sandpaper super-quick. Then I feel like I've really gotten my usage. Outta that sandpaper. So it's Kinda like there's like the first second third layers values the sandpaper and one other trick. Maybe that'll that'll share is. Everybody always has problems with the little pigtails in their finish sand. It Yeah Yeah one thing you should do is before you finish grit so like if you're going to stand through three grit sandpaper before you finish your last one. If it's two hundred twenty grade like vacuum off the surface or blow it off dusted off or something and then put a perfectly fresh discount and then just kiss the surface one more time real good with that fresh piece of sandpaper. So where are the pigtails? Actually coming from is It's I personally things one of a couple of things. It's leftover grit from previous. Okay bisque if that makes so. If there's a hundred and twenty grit particle lodged in the poor of the would. Then you're to twenty grip pulls it out. It's just going to make a bunch of swirls. I think that's one 'cause we got a clean. Between grads to is it could be bad sandpaper. And even the best sandpaper companies have imperfections. I mean if if you look at how they make the sandpaper. The grits that are applied to the paper are ninety nine percent size between you know two numbers that's ninety nine percent that means there there could be some imperfections in there so there is some amount there and the other thing is it just could be not a super great sander I think a better sander is obviously. It's more powerful and But I think a better the best sanders are really Ergonomic. So that when you're holding them you can apply appropriate amount of pressure. A bad. Sandra in my opinion is really top. Heavy which you might tend to lean from side to side and obviously that could dig in but I think that's probably the most important feature of a sanders that is very ergonomic allows you to apply good even kind of soft pressure as you're standing so do you. You had mentioned that you vacuum off before you do that. Final Kiss with two twenty or whatever. Do you vacuum between grits to keep from. I don't think I've ever I really should well. The thing is it depends. Okay so if you're just gonNA throw some polyurethane or some other clear coat lack or something on top It's far less important. If you're going to play a stain yeah you have to be on your game because the stain tends to fall into those pigtails and it calls attention to him. I if you're just putting some clear coat over top of it you would need a microscope to see the pigtails And then there's sort of different sanding read you know regimen that you would need to apply if you're doing a film finish. Don't say into high If you're doing like an oil finish like a really close to the wood finishing a need to send it like crazy grits. Four four six hundred would be a minimum if you're just gonNA apply like Linseed oil or walnut oil or something like that. Um and in those cases Cleaned off cleaning off between grits. Typically if you're going to do a closer would finish. It's a nicer project and so you got to be on your game from two. Well there's a lot of really great information there. I mean a lot of it. Yeah but what about the? What about the part? Where once you take off the Sander to switch grits? You don't put it back on. That seems like a waste to me. The same paper and metrics. If that's that's where I downgraded to one of those other usages so I would just turn it into a like like so that last disc that I use to just do a quick kiss on it I would then use that as as a as a hand piece of hand sandpaper and they also sell like Like I think it's called like a sanding mouse or something like that where you can hook and loop sandpaper onto a block and then it becomes a nice little pad to hand San with. So how do you organize all of these? I couldn't keep track now. Granted I I I have like. I have a little folder. Hardwood folder hardwood and duct tape folder for my sandpaper storage. That those are the ones that I'm in the in using at any moment but How do you keep track of? Oh crap I use this one for for this one now. It's at the step or it it just. It seems like a lot. Well the new ones are obviously easy to keep past that. I kind of two piles. I have like my my still pretty nice pile. And then here's the beater pile beater piles when you're standing finish or something like that you see is just essentially have piles of each of the new sandpapers in a kind of intermediate pile of these are on the way out the door. Pica right All right now. Let's see the second part of Patrick's question as a small scale professional woodworker. I recently hired employees. Who has a background in woodworking? I'm nervous that if I assign them tasks that they're not familiar with on high in commission. Work that something may get messed up. I love teaching people skills but I am weary of teaching then teaching and then immediately testing those skills on a piece that someone is paying for the stakes are pretty high any tips an ISA. Have you You worked in under masters or whatever before you. Do you remember what the process was like being relegated yet? I'm sure it's nerve wracking on both ends of that whether you're the person who's businesses or the person who's being hired. I'm sure it's a little nerve wracking but I guess the key here is that he should be If he's if he knows that somebody's familiar with do your best to get them familiar with it before you put them to work on the task. there's nothing wrong with test. Pieces sometimes might be better taking the time to do that. Before you set somebody loose on something But I can assure you he or she is equally as anxious about messing up clients work as Patrick his did you might did you ever. Did you work as an apprentice or or did you go through that process? Yeah I worked for a couple of different contractor types and then I also worked in Not a real large cash up at a larger cabinet shop and Yeah you know it's funny like kind of thinking about it now. My my first reaction to this question would be like fire. The person you know work alone or whatever that's after all these years of kind of going through the trades but person who screwed up projects like when I was seventeen years old so listening to a niece talk about nerves on both sides like yeah I get that I wanted to do good and up. But you know I didn't know how and and so that just means screwing up projects when you get started so if I was this guy and I had employees which I've gone through that route and I just kind of decided I like working alone. I would Set Up test pieces like show me how to sand. Show me how to use a nailer. Or a mortis or a table saw and to a certain extent The mistake to be made and You know I know I still make mistakes so you would have to expect somebody who's a newbie would make mistakes too and you just need to build a little bit of that in you know maybe plan for one mistake per project and just you know you have to deal with it. So it's a good thing. It is very rewarding to to to help a woodworker along I will say that. So try and take the good with the bad if they screw something up and you know K. Just rebuild it but just just remember that. You're kind of teaching them skills that they're gonNA they're gonNA have for the rest of their life. So there's there's honor in that I guess yeah I wanted to come. Go Ahead Ben. No no no your niece again. Okay well I you know one of the common things that I have heard From people who hire help in their shops is that you are spending a lotta time training this person and working with them and teaching them everything but it. There's an element of it's it's pretty much built in that they're going to leave you and go out on their own at some point so there's a generosity in knowing that instill putting in that time with that person knowing that they are eventually going to leave and go off and start their own. Shot must time. Yeah that's sort of the circle of life in the trades and I worked for a couple of people and the last guy that I worked for kind of had a conversation with them up front saying like I'm GonNa only be here for a short period of time because I'm getting ready to go do X Y and Z. And you know what he was okay with that and he was like you know what? I did it too when I was young. And this was an older guy like in his sixties so Yeah I had a couple employees in one of them worked with me for a bit and bright as they got good enough they ducked out and then they were my competition. So but you. Kinda need to expect that to. That's just that's part of it so trying trying to treat the employees as good as you. Can you know? Give them what they want to. You know needs to make sense for you but the schools you can be as flexible as you can. And then know at some point that they're going to duck out and go out on their own. Ultimately the problem is there's just not enough money to pay them enough to keep them around. I mean I kind of looked at what I was doing saying can working for this kind of making X. Went on my own and I could be busy like eight days. A month at at a normal rate You know I would be making more money already. Let alone if I could be even more busy than that. So that's just kind of A. That's just kind of the way that it goes. I the only experience I've ever had with anything like that is in a recording studios situation and generally when I had interns. They were doing it for school credit so I didn't need to pay him But I always took it seriously that they were learning in the process And they were getting you know they. They clean the bathroom but they got now in in return and that was just kind of the circle of life and a few of them went on to become successful in in in the industry But when you're doing it for credit it's a heck of a lot easier. Have somebody come in and not pay them. I would have a hard time pain and hourly wage someone that I I'm teaching still so Yeah I feel for anyone in the situation unless you actually need like I think Michael Fortune where he's got Pete you know who's who's he's been there for years. Pete knows exactly all of the tasks he needs to do and how he needs to do and