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Placemaking, biodiversity and diplomacy

Monocle 24: The Urbanist

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Placemaking, biodiversity and diplomacy

"And welcome to monocle. Twenty four the urban est. The show all about the cities we live in. I'm andrew talk coming up on today's program with what we do is intense square. Where essentially responsible for the place making is one of key objectives say to activate the public spaces. We bring you a bundle of reports from the past couple of days. The london design festival to hear more about the importance of place making and bringing neighborhoods together. Then we explore the line between rural an urban in montevideo. I'm how new york city changes when the un rolls into town and head to dahbi to hear about a new park changing landscape for the better. All coming up in the next thirty minutes right here on the urban est with me so welcome to this week's episode today. We're coming to from athens. As we put the finishing touches to our annual quality of life conference but more on that later. That's getting stuck in and turn to london because the city is currently playing host to design week. The challenge is new brownfield. Developments in any city is enticing life activity and then new completed buildings and public spaces in an effort to do this. An square. A recently finished mixed use neighborhood in north. London has partnered with london design festival to launch a week. Long showcase that aptly titled isn't an designed district the event which runs from the eighteenth to the twenty. Six of september includes a place making program developed by. Charlie hey and his team at campbell. Hey studio who've worked with a host designers including lg baton from the art of pong and benjamin bill and charlie has learned of bench studio to find out more and one. Nick minnie's paid a visit on opening night. I'm charlie hey. i'm their credit director at campbell. Hey multi disciplinary design studio and we're working with one of our main clans square which is where we're standing today with an place making and design ryman. Can you tell me a little bit about. Is lincoln square. Wh what is it for people. That maybe aren't familiar with london. Familiar with the project into square is a project is very close to heart. We've been working on it for a farewell night. It is a mixed use development. There are apartments and homes. There is a fantastic cinema and jim complex. There's a lot of mixtures retail restaurants and kids trump says. There's something for everyone as apart hotels as well say people kind of visiting the area can stay or friends and family find a to stay nearby people visiting and understand just from us chatting briefly before we dived into these india that your background is as an industrial design product design. What role are you playing. I guess shaping this new community how did how did you end up working. I think for many people. It's typically the domain of architects and landscape architects and planners. I studied product design as a degree so i was familiar with the design festivals. We've been around the world You know the new york design week. Milan design week. And you know we'd seen the kind of crowd during capacity those events have and with what we do is intense square. Where essentially responsible for the place making is one of our key objectives activate the public spaces and we thought that an interesting way to do that would be invoked with lgf. We've been thinking about it for a couple of years but the timing had never been quite right. Initially we will look at it into one thousand nine. At that point it was too early in the kind of the schemes build cycle and then of course we had the time dynamic and cova. I'd say twenty twenty rice off. Say we canes gonna make it happen in twins twenty one and what does that look like. What does the place making throughout the london design festival look like the place. Making is into the square features a host of pop ups furniture makers furniture designers initiative. That we've been involved with with ping pong which is really fun kind of more frivolous element to the show. Ceramicist knitwear is really kind of live exhibition. Happening justin green. Who's curated a series of posters. That's in the by residency unit. One of our retailers. All of jacob is hosting a walk shopping new boarding. What shop and you can book now online and we've always bench. They've set up a live studio whether it be taking consultancies and kind of working with directly in in the space kind of welcome commissions or signed financial. And what's i guess. The overall ambition of all of this of you know the ping pong or or inviting people into businesses. That have tendency here. What's the ambition. The ambition i think is to establish is linson as a destination not just for retail of culture and design more broadly and to emphasize i suppose to work with the. You know some of the brands that we've got. Hey we've got all and jacob which is a furniture brand. We've got other lifestyle brands as part of the permanent retail. Mix that kind of. I think benefit from the halo. The lgf creates is just generally raising awareness of the scheme. Giving people to reasons come down and visit so. My name is algae. I run the ping pong. My background is in graphic design. So he's have a design agency co 5-foot-6 me and my business closed at about five or six years ago. People side project really one. I kept going and in the last probably two or three years. It's jazz it move. Momentum it's become now my main gig really. And what is out of ping-pong can you explain. What what the concept is. I have your pitch your elevator pitch worked out. But basically it's having an interest in ping pong background in design. It's just kind of celebrate north subculture ping pong more the open games less so the the organized clubs celebrating pingpong through bringing art to it design. Focus so we do put ox. We do artists collaborations brand collaborations. We put on events and where possible we try to bring in supporting good causes so tonight we've got fandango kid live painting one of our many tables action that offer charity. So it's nice to be able to do stuff like that but really it's me messing about with bringing a design background to the ping pong as much as anything else. Can you talk a little bit about the to permanent ping pong tables that you're gonna