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Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #52: Watching The Fanatic

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Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #52: Watching The Fanatic

"Xiaogang Talk Kabri Week got a needle. Yeah that's right Robin. Akiva need a podcast episode number fifty two hand every weekend you better attend and that's exactly what we're here to do. Better attend where Kiva and myself will to watch the worst movie currently in the movie theaters and maybe not really in the movie theaters this movie that we're GonNa talk about up for but there was one man who was a driven by a lust for we must watch John Travolta in the fanatic directed by Fred durst. Even though people said boy akitas really trying to ram this one in on on getting this onto the podcast he persevered and I believe that he had the right call here. He is the Co host of of Robin Accumulated podcasts Mr Key winokur. I feel like the podcast hasn't even started and you've already completely thrown under the case. This is bad no I I was coming in ready to throw you under the bus but then I watched this movie and you end I got yet but I was. I was is really my I D. I think it started with a I think I was brandon. Spears said Hey I'm going to a Fred durst directed movie with John Travolta starring in it on twitter. You're like ooh maybe that's in theaters and ask our expert will from America and he gave it his his stamp of approval but that was like a month ago yeah but we're not always a bad movie that we can attend in theaters. I saw some pushback people saying like hey. They're away worst movies than this and to those people. I say they did not see the fanatic yeah I I would say you have to see the movie. You're sort of rooting for but also the BANASIK. Tell me what's whereas because people said see Rambo five think would have been funny but I haven't seen any rain before is that I don't even know the premise of Rambo Rambo semester. Sloan has a bunch of guns guns. I think that's all I know about but war is he fighting and I don't know what I mean. It's in the Middle East now. Whereas Rainbow fighting all these wars Rambo Limbo guy have you seen? I don't know anything about realize he's like a jungle setting so football players now name Rambo and I like there's Ari Rambo. There's a received there's a receiver I I do like the last name Rambo Yeah maybe somebody can come on one day and explain the Rambo series of films to us and talk about the through line but anyway so we're here to talk about the movies and TV and so we're going to talk about that here on this episode of Robin Akiva you need a podcast Akiva last time out this week Rob Akiva and we got some mixed ext results in terms of feedback yeah. I'd say it's the first time in a long time where we've gotten so multiple real negative criticisms and and I think I don't know I don't know the Christmas world different. It wasn't all the same many criticisms. There were many criticisms but they were all over the place. I think first of all some people through the game you I wanted you to have six wife wishes. I wanted to win that gap. I definitely did not throw it. I just choked. It's like you know saying the Tom Glavin choke the last two thousand seven season tried to be good. He was just bad. I I I mean I don't know it wasn't Jordan keilor's this fall. Maybe the game was a little too long. maybe it wasn't a good idea to begin with this. Probably what a lot of people are thinking too many Seinfeld clips for a lot of listeners who as we know from the census this did not watch Seinfeld with us than I did see some feedback that it was definitely the right call to not use Jordan's idea of the what Games Games did rob pick in week three of twenty and eighteen and actually won the game that was I just a little rush at me. The shortest this rap turnaround we've ever had basically episode that needed production so okay not Jordan's fault so yeah. We'll do better this week. I think I've also gotten a Kiva from people I I just wanted to make sure we remember this of the sequel mechanism that has been stuck in neutral. We have not been going back and adding things that were hit just to say say that I'm not sure this week in Robin. AKIVA is going to be in the mix for the sequel mechanism right now no and I do think at some some point maybe for episode sixty a we should go through the old episodes and see if we could squeeze a few old episodes into the sequel mechanization woman. Why would we wait eight episodes to do that we are we have to do it today or tomorrow or next week? If we have time but can I make it announcement for this week. Actually I wasn't going to mention it. Now I think right now there is no sequel mechanism because I got a a message from Mike Bloom. Yes saying that he thinks that we should not do the stands for stops brand deal during survivor season. He thinks it's overkill and it's an off season idea and we should wait. What's the that's what Mike Mike Bloom for the first time his life is turning down a podcast? Wow who is this. Mike Bloom Fatherhood has changed him it. It is true it is true. Maybe realize he has forty seven podcasts a wife and a baby lean job and he's maybe too busy for you. Know are are nonsense but so I think hiatus or Yada and I'm back in two months okay all right but maybe it should have an extra spot on the sequel mechanism. I we'll talk about that in the mail but we're here to talk about the movie the fanatic Akiva and anything else you WanNa say you were saying that we also did not get a ton of feedback that we had a Taryn Armstrong on the mailbag. We thought that that was going to be a gangbusters. Maybe people were so mad at us about this week in Robin Akiva that they turned it off now other hearing about this for the first time because we didn't really promote it we should promote our guests and not well surprise surprise yeah surprise. The episode wasn't so good list the prime. No I think yeah so I had a lot of fun with Taryn. I thought it was fun to have someone who's never has no familiarity with the podcast that all be part of it and I think it's fun always. COULD WE DO to maintenance cleaning up the you know some old ideas before we get to the fanatic sure How did he get Mickey Calloway on an episode I mean I think he'd be bat? He's bad at all meals with the thing. I don't know if you don't like what's he gonNA do next. It'll me a bench coach. We're talking about the mets. No met manager is eligible for another job. After being is career suicide that nozoe older Terry Collins Willie like Jerry Manual David Johnson Yeah. I don't think so okay all right. Go ahead so two things one we we. We always mentioned at the end but I find if we switch them beginning. We get a lot more feedback. Give us I two interviews. We haven't read them in a while. Maybe rebel get to them this week. They've been slowing down so rate review five stars and slipped on ice yeah and also this is an idea from a few weeks ago that I that I like but a couple listeners suggested we should ever inap- glossary. Maybe we could put it in the Salud. You have a rha wicky that would be the place to do it. We could do it in both I think I think it could it could exist when are where do you WanNa have a glossary well. It could just be its own page in the we have a we have rob his website. What's it? What's it called? What's the wheel link? We're all the info about okay you want. Bribes website accomplish wheel list. You think we ought like another tab for a glossary. Yes people said the inside jokes recurring bits recurring characters so if you just if you WANNA make a list of them and send them to us you know just put that you know sort of recurring character or something like that in the headline in the email header will give it to Wolf American hope that together okay good stuff is this could be a complicated show to get into. I see people saying where do I start in Napa and there's a lot of episode one yeah but I also think maybe it's like ten. I feel like you get. There's a lot of muck and mire in the first like eight or nine episodes. They might want the avoid Yup. Look you should bounce around help yeah. If anybody does Seinfeld Watch. I always like they'll twin like four yeah yeah. Yeah I get a microphone by episode fourteen and Seinfeld and we figured out by finding ourselves much Bush like actual Seinfeld. You don't need to go back true. Okay all right AKIVA. We need to talk about this movie. The fanatic and we're going to go. We're GONNA go through it and talk about this movie. Because this was wild I have to say whereas the Wheel Watch crappy movie a couple of episodes ago he was only two episodes ago with a watched the animal which was a joyless soul-sucking all sucking experience for me but I was captivated by the fanatic yeah I would agree. I think this movie I would not say joyless. I hope you're not saying it's good but maybe not saying it's good but I would say that my experience watching the film was interesting. I was on the edge of my seat. Where is this going? Yeah I will say even though I don't regret watching it or picking it. I was also very interested. I also so felt like it was very dark and did need to take a break every five minutes and do something else and come back and watch by more medical well. Luckily two hours to watch this movie while taking in a break every five minutes did not probably sleigh down too much because the entire movies run time is an hour and twenty seven minutes in in the final seven minutes or credit is the longest credit sequence of any fill the US play to song sometimes if your name was associated associated with this movie. This is like one of the things that you would wish that the credits I ended up like the movie is on like. TNT and they play the entire credits in four seconds the Netflix style or like you do one of those things where sometimes you'll have like a director a writer who so upset with the final product and he puts like a fake name like a union fake him you know like a John DOE type name on the on the movie yeah so I'm surprised that didn't happen. I bearing the lead. I think that this movie is directed. By the lead singer of limps get Fred Durst yes right that's the largest that is directed by Fred Tariffs and ridden by riders written by core in my Fred durst and stars John Travolta and ninety s Hearthrob Devon solemn yeah yeah okay I keep it just before we get into the film Could you just talk about other than Brandon Spears mentioning this. Did you have any other awareness of this film film no. I don't think I mean this movie made like three thousand dollars at the box office. I don't think anybody had any awareness. This is probably the best. Pr That this movie's GonNa ask the most this movie will ever be discussed. I think okay I really think so. I did see after we picked. It came across my time line on a scene in this movie that I bet you'll be able to guess what went I wouldn't say viral but had a few thousand views as a you know a movie clip. That people thought was really funny when we get there. I'll tell you okay now. This movie made no cultural impact. There was great article on the Ringer Dot COM about Travolta's slide into who I don't WanNa say a relevance like what does he slid into like basically video on demand level movies B. Movies and you know how it's crazy because Travolta Travolta also had a similar not not this level but he sort of faded into obscurity until Quinn Tarantino kind of salvage his career well he actually actually had this twice. I feel like in his career that he fell off the map and I think he had like a little bit of the of bounce back with the baby talk or look who's talking I think was he was gone and then he had lose talking and then he went away again after after that yeah and then came back with reservoir dogs yeah and then he was bigger than ever I mean the late nineties he's putting up to big movies a year that are making close to one hundred million a lot of times and he's you know he's the lead star in a lot of movies. He's really I mean he's always the star of the movie I think one of the interesting things and the ringer piece brings it up to is like Travolta could do decent stuff if he was willing to be aside you know the fourth leader eighth lead in good projects that he would get jobs on his name recognition the only I think he's really done that with is the OJ Simpson TV show right yeah yeah. He's done a lot of crazy stuff. I'm trying to think if he had like another then bounce back after that he had like another like little peek in his career post pulp fiction he's he's been around forever but then he started doing like a really wacky stuff like hairspray he said like crazy film roles along along the way and now he was also in another notable terrible movie recently in God that was another one one of the worst movies twenty eighteen yeah well his last five movies have been Gotti speed kills trading paint the poison rose in the fanatic. I mean none of that probably even have like a twenty percent on rotten tomatoes. He's been ice cold other than playing Robert Shapiro Shapiro in the aforementioned American crime story though Jay's story INA valley of violence criminal activities life on the line. The forger killing sees I mean this is the last decade he has not being in a movie that you've heard of I guess he was in the taking of Pelham onto three. I don't know if he was a star now. We're we're looking on fifteen years of of like disaster level by by the way I don't know what you're sort of like relationship is with with the Travolta UV walk but my my like Peak Travolta for me is one of my favorite it shows my favorite TV show from the seventy s welcome back Kotter guy and as any Burrito to me that's when he peak because I've never even seen you know a lot of like urban cowboy or Saturday night fever. I've never right so yeah. I was familiar from the welcome back of course Greece another another big one of the look who's talking movies. I think were big hits in like He. I it's weird because I wonder if he's never had an agent or his agent has no say because there's no way that like a reasonable person can direct those movies at least made money in not going to ruin your career because they're not supposed to be good yeah but he's made so many bizarre even when he's like at the height of his power right after postal fiction when he could be in any movie for twenty million dollars a picture and he's doing Michael I was outside Michael and a lady came out and said he died. What's it going to see but you just spoiled? The