everything and that. But that's a that's a hard relationship to build. I'm sure for both entities. Yeah that's a rare thing and Michael. Fortune whose unbelievable that guy he is just one of the greats. He has a very unique business. To and part of it is based on his own particular talent Yeah and as such his business probably does a better than just kind of your average furniture maker guy and therefore he probably has a little bit more budget to pay people to stay around Was the same way if you look at the three guys that Malouf work with like the one has been there. The shortest period of time is like forty years so But again a talented unique individual with a unique business. So you know there. There's there's there's definitely more to that story and I don't know what what Patrick's businesses I mean. Who knows he could be doing awesome. So but Yeah I mean I think that that A better run business can make an environment that is more conducive to keeping people to to stay around speaking. Kinda from personal experience. I'm horrible managing people and that's probably why it didn't work out so wealth and I think I recognized that pretty quickly and I just said you know what I like working alone so I. I made that choice. I just businesses big as I can under under the umbrella of just one guy. Yeah okay all right well. Hey No here it's my below average. Internet connection is the number is another really successful would worker. Who has been able to Employee assistance for years on end and really teach them and part of. It's probably that he makes a lunch for them. This fantastic lunch every day. But you've been really successful with the training curve and keeping people and giving them a lot of responsibility in moving them along and keeping them for a long time and and Gilpin is another one of those unique battles absolutely shameless. Yeah Yeah for sure. The rules are different for Michael Fortunes. And Hank Alpine's maybe but that that's a really good point Mike. are so let's Jeff should we do a stop and let Files Upload Real Quick? We can do that all right. So we're GONNA do that. Brand take a break for more than ninety years. Woodcraft has been supplying woodworkers with quality tools supplies and advice for the best in hand tools. Power tools and shop essentials. You can count on woodcraft from start to finish. Check THEM OUT FOR WOODWORKING CLASSES. Free Demos and product advice from knowledgeable friendly staff with seventy five stores. Nationwide you can find a store in your neighborhood or shop. Woodcraft DOT COM for your favorite woodworking brands. Woodcraft helping you make would work since nineteen twenty. Have you ever heard that? And I don't know anything about sports. I just heard this like I was watching a movie or something. I heard this in baseball. There's a there's a term called a five tool player and that's I guess they can hit. They can run. It can catch. They can throw whatever skills you need in baseball. Furnish making the same way like like I. I was lucky enough to talk with me for a couple of times that you could put that guy in the middle of the Sahara desert and he could be selling sand and and he would be successful. He's he's just. It didn't matter what that guy was going to do. He was going to be good so he has this particular business acumen. He has a way of promoting himself And people like it. It doesn't come across as arrogant But then combine that with another level of designed another level of a of a engineering mind to come up with chicks to produce things quickly and kind of like you need to be truly successful. Just furniture maker. You need to be five to a player. This is great all right. That was fantastic. You can't pass all right. Are we ready for smooth moves? I'll go I'll go first 'cause these asked to remember to do you need the reminder. Anita now I I don't need the reminder. Okay all right. I will I because I just discovered my actual smooth move weeks ago when we started this whole isolation thing and I set up my little shop setup office Home Office. I hand planed. This mystery would that I got from John Tatum and just made a desk. It's not just you think he's given away now. It's like I know it's it's a it's a pine Beswick who knows with a fair bit of knots and and it makes for a good little work surface and in the process I was hand planning and spoke shaving and just trying to make a comfortable and just a place to sit and I know that I dinged up my spoke shave blade on my on my caleb. Jane Spoke Shave Pretty Pretty Bad name trump. Well the reason why I say that is because it's the one problem that I do have with that now is it's a dickens grind that blade because it's little stubby thing and yeah. I just did it with sandpaper 'cause I couldn't figure out a good way to hold it at the grinder without making a big I didn't WanNa make But you last night I realized that I also nixed the blade. I'm a number three and I have in the process just discovered where that nick. We're both of those. Next came from there is a screw patrolling through the top of this desk. Just barely I hit like a felt like just a little. I was sitting here talking to the three of you and also I felt a little nub that I was a little piece of sand or something on there and then I'm going wait a minute. What is this and then as as talking? I'm discovering others screw holding a baton on right underneath there oh I see what happened? So I- nicked two of my finest plates on this group. That is a bummer. Yeah yet it's not a great S- movement apologize. Who Was it might dust though God? That's just me. This isn't my smooth move but just Sort of a smooth move. Is I have this weird process where I dropped. Chisels off my badge and very different process like like you pull out two or three chisels and you're doing something and you hit wanted. Just rolls right off the bench and it never lands handled down. It's always tip down and I'm at the point now. Where every one of my chisels hit the floor so that that that indicates now it is time to go shopping cement so yeah yes yes meant Florin. Yeah so which is not good for a one or two or whatever or your back. Yeah so do you guys want to an injury story or a miss made something story. Ooh rarely given options. Yeah right come prepared okay. Which which injury. Maybe it's going back few years when I first started because I'm not on the PODCAST. I don't have to come up. Move move in the last two weeks a few years. When I was still pretty pretty early on I have just finished making two mantles For People's fireplace and they were one was MD FM painted. Plywood and I had a ton cutoffs and like I typically cut cutoffs into foreign strips chop them up at the chop saw and then I put him into it into a trash can to you know to be picked up on Tuesday or whatever it was and the head one of those ninety gallon trash cans you know with the wheels on the one side and handles where you kinda like lean it back and then roll it out to the curb deliver flips open. They was full to the top with plywood. Mdf cutoffs ninety ounce worth. It was raining that morning and I was in these like little slippery shoes and I tried to step over a puddle in tripped and my left hand was holding onto the handle. The trash can and I went down to the ground and my fortunately my left hand stop. The trash can from hitting the ground for knuckles on my left hand and completely freaked out. I think almost like embarrassed. Like if somebody would have seen me to use my. That was my right hand to pick the trash. Cana- up put it to the curb and then I just grabbed my hand and I looked down and I saw knuckle so I run into. This is not your average woodworker injuries. The moral of the story is heavy. Put over my knuckles and I sit down on the floor of the kitchen and I just like I just feel the sweats coming on and I go. I'm going to go to sleep now. I just leaned over and I just closed my eyes and I woke up a couple of minutes later and what. I didn't tell the story I had a meeting with a client who was a super important meeting like in an hour or something like that so I and I needed the money to buy the way like I needed this meeting wrapped up my hand and I go over to this guy's house and I was driving a stick shift car driving right hit a shift and I could hardly steer I get over to this guy's house and my truck power steering by the way that's why that's important to look. You need two hands to be able to turn this thing over this guy's house and you know what I'm not GonNa Dohrn. He and he opens the door and he you know he looks at me and he's like Oh Jeez. Okay and I'm Kinda like hiding my hand a little bit like that's good. I'm fine sign a contract. You know collected deposit check. I'll have to work. They sees my hand. He's like Oh Jeez like let me take a look at that so it turns out. He's a doctor right. He's retired but he doctors and let me take a look at it so he wraps me up and kind of put some sticks or something on there and tape and all that stuff and is finishing up. I hear I hear the garage door. Their house open a car Poland and then his his wife comes through the door and kind of comes into the kitchen and she looks like what are you doing and he was like. Oh yeah you know. He hurt his hand. I'm just helping him fix up and she stares at me like way too long like really and she looks at me and she goes you know he was an obgyn right. I kind of go. Ooh there's my bro. Got The job. You're actually into this day. I'm still friends with that guy like email once in a while. Yeah actually look at look at that pinkie. That's Oh yeah. 