leave behind here after the festival is lincoln square. I mean what's your hope for them. And how do you hope that shape or change. People's behavior in this part of the city permanent table seem to have a of a subculture around the more seen around this summit granary square kings and there was a guy who came along tonight. Who's part of that club. And and i know they're really good players and it's become like a sort of informal really high standard ping pong club in an open space. So i'd love it if that starts to happen here or starting to happen in canary warf to that kind of thing became more commonplace so when after we played little pink at work a few of us thought we were. Kind of good tens. We weren't that good. We'll be joined the ta english sensation and suddenly the scene was quite four. More you had to play regulation rubbers. It was quite strict and we will We don't really ping-pong pong so the scene goes on king's cross for me is much more my civil thing. It's a few people to get together on evening. They play a lot. They start to get to know each other. They something told them. It's that same thing can happen to listen to the square. Think it'd be fantastic. I'm ben and i worked with charlie beside bench about two and a half years ago and is designed to make company self resetting furniture and building cabinetry and my background's in design and architecture and charlie my background's in making so that we can together about two and a half years ago. I'm in the seven years bedrooms. Trainings be an architect. I was in a workshop gain experience of of like going to different routes to get to conversation point in a sense. And what are we doing here. What's not all about we're here. Everybody had turned Exhibition of what. Our company do and sewing funds collection. Recently finished is being about eight months of since we've competed first line of furniture where the bread and butter. Our company is being designed to make projects and this has been really amazing. Opportunity to showcase out to an audience of salts may pass. Knicks never studied about like a graduate from here. Here's really nice on tons of what we want to kind of get from it. I guess exposure in a sense and hopefully some become seasons will come out of it and it feels like the end result will be silent tangible what we're going to really gain for myspace really nice to be in a space to be part of the festival and it's kind of like what we're doing on the map essentially and i guess in terms of just being in this area and this neighbor being an almost a shopfront set up for this week that you're here. Do you think it's going to inform your designs in the future changing the way you're saying people are literally moments ago. Had a conversation with this icelandic. Couple ceramicist about me. Damn having a cia about. Maybe a collaboration so in that respect yeah totally again that thing just being in a place to have a conversation fog you could get an email or text message or a phone call. There's nice about how do we essentially set up shop. Unit is active is an office for us for the week and is really nice to have somebody. That's kind of like fuddy furniture now Freestanding furniture. I might have a week of us working together in a really beautiful office knows often do because you're either way from home away from workshop. I guess just finally lessons for other cities that might be also hosting festivals. Is there samaritan inviting designers and other creatives to work in unexpected places throughout the city. And what do you think that can do for. See what was nice about it. Is the incident conversations that you have with people you wouldn't and i think that probably works both ways so for us in the last couple of days chatting to people who just lived locally and maybe not have an interesting design. I'm for us to showcase the things that we do has been rewarding. Monaco's nick minnie's reporting from the opening night of the is lynton design district which is on until the twenty six september. This is the urban est now. Another city that has been busy hosting some of the world's most important people is the city of new york leaders of one hundred ninety. Three countries have descended into the big apple for the united nations general assembly but how different is world diplomacy after the pandemic and how does the city which is still currently imposing corona virus restrictions. Adapt to having the world's mighty roll into town markle's news editor. Chris chair mc reports the oven est. Vaccinations helping in queens in all five boroughs everywhere in the city and were using our vaccination capacity to reach the whole world this week because it's united nations general assembly week back in new york city. There has always been an uneasy relationship between diplomats and the city of new york but no so than during the annual shindig that is the united nations general assembly this week new yorkers welcomed world leaders back to their city for the first time since the start of the pandemic new york mayor bill de blasio speaking at the top. There did his best to speak to that class. Concern new yorkers have whenever world leaders roll into town. Of course. I want to urge. All new yorkers avoid the area around the united nations. On the east side of manhattan. It's going to be congested for most of the week but again there's a lot of good things happening this week that we're happy but of course this year was different and not just because of the return of traffic for one thing. The united nations has to be much more diplomatic than new york. When it comes to safety measures the un for example called for everyone to be vaccinated but had little choice but to accept that some world leaders may not be vaccinated and so went by a sort of honor system that basically amounted to a policy along the lines of. Don't ask don't tell if it had been up to new york. Mayor de blasio any road leaders who were not vaccinated. Wouldn't have been allowed into the country at all. We need to send a message to all the world leaders including most notably bolsonaro from brazil. That if you intend to come here you need to be vaccinated if you don't wanna be vaccinated. Don't bother coming because everyone should be safe together. It means everyone needs to be vaccinated. The fact that de blasio had to make such a statement during a briefing at a school in new york. Unveiling the city's policies for how to get children back