movie I think Michael was does a little bit of a hit but he's also done like some like all high bad movies such as battlefield earth from two thousand but he is a scientologist intelligence and that's a scientology movies that may have been like a love project passion have been he's also in a white man's burden. A witch is not hold on ringer piece mentions yeah. He's in some all time bad movies visa. He might be the patron saint of the crappy movie diaper. I it's funny because he what wasn't his thing i. I almost think to use a baseball now that maybe some people won't get if like a hitter stops hitting home runs it doesn't always affect his his hall of fame case because that's a total right if you have six hundred home runs even if you're stay as baseball player in the major leagues for ten and more years it can only really hurt your batting average like it doesn't ultimately hurt your some of your totals. He's more of a pitcher in that he keeps having eight and a half the IRA his end. It's ruining ruining all fame chance yeah compiler like he's been in the game since the mid seventies so he's got you know four decades of of film projects where you know he has some you know all star seasons. You know a lot of you know five eighteen years along the way yeah we're also talking about someone like he was nominated for an Oscar forty. One years ago like his career is great even if he never acted again after two thousand five. It's probably better right. He's got Saturday night if he's got pulp fiction if he wanted Oscar would that be like the least likely Oscar ever now where his jet career trajectories like Tarantino come out of his fake retirement and salvaged Travolta again and get him an Oscar. I think he would have to be supporting actor. I don't think you can carry a factor. That's fine give him like eight minutes in in a movie be but like he knocks out of the park. Wouldn't that be great. If Travolta would win and I mean not maybe not I suppose he's not a great guy. He definitely has is some you know scandals around him yeah but yes controversy surrounds John Travolta Nicolas Cage. You know you're talking about the to face off guys. Which I guess is my favorite Travolta movie? Ever I really face off would be the ultimate face off of who is the patron saint of the crappy movie diaper. I mean that's the real face off but cage makes it's like high. It's so bad it's good. Travolta makes it so bad. This was so bad it's good this this phenomenon of movies we would not enjoy. I'm pretty sure his last ten movies is eight of them would be absolutely on what you WANNA. Do the poison rose next week. We'll put we'll put on. I don't like it. I think that's battlefield earth. I think it should be a consideration for the crappy movie diaper but let's see let's see how this okay Akiva the fanatic starring John Travolta of course if people wanted to watch this movie that we're talking about. I watched it on Amazon. Prime had to pay what to nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine four is the way that people have to watch this addison prime itunes or video-on-demand if you still have cable if you're not a cord cutter I think you could find that a video on demand okay all right so could you give us the plot of the film like the Synopsis Real Quick. What is the movie the fanatic about so all I knew about this movie going in was it is about a obsessive fan who stalks is in ruins? The life of a celebrity that they're obsessed with yeah not dissimilar to the plot of Celtic pride is that right Celtic pride and also the Missouri the little note yeah the little known but excellent Pat Oswald starring Film Big Fan where where he plays a die hard New York giants fan and it's a more serious version of this and it's excellent yes so very similar movie just as a sports fan instead instead of a and he's obsessed with the team not not so much an individual plan yeah some themes that have been explored. I think that the film also borrows of very much from the Eminem Song Stan well. Do you know that the the the major connection Stan in this movie is what Devon Saola was staying in the in the music video stand. Oh no yeah yeah so it. It doesn't bars from the story so is that intentional aw I I mean there aren't a lot of interviews with the director that I've rain is not because no one wants that we probably could have got Thurston for this would have been interesting yeah I. I don't know I would be funny if it was a total accident and Mike doesn't even know the words Stan or the Music Video Stan I mean I'm sure he was up to minimum was doing there. Were big at the same time. Yeah Okay Okay so Akiva that would we are introduced to the story of Moose played by John Travolta Alta there. There's a lot of narration in this film and if necessary now yes that is the calling card of any great film is a lot of narration right. I mean you can do it well. I think good narration works but it's it's so sporadic. It's it's not necessary ever and it's trying to be deep and it's just embarrassingly bad the movies The writers for this movie are Fred Durst Brainier the other riders writers main credit was as a stunt driver in two thousand nine and he's probably the brains of this operation. I mean the writing is the low point of this movie. I think you'll agree yeah a hoax much better than its written. It's mostly the writing and the acting the acting is bad but I think the writing is worse. okay so yeah we have a lot love narration here and the narrator of the film is a this woman Leah who is a friend of Moose She doesn't play a big role in the film on but she's GonNa be around later on now Moose. I it took me a little while the the film doesn't really come out and say it but he he appears to. Would you say I don't want to diagnose. What is the matter with Moose Incorrectly Akiva? Can you seek to will what are some of Moose's issues okay so I would say the most of the reviews have referred to move says says autistic autistic but there's no diagnosis in the movie and it's never really the you know we see a couple of flashbacks one flashback where his his mom sort of ignoring while he's watching movies but we we really learn nothing about him. You already mentioned this friend. Leo We learn nothing about why on Earth Leah Assem seemingly normal person and would put with him so say it with with Moose fifty years older than her you know he I guess I I guess if yeah he has a lot of a lot of ticks a physical tics not really verbal tics but yeah I think probably they're going own for autism okay. Do you think John Travolta was sold this script on a Tropic Thunder tiep pitch of that this would help him win an Oscar such a good question. Do you think Travolta thought this was a fred. Durst last movie now Fred Durst we should mention as directed two movies before one was sort of an indie movie with Jesse Eisenberg and a couple of other people. You've heard of that like didn't get great rave reviews but got totally reasonable like a guy could make a second movie reviews six point something and I'm debbie nothing bad at all and then he made a comedy with iced tea which like it didn't do well but didn't bomb a thirteen million dollars twenty million dollar budget so he had a track record that was like you know C. Plus B. minus Track Record uh-huh this is by far his worst work and may he didn't write the I. I'm not sure I can't imagine for wrote the comedy that would be scary this. This is clear like this is somehow huge. Maybe he liked one of those two films and that's what Travolta agrees to work with Fred durst or maybe like Travolta would just doesn't even read scripts anymore because you might be harder for cash having we heard things about he needs money. Is that all Nicholas Cage. Is that a big budget on this movie I mean he is. It probably was like a month month of work so even if it's just a few hundred thousand dollars. It seems like he's doing three or four films a year. Yeah Travolta Okay so Moose is a a older older guy who is a movie fanatic. He seems to they don't it's in the beginning the movie he's more into action shouldn't films but by the end of the movie we find out that he's really a horror guy. He's a hard guy. I think he's like a film buff altogether but from what we know about about at the main actor he's obsessed with who's hunter Dunbar played I I think is a is sort of a horror film star right. I thought he was an action film stone. I'm not sure I don't think the movie I it's not that we're mistaken. I think the movie is ensure. Either like changes is from seeing the scene by the way this movie which is called the fanatic was originally titled Moose that have been better or worse. I don't know why is he named Moose. I really it's unclear the John Travolta character of that he is this an older guy and is seemingly assumingly challenged of he rides around in a scooter around Hollywood and he is very into collecting autographs graphs specifically autographs of the people that he watches in these films yeah yeah he's yeah. He's a big sort of memorabilia guy. I don't know I I think also in terms of like the movie I think it was called first of all in terms of his name by the way we see in the flashback his mom calls a Musso. It's not even a nickname like that was probably is given more at least like a short for something nickname yeah Mussa for Moose okay so he hangs out at a local like prop and poster store. I did pull a lot of clips from the movie because I really want to be able to capture this for the people who have without making them listen to it right and here is a just this this early on in the movie like within the first five minutes. This is how I knew that we were in for a treat here is Moose walking into the prop store talking to the the poster store owner chocolate Mousse. I can't talk too long and this is not a comedy. Movie is not like a gross out comedy where you would hear that dialogue in the animal and it's like okay. This is like the that's Rob Schneider later in. Tom Brady's idea of a joke. No this is like the movie is not trying to be funny at all not at all I this is to me Fred durst I who by the way I think we could say has probably never been around a person with autism. That's my hands. I have to watching this movie. needing that we need to establish in the his I seen that the John Travolta character is is you know has special needs and will do so by having him announce that he a that he needs to go to the bathroom when he walks by the way you know in terms of my background I have multiple years of being a high school teacher. You know in a school that was entirely students with autism and I don't ever remember a a student announcing they need to do yeah. Okay okay so maybe the the realism is off from the beginning so we are introduced to the fact that he is really into this one particular actor Hunter Dunbar played by the aforementioned Devon Sawa who is going to be doing an autograph signing at this poster shop y y is Hunter Dunbar doing autograph signing at this hole in the wall poster shop. It's very confusing because the F- like literally Moose Moose comes in says I'm GonNa go see hundred on a party tomorrow night and he's the all time one upped by by the shop owner. Who says he's coming tomorrow and then they have a whole nothing but why don't you tell me is like a hundred doors everywhere in near Hollywood boulevard this week? I guess yeah it's very bizarre because the dark shop it's sort of like would are they big movie star even like a movie star just sign autographs in this dingy shopping. La It seems very unlikely now the Devon Sawa character hunter Dunbar I do not I think he is. I think that he sort of like on like the Johnny Drama Viking Quest Level where I don't know if you're GonNa make who was the real life compare. The real comparison would be devon sow while level of celebrity yeah. I think that's good. I think that's pretty good at a level like like difference. Our could do an autograph signing and people show up but he but maybe a few years ago at the peak of his powers yeah well he deepak Devon Devon Sal is the name of heard you say many times over these what is your familiarity with Devon Saola he was he was in a lot of kids movies now and in an Christina Ricci Rosie O'Donnell movie that things get used to watch with my sister. Do you ever see that now. he casper the friendly ghost then he like yeah then he becomes you know he's like a final destination guy so he's in a lot of pop movies and I think it'd be too extreme ops. SLC punk which was always on the AFC channel when I was a kid and I will my room like the I feel like I've gotten a lot of salad. They can. I tell you one thing I really did very few interviews. Tell you one thing that Devon Sour revealed in one of his interviews. I would love to hear John. Travolta came to the set everyday in character as Moose. Yes I love stayed in character. The entire wealth dependency on Hollywood boulevard very I mean I think the film was was shot in Alabama which by the way like John Travolta as Moose in Alabama for a month for a with Saleh called not a lot of money some big fifteen eighteen million dollar budget movie was sow US quote yeah okay so Travolta as a charity project showing up in Alabama and being each state character as Moose like listen is the best actor in the world maybe not but he takes his job seriously johnny Ti okay so I think there had to have been some sequences. His shot in Hollywood because yeah I think I think they had to at least spent the night or two on Hollywood for some of the sequences okay so is going to then get to this aforementioned party that he talked about the celebrity party that is going to have some people we have a run in with that we meet Leah who is a young plucky young woman who is somehow friends with Moose. We don't really know why why what does she do. She's like a TMZ type of yes a low level more of the night crawler type for Paparazzi like low level pop up Paparazzi you know picture taking a listener message me and said that she went to school with her okay and uh go go yeah I if if yes if any any of these lead actors had sort of disavowed the film especially her so I went to check and and she was she went to all the premiers posted pictures on instagram so they weren't really embarrassed like Eve Devon Sawa posted like buy tickets to the fanatic year on you know Fandango or whatever so they they were trying to sell the movie probably think thought that they made a good movie you have ham and John Travolta but I guess you know uh doesn't turn out to be the case of that was something to write home about to write a listen to eminem