'cause we got that one well not still works like this like basically you know. Obviously podcast finger. My left Pinkie doesn't doesn't go into play. Yeah it's not it's not done. Look good and it doesn't cooperate doesn't play well with others. Yeah well in these. Are you glad that you waited now? What was that reminder now now because we actually we keep track of needs to smooth moves for her because she forgets them because there are so many clogged gas station. Okay woodworking related. Apparently not guest related. I guess related one but so I was at the gas station about two months ago and I was heading into work. I just got my kids on the bus. I think there was a delay was a crazy morning. I have this in New York in Connecticut. You you have the little clicky things that just keep the gas going so it usually fill up in Connecticut where I don't just stand there and hold but in New York where I commute from where I live. We don't have that so I stick my guess CA- my gas cap in what it works. You six something in there and now you move to tell of a tennis bar really works to any gas. Cap Fits right in there and then you can walk in and get your coffee and come out and take care of the gas. Well I was just New Yorkers. I was this responsibility and I I. I've been doing it for years. It was just an unusually stressful morning. And I came out and I was telling the guy in the CITCO around the corner from me. I was just like Oh. Can you believe this morning? Snowing the school bus this and that I walk out I get my car. I drive off and I realized Oh suit I didn't I didn't take the gas the gas nozzle out of the and I drove off but the moral is these things have quick releases and it happens a lot to that story. So many wrongdoings there. The gas fill up thing was still in the car. Yes the the NAZA was hardcore walk- grouping not a smoker right or at least there's a quick relief on these things because I guess it used to happen in the gas would spew out all over the place but there's a quick release on the top where it goes into the tank and hops. Right off about would call close call. Smooth Move Oh good all right so we are going to answer some questions again along all right question number three is from Larry. I'd appreciate your take on various aspects of Bilton that I'm grappling with One what is your preferred method for joining on Bass Cabinets and bookcases? I'm leaning toward a combinations of NATO's rabbits and biscuits domino's way out of my price range and I'm not keen on the look pockets. Bruce also on lower cabinets. I like the idea of a solid wood countertop but I'm concerned about would movement with the top of half of the bookcase sitting on top of the counter so Mr Milton's that's you here do you want me to just I like like I pour Larry probably a year ago and I said Oh I should wait until we have my cranston on So He's built these. I'm sure hopeless project turned out But you use like watching your videos you use if it's a joiner method you use it you are. That's recall opportunity joyner a so what the podcast listeners can't see is that Larry sent in a drawing and it's pretty big project. Yeah there's a lot to it so with that said Larry I would be looking for a way to build this as efficiently as possible in terms of jointly. That is you know taking taking too much time to I. It would just make a project take too long if you if you overly complicate this and I would describe like making billions. Really the kind of art to build tins is hiding all the joining and making it look more like furniture. So if there's a way that you could build this project with screws just butt joints and screws. That's the fastest way to put it together. The trick then becomes. How do you hide that and make it look like a piece furniture? I actually did a little homework on this question. There's an article by one of your guys. One of your riders named Steve Casey. And it's called a low console for home theater and I realized that Larry's project has nothing to do with home theater but that's not the point. The point is the method of construction and in this article. Steve has a way of attaching four sides of a box of top bottom left and right with screws and then covering up that. Join ARY by applying some solid wood. like framing panels two sides He miters the front corner to like come around that front edge that actually then becomes the face frame member and it's actually kind of genius way of turning a plywood type structure into a furniture grade a project so to answer this question. The preferred method is the easiest method which is typically screws. Sometimes data are needed. If you if there's no way to hide a screw I would then turn today tos so I would start with screws and then I would move to data's and I would figure out a way to cover everything up and make it look nice and pretty. That's my preferred method for joining cabinets. So but this makes me when I watch your videos. You buy a great fine on that article When I watch your videos you use biscuits an awful lot and wouldn't running a line of biscuits be a lot quicker for most things than than data's Yeah it depends on how good you are with biscuit joiner if you're putting a line of biscuits like right in the middle of like side of a castle there's a top and a bottom. Now you WANNA run a data for that Middle Shelf. The setup with biscuit joiner can be a little tough because it needs to be equal on both sides so you need to come up with some Jig. Typically what I would do is I would take a piece of quarter-inch md off. And I would cut it and I would use that as a reference for the bottom of the biscuit joiner and then that allows you to mirror to a left on the right side. If you have a nice table. Saw with a good fence you can set up. A data stack run a data. And you know that you're getting a really good reference because you're using the distance between the data stack and the fence as a reference as as you don't cut topside on one and bottom side on the other you'll you'll get a good even cabinet so yeah go ahead a biscuit. Joiners fair game in this as well for me I really like biscuit joiners for attaching face frames for lining up cabinet. Box Cabinet box. So if you have two cabinets you can run a line of biscuits in each of the two face frames so that during installation that come together. Perfect in yeah doing shelves as good is good for for biscuit joiner as well but this guy in his question because I read it. He seems like he really likes dagoes. Rabbits and all that stuff so if he's comfortable with that. Hey what the heck. What do you think you're you're a fan of biscuits domino's and all sorts of Wacky Wacky? Sure Domino's are or are not lackey. I think they are watching. That thing is just ask can address to be a little bit waylon back and forth. Yeah whatever works. It's kind of a cop out answer but Whatever whatever's comfortable with whatever works sometimes. I have furniture that I actually screwed together here so I'm not against doing down and dirty screwed together and it's amazing. How long something like that can last and how you can cover it up. But I like the Combo I I think there's nothing wrong with the pocket hole screws. If you're not going to see them you know whatever is going to make it. Efficient lasts a long time. And he's comfortable working with so do do either of you. I don't worry about this like if you're building standalone furniture piece that's GonNa get knocked into with the vacuum cleaner and it's like I feel like you need to build in more strength integral to of stand on furniture piece whereas a built in. It's kind of it's it's it's built into the wall. It's going to be held together. There's not a whole lot you can do to tear it apart Whenever I think of of Mortis intending face frames. I'm always like well. Yeah that's great but y you know like it's it's there's there's nothing to be gained from that? What what do you think about the strength needed in Belton in Buildings Mike? Well yeah the guy who wants to Morrison. Ten face frames For cabinets that are going to be attached to the wall. Just doesn't feel retiring. Yeah I mean when you're building a piece of furniture and nice built ins really are pieces of furniture. It's attached to a twenty ton house like there's a lot of strength shear strength of that that's gained from attaching something to wall. I couldn't agree more the approach that I take to something. That's free standing versus. Something that's built is completely different. Something free standing needs more glue. Needs more mortis tendons. It needs more structure and that needs to be taken account for in the design with built ends. Yeah you're attaching it every sixteen inches to a stud and it's really not going in. Where if you look at you know quote unquote high commercial case stuff. That's being put into Nice homes the Framework Cabinets. Just three quarter inch. Md for Particle Board. That's been banded with a one millimetre edge banding top bottom left right and there's a back and it's just attached to the law and that's it and then they apply doors over top of that so yeah. I agree that that with with large buildings focused less on fine join ARY and more on just efficiently making the project especially if it's a very big project. The one exception that I would of course make to. That is the doors doors. Hinged they get put under a lot of stress big hit and banged Ya put. A little mortis intendant in the doors. Spend spend spend the time to join around the doors and the drawer boxes. Those are the you know the moving parts versus the cabinetry itself. What about The second part of the question with solid wood countertop so in that article that I referenced earlier The the writer shows a great way to use a biscuit joiner a piece of plywood and some solid wood edging any miters the corners. That's actually a technique that I- after reading. That article used a zillion times over and it works great source of using a solid wood top. I wouldn't have a problem with that. I would actually attach it to the bottom of the uppers and allow some expansion to come forward and some expansion to go back towards the wall so I would attach it like at the face frame through the countertop up into the upper cabinets that are sitting on. Top of the countertops. Okay so so it's going to be able to move center out center on exactly the uppers Yeah so then. Then you won't have a finish line that shows up so some of those. If you attached at the back to the lower ours it's only gonNa move forward and backwards which could potentially show a little seem in in in an area that receive finish with asset on Larry's particular design. I would say do not do that. Because it is an l shaped countertop of which case you're going end up dealing with a whole bunch of stuff. It really