to school safely smacked of those double standards. That new yorkers hate so much children and parents need to take precautions while diplomats are perceived to run around the city with impunity. But while there may not be much the big apple or laws you can do at the national level or at the un secretary in itself. That hasn't stopped new york from enforcing the rules elsewhere in the city. We have that citywide policy called kita nyc and this required due to show your vaccination card to be able to enjoy any sort of indoor entertainment. This is penny abdur dina. New york's international affairs commissioner. Basically the city's foreign minister. This was the attitude that we also took in terms of working with the us mission to the un and the president of general assembly and the secretariat to ensuring that vaccinations are at the heart of how people navigate not only ongo but how they navigate new york city. While they're here new yorkers of course are the ones that have to suffer the consequences if world leaders and their dignitaries are roaming their city without taking appropriate precautions that reality has also led to local businesses and citizens rather hilariously leveling. The playing field against people not used to having to follow the rules. Brazilian president julia so now who has defiantly refused to take. The vaccine was most famously pictured outside on the new york sidewalk with pizza after a local establishment apparently would not let him in without proof of vaccination. The whole episode does highlight a delicate balance. A city like new york has to play more than most new yorkers tend to take pride in their international outlook but with that reality also sometimes comes a lack of control penny abbey where dina insists that. Despite these complications diplomats do generally play a positive role in the city and she cites the earlier stages of the pandemic as an example their relationship that we've had with this core during cova during the height of co bids so going back to march twenty twenty one new york city. Was the epicenter here in the us. We received historic donations from the united nations. We received donations everything from pta to ventilator part two meals for our healthcare workers from our diplomatic corp so we really road the hardest part of the wave here in new york city with them together. So we very much feel like their new yorkers everywhere dina says. The new york also returned the favor by offering vaccinations to all of the diplomatic corps that remained in the city throughout the pandemic so while the arrival of world leaders may have caused problems for some new yorkers. This week it's worth remembering not just the bad apples that come with that responsibility. The diplomatic corps that lives in the city. They have a stake in the health and safety of new york as well and participating in what makes this city great at the end of the day as penny says they're all new yorkers. Really thank you chris. I was markle's news editor. Chris chairman next after uruguay city dwellers can easily forget the broader landscape that they're part of in countries such as uruguay that have strong agricultural heritage each year the countryside comes to town in montevideo the capital thousands. Gather each september the expo produ- for a moment that connects both world and latin america. Affairs correspondent listened to add it. Sentence this story into its one hundred fiftieth year grand products ambition uruguay showcases livestock farming equipment and produce cultivated in rural corners of the south american country. Right heart of the city for a week in september. It's not uncommon to seek out shows on horseback roaming the streets outside parliament as they make their way to a series of events in present the best breeds in the capital every day. The main pavilion is open to all but stands that promote the countryside. It's one of the big inner city school outings of the year with students able to pet baby. Lambs learn about cultivation and even get a taste of some of uruguay most sought-after homegrown exports summoned disease including britain used the expert as an opportunity to promote bilateral trade. This was even live scottish thing. It's been seen as a way to remind townies on the central government that the buck county exists hoping to unite these two very different lifestyles the makeup the same nation president. I oppose himself. The city dweller. He was born in. The capital reiterated the importance of maintaining a dialogue with the community. It's not important to europe. It's cultural identity. Many more compatibility for several years. We come as a team to talk competitor. Understand what's happening and to exchange ideas. It's a very important sector for uruguay. Not just for what they bring to our economy. How they live window unwilling all over what into what you know what interests only a minute ago. Us the expo. This year coincides with fiery debate over land rights. Protest organized by the rural community. Went ahead as well as several other strikes to demand that better looked after and contest reduction in public funding back in nine. Hundred forty eight uruguay enacted a colonization. Little part of its transition to democracy. It meant that smaller dwellings for granted. Pop land rights and protections in most cases with families paying reduced rental fee to the state. The tones land a similar system is in place in former colonies like australia. Argentina rural new zealand that rely heavily on their farming sectors and pasta origins. But as more and more people move to cities. Roughly one point three million of uruguay. Three million population lives in the capital alone questions. How much funding should be designated to these. Motorists unwind their rent should be subsidized tool of being raised on also during the pandemic when persons a particular stretched roughly four hundred thousand hector's in uruguay fall under the subsidy system with fewer than four thousand people actually tending to that land. The government is one observer told me has is an atheist that uruguayans indirectly painful rents them out below market rate and all so they can win the rural vote. It's an entirely outdated system. They all estimates suggested if those hector's were rented to the private sector commercial farms or foreign investors at current prices. Uruguay would stand to receive over a billion dollars. Evangeline annual income income. That could