about yeah okay Akiva so Moose's going to sneak into a party and he has a run in with a celebrity who does not treat him kindly and then he ends up in talking with Leah about this later on that it seems that she's a little upset with him for bothering the celebrities at the party. Here's what moves has to say about his run in with the the star Amanda it was it was Amanda who got kicked out Leah. She was being a celebrity tar. Celebi tarred is a word that is mentioned a couple times in this film. Yes I didn't think the word still existed did and then I watched this movie and it comes up about four different times. I've a feeling Fred durst uses it a lot in his day to day speech. I had never heard it before. I think it was like popular for ten minutes on the two thousand six okay all right. It was like the early Paris Hilton days they she was called Celeb- yard okay all right so we ended up in seeing I can. We're GONNA bounce around a little bit here. Give you what's what's important and and I guess we get to see a little bit of what's on Moose's life his occupation describe what moves us for a living. I was very curious before we saw. What does this guy do? Either see you know. is He a good worker. Maybe you know he knows that the grindstone takes seriously. He's occupation is is he acts as some sort of British Buckingham Palace Guard Yeah Bob and Bobbie on a cop right on Hollywood boulevard. You know that you'd you see on the Jimmy. Kimmel show across the street the spider-man The Times Square ish version in Hollywood right the same type of people that you go go there and they say hey like don't talk to all Elmo Mo- because he's going to grow up you one of these guys that you could pose for a picture with but he a much of against the snakes swallowing it's tail that in the same same way that John Travolta would method act the role of Moose Moose is also method acting how he becomes the role of the British bobby on the street and practices his British bobby talk in a mirror at a local bathroom which I guess I guess it's almost like a locker room for all of the of course would pull the locker room yeah. Here's here's a little bit of Moose getting into character as the Bobby Poppycock hoppy call. Why would anybody want to take a picture with a British Bobby Bobby on Hollywood Boulevard? It's not like it's a movie character. Yeah and it's not in England where it's like a pretend I also think during the course the movie we see him playing the bobby many times and many every single dollar one conversation with one guy never gets our I did. I did right in my notes. Who would you dress? I saw as if you if that was your job if I could be a maybe I could be like another Jack Sparrow out there Jackson Expo proper seven yeah but then you guys can have a lot of pirate fights and stuff yeah Spiderman Superman Jack Sparrow. Those guys are take the the mask. I don't want anything like tot like something that you know I feel like you could put sort of this. Fake Mustache on should be like better attainment tan like whatever the big movie of the week is. That's yeah I think so. You're buzzed by your one week and then like some guy I know it is a lot of equipment yeah. That's would get really hot especially during the day yeah what does that Star Wars like like jar jar. Jar Banks wants to be with jarring his lot prosthetics there to be Georgia are banks feel like if you could be like Han Solo. I think it'd be good if you hunt so. Ideally you want something. That's just a costume but not a mask Mabel to make a cowboy have you with. La needs a naked cowboy like New York asthma yeah. I think you know that nobody wants wants that Akiva. Nobody wants naked cowboy yeah. He's a play the guitar he's gone but my my daughter was like there was a naked guy time square when I was there oh he's still there you still there the and again naked cowboys imitators we maybe he's sort of like sold. The act like gallagher did with his brother where that I I mean the naked cowboy has got to be like what is is late forties or fifties right. You think that do you think it's like there's a new naked cowboy now possibly like it's just a good dread pirate Roberts let's see from generation generate yeah like his photo here. Now let's see do I wanna go to naked cowboy dot com. I don't think so no let's see years active. I think he started up in nineteen ninety eight so I mean this is twenty plus years on for out there for the naked cowboy yeah. Can you explain what who the naked cowboy is. As for any of our listeners who yeah I mean I think he's just like a guy who plays the guitar in his underwear in Times Square. is the naked cowboy the net yet. NFC If he's out there still let's say well we'll see if we can get some more information about the naked but let's go to Times Square and send us pictures and they'd be yeah. He's still here guys yeah he according to Wikipedia is active one thousand nine hundred to present and he is a forty eight years old okay okay so he started as a young man's game yeah. Did you know that he also ran for President in twenty twelve election I didn't we know that yeah so although I was running as a representative of the tea party so Mitt Romney know so Mitt Romney was the naked cowboy now okay. That's what's going on with the naked cowboys. I didn't meet the naked cowboy talk politics. Now I mean I guess this politics even before yeah owed me them so I don't know I don't. I don't know if I don't know I haven't had any conversations okay we we can go get an interview with him all right so I don't know how we got to the naked cowboy from Times Square bobby. He gets the job out there on John Street Hollywood Boulevard. That Moose has ops out on Hollywood boulevard. There are people with acts that are way more popular that are sorta like gross out freak. Show type acts where there's One guy named Todd Aka Todd the God and todd the guide puts like a railroad spike through his nose and all the lookie Loos than I guess give him money for doing GNAT but meanwhile there is another guy while all the lookie loo tourists are watching todd the God there is another character named slim played by James Paxton in his worst performance since the LDS is out there. Not is a guy named James Paxton but I do not believe this is the Yankee right. It'd be Bill Paxton. Yes yes and we're we're. We're recording this on Thursday. Chris is spectacular just hoping yeah yes that interestingly this James Paxton who plays the pickpocket that he studied lead British film in London before studying the Vincent Chase Workshop in Los Angeles California that based on the entourage character offit chase is given classes yeah the James Paxton that is the soup James Paxton and todd the God they they are ops of Moose out on the street and todd does not like Moose and he's kind of a bully. He's like a bully to Moose Yeah. They bully moves the really nice to him. I mean sometimes times. They ask him to help but he's not interested because he hates them yeah so this is how Moose feels about todd the God is not a god he's full of Doodoo. He doesn't respect Hollywood. I respect Hollywood rob. Your spectacular would respect Hollywood. Okay also then todd the God it tries to recruit bobby into one of his I think he is he's like a temporary breakup with slim and he tries to recruit Moose into being sort of like the pickpocket while todd does his a freak show act check. This was todd's pitch to Moose about why he should work with him and we tonight show or what we're we're GONNA BE MAKING WHO Donald Trump. We're GONNA make mu-chou. Donald trump heads up on the dollar bill. Now I twenty now. I don't I don't know is this like some mm. sci-fi Alternate Universe where Donald Trump is now on the money or is Donald trump a synonym for monies in for money money because they ask this might be new slang that we don't know yet muccio trump muccio doctor I I mean I think that I don't know if I would go and combine a Spanish word with them. The Noun Donald trump for money like that. That's not really Muccio. Donald Trump was I might start a trend. I mean all fifty people that saw this film are GonNa GonNa take it and run with it but yeah yeah and also I believe they. They come right back together in the next scene. slim in you know in the bully but there it's not mentioned like it's not really explained why they get back to the deleted scene yeah. Oh I'm sure there is a lot of deleted scenes in this hour and twenty minute film so keep if we finally only see Moose get to go to the autograph signing and has the chance to meet his hero Hunter Dunbar yeah right after he's not at the at the party yet. He's he's online too you know at at at the store from a couple of days ago go and get I mean he's only studies books. I think like he is also bought this three hundred dollar vest from the store right right that he intends to get autographs Rebecca Rico on it prop from a movie. It's a very elaborate like fake movie world. They've created. That's kind of like hard to like. The first couple of scenes they're talking about. A lot is if it's real and it's complicated yeah and so that Wild Moose is next in line to get his autograph from from Hunter Dunbar than there is the owner of the poster storyteller hundred number. Hey somebody's outside the C. You and it's hunter Dunbar's ex wife who has a date and she needs to drop their kid off at the autograph signing Yeah yes that she needs yeah. She comes to this dark alley drop. The kid off seems to have some sort of drug problem I think is I think implied later in the movie right that that Oh I didn't get uh when he's on the phone I think he says she has maybe some sort of substance abuse problem or something yeah okay. It didn't work out for one hundred bar. His wife is outgoing on dates. I I think that this is probably a I. You know you know had they minor complaint here or there about different. Things is in my relationship but I feel like me being you know getting. The kid dropped off with me so my wife can go on a date. It's the Ex Wife X. Y. Right exactly you either way here. You you watch you watch the kid I have a I have a date in five minutes yeah. Would that be upset set. You've said you know not my ideal circumstances. I don't think yeah I think yeah I luckily it hopefully won't happen but yeah I. I think you'd be more upset about the podcast. Be Fair like what I'm doing a podcast in the middle of in the middle of podcast you can go on a date and time so anyway then the Mousse is heating. He can't read the room. He's going to go out there and then try to talk to hunter Dunbar while he's trying to deal with this you know not so fun situation with his ex wife yeah and then it's just over I guess because he doesn't want to bring the kid into these you know grumpy monsters who are looking for autographs. He just basically cancelled the right at Hunter Dumbarton or does not want to sign anything he tells Moose. How about I sign your face with my fists here lies? One of the many issues with this film rob is that both Hunter Dunbar and Moose are widely unlikable people. We don't know who to root for. There's nobody does nobody likeable in the film. Maybe the girl Leah the narrator but she's not in that many scenes no and she's the third lead of the film so there's really no options therefore you yeah Moose's not not sympathetic protagonist in the film. I think if we were writing this movie I think you make the star very sympathetic right right right. This was not the case. This is not the case so Lee that after there is the incident with hundred number doesn't go according to plan she then does something which as she was trying to be nice but she this was probably misguided. She gives gives an APP to get an APP on a phone for Moose wear he can now get the star maps of see where you're all. The celebrities live yeah probably a bad she had to know this was a terrible idea and did it anyway. Yeah she did it anyway and we we will see as this turned out to be idea. We're going to see Moose writing a letter to Dunbar. He wants to tell Hunter Dunbar that he really has done him wrong. Mussa's just like filled with bad ideas and and we don't know much like we see flashbacks through his mom but he's very old Travolta's almost playing an older person in this more at least age appropriate but you know he looks better than his impossible. You know looks younger than his age so he really the only person the world is Leah Yeah and so he then is GonNa go hand deliver this letter to Hunter Dunbar's ars house and Hunter Dunbar is not receptive to getting a letter at his home fraud to be fair. I think that's a reasonable symbol. I think most celebrities with gated fences are not really amenable especially ones that have young children at home in a custody battle at some point yeah at any point in the film Akiva Head-hunter Dunbar just like patronized Moose hundred percent for five minutes. I you think you could make the argument of okay. This is now you know the stray cat and you've now fed at once and it's going to keep coming back but life compared to the alternative the way that this movie turns out really just announce kindness here from one hundred Dunbar. I think we're gone a long way. Yeah obviously you're right and even if you think it's a stray cat scenario like try ones. If it doesn't work then you do the same threat. You're doing the next time anyway and then move and then move yeah then you're stuck uh-huh okay all right so hundreds of our does something really messed up to move as you want an autograph okay he takes the marker any it then like very aggressively writes his name on Mussa's shirt which seemed like it was a mean act but I kind of feel like that you know if if moves really took a step back sweet yeah. I've signed a shirt before sure why not go for it. I I agree but I don't think Mussa Mussa use it that way now doesn't view it that way and Yada Yada Yada we have have moose than telling Leah about what he's up to. What's he up to as he he's been going to Dunbar's house and she's she's not she's not a fan yeah not not a fan and so that he's now getting more and more bold in terms of following following dunbar around? I mean he's unbelievable. Both at this point yeah. That's you know he really has no sort of its I think Moose. This is sort of cognitive abilities vary by seen in what for whatever it's convenient to that scene yeah if Moose is gonNA relate Leah about how that Dunbar does not take good care of his plants see really needs to be taking better care of his plants. We're now interestingly we are going to be a Susan introduced to a hundred bars gardner so really shading the Gardner