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Lewis Hamilton on How His Formula 1 Career Led Him to Collaborate With Tommy Hilfiger

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Lewis Hamilton on How His Formula 1 Career Led Him to Collaborate With Tommy Hilfiger

"Welcome to inside fashion at this week. We're sitting down with a race car driver Lewis. Hamilton is a six time Formula One champion but he has also started collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger. I sat down with Louis the day before. The collection was launched at London fashion week to get his backstory to learn how he became one of the most successful Formula One drivers in history and the approach he used in his collaboration with Tommy who made a very special appearance towards the end of our conversation to talk a little bit about what he saw. So here's Lewis Hamilton. With special appearance from Tommy Hilfiger inside Fashion Lewis. Hamilton how are you? I'm great value. I'm good thanks for having me tomorrow. Big Day it is has been a huge build-up as so much work has gone into to have in the show here in London. Which is really important for me to have and You know I get to be involved in so many of the elements in for example. Choose London as the launch of the two thousand Twenty Spring Collection Spring Summer collection and bring wanting to really highlight the fact that I am British. Yeah even though I'm working with US brand and you know see. Tommy you see a lot of the American flag everywhere and I wanted to remember that. A collaborative Both and also there's just some so much culture here and style and great autism so it was very important me to bring you cool before we go in depth on the collection. I wanted to go further back. Because you know the hard work didn't start with this collection and it goes back many many years to bring you to the position where you can even contemplate doing something like this absolutely so. I never interviewed a race car driver before so educate me and little. How how. How does someone become a race car driver? How does that even happen So I mean we kind of stumbled across it in the sense that so I started racing when I was eight K. My parents with us to live with my dad on the weekends. My Dad was you know this kind of Awkward Guys I. What do I do this little kitten? You know like a lot. Dads are and the thing that I loved loved. 'cause so as left car is crazy about cars as a little boys are in yeah and So that tons of toy cars. I used to Had A little radio control car and the actual like the initial point was I was full and our next door neighbor from the one bedroom. Flat that we lived in in Hatfield He built models of boats and he had built this radio control car. He was driving in cocking on the road and he came over and join. Do you WanNa go and I was like yes about two and I remember driving this thing and I was really good remote control car. Everybody was really quick. Yeah 'cause a big one that believe for thousands four year old able to control this little car with a joystick controllers and so then he bought me one and we started racing four hours racing against people of our age. Who's young establish Over ten years and and I remember to watch the racetrack. You stand on the podium to look down upon it and to to go with the Kind of defense to the over. I had to stand on like three D. A. K. cases and racing. These guys who you know. Spend their hard earned in to raise these. Cause and unbeaten imagine how angry these look. These guys were Still four yards five years beaten. Us Am anyways my dad than was like Hayes head to Akron Coordination's clearly very great and I think he was talking to someone. That's why didn't try to go when I was five. I went to Spain with my dad and we came across a go kart track and that was the first time I drove a car and again that was natural so I thought my dad bought me one from an old newspaper. The back pages was V fifth hand yet villain by like five. Six families really bent and crooked and rusty and stuff. My Dad resprayed woods Stuff like diy still like being Hewlett was and then we entered some races and we one from the one the fresh race. And I loved it. Some I if you do you keep working out at school will do whatever. I can't keep racing. We WanNa First Championship when I was ten and the rest is history silent. Us Thirteen by full monty. Youngest EVER TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Is that one day. We Start Recruiting People. That time right but now they do so. I was the youngest ever to be signed. And also you know. This sport never been diverse. Yeah was gonNA say because you didn't come from like a privileged background. It's a very expensive sport. It really is. So what was that like for you? It was? It was really for me as a kid I was. I was having fun in A. Yeah we go to school in my weekend. I'm going to my friend's house devastated by Rhonda Right and I loved it so much am but my dad was really hot for my family. My Dad remortgaged had to remortgage house. God knows how many times He had four jobs at one stage in the early stages which sounds crazy because there was no future plan for us you know but it was just hoping that we love doing but it was getting more and more expensive How can I? How can I make money to pay for the tires this weekend? How can I keep the call going? Nowhere weekends wells like aside to do a race number desert. I'm I'm sorry. I've done the money this weekend. So He's been the the one of the most infamous stepmom. She's coming to a new relationship as a kid there and she gave up her life. Saving and belief and the commitment was just. It's so special to the real story is not the success that I've had that that people from working in a working class families can really relate to dance. Who Don't know what to do with his. You see people out there today. Support naked on the side of football pitches the same the same thing and there's not a lot of Jarvis data have that background so as the Honda to a lot of people to relate to. But that's the one. I'm trying to make sure that people know because we came from nothing you can do it with a lot of hard work and of course you've got to have fortune on the way in the sense of meat if I didn't meet the boss of the four one team a win of signed and without that signing I would have made it because we would add money. Have you seen cool runnings? Yeah Yeah of course. You know my favorite that took place in Calgary. Yes I grew up in. Calgary did yes. I was there for Olympic no way where the Jamaican bobsled team shown. Yeah Wow and I got two weeks off of school does those. I was in the opening ceremonies. Actually no way so I spent the whole and we were obsessed with that to make him pops team no way. Yeah the the W tops. 'cause I was I was like I don't know in one thousand nine seventy five thousand nine hundred eighty eight. I was thirteen years old but yeah I remember that team. Why Cool runnings? I'm just remember watching cool. Runnings Is My favorite movie and causes. So just the most relatable story that had as a kid so I always relate a lot my life to that movie casino. They arrive this rust bucket at the top of the hill. For the first time they put out and everyone everyone goes quiet and I always relate to light me. My Dad arriving you know would race track the race rapid he would say with trump's because of you know what we have these great close the 'cause shoved Shoved in the back of the boot of vodka and we be picking up on the floor and it looks doesn't look good and A lot of people looking us like what they doing here. You know because again. It wasn't a diverse group. Is it always been a white dominated sport however there was in in the early stages there are there were some other families are trying but they would have they run out of money but So a lot of that you know we just did our talking on the track as they did in the Post said they kept. They didn't win over the nitty. Did they narrowly people's Hopkins? Yeah they did. But you've you've gone on and you become you know without exaggeration. A living legend in your field six F one titles the first one at the age of twenty three youngest ever at the time. What what did you learn about achieving success at such a young age at such an elite level? What does it take? Yes you had some lock. You had clearly got a gift incredibly supportive home environment but at the end then again it comes down to your dedication and and then the focus on what you wanted. Yeah talk to me a little bit about that. It was really difficult out. Search the journey. I think people generally seem to own see the tip of the iceberg. Don't know if you've ever seen an iceberg unknown. How big is beneath the huge? Yeah and there's a picture I found that shows you the success one sees this little bit on the top underneath his world however is so you know. I'm people tune in today and see someone that's one times in the championships and 'em probably not fully aware of how it's taken me years Windows Eight. Danton pro to those twenty two and when I got two phone one so the build up to it. It's just not prepared. You prepare to race. Don't get any preparation tons of media training. You don't get prepare repression tons of what you know. No-one said this is what's going to happen when people start seeing on TV. And that because that's a real shock to the system and Am working no this when you work with a big station when his thousand people behind you working to make your decisions out on the track impact every single one of those you know so if you're selfish Choices and you make mistakes and crash. Everyone feels it. Sure there was a it was a lot of pressure but And again being that we came in every conversation so you the first year the first back from one driver. This never been here again. No diversity in it's only me my dad really people of Color in the in in this which is quite felt alone. A little bit in that sense But it was a great platform for us to do something great and

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