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"aker raymond" Discussed on The Agostinho Zinga Show

"The continuation between the two is began. A decade ago met rosa free artists. Daniel richter never really famous one who is teaching the rising star the academy deb building constrain. Vienna assistant in twenty two thousand. Ten roses took a road trip out to west to visit pettibone crash his speech home which doubled as a studio. A president at the time said that in his recognition pitiful had works on paper around. The studio and rosa took some unfinished works from the studio. The finish works that he would later finish himself off of for sale. Statement to pain represents very pettibone studio. Senator artists never gave works christian rosa and no knowledge of roads are having to work fucking nuts in it but also assured the the was it. what's it called the proficiency the could How prolific. somebody aker raymond. Pettibone is got so many paintings stuff that hasn't been done just lying around right that a worth millions and millions of pounds hundreds of thousands of pounds that he could not know. Is somebody taking a couple of his kind of greater works. Kind of finishing the manoa nicole outages absolutely insane it just goes to show the highest level. Don't really care about the money that much i mean. They just about expressing themselves and gain their vision out into the world. And obviously chris rose guy took advantage of that. That's the real again. The reuss gummy side of it. A quinta sources. The two artists maintain a relationship. This super super lou. Suzy casual informal trusting friendship as a source. Put it until pettibone. Finally rosalie trying to sell. The works took from the studio at that point in the studio the fourteenth from locations which is how the case came to directed to the fbi. The fbi is north because of comment. It's interesting that they went straight to the fbi. Didn't i wonder if they spoke to him. In general pull him to one side especially if they had a close relationship of that or i wonder if it was such an a front. I don't know again i am. I've not an art to this level of his own way my own creativity. I don't know how. I would feel if someone did this to me. When i go straight to the police or would i go in. I guess if you'll raymond pettibone the of that level the people like him in it right. He's kind of a brand and organization..

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