yes who's also maybe you know has played a major role on the films and Eleo Julio the Gardner Yeah meanwhile visit Mussa still having more trouble at work with Todd the God whose bullying will continue there is a janitor in the Hollywood boulevard of Locker Room and he does take take a liking to Moose this is we're gonna see an interaction between Moose talking about well. He's still frustrated with todd the God the bully of Hollywood Boulevard traffic fighting with taught here is incredibly strong. I think most so that if you really provoke provoke him he will snap yeah Moses strong. He should be a bouncer. Yeah whatever it's Freddy Kruger one of our ops I hope not that'd be terrible able obsta have oh my gosh don't even read either like Chucky Freddy Kruger up there for you I really I never watched the Freddie Krueger Michael Myers movies movies yeah so I I would say I'm neutral on them but don't don't start a feud with them on Saint. My kids taught me with pennywise yes after my time me I also wouldn't mess with pennywise. No no I'd rather I'd rather deal with five Fred Krueger's than one pennywise oh boy. I didn't realize that powerful. I don't know what powers pennywise hats you just scare. Your say is very scary very scary. Okay so Dunbar. This is where things really start to take a turnover. Aren't we go we go back and we see Dunbar at his house and we're interest to Dunbar's housekeeper Dora little on the nose. I I thought Dora yeah for Fred durst in the writing of the film okay so dora the housekeeper she goes Intel's roles she spots Moose walking around and then we see Dunbar talked with Dora and then Dunbar who up to this point with sort of a sympathetic figure forces himself onto housekeeper door yeah and it's it's clear that they have had a relationship before four. He's sort of married I guess possibly she is married also very very likely because it's puzzling marriage totally he might be divorced but she very possibly isn't which is why he feels super bad. She says we can't do this anymore. Yes if done it clearly has strong feelings for Dora now. A physical relationship with the housekeeper is not a foreign in concept to US Akiva as we have talked about it both in Seinfeld polls show recap Jerry of course that day season nine episode. I believe where we're realize. You're gonNA say housekeepers now. So the Jerry was dating his is he's made and then he was paying her to clean the house and then she stopped cleaning the house and Jerry was left confused lay well. What am I paying for here right but then also if you recall in Robin Akiva Salva murder? Do you recall that this was a central point in the New York episode that could I forget where king maybe yes. That's right where Meghan markle played the role of one of the ex girlfriend maids of of the guy who was murdered. are you saying door is going to be the next queen well. I don't know if it's GonNa make it because then once Dunbar is gonNA leave. There is a run in with Moose who is trespassing on the property and then Dora starts like AAC beating him like a rug. She signs like hitting him with the stick. She's like trying to like get the dirt out of a rug. She still has her stick and then Mousse is going to push her. We talked about that the strength of Moose and she's going to fall and hit her head on a nearby. I found thin and Akiva she dead yes. She is dead and not addressed for almost the rest of the movie. Yeah like at least like three days go by. He's just dead in the like you laying there because he moved her body will be so. I think this is so poorly done. It's the biggest flaw in the war. This is a moose reacting to seeing what has happened to Dora the housekeeper housekeeper. I'm so sorry that's the nose bleed that that's bad. That's bad I hadn't nosebleed. It wasn't fun one but you fix it you tape paper towels and you put it up your nose like if only they got to the paper towels sooner yeah they could have been able to yeah all right so yes. He killed door of the housekeeper are but that's not gonNA stop him from. Hey houses open. Check out what's going on here at hunters doghouse yet not a lot of empathy from from John Travolta yeah so he starts going through all of Hunter Dunbar's stuff and finds some scripts some scripts that Hunter Hunter Dunbar is potentially considering and in the Meta moment of all time. Here's Moose talking about some of the projects that Hunter Dunbar is working on this is not a good script. He should not do it rob Yes yes. I like to say that this was intentional but I do not think it was not a good trip. He should not do it. You're thinking this was like a behind the scenes moment of somebody caught Travolta Alta like inbetween takes. I mean you think durst thinks his own script sucks. I doubt look. I don't think that it was intentional but it was certainly matter. The fourth wall was broken absolutely whether intentionally or not yeah okay so Moose is getting free reign of the House. Eventually Dunbar is going to come home and Moose is GonNa Hide Nicole yeah very late like he really he uses bathroom. You said he reads an entire script would probably take awhile like Oh. He uses the toothbrush dues this this toothbrush yeah okay and so done bar is going to he's on the phone with somebody. I think so so he's basically he's trying to get some advice about what had recently happened with the incident with Dora. Not Her being murdered when he forced himself on her hey now I guess the main again who's on the phone. I don't know he must have a friend talked to do like a bro that like yeah yeah. That'd be a therapist. Could it be called US therapist. Possibly there was you know another sexual assault over here but hey idiot so that is so me that is so far plastic man that's so Dunbar it could be a sitcom yeah so oh he goes and finds Julio The groundskeeper groundskeeper Julio and then says hey did a door say anything to you about there. Being a Trespasser here very casual very casual. Yeah seems wholly he was so upset about about being there and now seems wholly unconcerned that they had a lurker on the property. Yeah like boy crazy door. What was she even talking about? Literally said doors really upset if she cares I care so it's just heavy handedly sadly showing you how in love Dunbar is with with with Dora the made because you know e- clearly it should be his concern and and by the way his son lives there but no he's only concerned because the the door was a little scared yeah okay that if anybody's falling close I think elitist actually out of order then he comes back again and I think that's when he kills door but you get the you get the gist you get the you get the idea he goes back back and forth like seemingly breaks what four or five times a Dunbar's house absolutely he is a master breaker inner yeah if nothing else he's upset about a number of things including that Dunbar doesn't have ice cream in the freezer for the kid Danny big running subplot. He loves strawberry ICE CREAM MILKSHAKES YEP the payoff just a character trait right. It would've made sense of at the end there. was there or something yeah Akiva also that that we learned that Dunbar needs to take a prescription drugs to go to sleep. I guess that this is going to be a plot point in that it allows those moves to get into the house more often because I think that he has to take some sort of like Ambien to go to sleep the it it makes extent they did that because it is a big plot point that I wrote at first I it's such a movie trope that like a guy sleeping you're able to fully time up without waking him right with the fact that he's taking sleeping meds actually makes it have a little more sense yeah okay so who over this Moose comes was in and out and he's just like messing with Dunbar it goes on for for a while. The next thing I wanted to touch on is the next morning thing after Moose like sleeps over and it's like taking selfies with Dunbar while he's sleeping. Let let's talk about Akiva when Dunbar are is taking his kid danny to school okay and tell me if this is a conversation that you've ever had with your kids. You're okay with some music. You like limp biscuit a little biscuit. I used to listeners backing. They nice is keep me like a little biscuit. I used to like a little biscuit very little I I gotta say then this was that was the scene that that went viral right that not viral but that was the scene that people were playing clipping in play for on twitter. I mean he put a love slow a love deflator that had no place in the movie to his own Oban. That's reviled yeah in in in the middle of the movie for absolutely no reason is a wildest yeah was that to make Dunbar more unlikable. Oh Amy we're liking him too much. We're feeling good fantastic him a biscuit head. I make him a biscuit brain and then this out of liking him all right so Akiva where do you. Where do we go from from here? Yes she's dead. Nobody really says anything ah now he sees him driving on the street. He Sees Moose. Travolta musette spent the night at Dunbar's house. It's like a messy and then he's like walking home and then Dunbar runs into him just thinking he's in the neighborhood and the goes off on goes nuts on him. Hey I told you to stay out of my neighborhood even though he had been like hovering over Dunbar while he was sleeping the entire night by the narrator had said I have no idea why Moosewood go back to that man's house but I suppose that when you find the cookie jar you always go back for more famous expression right the narration is out of Control Control in this film later on in the film. This is my favorite line of narration and I will say that this if if you're listening to this with young children in the room of just say warning this piece of narration is NSF w here is Leah. The Narrator Moose didn't just crossed the line he fucking nuke looking. I feel like in the script. It was like obliterated. They're like say new classic Moose Classic most yeah all right I mean this is all going to culminate that tagline when people say they need he'd Robert Kifah Merch. Should it be like Robin Kiva don't cross the line they F- for Nuke it a nuclear bomb like blowing up the lines we'll we'll consider it will put that in in the merch tournament okay all right so we just go back and forth a lot in this we end up with a really long misery type sequence where he is going to end up with Dunbar are tied up actually before let me just he tells Leah about what's going on. I think he was like putting on his social media about how what he was doing and Leia is like are you crazy moose. Knock it off. What are you doing Leigh probably the only person is following him or Al Gore right right the police have not been alerted to any of this? TMZ DMZ social media a thing like it definitely takes us film definitely takes place in two thousand nineteen ish like they don't do a great job of it but at least they mentioned social media but yeah okay so when Leah tries to come down on Moose Moose you can't be doing this. You have to stop breaking into hunter Dunbar's House House. This is his response to her. Okay look at this. You blocked your block for my social media. You go when you get your blocked blocked. Okay all right so he's also a bigger budget movie would show him blocking her. They just sorta like show it from afar right so we have like the now the probably the biggest sequence in the movie of Hunted Dunbar is tied up that he's been like e third somehow by a Moose yeah and right so he wakes up and I said right and I guess it's very strong. I mean to be tied up legs and hands like that while you're still asleep. I don't think you could tie. I'm a heavy sleeper. I don't think you could do that to me. yeah I don't know what he did but somehow he was able to get dunbar completely ties out son is never home when this happens would you guess makes sense because then Moose becomes like even less likeable if he's doing this when sons there in the sun gets involved yeah. This is how Moose describes what is happening to Dunbar got jigsaw yeah some of the movie references a real and then some of them are fake hundred Dunbar's in them yeah he has like. Is this a fake knife or is he just pretending to stab him. It looks like oh he just killed onto del Mar.. He has like a butcher knife stabs him in the chest a bunch hundred times. I couldn't figure out exactly it was it was a big because he's trying to prove a good actor and he's like those guys on Hollywood Boulevard. Was it a fake knife I or did he have some sorta like blood packets in a vast but moose was really impressed with how that exchange went down to your really good here cricket. You're you're better than James Curtis. WHOA WHOA that's hyper high praise so they go back and forth and then eventually ah Hunter Dunbar like sweet talks his way out of this he tells Moose that basically he's not mad and they're going to be friends? They're going to hang out and it's going to be awesome. Yeah I mean he buys it but as a as a viewer you know he's about to flip on it yeah now at one point joint. We hear that Dunbar is going to say he said something. That moves doesn't like I think it's when he says just promise Miss. You're not gonNA hurt my kid and that really sends Moose flying off the handle using a stocker. Yes you do but could everywhere your moods. Even the crappy ones yeah. Oh what a stalker do that I don't know are we stalkers yeah yeah. I Guess Yeah Anyway Akiva so we see the Mousse is GonNa Eventually Untie Dunbar yeah immediately Dunbar. WHO's lay doesn't even wait for his legs untied which seems like a bad strategic move right thinks completely untitled is clearly gonNA anti entire rate for the what does he them and punches him and then also that I guess Moose forgot to remove move the loaded shotgun which was next to the bed and also the big butcher knife machete Jedi which was in the nightstand or planning the Meuse Yeah so Dunbar he ends up up unloading the shotgun blows? Moose's handoff is pretty graphic pretty graphic yeah and then then we see that is confusing and it was not not unlike some game of thrones episodes it was so dark I could not follow what was happening. I would say that's should be the tagline like that should be the poster so Dr Movie with sorry I think they tried to hide. Hello budget was and sort of did a good job but by sacrificing all the light almost like his apartment is incredibly dark. This the store is so so dark right like the lights are on in the memorabilia store only on Hollywood boulevard at night. The movie is Pitch Black. Okay in the movie so dark that you you. You're never be the same anyway so we're going to get out how