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Bad Offshore Weather Delays SpaceX Crew Launch Until Friday

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00:52 sec | 1 year ago

Bad Offshore Weather Delays SpaceX Crew Launch Until Friday

"Liftoff is set for Friday for the first time NASA is putting its trust in a recycled SpaceX rocket and capsule for crew this will be SpaceX's third launch of astronauts for NASA in less than a year were flying NASA astronauts on a flight proven dragon and a flight proven falcon Benji Reid is with SpaceX weather forced a delay Bob bank and fluid test flight to the international space station last spring his wife Megan McArthur is on this latest flight it's amazing to think that I will be sitting in the same seat that that Bob was sitting in when he certified that vehicle on the very first time that it launched Japan's Akiko Hoshi day is part of the diverse group we have Merrick and French and Japanese astronauts on board they will be on the international space station for six months four others are scheduled to return to work next week I'm at Donahue

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