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"akiva head hunter dunbar" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"He's a play the guitar he's gone but my my daughter was like there was a naked guy time square when I was there oh he's still there you still there the and again naked cowboys imitators we maybe he's sort of like sold. The act like gallagher did with his brother where that I I mean the naked cowboy has got to be like what is is late forties or fifties right. You think that do you think it's like there's a new naked cowboy now possibly like it's just a good dread pirate Roberts let's see from generation generate yeah like his photo here. Now let's see do I wanna go to naked cowboy dot com. I don't think so no let's see years active. I think he started up in nineteen ninety eight so I mean this is twenty plus years on for out there for the naked cowboy yeah. Can you explain what who the naked cowboy is. As for any of our listeners who yeah I mean I think he's just like a guy who plays the guitar in his underwear in Times Square. is the naked cowboy the net yet. NFC If he's out there still let's say well we'll see if we can get some more information about the naked but let's go to Times Square and send us pictures and they'd be yeah. He's still here guys yeah he according to Wikipedia is active one thousand nine hundred to present and he is a forty eight years old okay okay so he started as a young man's game yeah. Did you know that he also ran for President in twenty twelve election I didn't we know that yeah so although I was running as a representative of the tea party so Mitt Romney know so Mitt Romney was the naked cowboy now okay. That's what's going on with the naked cowboys. I didn't meet the naked cowboy talk politics. Now I mean I guess this politics even before yeah owed me them so I don't know I don't. I don't know if I don't know I haven't had any conversations okay we we can go get an interview with him all right so I don't know how we got to the naked cowboy from Times Square bobby. He gets the job out there on John Street Hollywood Boulevard. That Moose has ops out on Hollywood boulevard. There are people with acts that are way more popular that are sorta like gross out freak. Show type acts where there's One guy named Todd Aka Todd the God and todd the guide puts like a railroad spike through his nose and all the lookie Loos than I guess give him money for doing GNAT but meanwhile there is another guy while all the lookie loo tourists are watching todd the God there is another character named slim played by James Paxton in his worst performance since the LDS is out there. Not is a guy named James Paxton but I do not believe this is the Yankee right. It'd be Bill Paxton. Yes yes and we're we're. We're recording this on Thursday. Chris is spectacular just hoping yeah yes that interestingly this James Paxton who plays the pickpocket that he studied lead British film in London before studying the Vincent Chase Workshop in Los Angeles California that based on the entourage character offit chase is given classes yeah the James Paxton that is the soup James Paxton and todd the God they they are ops of Moose out on the street and todd does not like Moose and he's kind of a bully. He's like a bully to Moose Yeah. They bully moves the really nice to him. I mean sometimes times. They ask him to help but he's not interested because he hates them yeah so this is how Moose feels about todd the God is not a god he's full of Doodoo. He doesn't respect Hollywood. I respect Hollywood rob. Your spectacular would respect Hollywood. Okay also then todd the God it tries to recruit bobby into one of his I think he is he's like a temporary breakup with slim and he tries to recruit Moose into being sort of like the pickpocket while todd does his a freak show act check. This was todd's pitch to Moose about why he should work with him and we tonight show or what we're we're GONNA BE MAKING WHO Donald Trump. We're GONNA make mu-chou. Donald trump heads up on the dollar bill. Now I twenty now. I don't I don't know is this like some mm. sci-fi Alternate Universe where Donald Trump is now on the money or is Donald trump a synonym for monies in for money money because they ask this might be new slang that we don't know yet muccio trump muccio doctor I I mean I think that I don't know if I would go and combine a Spanish word with them. The Noun Donald trump for money like that. That's not really Muccio. Donald Trump was I might start a trend. I mean all fifty people that saw this film are GonNa GonNa take it and run with it but yeah yeah and also I believe they. They come right back together in the next scene. slim in you know in the bully but there it's not mentioned like it's not really explained why they get back to the deleted scene yeah. Oh I'm sure there is a lot of deleted scenes in this hour and twenty minute film so keep if we finally only see Moose get to go to the autograph signing and has the chance to meet his hero Hunter Dunbar yeah right after he's not at the at the party yet. He's he's online too you know at at at the store from a couple of days ago go and get I mean he's only studies books. I think like he is also bought this three hundred dollar vest from the store right right that he intends to get autographs Rebecca Rico on it prop from a movie. It's a very elaborate like fake movie world. They've created. That's kind of like hard to like. The first couple of scenes they're talking about. A lot is if it's real and it's complicated yeah and so that Wild Moose is next in line to get his autograph from from Hunter Dunbar than there is the owner of the poster storyteller hundred