go to help growing cities for monaco in montevideo. I'm new eliot. Thanks the center. This is the best finally. There's a brand new issue of monocle magazine out on newsstands today and you might notice a few differences. We've taken advantage of the summer to get a bit of inspiration and rethink our pages and features one of the stories. We cover is about the our five park in apple dahbi. A newly competed project by the danish design firm offering twenty seven thousand five hundred square meters public space. That's roughly the size of about four. Football pitches and the best part. They do that. Without using planting an abrogation that becomes at odds with the surrounding desert environment. Razzmatazz astro is a partner sa and the man who led the project. He told us more about the vision behind it and how they've made it a reality. It's the may and myself has been traveling and working in. Uae fall six seven. Yeah we all wanted to see if we could bring our dna to reach in. That has no soy bean wide range region where the speed up the development is sometimes ten times than what you see in copenhagen by instance and it was based on our approach that beeping need that every nation culture is deeply linked to its nature especially the culture of new is peeling surviving in a hostile environment. But then you discover and it's actually surprisingly rich. That was kind of our ecstatic. Inspiration and sin abrasion off the you a germ and that was what led us to be knocking being bided for pitch this park which is calling out fate. Pack and i'll stay is neutrally meaning shadow. So of course is the show up tree. And i think shadow of the tree is too key too. Many things in you. A and this particular is a general of so this podcast and intimate of by members. Cheap also micro cds like abu dhabi to cry only american new cds copying each opening cds copying each other. It's a competition who's class the biggest most interesting but no such thing as most original gustavo sustainable theories. But it's starting to be seen now that cds competing in other intimates than just the towers fastest so that transition paradigm shift is very interesting and expect that at packed like fake and happen in dhabi his trauma of course because though they were ready to do that they ask for that. So that's the one but it's also globally. We have right now. The biggest rice the world has seen. We believe so. Because this damn nick but we believe that diversity is raping and the bite adversity crisis two fundamental everything right that system you can never get it back. So he looses. It's just gone for him and pick cool thing about cindy grading numbers. There is this link between culture and nature but also micro-climate that is that you need to solve in a city light so by virtue this sense of dongming awareness. We can see that. It's really gauge nature. And it's so brave. I didn't mcabe. Because i haven't seen a new ability to scroll and then maybe it's weird to say when we add that the scientist but it's the first hot inury without a known. That's always does no loan this tire. I think it's the first one where it'll be radically from the beginning. Chook and approach where by adversity was driver for the whole decide. It's the first one where micro-climate was really also drive. And like how could we know what the temperature which is of course important and his own circus freshman at where you this had co approach towards irrigation that is embedded here and then of course on tabar daddy's own about getting in touch with nature. There's a forest track basically. it's an activity. Then we said well if you have activities the best frame for that is a forest because it cools down the violent it brings in for managing. That is great for social engagement for sports activities and it breaks identity so it's kind of an urban forest that is also something new. It's really going the right direction. I think that of course. So many boundaries it's genitive of course financially back tick like us. It's important to say that efforts. You can contribute to diversity at that meets that you need to come in with a complete different approach need to bring biologists and berry should expertise for instance now So what do we do then. We had to make a new side six. We had to irrigate inefficient system. According to water and topography we had to do a new maintenance by that. Versatility is different species. But it's also about animals. So after i think one week there was chew and it ignace and diplock could say laughing at twelve so they moved habits and it was a big debate because people were afraid to be. Is that conventional dangerous. Working at the birth nets annoy congressional. Take it the get noisy and misty so we are now debating. How can we find a balance of such an elementary. Because everybody should be out to be there. It's not just act like it's hot for all living creatures. I think it does a not for the local community because it's bringing in for manage open spaces of public spaces. I kind of most democratic placed back. I would like to be in series and when you have high nyc on say even though you can face lots and such. That's no program you're not forced by anything like you. I knew more so everybody can beat. I kind of dust go there and see the diversity because it's kids it's elderly. It's only rates old backgrounds. So that's really a diverse to at the active. They play sports. They run around. No so it's not former. It's informal and i think that whole concept of people sweating made basketball walking around broadening super cool way to engage and socialize and bring people together Razzmatazz astra partner at s. l. I and you can read the full story in the october issue of multiple magazine which is out today in all good. News stands all for this edition of the urban us. Join us next week as we bring you. Some highlights from our quality of life conference which is happening in athens this weekend. Maybe that's why my recording sounding different today. We're in a rather large and echoey room. But today's episode was produced by collartoo. Rabelo and david stevens and david also edited the show with assistance from steph trigger and jack jurors and playing out this week's episode. His richard hawley with tonight. The streets hours. Thanks for listening. Oh god neo law beer. Be what is the that you not. then you find. It's way alive thaw no nine the.

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