the only way to do that would be to. Miter the corner of that and then have to solid. Wood countertops at ninety degrees to each other. Which I mean if you WANNA do that. Go ahead that's That is quite a bit of work and for again for the size of this particular project. That's that's taken. On a just account ups alone would be would be a decent sized project. Yeah okay another article that might be worth looking at his. Beck's I built in Where there's a guy who's mostly doing traditional free standing work and just to watch? His approach might be something that That this that this question this reader might be leaning more toward less down and dirty and more traditional built-in kind of thing. That is an awesome article. Which I read like a zillion times but even that article Experts us and some screws and stuff for the basic join ary but he has a really great way of again hiding that and making it really look like a nice piece of furniture. Yeah all right. Well we'll we'll put both of those in the show notes. Definitely all right Let's see question number four I wanted to from Paul. I wanted to add a candidate for the best material for JIG construction. Mdo Plywood sometimes called signboard. It's good quality conventional plywood core with resin infuse paper on both sides The plywood use his exterior glue in. The faces are waterproof as well. Which is why. It's often uses exterior signs. Of course you have to deal with edges like any plywood. I think as halfway between Baltic Birch and the ridiculously expensive fanatic plywood The surface is very smooth and quite hard and the panels are flat so it works well for Jigs and can be a little hard to find but some lumber yard stock it do either of you have experience with MTO I have a little Can't get it here locally or used to live in San Diego. We did have a way to get it and so. I used it from time to time. Just as a quick side note actually put that same like papery coating on other products as well like particle board which is used in kind of paint grade lower and paint grade cabinetry. Mdo's pretty cool. I don't wonder if this guy doesn't have some stock in an MTO manufacturing company But it is a good product. I don't have a ton of experience with it but I think it would be a great candidate for painted cabinets or for jigs fixtures In the shop. What's your what's your go to for jigs Empty F win possible. You know and sometimes that makes him too heavy than I would go for Baltic Birch after that okay. What about you in like fanatic? Mdf is great. Whatever I have kicking the shop around in the South. I don't have to go out and get if you make work. I'll do that whatever's free is good too if there's offense from other stuff it's like well no work. Your dream of the day of being able to buy fanatic or whatever but it's usually offcuts of MD effort particle board. I've line around from molds and stuff so yeah I think phenolic would make really awesome. Like shot cabinet doors. Just have such a cool look to it. You could pull champ from the edge. So you'd see a little applies coming through. I think that would be awesome if maybe kids playroom all right. Well let's say I. I would take a fanatic kitchen that would be in the house and the right setting. You could make that look really awesome. All right See we've got some listener comments a or a listener comment from brody eight eight eight a deep dive into the details looking for deep discussion of join refinishing furniture design. Yup It's happening here an Isa Ben and that my character not faring. Unfortunately until now And others provide the knowledge gleaned from personal experience and Mass Ford workers that appear regularly final working magazine a bit of whimsy and humor or folded into the details with smart with smooth moves and favorite techniques. Once you start listening you're only complaint will be waiting two weeks between each episode. We're doing them every week for the for the isolation period so and I am really regretting that I don't know why right all right so does anyone have any random recommendations that they would like to make Other than Mike Farrington's YouTube channel. Nobody JEFF DO I. I had one but I I forgot it. Pull out your old cassettes and listen to the music you used to listen to. That's depressed. Do you ever thinking that is not depressing at all. And that's the best thing that's been set on this podcast one eight and just destroys us all. I actually actually. I remember my recommendation. Now it was in honor of Mike Farrington who always recommends a song every youtube. What you I don't remember a recommendation in the last one. I watched the Mahogany one. Cabinet thing there's a reason for that. Okay all right I wanNA recommend anyone probably over the age of fifty to check out if you ever listen to. Npr B. Q. Which was a fantastic band in the late seventies eighties To check out L. Anderson's newish banned the world famous headliners. Well I'll tell you what I have a joke with my wife that I make a seventeen minute woodworking video to post on Youtube but really my motivation is to talk about music for forty five seven. I don't put a song recommendation in every video. I do in most absolutely adore music. It's like my most favorite thing on this planet. I think I was supposed to be a musician. But I was not endowed with any talent at all So my recommendation would be stressful. Times people out of work the whole thing People getting sick pull out anything. James Taylor listen to something easy. Listen to every James Taylor song that he ever made their awesome. Have you ever discovered? James is James Taylor's YouTube channel. What he has. I'm pulling that up bright yet. Ten minute video of him cutting firewood talking about a grand forests brooks hatchet. It's the greatest thing in the history of the world. So I was a big fan of James Taylor before knowing that that I know that go find it. All right do that. An Isa. We'll go muse rush them. He did surfaces Sunday best. It's a great song links to everything all right. Well that's all for this episode of Shop. Talk Live if you have questions you'd like to answer on the show. Some them into shop. Talk Dot Com. If you are watching on Youtube please click the thumbs up button. We will be back next week with bonus episode. Thank you for listening

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Transform Squadron 013  Transform Squadron the 13th

Radio Free Cybertron - All of our Transformers podcasts!

57:27 min | 1 year ago

Transform Squadron 013 Transform Squadron the 13th

"You're listening to transform squadron. The podcast is based DOT Org. My Name is Rob Job and you're listening to the September two thousand nineteen edition of the show or as luck would have it the thirteenth here that zone base. Halloween is our favorite time of year and the content Halloween content has been posting on the blog since August list so if you'd like to go check that out it's zone based DOT ORG but here this'll be the first podcast of the year to observe it. You know this past weekend the wife and I we went to see it chapter two now. I'm I'm more of a fan of the half of it starring children to me. It loses something something when they're adults. Fortunately this movie spend some more time on the children also as it's now the second week of September or I guess it was the second weekend of September. The majority of stores had their Halloween stock out. Maybe maybe not one hundred percent. Were pretty close. We got quite a bit of cool stuff. Of course we've been buying it since it's June when at home began stalking Halloween early in the past weeks leading up to right now all stores have been more and more stocking. I'm currently looking at to Halloween masks. We bought that we hung on the wall. They're inexpensive. I guess store branded to Walmart. Basic plastic would elastic band pulled over your face type masks. They're old school style of a pumpkin would a top hat and a black cat wearing a triangle hat essay triangle 'cause. I don't know what to call it. It's got a very old school look to who it like one of those paintings old school ads and I absolutely love them. Last year. The trend to skew more old world would halloween coming decorations started up and I welcomed it with open arms and seems that's continuing this year and I'm totally happy about it. Although that's not for saying newer stuff isn't neat if fact a kroger they're surprisingly enough kroger's a really good place to buy. Halloween merchandise said well as well. They have to blow molds that we've been keeping our eye out for our kroger's are a little later to party to stock and other Kroger's by following other Halloween tags on instagram. You can see what other people have been finding and keep your awkward if you'd like it to find such thing and kroger has these new blow molds that are black. Jack Lanterns shaped like cats so we're getting those I love blow molds as it is just can't get enough of them no matter to holiday either but Halloween blow moles are of course close to my heart michaels. Goals has a many blow mold. That's just under two inches of a pumpkin headed man like a scarecrow rotas top hat mo-. I picked it up for me last month and I love this thing. It's sitting on the mantle with several of our other smaller blow. Molds and jack-o-lanterns target targets probably the best each year at Halloween Lueneburg not to mention seasonal goods in general. They're they're department. Dare Department of who handles or seasonal merchandise really has their game one and one of the things they do each year. Are these little. I don't know if I want to call them. Plush felt or whatever but they do these little bird is they'll do for Halloween they do a general fall ones are so appropriate for Thanksgiving and Christmas ones where there little birds sometimes there's other animals which usually little birds with little outfits on reflecting to season for Halloween during Halloween costumes we always buy one or two of them and so far one of the favorites and he's sitting on the mantle is a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Bird half is being the proper Dr Jekyll and the other half being a green skin wild-haired