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"akil henry ball" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Is the soundtrack of your afternoon having fun And we weren't Williams then Jo Jo Turnbow. No. Get him Jay. Big out. Jo Jo News radio they take to draw lock. Load it up, Homerun. Right side. He's got a receiver there. Makes the catch. It is a catch. He takes a big shot into the New England bench is down on all fours, but it's a catch ball out that both deflected it deflected the football and then it is picked off by day, Shawn Williams. Sean Williams with the interception and Shelby Harris again with a huge deflection in the Broncos defense with their second interception on the season from the 24 seconds to get to the set again, drop back. It's a 30 Malee Jackson second sack of the game. The New England immediately takes a time out with 69 seconds left, the Patriots have second one timeout left. Greed stepping up, bring some pressure. They do safety blitz with weight in the pocket is he throws it up. It is incomplete. Denver's defense with Hugh Stop Receiver was opened. Akil Henry Ball was behind him. Fortunately, boss Bee on the coverage, and Denver simply must take a knee three times to end this game. Well, there you go. Good day for Broncos country as the Broncos do, beat the New England Patriots 18 12, which is not a very football ish score 18 to 12. But as the big fella would say, Got the dump? Got the dub? That was a good wind from the For the Denver Broncos. You know, I said at the beginning of the year And I think he's really starting to show up. Now that this is the best depth I've seen on.

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