then he's GonNa Missing on purpose. What's going on here with like a bunch of shotgun rounds are fired but this seems like he's just trying to like Deafen Deafen Moose? I'm not sure I'm like he's not trying to kill him. Why why not try to kill him? Yeah I don't know I guess I guess the proof is he gets accused of murder didn't even do so maybe he's right. He's GonNa Maim Ham where he blows his hand off and then he stabs him in I with a butcher knife very gory this it's weird because like this it was this was never comedy like you said but it went from being pretty light thriller to Being Really Gory Graphic like Hari in these final scenes like it gets progressively darker in every scene yes literally and figuratively and then he ends up and somehow l. like letting Moose go where he doesn't kill him any. Let's go and he doesn't call the police like was he honoring the deal that he made with Moose about how hey if you untie me I won't call the police may just letting frustration out by chopping off his hands yeah but I'm GONNA blow your hands back at this point sell so moose is going to then run out to the streets of Hollywood boulevard other tourists that are taking selfies with him because they think he's like like some sort of like a horror movie creature yes and then after that Lee is GonNa find him Mahmoud Mousse. What happened to you yet because it's? LA IN US run into people young street whenever you want yeah and it seems like they're like at this point. They're like okay okay their friends again now their for their friends again and then we cut back to the police are going to show up at Dunbar's house else and guess who they're with Julio the Gardner and they're wondering the whereabouts pointing of Dora though door the housekeeper where is she. Oh man he's in big trouble yeah. He's pointing right at Underdone Bar. The Julio the garden take him away to Dunbar wrongfully accused of the murder of of door the made in the West put him in the put them in the COP car. I they can't have much evidence. I feel like historic will check out when when Moose's missing a hand right like I feel like there's a lot of evidence Moussa's blood Moose would probably have some sort of fingerprints on Adora like you know. The movie makes us think that Moose's GonNa stay. They added jail and hunter. Dunbar is is infrared but I'm not so sure Hunter Dunbar was the star of several action adventure films on the night of August seventeen. Police say that he murdered his housekeeper but that's not the story that Dunbar tells he tells the story of an obsessed fan who broke in and entered his home on many occasions he he says that he left behind a lot of evidence that the police have not yet explored what happens at Hunter Dunbar's home and who's really telling the truth was it Julio the Gardner was it Danny the ice cream lists boy and what of all the memorabilia that was missing from Hunter Dunbar's house will the police look at any of the DNA in the blood that does not appear to be the blood of Dunbar or Dora the housekeeper why does TMZ have so much so many so many stories about this. It's almost must like they have an inside source. He knows everything about one hundred Dunbar find out on serial season four coming coming in two thousand twenty twenty twenty four directed and written by me Fred durst. It was just like anybody like a little biscuit. It's funny because Sarah like instead of doing like audible. Ads are whatever whenever that was the season one big male chimp mail chimp what if what what if instead of the male chimps stuff like she just organically. We've been how much she loves. Flipping Eleven episode and I Love Music of Lynn Place Advertising Yeah you think Sarafina is a biscuit. I would be shocked that would be very surprised if she was a big Olympic skit fan but what were their big hits hits for Olympic faith. That was the big one faith which is she did it all for the nookie. Ryan rake stuff breaks stuff yeah. I know any other any other hits I yeah I think they had a bunch. I mean they were really big like there. Were months where they were the biggest band than Earth One. Yeah it's really like role in a row and was a big one. I don't regret growing up in the late nineties and I but I do think in particular like the music the cock rock wherever the that's what they call it then I was like you know anything emanating from Jacksonville no offense to our one Jacksonville listener with the entered like I don't think like really does not hold up. I mean their biggest album. I think was called chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water. That's right right and you hate all things chocolate yeah and also you're mixing milk. Milk and meat at that point was okay. I'll elliot five fair yeah. I don't know if it's actually cocoa based product but anyway Kiva so what that's the film and then also there's a number of murals that pop up on the screen. What'd you think of that? They spend half the budget how I wonder if he's an artist and he did it because they weren't bad but they really didn't have much of a place in the film the hard to explain without their sort of animated murals murals right yeah. It wasn't like the worst shot movie I've ever seen. There weren't a lot of like insane decisions visually other than the aforementioned darkness which may have been a Motif they were going for okay. What does the film saying wha what is the message of the fanatic? I think that stalking is bad but don't call me a star like it's a great question. I don't really think it has a message. This is a much better film than the animal. We watched two weeks ago right yeah in this movie bad Yes yes. Is it deplorably bad. A couple of you. Read some reviews all right Brian Tell Rico from Roger Ebert Dot Com. He says fritters the fanatic hates fans. It hates actors in haste tourists. It hates shopowners and service shopowners yeah. It really really hates autistic people and meets you. It's a movie that thinks your knee at someone who won't see through its shallow provocations illogical behavior and violence therapy. It's one thing for a movie to be deadly dial or incompetently made and this movie is both of these things to be sure but it descends to another level when you realize that it exists perhaps even intentionally do nothing more than a cinematic version of an Internet troll. Find the block button for this one yeah yeah okay I guess in the words of Moose okay. That's a look at this. You're blocked your block from my social media. Can I read I read a joint Anderson from the Wall Street Journal one of the country's finest newspapers right yeah he's talking about Travolta and he says in his youth if the actor enjoyed the kind of incandescent stardom that can't really be earned and will inevitably burn at a lower wattage but he's proved himself time and time again to be a hugely talented actor something from mm-hmm which is early celebrity. It's probably distracted without cataloging. His career has been terrific in any number of high profile projects not just about fiction get shorty but also smaller nourish movies like the Undersung Sung lonely hearts you also made it should be noted wild hogs so one can understand the drove the fanatic for someone like Mr. Travolta it calls for full immersion mentally Lee and physically and he pulls it off. Oh Rob at the Wall Street Journal this movie a Positive Review. Wow Oh yeah okay. That's The Wall Street Journal. Forget people are canceling their times this week I think you've gotTA cancel. Wsj I with some listeners I posted that if anybody buddy wanted you know help find the on demand I would. I would help any listener so Kelly W I think that's to use up W UH-HUH she has some takes she says my apologies the fellow Canadian Devon Sawa for being con- taking this role yeah Why did John Travolta's Travolta's agent? Let Him do this movie she asks. We don't think he has I. She says todd the street performer looks like a Jack Eric Stein. I could see that he may be next. Week's guest todd the street performer. Although I heard he doesn't respect Hollywood he's full of Doodoo. It doesn't respect Hollywood. I respect Hollywood. Is this sequel to Larry. David's curb your enthusiasm due respect would Hollywood a Hollywood yes. She S A fair question. Which is why does hunter Dunbar not have simply safe yeah you'd the simpsons sneaks in the house? It's because the maid is dead and the doors. Oh Yeah it's an expensive yeah. No yeah no simplisafe you want to sponsor the podcast. We will ask that about every character in every movie yeah yet. She's offended on Jamie. Lee Curtis behalf their name was even brought up in the garbage. We should've known when Travolta the thought of drag queen was Taylor Swift a few weeks ago that he's anymore like he he didn't yeah Do we think sympathetic character she is in general it had a feel about him and did Fred. There's really Edna seen just dimension Limp Yup. He's Canadian yeah so yeah I apologize is to the ten or so listeners who we forced to watch this keyboard. You can confirm that this film did not make Muccio Donald Trump at the box office right now. I think it made like three thousand dollars Donald Trump. I think like you would be like mu-chou Marianne Williamson at the box office yeah that's what automate and made Muccio Williamson may be Tom so I would say Tom Steiner but he's he's billionaire right so it's not up to Yang love yeah yeah yeah we were running against trump for the Republican primary made Muccio them yeah okay yeah so I Apologize Trust anyone who watched this movie. I don't think it's going to have a long. It's not bad enough to be like the rule mich- right now so I don't think it's like campy bad. It's fun to watch bed but I don't think it's going to have a cult following ever. I don't think so and maybe after this maybe after we were going to bring more eyeballs to it much like the king cake baby than anyone has ever brought yeah we were able to get Travolta on the podcast for the mailbag next week. You'd think Travolta's not even a main guest for the show only after this yeah I think so you find you have at this. If I had one last week I I I was going to reveal it. I was GONNA have John Travolta. Be The guest on twitch this season yes so we really. I shouldn't have thrown at last week. I guess okay all right before we get to the mail bag this week. let me take Gigamon thank our sponsor for the podcasts those our friends over at bed online that ag the people who make the podcast one sports net challenge possible all and boy. I took a dive last week. I think I only got three points from my picks. Last week. I was in sole possession of first place and I've squandered it. I'm I'm now tied for second place but Kiva. Let me let me give you my picks for for this week. Lock it in with the Patriots over the Redskins Yeah. That's a pretty safe bet make sense. I'm GONNA take the eagles against the jets like another. Another safe bet very very safe bet yeah. Although you know. MAYBE MAYBE SAMMY DIS coming back this week who knows Yo Lemme. LemMe consult the magic eight ball here. SAM DARNOLD is not coming back in week number five. I don't think so I took the saints over the box. Sorry sorry John John Okay. I'm going to take the chargers over the broncos smart okay and then the chiefs over the calls halts. Those are my week five picks here on the podcast one sportscenter. I'm taking on the other hosts of all the podcast one shows you can follow a podcast one sports CNET DOT COM and of course all of that is possible by our friends over at bet online dot. Ag Could Take Advantage of the best bonuses genesis in the business when you sign up for a free account and make sure you use that Promo Code podcast one for your fifty percent sign up bonus. Nfl College Football MLB playoff action all heating up this week with games. You're not gonNA WANNA miss out on in the NFL in addition to some of the matchups. I talked about this the rams at Seattle the Baltimore Pittsburgh Green Bay at Dallas Cleveland in San Francisco in college football tons of great matchups in week number six Georgia Tennessee Auburn with our friend Kaelin from Auburn at Florida the Big Game Akiva to top ten teams yeah oh by the way we got another. We have a lot of haters in Auburn robbed. You know we have another auburn hater voice go. I'm impressed you know all the SEC teams James. You're not a big college football guy yeah okay so this is from courtney from Auburn and she was very upset about last week's Auburn bashing and she says I'd like to take and much. It's an episode fifty concerns which I believe is episode forty nine concerns was is this long. Can I finish finish the all right. We'll we'll come we'll come back with more auburn complaints there's plenty of going on to college football as well as the MLB playoffs as well with all of the AL and NL Diaz action going on I also saw that on line that ag you can bet on like a WHO will be lead the new manager for certain teams ooh Hoo Hoo going to bet on for the mets Girardi Carlos Beltran cost the least whoever is going to have the lowest salary that might be John Travolta. Throw him in the mets the okay visiting DOT AG and don't forget the Promo Code podcast one for your fifty fifty percent sign up bonus. That's been online dot. Ag Your Online sports book experts all right. Let's get into this week's mailbag and once again we have a guest here for the mail bag in the studio here with us great friend of the podcast longtime renown up listener out here on the West Coast this week please welcome Sam. I am more San how are you. I'm good. I'm sorry I'm not John Travolta here to help out with the bag I am Sam is is with US Akitas a bad precedent rob. You said he's a big Fan. He's in your house. This is the wrong episode to have a listener in your house. I think now while I've known Sam for a while so like it seems it's like it's a big planets fine talking about it Sam there I I if he wants me to sign anything I'm just going to do. I'm not going to put up a fight about anything and he can go see if we have any ice cream or anything downstairs and hopefully hopefully everything is going to be on the level but anyway so sam. Sam is here that he also watched the film before we did the podcast today. I mean watch a loose term kind of thing yeah. Did we miss anything on fanatic. I I think we covered everything. I think those graffiti pictures were really interesting. Just like what's going on thing made no sense but this fund fun enough. I guess yeah I wasn't in pain like I was during the animal. I think I'm happy we watched it. I think people will enjoy doing talk about it more than