an eyebrow Mr Hyde. It's absolutely adorable. I'm super excited. Even though my voice my voice probably doesn't tell Alad as well right now because truth be known. I don't feel very well. I woke up not filling. Well and I'm trying to hold it together. Not that it's super super hard to record. One of these is actually harder than you would think but super happy and super excited for that Halloween time is is here now and I just can't to see what pardon me. Just can't wait to see what the season brings me moving past Halloween just a little bit for the moment. I'd like to take take the time to point out some so many other things. I've been buying you know each week. I go you know go shopping. I've recently purchased sound wave as well as the micro cassette packs ax at Walmart completing. I guess this year's Great Value Bought Con g one release reissues. I said we issue my mistake reissues. can't wait for next year. I'm really enjoying these. Walmart reissues not that I don't have these toys already or half prior reissues some some things I could probably buy a million times. These are one of them and I appreciate the sort of vintage packaging they come in and I I liked being able to buy them at Walmart once again. A lot of people said when Toys Russell's closing der childhood toy store went away and I'm like Walmart's still here. That's where most of my toys came from so while I don't get much nostalgia hinges from transformers as I never stopped buying them that does give me a little Mestalla of buying a g one style packaged jiwan toy at Walmart. That's a good feeling also the newest season of cyber vers the current transformers cartoons started back up recently recently and so far. I've just watched the first episode. I'm waiting for it to premiere on cartoon network and I'm watching it off my dvr. Some people have been watching in various other means or if you're in some other parts of the world. You're a few episodes ahead but so far it's the got off to a good start. The verse cartoon is Pretty Good. In my opinion and I'm really happy with it and as it's going forward continuing to be happy happy with the toys have definitely improved. I was never one hundred percent down on the toys but I'm not gonNA pretend I had the highest opinion either. I think I was more midways with the figures to begin with the newer figures are a lot better. The spark armor figures are just great once. I've gotten are just wonderful. I WanNa get more of them. Maybe all of them I really like those been in buying more of the warrior class toys as they have not only improved but my local Walmart art stores are selling them at eight eleven ninety six which at twelve dollars is a much lower price an easier pill to swallow of course. I still remember when Transformer D- Alexis were about nine dollars or seven ties of changed but it's still nice to buy that size transformer for twelve dollars. I remember when I went up to twelve dollars from ten and and the collective outcry transports fans had at the time and now that a siege siege deluxe is normally twenty dollars. It's kind of funny thinking hey twelve bucks value but the warriors have been improving. When I got mark down I have fortunately found sound and Hot Rod. They seem to be selling pressure does price which is good put. The hot rod was a good figure. The sound waves a really good figure. I love the laser. These are big gimmick worked into the prowl of course is a good figure this this weekend end I bought I bought siege reflector. One of them and I bought deadlock for cyber verse. I WANNA get Naw as well as well as I need to get two more reflectors. I currently have a plan of buying one reflector. We can get three of them. I could buy all three of them at once but for me this is fun just like when playmates head there voltron lion assortment out. I would buy a lion a week the if it was a regular I guess legendary sized big old boy lions the classic selection or Medal Defender series. I bought a lion week that was fun for me may not weeklong for you but it's fun for me reflector buying one a week till. I get enough to build the camera. I was thinking about just ordering that Amazon exclusive of box set and I still might but my thinking is John. Exclusive set is in a g one color set and the figures are sculpted to look more like the cartoon versions of the characters so if I wanted a g one version of the color set I'd like it more closer to those g one micrometer molds so maybe just finding finding a g wants set for not much money or one of the multitude of shady legs floating around the Internet of that set set and I probably more apt to buy that in that Jiwon color scheme while these molds. I won't cartoon correct threat colors because they look so much like they did in the cartoon saw. I'm focusing on the regular retail versions of them for the time being though I still might buy. That's just because why not it's fun so next week. I guess I'll get reflect her knol and the week after that and maybe just reflect this week my cyber toy worth reflector was deadlock. Who of course we all know is drifts when he was the Septa con on before he swapped sides as very excited to get this figure. I was going to get off first before I saw this toy. until I saw this on the shelf naw might be better toy but drift excuse me deadlock was very appealing to me because as I stated before in prior episodes the Cyber Verse Warrior Toys Are Very old school following along the same same mindset I have with the the bumblebee figures or the turbo changers or other examples. I've given you guys in the past while these more simplified for younger children toys are very more old school robot in design and I love it so very very much. Deadlock reminds me a whole lot of turbo master hurricane to be exact could be more precise. He makes me think of Hurricane Turbo master now. That's not a super close description or a comparison as hurricane is a much different toy and middle EA-. It's just the white robot. That's making me think that getting the toy. He's a larger figure. Then hurricane was he's got this great he would definitely fit in with that and that crossover and European transformers between g one and G two. He would definitely fit in that era. He makes me think like he could be hanging out with cal car car pyro very very along that lines of build in stature deadlock turns into a white sports car was some stripes. He's got some blue windows a little silver touch up here and there those you who bought cyber wars toys no they could use more paint another hallmark of older school. Robot toys was could use a little more paint but he's a very pleasant solid solid chunky car a little light. They use thinner lighter plastic for these guys to make them fit the budget and that's okay. It's while some the people really don't like it. I don't mind it as much I will say his transformations a little tricky just do placement minute of a few it's. I don't want to call it a hinge. She's got this sort of bracket that hinges that's basically in the whereas our folds over from his car hood and foles over in robot mode yet kind. Kinda trickily put it. It's a little bit of a trick. The full that all up it's not super difficult but folding just right and getting everything the lineup can be a trick and maybe annoying. If you haven't eaten yet you know robot mode once again very old school. He's got a gimmick of swertz pop out into his hand for his sword fighting fighting the triggers on those could be a little better it could use a little more tension in the springs or water because it's real easy to accidentally excellently set them off fortunately don't they don't fire just plop to his hands. You know sorta like a trigger cons guns which snap into his hands that same sort of play play gimmick once again adding to the wonderful old school fill this figure the sorts of pink he has purple robot robot parts would white majority white because the cars white and the bulk of his body is white with some silver paint and the inner robot parts such as the leg like thighs and shoulders whatever is a purple and this is like a neon pink. The swords are really feels like a toy. I would've gotten nineteen ninety. If if these simplified toys aren't your thing or older school toys R. Thing you're not gonna dig it but if he he's very low in articulation as you would expect for such a simplified toy. He's got hip and knee articulation in his legs so he can move his legs all about his arms is. I think you can swivel waist. I don't remember that too well at the current moment sorry he can turn his head. His arms arms is limited to his shoulder. As the pop outsource Gimmick takes away any elbow articulation he would have. I don't mind it so much which you might whatever just a great wonderful old school style robot which I posted him to instagram prior to starting this recording and when I recently when I started posting excuse me cyber verse figures I've including Super Robot about tags in my tagging of the figure. This toy inspired me to start using also old school style. Just kind of separate like this is a very old school feeling toy. I don't know if I remember that time I post one of these are not but he's it's definitely a good description of the the whole feeling and charm of figure like that to someone who appreciates older style toys another toy align. I've recently paid attention to. It's been out for a few months now. My wife has been pointing it out to me. We're at target and I don't know what the holdup was with me buying any or not just some things just don't click in your head until they do. The toy line is called mad lab on pain or I think the toilets actually's please called mad lab and it's got the subtitling of untamed for its current product. If you've been in certain areas in the Toy Loyd department you've probably seen a brand figures called fingerlings their little little critters that can put on you can put on your finger like a little pet. They might have closing the mouth or whatever electrtonics. It's supposed to be like a little toy. Pet will a boy's variation of that is the mad lab untamed figures which are like dinosaurs or prehistoric creatures clearly. It's been genetically cloned