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"al fayed beautiful" Discussed on Gloss Angeles

"Really it has another ingredient in. It covers sourcing all considering that an acid to it can be done with more frequency and much less downtime or almost no downtime okay and then you can start to do more of the classic higher strength professional alpha and data. Hydroxy acid appeals. You can hear. Pure beta hydroxy peels. Okay and as you move down the ladder you can see my collagen and you. Don't have the downtime and you might wanna do a series of those. Okay you might wanna do like two or three of those like two or three times in two or three months and get very very good results without any risk of scarring were redness. Were hyper pigmentation. So okay this reminds me of like when you go to the hair salon as brunette or if you have black hair like if sarah was going to get bleached-blond platinum blonde hair. Some people can do it at eight hours and it's like a whole ordeal but most of the time they'll like start slow you'll be orange for however long like four or five weeks you go back and they take it a couple of steps later. That's kind of like getting these alphabet. Appeals reminds me of and doing a series of them is just going like full finol. Like you're walking out of the gates of house you are risking like all that breakage in your hair yeah and sort of going full throttle you do. The series of appeals. And it's better for your skin overall exactly and then then you have the home version which is having much less strong but don daily right. Fm kills a daily treatment. And it doesn't have no downtime but it adds up so it's almost like exercise is you know. I just think that people are better off doing like. He's doing something. Mattress is in the right at an everyday regular basis rather than doing one crazy radical workout once a week. But i hear you but the hair thing exactly tissue. That's human tissue. You know what you're saying is true. You money all powell. What's your favorite peel. My favorite peel. a we have retinal appeals to motorway. Use appealed you twice week unloving that appeal and by the way. There is a real science to mixing appeal and doing a combination of them at the of the week. You do al fayed Beautiful is called synergy. This also another idea at relevant for people to understand. You wanna use ingredients. You want to sort of get a regimen where you're integrating all the scientifically proven ingredients in your regiment. Because they all these different things and you want to get that entire spectra of skincare results by using all three meets the retinol. Kyo answer. i'm. I am so happy with the way that turned out. It's been phenomenal. I've been using it regularly. Okay so let's talk about like an at home peel routine regimen like you're talking about. Let's say for someone who hasn't been using your appeal every single day for the last twenty years. How should they introduce it into their routine. And how often should they be using it. And then maybe if they wanted to incorporate the retinol peel like takasu year recommendations. Okay so i think that will be outfit. Appeal comes in three different strengths right. It comes in the gentle version it content universal Intermediate any extra strength. Well plan your.

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