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"al feno" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Looking in Al feno got. Into state prison in chillicothe, with a four o'clock report I'm Jeff Henderson breaking now the Ohio State patrols not saying yet how. The drugs got into the Ross Correctional Institute in chillicothe it appears an inmate was contaminated with Fenton all. And everyone who responded to his medical emergency, became contaminated the Ohio State patrol says twenty nine people. Including one inmate were treated most were treated and released vast majority of those presenting this morning, who, had been exposed were experiencing symptoms such as. Lightheadedness nausea sensation of numbness in their hands. And feet, they felt their extremities to be very heavy and again they felt very sleepy entire one person is being admitted to the hospital in chillicothe after, receiving, Narcan another is being observed Now, the latest, traffic and. Weather together from the UC health traffic center congratulations to you see medical center in Westchester hospital. I even high. Honors from US news and World Report. Accidents with injuries on Montgomery road across from Bethesda, north, hospital right now and other downtown seventh and main east Pete Rose way between Broadway and marrying and Glenn. Way at cress slow spots, seventy one for Mitchell to Reagan south seventy one seventy five that is from Mitchell Reagan south seventy. Five year thick through the construction area from Sharon down to shepherd and again from Freeman across the bridge. To the cut in the hill I'm rob, Williams on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w is.

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