lab at sort of a theme. Will they have a mad lab minis. Minnie's assortment and this is more what I'm getting to one second. Pardon me excuse me needed to take a drink as has my throat decided start coughing very moment by mistake by apologies the minis assortment. I looked up and apparently it. It was just a couple of months ago late spring early summer. When they started being released these my wife had been pointing not to me and it just recently clicked. I go yeah those are neat and never thought the buy one for whatever reason this weekend we were at target. I said Yeah Outcrop on the mad. Minis are a blind bag style toy or blind pack as they come in a little plastic plastic test tube and inside the test tube is slime now slide toys are all the rage right now but I've always loved slime and we era slime loving house household my wife slime too so it's not a Hartzell to get slammed sold to me. This test sube except blind packed. I really liked the tear here. Portion was decorated like a caution tape. I found out charming you pull their you. Tear it off. You pull the top of the test tube off. Open up your little toy and you'll see the top layer is blind bag. Figure and inside is also the slime now being that this is the ooh pardon me. I accidentally hit the record button ending the recording my mistake back to Matlab being that these are the untamed series the blind figures figures within our of prehistoric vibe. You have a dinosaurs and prehistoric animals such as saber toothed tigers but you also have things things like bears and wolves. There's also a set of cybernetic versions which is like a robot mastodon on gorilla and I believe I could be wrong. The idea is a I guess saying prehistoric is unfair as there's just as many things like wolves and bears and such as there is dinosaurs but the idea is there a a prehistoric slash savage world type theme of Little Animal Figures Little Cool well-done scopes you can are when you pull it out of the package to head is not connected you can actually disconnect the heads and the little booklet informs you of different combinations you can do by swimming's. Ping's sweeping what is that by swapping heads with one another to create different creatures. You know maybe put a dinosaur head on a mammoth breath or a robot head on a skeleton or skeleton monsters. I forgot to mention Ayers rock monsters that sort of thing these are really cool figures pleasantly really rub every Nice Keshi style figures. There painted a tons of different colors. There's a little booklet included with the package. That's actually wrapped around the tube. When you remove the rapper it's wrapped around. You have to cut the little piece of tape so you don't carry a little booklet and they'll tell you all the time. Figures in the current series very cool very cool. I wish I would have been buying buying more of them ahead of time but like I said sometimes things just don't click until they do. I do plan to get more of them. The second part of the toy would be the slime inside aside the vile. Your figure will be sitting on top of the slime at first. I didn't realize that it was different. Different types of slime inside. There's tons of blind packed. Toys was slime in it as is has different types of slime being wet et or putty or Klay like foam mixed. Whatever toy so it's like a you got discolor slime disfigure different ways to collect to if you're a complete is to drive you crazy type of thing the slime and these is themed to figure being that you might have a more like some figures will come with wet slime some will come into more foamy cyber. Mine mine came from the terror. Klay Group get at Earth Clay so this line was actually a plato type as more of a clay. It was green. I thought that was a really nice touch. Once again. I said different types of slime in blind packaging with toys is not a new thing but I like the way they themed to match to figure the figure I gots name was I think his name's Dome saw. I'm forgetting now that I'm talking about it. It was a you get toothed tiger. He had scars on him where he'd been in a fight yet. Scratch crosses I'd sort of thing really well sculpted and he's as part of the Tara Clay Group and he came with of course clay really great. I plan to get some more of these guys. As I implore you guys as well treasure treasure X. Allina talked about here prior. They went into an alien theme for the current year being that when you buy a treasury now they still have have the standard treasury with the dragons and beasts and skeleton figures whatever the giant hunks of San you have to dig him out of which is was excellent but they've added a new sort. Mitt called Treasure X. Aliens Treasure X. Aliens. You buy the figure. It's fairly expensive. I think priced them at fourteen bucks. I large Treasury is ten which is still pretty pricey the alien assortment you buy it. It's in a not a test tube. I guess one of those you know when you see any type of Scifi movie the Aliens being held that containment thing was full of liquids floating in there like Independence Day when I have the alien in that tube thing or whatever it's in something that's meant to its packaging is meant to look like one of those crystal plastic base and it's a two-part figure the one inside that she can see clearly as a large plastic slug looking alien type creature they have a couple of different scopes of those in different colors you open up your open up your containment unit thing and it has a sort of plastic scalpels type tool with a syringe. Syringe D- side to it where the belly as a place where you take your little scaffold and he saw that joker open you dissect the the alien similar to the mad scientist alien dissection kit which I'll get to in just a second you follow the preference the low the intended path to cut its sights molded answering and see where you cut and as you're cutting their slime inside for gooby gross feeling slime of course depending on how you're squishing on the alien whatnot might squirt out and the Oh that's gross it's meant to be that's awesome and inside. The alien was your part stupid. We put together a five stick alien figure as well as has the the bane body held in its head serves as container for this line to put it in. There's different color slimes. I believe they're all of a wet slime slime classics lime to a variety and it was a variety of alien scopes inside. I don't know how interested interested I am in the alien. I think it's neat but at fourteen dollars a set a figure is a bit high for a blind. The nine dollars already ready for a treasurer. X. was kind of hard anyway but the mini beasts that five was pretty acceptable. I guess I'll just have to see where my bravery takes me one day because who knows when they might grab one and the next thing. I know I'm justifying the price okay fourteen and a bad okay slimes. We'll figure in her. You know it's cool so we'll just see how that goes. I mentioned mad scientist a minute ago now. If you go back a few weeks on zone base dot Org. Maybe there's a little if you're using the web version of the site. There's a little search tool or I guess. If you go through the tags it's under Halloween or if you're the the mobile version you click the Halloween tag or if you scroll down to the bottom of the page is a few web version and bring your search either way look up the mad that scientists I made a post a few weeks ago as part of a Halloween posting on mad scientists toys when it came to these mad lab toys playing with and this mad scientist. Excuse me the the alien version treasurer ex. I got to thinking man. Oh man would it. It not be great if they made mad. Scientists blind toys one second. Let me get another drink before I cough again her as refreshing still coughed but I caught it this time I was thinking how great it would be for a new current line of mad scientists toys it could be a mixture of scopes based on the Classic Monsters and such from the original line as well as some new creations could be. Maybe like the mad lab in a vial full slime or maybe something else just a straight up lying line pack. That got me thinking how much I would love that. Maybe the maybe one based on the alien from the alien to section Kit. I seen that guy I pop up in a lot of indie toy indie toy makers wears and so I got guy wouldn't help. I think that that would go over well. A lot of people like it enough to make you know unsolicited versions of the character in you know maybe maybe they can even do some of the Babas Arby's from the Japanese incarnation of mad scientists. Let's again go check out. That article is saying a lot of people seem to like that one and maybe you will too well one more thing before I get into the the meat and potatoes of this month show my homeboy homeboy my home slice my main man. The God beast has a new batch of figures ready at his website shop. I think he put them up a week ago. There's probably some still left the goaded God be shop. You can see them. He also as now were sliding into Halloween and he has some of the monster cereal theme set still left and it would be good time to get them up as you know it's Halloween Monster. Student cereals are being stocked at your local store. You can't help but to be in the mood. He's got those sent effects. Musher cereal guys as well. I've got the blue monster figure would be scented like blueberry to match up with blueberry. I think I want to get the others. He's gotTa Count Chocula version nemesis. He's got a Franken Berry version of CABOODLE MUCCI as well as the larger vinyl figure. It's in a strawberry strawberry. The larger co MUCCI figure good stuff Halloween's around the corner. I can't wait suet his halloween. Selection will be now. It's getting to the main potatoes of this month's episode. I mentioned at the beginning. This is episode. Thirteen fate would have had it that the first Halloween themed episode of this year would be a month with Friday the thirteenth this coming Friday you. I'm recording this on Monday morning. This coming Friday will be Friday the thirteenth it's one of those magic. Halloween seasons where we have have a Friday the thirteenth throwing it while sure it would have been much better for the in