they would have enjoyed watching the film. Okay Okay you want to get back to the Auburn complaint section. Yes so we've made is all done our ops that we need to put the entire school though we have fro uh-huh album like the whole state with our French on the mailman. Maybe it's just the Alabama half or really ninety percent of the Iron Bowl and not the auburn ten percent so anyway I so I bashed Auburn last week and she said the first instance of her concern was the Baena lessons podcasts when Akiva reference the Auburn Takes 'em Game Akiva indicated the sport of the Ag with Oh Texas now remember I hadn't mentioned Kaelin from Auburn's complaints but I had already read them and knew they were coming. Which said that she said Auburn won the game by the way they'd won the last three meetings at Southfield this annoyed me more than sent me but I want to let you all know that I voted since the behalf of the state of Alabama that it keeps US cool? I'm there sitting that vote. Oh in the world is not John Camp. Well rescinded much like Auburn's two thousand fifteen national championship with Cam Newton being paid will probably happen at some point to as you might imagine imagine. She says I was deeply devastated. Here you rob voice or support of the Alabama Crimson tide. I believe in my heart. This was a flippant comment and that is not a true representation of your character actor. I believe he took some time to get to know Auburn graduates and what we stand for. You'd have a change of heart. I'd be happy to host you at home football game at Jordan Hare Stadium Anytime soon experienced special the bond we Auburn Tigers have with our school. Don't bring Akiva far. I'm and War Eagle. That's their that's their rally cry. Yeah I would just start start saying war eagle and if you ask me a question and answer is yes. I think we should implement the War Eagle System into this podcast switching teams rob she says ps shadow got to Kaitlin from Auburn. Let's hang shall we shall we set up these two disgruntled Auburn Fan as a friend date and see if if they should come friends. Should I give them each other's emails now so so I said roll tide on podcast you. I don't think you said roll tide. I think you said I said I asked you if you like Auburn our Alabama amount which side of the Iron Bowl you choosing Joe Name Plate Alabama yes yeah so that's loyalty Cam Newton Guy I mean I'm not anti Cam- I mean I don't want them in fantasy this year so I really had positive experiences with my Cam Newton I mean Alabama you know most the NFL fell from Alabama yeah. They're the best. It hurts if you're courtney okay well. I don't know how much interest there is in this debate. I think we'll add we're going to think I'm going to set them up and see if they could. They could be happy with each other. Okay clear teams right all right. Let's talk about Mount Rene more and what we have have in store for the mailbag this week. Yes I'm GonNa make a prediction that I've never made before yes. I here's here's my it's more of a goal than a prediction but my goal for mountain out more. This week is to get all four ideas on the wheel. I think it's a realistic goal. I think we're coming in hot this week. I had ten hours to five hour mornings in a row to marathon synagogue service days where I I sorta sit with my own thoughts all out of time and think about ideas and how to improve episodes and also some some pictures of my own in addition to maybe maybe tinkering with some other ones that were sent then okay. I really think rob and Sam we have a chance to go forte or if not go close to it four for four orm. We haven't put much on the wheel in the last two months. We we put this on the wheel and then we put ideas on last week but that's it. We really the wheels that's ever been so there is definitely space for new ideas. Okay all right maybe Sam I should've paid off before but maybe Sam will help me out on my best all right all right so here we go. Here's here's the first idea okay. This is called two angry men. Are you familiar with the play and subsequent movies twelve angry men a jury yes by the way there's no women in that jury is that explained that or no but anyway a jury of twelve angry men. This is called two angry men rob. We have a true through crimes are unsolved. Mysteries expert come on the show and they and they basically give us five ten minutes synopses sees of a couple one time a couple famous true crimes that we are not super. It's not going to be oh Jane jumping it would be maybe something we'd heard of but I don't know anything more than that or maybe something we'd never heard of and they're gonna lay it all the details for five or ten minutes and then the jury you and me need to decide if the person person is innocent or guilty who did it if not solve mystery you know where you know what happened where the disappear to that sort of thing you and me are two man jury two angry men so are these like murder cases they. I mean it could be whatever you want. We have a lot of flexibility. It could be any unsolved mystery so it doesn't have to be you know violent crime. It certainly could be but it's it's unsolved mysteries. It's basically something where there are two or more options to story we the the ultimate the ultimate answer is as of yet unknown but me and you're gonNA lay down the law and decide what happened. Okay Sam. Would you WANNA listen to this podcast yeah. I think it's pretty good definitely want to here. You guys go back for guilty not guilty. I think it just comes down to if we get the right cases if they're interesting enough obviously everybody knows. Oj and that's always good fodder for conversation but some these lesser known ones. I don't know it it could be interesting. It's just it really comes down to who would that specialist specialist potentially be and if they're interesting enough and not dislike permits or something boring never are we going to find out the right answer like do we send a person electric chancer well. I don't think we're I don't think there is a right answer like like I don't think murder or anything yeah yeah. This one does not sound Super Fun to me where we're hearing like sorta like the grisly details of murders and if it's not one of its not a murder it could be an unsolved mystery. It could be a bank robbery. It could be a bank robbery. It could be your D B Cooper type thing that doesn't have to be death involved or violent crime. there are lots of unsolved mysteries that don't involve you have somebody that would be preparing this. Do you have a host we would we would. I don't have one in mind. I think that's I'm bringing up now. Do you have one great if not maybe the right person is out there and then Tonio Massaro conspiracy pot right yeah so I think I need to hear more details. I am not ready to put this on the wheel say anything about her. I think put it out in the universe back. We definitely killing anything right can convict you're giving it. A nose bleed. Get some paper towels. It'll be fine okay. The next idea is is called the rant off for the rant Olympics. Whatever you WANNA call it okay we are given basically ahead of topics and we pick out a topic and let's say you go first then you get you know making right on red or anything rant on anything in the world the Pumpkin spice in October and you have sixty seconds to rant about that and then I will go in a hat and I will have sixty seconds to ran on you know how early the basketball season starts any whatever just random listener submitted topics and then we have each durant lap and you know we'll repeat this bunch of times and then nine people the Supreme Court who are listening but are not on the podcast so we would talk to them? Somehow are going to vote for who had the best rent each time. You could also call this if you want. If you don't like the idea the rant off a cousin podcast to the heartache or also we have a podcast in the wheel called Mount Rushmore which really has no no structure or no plans for we really call this Mount Rushmore we could change it to mount ramp more and try and get the four best rants. I guess winning rants so I I wasn't super excited about this that I feel like this little feels like Adam Corolla game to complain about different things but I really loved the idea of the Supreme Court being involved yes the Supreme Court which could become involved in many other wheel ideas but but I think this could be there I use right and it would be nine. People who first and foremost available possibly drew midday were recording their number one great Syria would be their availability recorder a habit of soda around our schedules. Yes this is Thursday afternoon. It could be Saturday Sunday could be any day and they will not be on the podcast. I also think shut up Tim included this. We we have a we have like a podcast bailiff where he would be you know like one maybe because the pike is it's just me and you like topic bailiff and they are sort of picking the topics for us and their own. Maybe corralling that the Supreme Court people and counting their votes for us. If if we're ranting about different things that's very hard to like. I'm ranting about apples your ranting about oranges. Can you compare those two rants literally apples. Yes well you could be the Samantha about the same thing I had this thought but I wonder if it gets old to hear to rants about the same topic topic it's. I don't think that's a deal bring question one way or the. It's just your preference. I think the issue there is if you guys agree on the same on one topic and you're GonNa be ranting ranting about the same points then it becomes repetitive. You always have to two opposite so think rob in terms of doing different rants I think think first of all we reaping that of a hat or we could just be picking from a pool of like thirty rant ideas so you know it is apples to oranges a little bit but I think ultimately ultimately especially if we're picking it's just the quality of the rant it you know literally a good ranters could make any rain good and a you know even the worst topic and vice versa so oh. I don't know but I think the Supreme Court What do you think about mount ramp more now rant more? I think that's that's fine. I WANNA get hung up on the name around. It doesn't need to be nine. Nine is a little unwieldy. I know this real supreme. Court has nine nine seven. It could be any odd number five or tribunal yeah yes yeah available but I also think we're not really dealing with tech so much right there. There may be listening in to us on on some on whatever platform right and they should be all independent they should be locking their votes in and we don't even know who's on the Kaya Gray Yeah I agree the Supreme Court the Chad okay. Maybe after the fact we'll we'll we'll be interesting yeah and also maybe the the topic bailiff can be getting like they could also submit. Maybe like a one one-sentence like Akiva. The winter yet judge number two says judge number to keep is the winner and maybe if they have like a quick but one-sentence quip you know so you can read like one of those per per rent for one of the nine people or something yeah people okay so I like the idea I don't know whether or not it should be the same topic or different topic yeah so I put that as a poll same topic or different tigers to specific for a twitter about I mean I think anybody that let's say as you're in the in the Patriot group. You can answer whatever's the more populous guy though that's good yeah then we'll get some feedback on that also yeah I think the Supreme Court in we need ready to go on the wheel yet or do you think it's still needs of twenty. I think it needs a week of a week to tweak a week weekday tweet okay. I like. I like shut up Tim topic bailiff. This was the first to ideas. Were both mine but yeah I like. I like the idea of a topic. It's pretty fun okay and they're not Supreme Court. I think it by the way it doesn't have to be the same nine every time. It's all about availability if rival you're on it but you could be kicked off you know if you're a Roberts Aubert's whoever's on the Supreme Court now if you're not once out forever but what is absolutely John Roberts like if it was the Real Supreme Court. It would be funny if you missed one day. You're just out forever yeah. I don't know how hilarious that was. You know better than I think he was saying that there's like a foreperson of like like the I think there should be a four person. Also I do think there should be a chief mega chief Jocelyn Napster things. That's so interesting. Maybe it'd be funny if we're getting mad at them also yeah I think we listened won't be able to hear them during the podcast yeah it'd be able to hear US I. I think that there should be maybe on this should be a judging panel but I don't think that the you are the Supreme Court should be based on availability like I kind of feel like that there. Should we're GONNA. WE'RE GONNA pick people but we also have to like say hey. The podcast is Thursday at four like we'll ask people but let's or whatever five people seven people but then and if they say no. We'll just keep going down the list but you know it's not only based on availability but you know we're not gonNA. We're not GONNA be able to find if we pick nine and people are seven people. We wouldn't ever find the time that they're all available. It'd be like a fantasy baseball draft right You're never gonNA. You're never gonNA make everyone happy. I don't know okay all right so the minor issues the tinker with but I do think this is this. This is an idea people would really like and it's also you know repeatable idea. If it's good okay so would the supreme court be completely anonymous. Do we know who they are. It should be anonymous here for this. Is that the judging panel like we tailor our arguments to that we even know who's on the panel like a bunch of Canadians or something we could be like pro candid Iran's. It'd be interesting we could figure that but also if are we going to be able to get all nine to talk afterwards because that would be. I think that's why I think that maybe this should just be some. I love the idea of course we do three but I feel like that. This should be maybe just like an anonymous anonymous judging panel okay fine. Maybe everyone who listens can vote we could work that like anyone who's listening to live can vote okay. What about curt corker markers? Somebody could work that out. We gotTA figure okay. Oh absolutely absolutely okay great all right those those were my synagogue ideas all all right. madly gory says what about a Matt Bracket Robin Keep pick a favorite