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"al accu" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

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"al accu" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

"But you also have really young guys like jonathan india. Like a jose barrio. And i know barrio obviously doesn't play as much as kyle farmer does short. I mean kyle. Farmer i mean he was born in one thousand nine so he's not that young but he's still. I mean if actually that. Read steve really. Isn't that young but do have some really good prospects like hundred rain coming up. The jonathan india is is the guy that they brought up this year they and they also have shogo akiyama who a good outfielder forum is just right now with tyler. Knick win and then center tyler. Aikman's a great defensive center fielder allocates. It's as simple as that for the American league cy young award or not cy young award the american league rookie of the year. The award was predicted to go to randy arose. Raina i mean. He was the number one prospect in all of baseball. He got off to really slow start and who didn't get off to a slow start. Els all these garcia at the at a texas. I think he has a pretty much locked up. And i think i mean like he could hit thirty home runs this year. He's i mean but he is a twenty eight year old rookie. So he's like right in his prime. You could make an argument. For like casey mayes or luis garcia at a houston. Honestly like i would probably go with luis garcia but i do think that all these garcia kinda has locked up as of right now randi arena a little bit of dark horse out in the al accu battle a great a great option as well but in the grand scheme of things. I don't really think that it's much of a real real race in the american league wild-card much like i don't think it's any kind of erase. Really four. Eighty buddy to win in the al other shohei otani in that at the i mean itani has elite league in home runs and he's also their number one starter. It feels like he's playing. Mlb the show like legitimately. You can do that on. Mlb the show. And i try it like dynamic difficulty. My is on everything. Like i'm playing it like everybody else. And oh my gosh. It is so hard to be shohei ohtani. I don't know how he doesn't out in the nfl. Though it's it's different because death really. The front runner diocese absolutely the front runner but he was out for a while. And did he give enough space to like. Did he leave enough space. Open for a A max muncie. I mean maximum. See quietly leads everybody in be war and left handed. Slugger has a nine seventy one opie s escape to bolt capable defender at multiple positions. You also freddy freeman you. Also kind of have trade turner. Turner is in the batting title conversation right now. Some dark horses. I mean buster. Posey's having a great year. Kris bryant was having a great year bryce harper. I've been kind of making a push for bryce harper. You can also make the case for joey votto also nicholas cassiano says well but neither of those guys were really getting much love in that aspect. But i think that i mean. Turner freeman muncie. Those are all very good options. Battiste definitely does not have this locked up like shohei does. It's going to take a lot. I think for show to lose it and fruit to go to to guerrero as good as guerrero has been this year. Now we're going to take a short break at least for you guys for me. I'm going to wait until the twenty second. So that way i can give you guys the most accurate standings updates before i up to upload the episode. Excuse me for stuttering. Over my words. But i will see you guys in.

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