October but we can't control the calendar now county so of course a lot of you probably watching Jason Movies on marathons really taken it in. It's the perfect time for Friday. The thirteenth ain't sure Friday to thirteen are great off season so it's where you can have a little mini Halloween. It may be in spring or summer or maybe even winter but it sure is great. Having one Halloween where there is an abundance of spooky merchandise at your hands grip you just reach out and grab one and any place you go those inexpensive dollar. Hockey masks are available so she's the perfect time so the commemorate such a momentous occasion as a Friday the thirteenth during Halloween as well as somehow this being the thirteenth episode at that time. I didn't plan it this way. I thought I would look at the Friday. The thirteenth movie movie series a little now being that transformed squadron is Transform Squadron and at the podcast zone based dot org which is a weird sight light about robots and monsters. I won't do it my way. I thought I'd take the time to point out some of the instances where transformers this has crossed over with Friday the thirteenth in one way or another now before I get started. This is not going to be the most comprehensive list in the world now. I don't don't know everything you know. I I could try to know everything but I still would know everything. I freely admit that I believe I have a pretty fun list of instances in here but that's totally not comprehensive just being the way these productions actions work you might have shared crew from one production to another or sewn whose voice actor worked on a movie here. They're that sort of thing so there's there's most likely a million more examples than the ones. I'm about to give you. I felt these were pretty neat. Starting off. I will have to guess I guess I'll have to start with the most most funny one and probably the most as low key of the mall as it's not really much of a crossover. It's just a funny coincidence Friday. The thirteenth part seven one of the one of the teenagers in that movie that of course gets hurt by Jason is played by Crispin Glover. Everyone knows Crispin Glover. He Played Mardi MC flies dad in the original back to the future. He's infamous for being a bit of a nutjob. Just kind of a Weirdo got a strange rap song just kind of a weird guy all around. He's a Friday thirteen part four playing a floor while part for paying playing ski just talking about Crispin Glover Lover got my voice messing up. We take a drink. That's better just talking about. Crispin Glover got me making all sorts of vocal typos. He's that weird. Crispin Glover is in Friday. The thirteenth part part four the final chapter is intended to be the last one and then they made another one here. You're later whatever crispin plays one of the teenagers and he's an awkward guy will as the group is having fun and partying at their cabin. He asks one of the girls to dance with him and he goes over he pushes on Stereo. I think the record on a song he dances like a madman for a minute or two. You have to see the stance to do just Google Crispin Glover Dancing Friday the thirteenth. It's on Youtube Youtube visitors gifts of it is the if you ever wonder exactly how unhinged Crispin Glover is watched a man dance now so when they record it they filled the scene they used a record of back in black by ACDC and crispin is dancing to back in black back that makes us make a little more sense if you've watched scene because his movements matched that song more natural song in used in the movie because when they dubbed over of course they didn't have the licensed rights to us back in black what they did have what they did use a song by lion the same lion who saw the transformers movie theme in the Nineteen Eighty six movie those guys they play love is alive by lion in that scene ever since I was a kid I thought those guys sounded familiar than later on finding out as the same guys hey that's pretty neat but speaking the things I thought sounded familiar as a kid and it's pretty neat and probably the most commonly brought up Friday. The thirteenth transformers crossover is is part of me wants second lawn. Guys are outside one second. I'm back. I felt it better to pause us. Instead of trying to battle the sounds of a weed whacker somehow the long guys always know when I'm doing anything that would require silence ironically though oh I just mentioned a weed whacker because the the incense is about to bring up is the most more well known Friday the thirteenth crossover and that would be Subaru suebu voice our see in transformers as we all know the original movies season three animated Subaru is Suba was also in Friday the thirteenth part seven as Mrs Sheppard Amanda Shepherd the main character's mother now. I said it was ironic. She was killed with a weed whacker. I guess I guess the long guys knew what I was talking about ahead of time here him out there. It's it's Jason. He's chasing on our see now. What makes that part always kind of stand out to me is one. I was a kid I. I thought thought that lady sounded familiar. You know your kids. You don't know all the names of the people involved with things as an adult you might not under some some nerds out there will remember every single artist writer or whatever I love dairy goes again he does he get her yet. Get her man. She still running running but you know I don't remember every single instance. I might remember this voice actor. This artists here there but a lot of them. I'm not going to remember or baby never find out their name when as a kid man you definitely don't notice things and there. I was watch and Friday the thirteenth part seven. Hbo You know is generally about a year after the movie would be released at the time that would show up on HBO or showtime or Something Within the movie would come out go to video by parents who let me rent it so I'd have to wait till the show on HBO and I'd Watch it while they're at work worked at night usually so it worked out for me that Friday night premiere. I'd get to see new Friday thirteenth or nightmare on ELM street here. Was this movie about about a new Jason goes back to kill people of course and the main star is a psychic teenager. This also will play into something talk about until the minute that I just realized I didn't. I wasn't thinking about this til just a second ago and it just occurred to me. That's kind of ironic but she plays the psychic teenager major and her mother is played by Sue Blue Subaru's taken her back to the camp camp where her father died beginning beginning of the movie her psychic powers had part of his death that his death as she's going back there to ask for counseling funnily enough or counselors played by the guy from weekend at Bernie's Bernie the corpse weird so the whole movie. I was a kid watching thinking wow her mom sounds super familiar turns out. RC issue sue blue speaking voice because it is you're literally hearing our C poll time now now. Here's where I was going to this is. This is funny how this works out sometimes things work of funny because she sees. Soo Blue who later became the voice director on beast wars and beast machines. I think animated as well she she's worked in animation a whole lot probably more than live action well star. Gary Chalk as did be some Sheen's. Gary Chalk was optimus primal. He has been in a million different productions both live action and animated you name it. He's probably I've been in it but go figure sue blue one of the stars of Friday the thirteenth part seven who who was our C. went on to be the voice director on Beast Wars starring Gary Chalk as optimus primal later in the armada energy on cybercrime cartoons. He was often sprite but here in beast wars he was directed by a Friday to thirteenth alumni. Here's where it gets funny now. He started in a Freddie versus Jason movie in fact the Freddie Versus Jason Jason Movie which came out in two thousand three. He played sheriff. You played the town sheriff. I have his name. My notes are not at hand right now. I'm so sloppy this he played the town's sheriff where the whole Freddie versus Jason Jason Shenanigans is going on. I was prepared to tell you that part. You probably already know that that's another one of those not as pretty well known factoid when it comes to this stuff what I just realized was and I wish out realized that earlier talk of works at my notes a little better Friday the thirteenth part seven was originally intended to be a Freddie versus Jason Movie And in those initial movie you got the aridity. There's the first steps are all the legal ease the script writing studios the back and forth and all that that's going back and forth forever until movie actually starts being worked on okay it was intended to be Freddie versus Jason Movie Terms Cubby met and somehow got made into a teen psychic versus Jason Movie go figure that one of the stars of what was supposed to be the Freddie versus Jason Movie later voice directed a guy who's one of the stars in the actual Freddie versus Jason. Sometimes things just work out in a very funny manner. Don't they now. Here's another bit of comedy about that. In Freddie versus versus Jason. We had a cameo appearance by one actor. Who Do we just had a small. Maybe Cameo appearance. That actor's name is Scott Ward. I know that names not flipping anything off in your head right now now. He's been in a lot of things but I'm GONNA get to white is it's funny how this worked out. Scott Ward had a small cameo role just based on his just based on his nominee as an actor or whatever you know nominee that's not the right word is based small cameo role. He was free for versus versus Jason a few years later. Scott Ward was into transformers two thousand seven movie playing one of the military personnel well. That's pretty cool but why is that so ironic just other than an actor was in a Jason Movie and then later transformers movie like like I said these things happen you know the these voice actors or actors water Aaron million productions and there's probably a ton of 'em. I'm not bringing up right now just because of the fact how things work. I don't know everything who knows maybe