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Charles Sobhraj Pt. 2: The Bikini Killer

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Charles Sobhraj Pt. 2: The Bikini Killer

"In October nineteen seventy five twenty one year old to recent Knowlton in travel to Bangkok Thailand. Looking for enlightenment along the hippie trail with her bare feet and cutoff jeans theresa fit right in with the counter onto culture. She marveled at the beauty of the Buddhist monasteries throughout the region on October fifteenth. Her last night. In the city Theresa resubmits a Motley crew of travelers led by a handsome man who called himself along goatee to research drank and danced into the night meets eventually alarm proclaimed his love for her he declared she and he and all the rest should venture out to pat poem the Red Light District where they could continue the party and get to know each other more intimately theresa hesitated. She had plans in the the morning but the more she looked into Alonzo is the more she wanted the night to go on three we days later. A farmer rode his bike along the Gulf of Thailand about nine hundred miles from Bangkok as he peddled he noticed a white white woman in a flower Bikini floating face down in the rising tide. He jumped off his bike and into the water to help her as he approached he realized this young woman was dead. Teresa Knowlton was the first victim to die at the hands of along. Goatee a con artist. Whose real name was Charles SA- branch in less than a year? At least ten more people would die at Charles branches hands. The lifelong conman would graduate to serial killer. Welcome to Kon Artis. Apar- cast original original. I'm Alistair murden every week. We peel back. The layers of history's greatest deceptions and tell the stories of the hustlers swindlers and fraudsters. That orchestrated them. I'll dive into their psychology breakdown that tricks and explain why anyone might fool. For Con- you can find episodes of contests autism and all other podcasts originals. For Free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream Catis for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type Light Cornutus in the ball at podcast with grateful for you listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how a doing reach reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us is to Elif five star review. Wherever you're listening? It really does help us. This is our second and final episode on Charles Sabaj Russian. Last week we explored Charles's troubled origins a boy born with no identity and no love from his parents who turned to petty crime as a cry for attention. He never grew out of his crooked tricks. Finding new ways to swindle strangers. All the time this week. We'll follow Charles as he transforms from a small time CON scammer into a serial killer and see how he recruited did a Manson like family to help him commit his crimes by nineteen seventy four thirty role. Charles Sobhraj had been imprisoned in France for grand theft auto. Smuggled cars ause in Bombay and abandoned. His brother Andrei in a Turkish prison. He was ruthless impossible to tie down and his criminal behavior. You had only just begun in nineteen seventy four. He perfected a simple yet. Affective Scam Charles stationed himself himself on the hippie trail the road between Bangkok Thailand and Istanbul Turkey because he was half Indian and half year that means he easily blended blended in and could pose as a helpful local. He often claimed to be a local gem dealer or photographer and offered his services to help guide lost tourists wrists once he gained their trust. He either robbed them blind Oko worse than to smuggle precious gems for over a year. Charles Charles Roamed South East Asia performing his scams and in May nineteen seventy five. He was in the midst of executing this exact scheme on a couple of French French tourists when he met a young Canadian woman in northern India. Marie Andre Leclair was a twenty nine year old French inch Canadian who had never traveled outside of her home country in nineteen seventy five. She decided to visit India where she met the feigned and french-speaking photographer along goatee in an airport. Along of course was Charles Sobhraj Charles else pursued Marie and she fell head over heels in love with him but eventually her vacation came to a close Charles. Begged had to stay and travel with him in Bangkok but Marie hesitated. After much deliberation. She returned to her life in Quebec but she found she couldn't stop thinking about how well wind romance with the mysterious alone. Then he started writing to her near daily letters each one professing his ardent love for her. She tried to ignore them. Continue living her life but the letters were to to be useful. How love him became harder to resist with each passing day? After several months. Marie became convinced. That Charles was the man of her dreams and so in August nineteen seventy five. She returned to South East Asia for good and reunited with Halava by September. Marie was completely devoted to Charles and willing to do whatever he asked of her. She had unknowingly committed herself to a ruthless criminal and was soon a partner to his crimes. That Fall Charles. Also Marine met a young Australian couple vacationing in patio. A town about two hours from Bangkok Charles. Marie inserts at themselves since the Australians vacation and within a few hours the forward getting along splendidly. They invited them to a remote beach a local secret. One one of the best in the area away from the