number. Hey somebody's outside the C. You and it's hunter Dunbar's ex wife who has a date and she needs to drop their kid off at the autograph signing Yeah yes that she needs yeah. She comes to this dark alley drop. The kid off seems to have some sort of drug problem I think is I think implied later in the movie right that that Oh I didn't get uh when he's on the phone I think he says she has maybe some sort of substance abuse problem or something yeah okay. It didn't work out for one hundred bar. His wife is outgoing on dates. I I think that this is probably a I. You know you know had they minor complaint here or there about different. Things is in my relationship but I feel like me being you know getting. The kid dropped off with me so my wife can go on a date. It's the Ex Wife X. Y. Right exactly you either way here. You you watch you watch the kid I have a I have a date in five minutes yeah. Would that be upset set. You've said you know not my ideal circumstances. I don't think yeah I think yeah I luckily it hopefully won't happen but yeah I. I think you'd be more upset about the podcast. Be Fair like what I'm doing a podcast in the middle of in the middle of podcast you can go on a date and time so anyway then the Mousse is heating. He can't read the room. He's going to go out there and then try to talk to hunter Dunbar while he's trying to deal with this you know not so fun situation with his ex wife yeah and then it's just over I guess because he doesn't want to bring the kid into these you know grumpy monsters who are looking for autographs. He just basically cancelled the right at Hunter Dumbarton or does not want to sign anything he tells Moose. How about I sign your face with my fists here lies? One of the many issues with this film rob is that both Hunter Dunbar and Moose are widely unlikable people. We don't know who to root for. There's nobody does nobody likeable in the film. Maybe the girl Leah the narrator but she's not in that many scenes no and she's the third lead of the film so there's really no options therefore you yeah Moose's not not sympathetic protagonist in the film. I think if we were writing this movie I think you make the star very sympathetic right right right. This was not the case. This is not the case so Lee that after there is the incident with hundred number doesn't go according to plan she then does something which as she was trying to be nice but she this was probably misguided. She gives gives an APP to get an APP on a phone for Moose wear he can now get the star maps of see where you're all. The celebrities live yeah probably a bad she had to know this was a terrible idea and did it anyway. Yeah she did it anyway and we we will see as this turned out to be idea. We're going to see Moose writing a letter to Dunbar. He wants to tell Hunter Dunbar that he really has done him wrong. Mussa's just like filled with bad ideas and and we don't know much like we see flashbacks through his mom but he's very old Travolta's almost playing an older person in this more at least age appropriate but you know he looks better than his impossible. You know looks younger than his age so he really the only person the world is Leah Yeah and so he then is GonNa go hand deliver this letter to Hunter Dunbar's ars house and Hunter Dunbar is not receptive to getting a letter at his home fraud to be fair. I think that's a reasonable symbol. I think most celebrities with gated fences are not really amenable especially ones that have young children at home in a custody battle at some point yeah at any point in the film Akiva Head-hunter Dunbar just like patronized Moose hundred percent for five minutes. I you think you could make the argument of okay. This is now you know the stray cat and you've now fed at once and it's going to keep coming back but life compared to the alternative the way that this movie turns out really just announce kindness here from one hundred Dunbar. I think we're gone a long way. Yeah obviously you're right and even if you think it's a stray cat scenario like try ones. If it doesn't work then you do the same threat. You're doing the next time anyway and then move and then move yeah then you're stuck uh-huh okay all right so hundreds of our does something really messed up to move as you want an autograph okay he takes the marker any it then like very aggressively writes his name on Mussa's shirt which seemed like it was a mean act but I kind of feel like that you know if if moves really took a step back sweet yeah. I've signed a shirt before sure why not go for it. I I agree but I don't think Mussa Mussa use it that way now doesn't view it that way and Yada Yada Yada we have have moose than telling Leah about what he's up to. What's he up to as he he's been going to Dunbar's house and she's she's not she's not a fan yeah not not a fan and so that he's now getting more and more bold in terms of following following dunbar around? I mean he's unbelievable. Both at this point yeah. That's you know he really has no sort of its I think Moose. This is sort of cognitive abilities vary by seen in what for whatever it's convenient to that scene yeah if Moose is gonNA relate Leah about how that Dunbar does not take good care of his plants see really needs to be taking better care of his plants. We're now interestingly we are going to be a Susan introduced to a hundred bars gardner so really shading the Gardner yes who's also maybe you know has played a major role on the films and Eleo Julio the Gardner Yeah meanwhile visit Mussa still having more trouble at work with Todd the God whose bullying will continue there is a janitor in the.

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