some best boy or a boom. MIC operator was on and all of them. You know I don't know but anyway. This guy was in a small cameo role in Freddie versus Jason and then a few years later one to military personnel in the transformers two thousand seven movie but what makes that so funny remember they were how I just said. Gary Chalk was Freddie versus. Jason will years later down the row. Gary Chalk was in a direct. DVD movie sequel to a popular all-time movie now the movie. I'm talking about how is Christmas Carol. Christmas Carol of course is a classic movie Ralphie wanting to Red Ryder. Bb Gun for Christmas and it's actually has other sequels. It's actually part of a series. You could google that if you like. I'M NOT GONNA get into all of it. Well there was a direct the DVD's sequel movie not tied into the original source material aside from Christmas story address. You know Christmas story part two would ralphie being older teenager wanting a car for Christmas. That's and to draw comparisons to the original movie. He has a Christmas break job working as an Elf for the Mall Santa. We all remember to Santa Cena Christmas story so Gary Chalk Place Senate that now why is that so ironic and funny. Will you see Zack Ward. Guy Was just mentioning he you Scott Farkas in the original Christmas story. You know the bully who was like terrorizing them in Ralphie. beat the crap out of that guy he was afraid versus Jason he was in transformers and he was Christmas story. That's weird. That's just kind of weird. How these things work out isn't it now it just kind of ironic due to away. These things work out. That was weird to me. I was just like I. I didn't even mean to do that. One what was going on was I was just kind of glancing over some of these things and I was looking at Gerry chalks character on the cast list and I said to myself hey that guy looks familiar because what I was going to do. I I made notes for this episode that like right now. I can't find and it was basically the sheriff's last. I don't think it Sheriff Marshall Who Gary Chalk Plate and I saw the scots like hey he looked familiar and clicked and they're one of the listings was transformer and riot top with Scott Fergus so that was an accidental one right there at all making notes for I didn't make the most comprehensive of notes best trying to get some of them and that was one of them now to end this one out. I'm going to talk about probably the most direct crossover and a real reason. I was clicking transfers two thousand seven listing because I wanted to get the characters name right see the transfers two thousand seven movie character named Trent DeMarco played by sure hold on one second. Pardon me I had a coughing fit for some reason those allergies won't Act Otamendi hit record the Trent demarco was played by Travis Van Winkle indie original coach transports two thousand seven movie. That was one of the reasons I was looking at the two thousand seven cast-list now the transformers two thousand seven movie is a production of platinum dunes entertainment platinum dunes is a production company owned by Michael Bay who made the transformers two thousand seven movie. He may also the Friday the thirteenth two thousand nine remake and two thousand ten nightmare on ELM street remake once again having and Freddy and Jason here in the same discussion but that's okay because it's the same. It's the same a chronological. It's the same cannon it's the same series series just a different bad guy in different parts of the world much like Captain America has to do with Red Skull and iron man had to deal with ironmonger in monger Freddy and Jason Exist in the same fictional setting okay before I get more into Travis Demarco Marco until you guys a funny story. I found out years ago that nightmare ELM street two thousand ten remake. Make didn't have Robert England playing Freddie Krueger as normally you know he's getting a little older they decided to recast them and they picked Jackie Jackie Earle Haley who you guys probably best know from Oh my Lord Africa the movie. The from the watchman will Jackie Earle Haley Played Freddy Kruger earlier in the eighties in the original dime round street. One of the stars was Johnny Depp Well. This is a funny story. Johnny Depp didn't intend tend to be in the movie he had went with his roommate too. The try-outs whose remit was an actor too and his roommate was trying out for the movie. The directors liked Johnny so much. They talked him into trying out and he got a role. We know who's roommate was Jackie Earle Haley who played for a cruiser in the two thousand ten roommate so just by the way a pure luck would have it. The Guy Tried out for the original movie as a teenager to be one two teenage characters and then later was in the reboot as the main bad guy. It's funny how these things work out but it's super funny how these things worked out have is pointed out earlier with Sue Blue Gary Chalk and Scott Farkas you hear see Michael Bay produced a course the the bulk of the live action transformers movies. I I think he just has his name on the credits for the bumblebee movie as part of a contractor whatever I don't know how much he had to do without one liquids Michael Bay his producer third rector records the live action movies his Phillips one of his little studios makes these are remakes they made the Texas chainsaw massacre remake and the Jason remaking all countries mentioned big whoop right. That's just you know. The Guy Likes to make money. Obviously who cares right well that Travis Van Winkle Mhm who was in two thousand seven transformers movie playing Trent DeMarco. If you guys don't remember well you guys remember the jerk in high school that was made to Sheila booth the Megan Fox's original boyfriend or I guess she was hanging around him. She might not have been his girlfriend a friend but she sure was pretty much paired up with him. At the beginning you know he was picking on Shiloh boo for whatever and she ended up leaving her to write off a Shiloh booth hair at that cool all seen and all you got. You got showed up their full that guy the jerk bully cool guy character. Trent DEMARCO. That was the characters name. Why am I pointing that out in two thousand nine okay two movies came out in two thousand nine. Well a Lotta movies did but in two thousand nine the Friday the thirteenth remake came out and then revenge of the fallen transformers partout came out later that summer in fact while you're watching into Friday the thirteenth into theater you likely saw a trailer for revenge fallen I know I did. That's just the way movies work of course will hey. Michael Bay directed one one of his production companies and then later his production company and did you guys notice if your ear nose in the transformers movies a lot of the side characters don't come back. You know it's Shiloh booths friend part one. It wasn't impart to his friend for part. Two was an import three very shallow buffet. Does an empire for you know that sort of thing you know. Megan Fox just vanished and part part three. You know these are things the we've all all discussed the movies rather all these things about the moves. I'm not gonNA say faults just enough people that said already will the trend. DEMARCO guy sure didn't show back up and rented a fallen diddy. Trent DeMarco Travis Van Winkle played the character of Trent demarco and fry thirteen two thousand nine. He played the exact same character who spoiler. It's a decade year old movie got murdered erred so the at least. DEF- reboot Friday the thirteenth from two thousand nine is in the same actual capacity the of the live action movies he played the same guy wasn't just the same actor. He played the same guy. Now I know some you could point will will. There's nothing solid concrete shut up Trenton. Tomorrow was killed by Jason after being a jerk Sheila booth he made fun of Bumblebee and Jason Killed Him that had happened so that's the most concrete Friday thirteen ain't crossover being that in a semi sort of way the move some of the movies are connected funny now. It's not concrete. I know it's just could have been just the they're like hey he's in this movie to listening his character that he played the same ain't sort of upper-class popular kid you know they obviously they just did it for Ngok. Whatever but dude the guy who was a jerk. Trent demarco totally got murdered by chason before part to ever happened. It'd been cool if one of the newspaper clippings would have just had like in revenge the fall and local kid missing or something well. I think that'll do it for this. For this. Month's episode Halloween's got one more month in the main month October and I'll be back in October Ober when not only another pumpkin spice edition of the show but just another episode of Transform Squadron. This episode of Transform Squadron can before as well as all the others can be found on radio DOT net. You can check off for shows and showtimes while you're there. Brian Kilby would absolutely love it if you check out those is Amazon links my name's rob you can find me on Instagram at Robo Rob Springer. That's at the little swirly Robo Rob Springer her but of course transformed squadron as the podcast of Joan Base Dot Org zone base dot org can be found at are you ready zone based DOT Org. WWW don't forget that zone basis dot org. I am going to refill my drink like a thousand six so I was recording. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for listening and all of you for reading zone base I I realized shortly before start recording this episode that this is the one year marker of Transform Squadron as a podcast and I guess my return to podcasting. I didn't do this intentionally. I just realized looking over things that hey the first episode of Transform Squadron was September two thousand thousand eighteen so I'd like to thank each and every one of you for listening be it the entire year or even just recently thank you and if you haven't checked Red Zone Donbass. Hey please go read on base. If you have thanks for reading zombies so based on Bass Zone Base Dot Org thanks for listening. I will see you guys later bye

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