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"alabama british psychopath" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Bomb and they try and save each other and the collision course of what happened during the war and what happens in Poland. Absolutely fantastic. That's in paperback, and then we could move on to some nonfiction and one of my favorite authors, and so many people read him because he is great for business books, but also just the things that you could apply to your own personal life. This is Malcolm Gladwell new book. We all Know him from writing, Blink out liars, talking to strangers. His book, David Goliath, but what he does he find stories or he takes the story and he retells it. You can get so much out of his retelling. And this is a story about a Dutch genius and his homemade computer. This is during World War two and the longest night of the Second World War and abandon brothers in central Alabama. British psychopath. Pyro mint, maniacal chemist at Harvard to examine one of the greatest moral challenges in modern American history, and it's about how they're going to learn. Than an airplane. She really target bombings and precision bombing. It's all about all these different, you know, unconnected people getting together and how they make this happen. It's just incredible story illustrates how You know, for things for business and how we could look at our life and put things together and make them work. And there's no one like him. It could take a story like that and tell it in that way, so that that is ah, new nonfiction. And then, of course, Tammy Duckworth's has written her memoir Every day is a gift. So Senator Duck with basically I think a lot of people did not know about what her life was when she was a young child. Azad vibrational, daughter of American father in a Thai Chinese mother, and they faced a lot of discrimination. She lived in poverty and, um, she experienced so much even before she was 16 years old, and she used to sell flowers. They lived in a Y on the street just to help raise money to keep her family of float. And that's all before. What she did is a soldier and a helicopter pilot in Iraq. It is just an incredible story, and you get to know what it was brilliant woman She's been ever since a child and into adulthood. So just a great memoir there, But this one Yes, this one is another nonfiction one. This is from Source Books, which is an Illinois publisher, one of the largest independent publishers of the country, Right in Naperville. And this is from the same author Kate Moore, who wrote the radium Girls that all took place in Ottawa about the women who used to lick the brushes with the radiance and paint the Dial's On so they would glow in the dark and what happened to those women that was just incredible story, But this one is called the women. They could not the woman they could not silence one woman or incredible fight for freedom and the men who tried to make her disappear. And this is another Illinois story where she explores the life Elizabeth Packard, who was a mother of six. And a housewife, and she was kidnapped by her husband and placed in a mental institution and Jacksonville, Illinois in 18 60. The reason why he did that was to silence her because she was out spoken. She was intelligent. And she didn't do what he wanted her to do. Wow. I bet you something fantastic recommendations here. Yeah, of course. That one is just incredible to think. When she gets into the prison, she realizes what a lot of other things women in this prison who were in the same boat that she was their husbands. Put them away. Fantastic. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much For all these recommendations. We're out of time We could go on and on. I love talking about books. No real quick. Let's let's name a classic that everybody If you haven't read it, you got to read it and it's a great summer read..

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