Matt. I really like this. It's basically very simple. It's a Matt Tournament and we put thirty two or sixty four or not one hundred twenty eight hundred fifty six mats in a bracket so it's you know and it could be maybe one has mats and one fs Matthews so it could be Matthew mcconaughey and Matthew Broderick and Matthew Fox Matt Stafford and Matt Harvey Matt Harvey Matt Liguori Mac Geoghegan any man that we know and we decide once and for a WHO is the world's greatest matt very simple no prepping nor no prep needed. If it works we could literally do it a billion times because we do robs and John's things we can do. Jennifer is like every name on earth all right I went through the mats and there's a lot of really good Matt's. I think it would be great to the side and crowned the King of the mets. Maybe maybe it should be called King of the mets all right Sam. I have a feeling I think I know what you're GONNA say Robert. I'm all in on this. What am I gonNA say? What am I gonNA say? You're probably going to v a little bit more. Maybe not I don't want to offend any man. I don't want to offend anybody cares. Who's the Best Matt I put it on the wheel but on the wheel yeah they don't care yet I think leaning more towards put it on thirty two fans? If it's football season I don't have time for big. Obviously this seems like peak off season thirty. Two one chester could be the third guest here. I think this I think I think this is an automatic. People will chester. The third guest is sweet deal for me. No no I think the third guest has to be a matt. I think that would be terrible tonight. Ever met met Liguori says idea Imac Geoghegan said he's going to be left out of it. He already knows oh no. I was saying like some of these mass like we could have a Mat Liguori Gory Matt Geoghegan Faceoff and Describing Day or the Superior Matt Oregon but if I always sort of look at this not from what I wanted to Matt Matt. Let's say you're not a man. I'm you know I'm just a you know a regular rene listener in in in Wichita and I don't know Ma Goria Mac Geoghegan well. They're not too far away. Honestly no offense the great mats from Long Island. They're really not I mean other than it's Matt's idea like. They're not probably contenders to win. That's more of a Matt Mikan Balaguer. I don't WanNA throw him into the bus. He didn't really know Matt McConnell was so he must be very young. Matthew mcconaughey Matthew Fox Matthew Broderick and there's a I don't have the holistic matthews in front of me but there's a lot of celebrity mattress from survivor Amazon. Yeah Matthew fell well. We don't want yeah. Is there a Matthew Division that I think there's a Matthew Matt. I think there's two brackets in the championship is Mattress Matthew. Yeah it's a good it's a good question all Maddie's and then we could actually have some women the Bragg that's I think that's the right move matters in their br. I super excited about this one. How do you feel very strongly about it? I still have a veto in my pocket. Get the wheel veto it. If I hear from my constituents relooked the mad idea is not great. What if yeah yeah what if two days after the podcast comes out I put up a twitter poll? Should we do king of the Matt's where we pick the world audience wants it then. Can you show me the polling data again on board so I thought you're gonNA say yes this and again if this works there's an infinite number of episodes that we think of again again rob's versus John's. Yes you know Dale's Don's you it can have the best donny's on thirty two fan. Best is what Sam is a good one SAM. She's also like a very gender neutral. You really want that for like this. Okay all right John Another Jonathan wrote in for our fourth idea. I thought I was going to go three four. I am so far over three none of the IDEAS ZOR dead. I think they're all in the wheel waiting room right. Yeah I think but this was the one that had the least chance I says here's my idea for the next episode of her nap so I don't know he thinks there's no wheel. It's just the next episode Robin Akiva get stuck in Groundhog Day in this episode Robin Keevil reruns of Classic Bill Murray Movie Grandpa Day on a nonstop loop for twenty four hours or only only once in you'll lie and say you watch for twenty four hours and then podcasts about the best movie nineties you've been so tethered to crab move diaper. Shouldn't you be able to podcast about a good move for once what some topics will include wardrop into mcadoo if they got stuck living the same day over again how many days are years and years was still connor stuck repeating groundhog day and other granddad questions. What do you think about the idea of us this rewatching Greenwich Dan you could tinker with the actual time it could be once a day every day for a week three times? In a row two thousand five times could be this could be a groundhog's Day. Only we'll slot the but it gets like you know ten ten slots that one week I don't know what do you think about this idea where we watched the movie Groundhog Day a lot of times. I don't Wanna I watch a lot of time. Yeah that's my problem. I don't Love I love the idea of watching a movie. a lot like this was one of the original ideas right watching the same episode of Csi New York Look every single week imagine doing that this week do you. Do you want to go back and watch the fanatic tomorrow. No a little bit I would the third time it would be bad but if it was just on in the background by the so what do you think I it's definitely funny thing of a groundhog day only like the week groundhog day. We watch every day for a week well. It's on the wheel but it gets like super size that one week sure if it was like the week leading up to groundhog's Day. I'm fine with giving nate someone remind me of that. I think that the challenge there with a good movie is a and I don't know you might be a little more tapped on this than than I am. Have there been a lot of podcast exploring the movie groundhog day. I've never heard one but I'm sure there so it's been it's been doc but I know to watch groundhog day. And what was it like ninety two so it's not like we're serving in in groundhog's Day right right like we're just repeating the movie over and over and over. I'm not gonNA watch like Nobody's forcing but then. I don't think we need to do it then. I don't think we we need our takeover watching once something fun to kind of change it up during that week a couple years back they made groundhog day musical which bombed so maybe like listen to the music music and just pick that apart because I don't think it's good I do feel that people would be interested in US talking about groundhog day a if it was the week of groundhog day I agree I also like the idea of and this would be during your off season. I thank great granddaughter of US watching the same thing over and over again also if we get the audience involved in there also watching every single day with us or like five times in one day and like you know sending in their experiences and their takes do think there's some definitely some content the mind there. Perhaps perhaps but I'm not sure if the juices worth the squeeze necessarily early of like okay you know potentially ten to twelve hours of watching groundhog day. I'm not sure if that will yield much more fruit in terms of a better podcasts guests than watching it once okay come out are in the movie more so than anything else yeah. I called my shot. I said we could get everything on the wheel. Although I was not it all optimism about the groundhog day idea and we have a big offer although I do think Matt's has a chance because that's going to Paul and the Randolph I think will be on the we just have to work on the on the logistics okay one more one more seasonal idea. Okay okay the NAP costume contest. I'm not who sent in this idea okay. Here's your Halloween idea. I think it's scratches the calendar Itch a bracket yes bracket of possible reneged base choline costumes listeners can submit and be as detailed medicines creatives possible Brittany's turn the best the best costume which represents our anap but could also feasibly be created created winning costume. Would it be adapted as the official renowned cost them for anything. That doesn't have an idea following bonus post Halloween. You would probably get listener photos of Rene Costume Okay. This is what I would want all right. I want the bracket to be people willing to do their rene costume and what would be and then if they win then they are hereby obligated and not like one of these you can name more baby no like like a real hand Bible get bailiff to swear them in hand on a Bible Rob. I think we said we were taking playing on the word. It's late late at night again. the again a collateral yeah well from last week. I'm saying remember to think we take we're GONNA take their rolex or something until they dress up. We're we trust with our listeners and so I lost all I can't trust anybody and you gotta get over the past that so I that people write in and they tell us what they are willing to be for Halloween Okay and then if it if it comes up and this is probably gotta get like the you know eight spots all wheel yeah yeah well. That's the end of the pitches that we need to go on the wheel right away and be inflated spots because it's really running out of time right. I just want to know who's GonNa take the Moose Costume from. I feel like that's going to be okay so people then have a week to then say a okay I would I would wear this Cossio and then and then they have and then whoever wins they have to do it and then we have to see pictures yes so if we have enough ideas will put this off straight onto the wheel next week. If we get enough good ideas at least eight willing to do it with with different interesting ideas. I say we will put this on the wheel. Oh I guess we have to do it. Yeah sure sure until next week. People will write in and say what they are willing to do. Are you then making the bracket I mean it'll it'll make itself. I can't imagine one hundred people I imagine there'll be a finite number of people that's even really it doesn't need to be a bracket especially since there's a good chance of won't be divisible by eight or or whatever so you know it could be like we'll just have eleven pitches and will read them one by one and we'll pick the best will grade them like it's a hot. Take off or something and then we'll pick the best one one okay. I like. This is Sam especially bracket yeah. I'm not sure that a lot of people are going to do it. A lot of people might have their own costumes a a lot of people might not bother but if they are willing to play ball with them I love the podcast they could call an audible and change up their costume. Okay agree if you really cared about us. We had a hard year if people want to dress up as baby row in that's that's a pitch yeah Akiva suggesting that if if this is October fourth is when this episode was going to go up if visit good when we record our next episode I think that in honor of October this idea should have ten spots on the wheel. I wouldn't say act is eight OCTO well. What are we Roman No? I didn't know I didn't even know where you're going. I'm stupid find ten spots. If it works it gets ten spot so it has about a fifty fifty fifty chance of being picked next okay chance that come up in the next two weeks suix yeah oh great perfect. We're on the same page okay one more one more thing if somebody wants to make us a sims game right with with Rice and and and reach out to Jenny Autumn. She doesn't want to build the SIMS game for us. I shouldn't see nets I asked her about it recently. She didn't seem that excited yeah. If someone wants to spend the time building it a reach out to us and and we will work out logistics okay. I've never played the SIMS. I don't even know what happens. Yeah keep it. We want to read through our last fifteen or so episodes to see if there should be anything on the sequel mechanism if you in time we could do that. Let's go we could even do real real quick. Okay so over. I guess going back to when we lasted this but okay episode thirty six Robin Akiva Knee Baby. We're done with that right well. We said we could do a feel like if there's a because now where we're the out the baby naming game we're beginning again. Okay okay final four. Do we want to put that that was episode thirty seven. We'll put that on wheel now we don't need to do that okay number thirty the eight was the rise and fall of JT. I will be the rise and fall somebody else like MacAulay Culkin or something. I don't think we have a great pitch fine but I don't think it's episode number. Thirty nine is episode number. Fifty two that is eligible conspiracy pod to is conspiracy pod three should that be in the sequel mechanism are not yet soon okay. Is there some sort of like if it W- got into the sequel mechanism after ten episodes of the need to wait twenty to come back I I think we said we would put it back on in twenty episodes I think when it aired I mean we it's so popular but also think there could be too much of a good thing. I think it will just do Antonio's GONNA be back. PODCASTING ON MISTER ROBOT submarines might not have time to squeeze it in like in twenty twenty is like the golden area therefore it would have come back but not just yet okay. I would agree episode number forty was Robin and steal the declaration of independence. That was a crappy movie diaper. yeah the national treasure two okay that's possible that Robin Akiva needed number forty one was. MTV dating shows are trash. Yeah I mean we're we're GonNa do we have a lot of spiritual ritual sequels to that in the hopper for sure. TLC shows and then episode number forty two was Robert Costa late night talk show in Minneapolis. Let's go baby. Let's go right back like does it have to be Minneapolis. Can we go to some wet craigslist Carl on the phone yeah okay. This is what I think. When twenty twenty starts we gotta start talking about potential cities and where we're GONNA go and people people are gonNA start pitching us? I'm excited for that and just a little look ahead of what's potentially episode. forty-three was three's company season three episode seven recap. I think that was episode upset Sevens. You don't do episode. Forty four was millennials killed it. Yeah I think that probably will get a sequel. One day and forty five was a provocation robinhood. Go on the Oregon trail. Yes okay a lot of people have pitched like weird versions organ trail but I haven't seen one yet that really catches my eye spiritual on that I came up with it was like a rollercoaster tycoon but I don't know if there's a simulator for that and the very high a lot of people die on the roller coaster. If young don't coaster I just go off the edge and Oh my God. I didn't even know it's a very problematic didn't even know that okay all right so let's let's take a look at what is out there on the wheel currently okay uh-huh a season three episode seven climbing back up. There is now at three spots. It's on the link for this week through. I think three was laughing right now. Maybe these things aren't saving when I'm hitting safe okay so then we hey it's three. I don't know what because we did. After we did census so would have had zero then the animal would of that one Robin Akiva Yeah. I think it's three find three okay and he's trying to trying to bump it up. I have no idea I forget how it works. We have our coin flip. We have we're in the world is Carmen Sandiego crappy movie diaper that came up a this is not those that are but but yeah I I better wheel yeah better off the wheel for this week. You should the crappy movie diaper like Really GonNa Watch crap movie three weeks at a four. He's a via. Is We spin a wheel. We created this week lucky so let's not spin a wheel anymore. Just I'm letting you know if the crappy movie diaper comes up my veto finger my issue veto Abbas why you have a veto remember technically three videos house. We have one that we have. The podcast is sometimes we have to do a podcast about things. We don't WanNa podcast about yeah yeah. Sometimes we pack as with people. We don't want to you know I it's. That's why you're vetoes your does okay. We have our sequel mechanism note. That's gone okay. There's nothing in the sequel mechanism right hero spot zero zero spots for the sequel L. Mechanism and then we have a Mount Rushmore we have is that off now because isn't that now Mount Ram more. I think it's a totally different idea. Yeah you just calling it something similar idea for Mount Rushmore okay. I think that we could come up with a different name for Mount Rant more that we didn't like like you said Mount Rushmore was released favored idea shouldn't rushmore just squeeze a little and become ramp more. I don't know Sammy of any interested in Mount Rushmore more where a given I take things and make the Mount Rushmore of different things. I think they could be fine for me. I feel like I honestly more lean mount rushmore than rent more. Oh that's an incorrect. We'll keep you like that more than the ranch. I'm rushmore over rant more. Okay maybe to get your rent is other than you want to name the ranting episode ramp more. I don't know why they're too similar. I know they are. I just thought you'd like I thought it was a favorite because you had said before that Mount Rushmore doesn't excite you. I mean it could be good or I like I said. I don't think it'll be bad sizzle there. It's no hype could be refund no but I think it'll be I think yeah maybe low expectations of will jump over those hurdles yeah okay all right and then we have roast beef is not on the wheel right now. No that should be gone yeah. Are we have millennial judge still on the wheel Akiva yeah a lot of people have been saying the started as a sort of a legal advice type of thing but now than ever legal advice. I thought I thought I was that people just were talking about like their gripes with another the person okay fine. I agree so it shouldn't be. I don't think we should call US judge anymore. I think that's a confusing name because people should be sending in if we ever do this should be sending in more of relationship questions. My roommate is mean to me my my my teacher is I'm GonNa fight with my parents. So what if what if people are. What if we call this your problems problems are trash? This episode is not as catchy but sure yeah. I think you're because we have so many trash episodes. I think I think it's it's in the trash. What's what's the trilogy a Quadrille Gee? I don't know quite south heck six shoehorned in to get it in there but we do okay all right better attend is off. The wheel. Hut Takeoff is on the wheel people's choice. We're GONNA vote on three ideas ideas on this weekend. Rob Akiva is off the wheel then we have our third wheel that Third Tournament Cameo Casts game night and TLC shows are trash missing anything. No you got everything okay all right so the fact that the fact that ah we we was on there makes me think that maybe it should been four spots. I don't know if I didn't get my wheel save from last week. Okay all right there. You go all right AKIVA. Let me controversy. I forget now. My head is hurting because when it comes up and then it gets zero the next week and I think the fourth episodes but isn't zero one two three three. It's fine. I'll just leave it at three three works all right. Are we ready. Savigny pick for what you would like to see. Come up I. It's Carmen Sandiego stolen. They're all right here. Here we go. Let's see what will be episode number. Fifty three on the wheel did I mention Cameo cast is still on there yet yeah. I'm a little nervous cameo cast because I started looking at like how much cameos cost. I don't know how much you WANNA scrap it so I thought that but I didn't want but it's been your idea and every time coming mentioned you're like Oh. You're keeping your night into this and I do good idea but I think it's a good idea for like like the Bill Simmons podcast you know the I just don't. I don't know how it's GonNa work. All the cameras are expensive. Do you WanNa do you WANNA put Cameo cast in the wheel waiting room big brother twenty one time yourself down and they're inflating the price. It's I looked. I looked when we were when we were thinking about what to do. Last week. I did look at the prices quickly. Yeah I was like anyone I wanted to do was over our budget. yeah all right. Let's let's put it in the wheel waiting room for now. I love the idea of the cameo cast but I think we need to figure out a way to be able to even really the budget. That was like sixty dollars. That's either going to be one video. That's a minute or three videos that are at or we won rich listener to sponsor that episode and just go buck wild right right so maybe we should maybe the CAMEO CASS should be we should like pool our money together and and figure who we want to get a cameo from okay I will. What do you think about it? Let's hear the listeners thing. Maybe we'll get a rich listener wants. Let's leave it on there and see what happens. Okay all right here. We go. Let's let's spin the wheel opposite him fifty three in that. What's IT GONNA BE DOC? Rewatch the movie. We just watched your problems are trash. AKIVA wow all right. I think that's that's exciting. We just we just rebranded it and now boom here. It is now can we can we get Allie last year I think we I think we get Allie Lascher. Sally's Flasher so if you if you have any problems that are trash if you have yeah yeah hey ally there to you know to pieces of big news one. The podcast has been rebranded. Yeah hopefully don't get mad at us into hey it. Just it just came up on the wheel. Yes I just message sure. She is fine with it. She's happy she's Ok up for next week. Yes over Rene at robins website Dot Com. If you have any sort of problems we already have almost enough but we probably need two or three more any issues you want alley and me and rob to solve you know personal issues. You want to know who's at fault for something. We're here where you're men on the side. Were what's that guy on Fox five ten o'clock you like like does it shame shame on you like the guy you'd call them up and is like how many how me help me Rhonda Help Me Howard Okay but now this is very important listeners. Send in your Sunday shoes. Send it your issues for Allie Lascher Alison last year ya'll exposure to educate Judy Judy Judy. I don't know it's like Theresa. Jude is and what are you seeing right now. I have no idea listen what I'm saying is. Are you really got got an email address yet. You at the address need a podcast. That ROB is website dot com or dot COM were signed Cypher Kasereka SIR RECAP DOT COM or my email my name g mail so I yeah we just need more cases. We have a lot of cases we need a few more. If you have a conflict with a friend a relative a neighbor a spouse a teacher and you WanNa know who's in the right and who's in the wrong or what you should do in a complicated scenario think of it as an advice ice column right in to our email address and we will read these cays Lash don't sure she's going to be blind she's that she's not going to know what's going on and we we will she will answer them and she has hot. Take last year is always right. If I have a problem I go to her and then I have a bigger problem. Okay all right there. We go all right so that's EPSOM fifty three coming up next week on Robin Akiva need a podcast all right Akiva anything else thirty two fans podcasts fans white people saying it's been white hot white hot. I I'd say red hot. Oh Yeah I forgot that we don't say that word yeah you WanNa read some itunes reviews quickly boy chester really he was dragging out the NL awards for the PODCAST. He thinks he doesn't have a great sense of when people care about about things always and forever he still thinks eighteen eighty six national league cy young is interesting if Chester's rules such thing to him. I didn't even know when he when he said what the Hank Aaron Award. Is that a real award or that's a war zone dairy award no. It's really already given a we call it the chest these or something. What do you think of that chester forgetting my birthday? What's your take on that well? I felt a little self conscious because I felt like I had said mentioned your birthday on a podcast. I guess for you but I do not do anything on the day of your birth defects okay but I feel like you probably acknowledged my birthday like on podcast which was like sort of my birthday week podcast adcock was we were episodes from that weak from the past six years but you knew it was my birthday. At least I didn't even care enough well. He's social social media blackout. He's black which I didn't care on my birthday came it went. I had a great day. I didn't say oh I'm so depressed. Gesture didn't mention it. I didn't care I never would have known and then on Sunday three days after my birthday. He's like Happy Birthday. was like well now. He doesn't even know when my birthday is yeah because now I realize oh he never said anything and he's like a clown in the rumble. Yeah exactly Nah maybe better late than never doesn't really work in this instance several. We were like too good of friends to not even do birthday acknowledgment but I guess we I guess I was wrong. Okay on social media. Maybe it would be something that he would've done all right. Let's talk about the reviews go to ROB's website. com slash Rene up or what else could you go due to I don't Know Yeah Rene Rob a Seinfeld. The Poacher RECAPS DOT COM. This is vital signs for itunes. I don't know that was apple podcasts. Yes I have no idea where where people could go in search on account. It's on it's on my old male. Okay all right The GO-TO ROB's website that college R. A. N. A. P. L. that'll take you right. There and you can go ahead and leave us. Your ratings and reviews and subscribe subscribe to the podcast so here are some of the reviews that we've gotten recently on September twenty eight. Somebody named Hi Nick Twenty four says great great podcast but I wish they would read ideas from listeners outside of just the usual voices we hear from all the time Oh that's a shot across the bow this the same people sending an idea. I mean it's not listen. I trust me. I go in person blind. I'm like Oh. We need a shove tim this week. We need we you know we need whatever like that's absurd I will i. I just WanNa do fun things on the on the podcast. I hate when people say that yeah. This is from dead Bart who in earlier in September said Robin Akiva exchanged humorous banter on the topic is your which is selected by spinning a wheel each week. It's a fun premise that allows for a lot of creative ideas and keep things from getting stale listeners can submit their own ideas for the wheel although the focus is primarily geared towards getting friends of the show into the by the same person ever. Do you ever met shut up. Tim like this become too inside baseball. I Ah I like I've never met most of these people. I don't know genuine real like come. Come on yes or not these. Are we one hundred seinfeld episodes without most of our usuals. They're just the same people who want to be involved. Things Zion could idea I guarantee you'll be the last restaurants are on our on me. Sam that SAM is here and Taryn was here so sordid. I said hey jump on jump in the mail bags. Jump in and jump in over here the the rest of the rest of it's on Akiva Yeah I usually book the guests and stuff. You're busy man. Listen to everyone you you could take over all all production. I'd be very happy I have too many listen. You have like thirty jobs zero so okay and then this is one from somebody named Spider Mite US This is the number one podcast. I've been working my way through the Seinfeld podcast and I finally caught up on the Rene podcasts. I could listen to Robin Wheels Banter all day. Long and mostly have have been for several months as someone that also hates going outside and has a wife that doesn't like them. I have to say I feel like these to directly. Speak to me plus as a child raise on Seinfeld I am a lover of useless info and pointless banter. If you love these types of things and you are not a self loathing nerd this is the only podcast had cast it more for you know not bad. You don't want to do self-loathing there right. It's what I've been called before cool now. I didn't want this question of course Akiva. You're very cool. Oh very cool. All right. Lateran gives me somewhere right yeah. It gets you right back on the I guess next. I can't wait bring him back. Okay all right AKIVA. Yes you can be followed on social media at Heave Twenty Six all right Do you want to give out any. I don't tweet I don't instagram on facebook if you're friendly and if I know yell except and that's it I'm pretty pretty quiet on the lesson from Hunter Dunbar that if you if you don't know the person don't accept the friend requests. Oh totally and I do have twitter. I follow things along. I know what's going on the twitter verse but keep my thoughts to myself or people who know me and I'm happy to talk with. Okay there. You go all right AKIVA keyboard back next time I'm always back my name's okay all right good one by

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