crowds Charles. Marie slipped sedatives into their coconut milk. And before too long. The Australians passed out Charles. Marie run set their belongings stealing their passports. Wedding rings jewelry plane tickets and thousands of dollars in cash once they woke up. The Australians reported the robbery but by then Charles Marie Longgang on the next bus back to Bangkok before Marie Charles had recruited family family members to run his cons namely his half brother Andrei and his wife Chantal now. He realized that he didn't need close ties to recruit in a complex soon he started constructing his own crime family. His next convert was a young Frenchman named Dominique. Nick Reynolds Charles met Runaway Cafe and drugged him then dragged him back to a hotel room. When run a low woke up Charles claimed that he was suffering from dysentery and that Charles had saved him too sick to move Reynoso put his faith in Charles to Nessim back to health and in that time Charles made sure that Reynoso would be his next came to young fulmer French? Colonial Police Officers Jahic and Jacques Charles ply them with alcohol then sent them out for a night on the town with Marie during which time Charles broke into that room and stole their money and passports when the men return to find their belongings missing. They turned Charles for help unaware he was the culprit. He offered them a place to stay until new passports were issued and they became unwitting friends to their robber. Finally Charles recruited a young Indian man named Ajay Chowdhury. The meeting remains something something of a mystery according to journalists Thomas Thompson by mid October. Ajay was suddenly sitting at the dinner table with the others on a nightly basis but despite his mysterious arrival Ajay soon became Charles's number. Two by recruiting seeing these people into his 'cause Charles had reached a level of manipulation that he had never before enjoyed his ever increasing. Ego would drive arrive his behavior to an even darker place he would graduate from con artist to murderer at some point in nineteen seventy eighty. Five Charles was negotiating a lease for a building that he wanted to convert into a legitimate gem business. According to journalist Thomas Thompson Charles needed needed to raise twenty five thousand dollars by January. First nineteen seventy six or the deal would fall through given his need to rack up as much caches quickly as possible. It's possible that Charles found it more efficient to murder than to con twenty one year-old Teresa Knowlton a Seattle native on a journey of spiritual awakening met Charles and his group while she was on her way to Katmandu Undo on her last night in Bangkok she had the misfortune of meeting Charles and joined him in a visit. To Bangkok's Red Light district. Patpong three days later her body was discovered by a farmer floating near the resort town of Pattaya. She was wearing only her flower our bikini. She wasn't the only out of towner that Charles took advantage of that full one other. Such tourist was a sephardic Jew from Istanbul named Batali Hacking Batali intended to get rich quick by participating in gem smuggling operation in Bangkok. He planned to use the money he made to pay for a wedding to his beloved. A Frenchwoman named Sean Main Karoo who he had met in the Beatha yet yet. As time passed Batali perspective gem deal had gone nowhere. He milled about in his hotel lobby wondering what he would tell champagne when he met Charles and Ajay Charles easily used his knowledge of gems to ingratiate himself to Batali as they spoke Charles revealed that he knew the perfect place for Batali to recoup his losses. Chant Tabarre province. Hello Charles Under J convinced Italy to join them on a business trip there. They promised he would get a cut of the big jewel purchase. They intended to make from the Chantavarin. BURRI gem mines excited to make some money for tally eagerly joined them on a six hour. Drive out of Bangkok yet. When Charles and Ajay returned from the voyage? The tally was no longer with them. Jahic and junk to ex cops from France asked where Batali was Charles claimed. He left the group to stay the night with some friends he'd met in Patio. The others. Louis found this answer odd given the Vitol Bags but still sitting in the apartment yet. Despite this inconsistency they did nothing the thing about it on November twenty ninth Vitol Leigh's charge body was discovered outside of Patio to the police. It appeared that he had been burned alive given his charts state. They had little evidence about who had killed him but the loss man he he was seen with was Charles. Sabaj by December of nineteen. Seventy Five Charles had likely already killed two people but he he's still hadn't acquired enough money to pay for the lease on his gem business with the January deadline approaching Charles needed to make the rest of his twenty five two thousand dollars and fast in an act of desperation. Charles used fatality McCain's passport to fly to Hong Kong and try his hand hand at the Macau Casinos. He entered the building excited to make his money but as he approached a table the dealer immediately mmediately recognized him Charles had been blackballed from the casino years earlier over unpaid debts and the dealer refused to serve him. He urged Charles to leave if he stayed. He would most certainly be arrested as Charles wondered. Hong Kong Destroy Tim Without Direction direction he stumbled across a young Dutch couple named Hank Been Tanya and Cornelia Cookie Hencke using his charm uh-huh and widely ways he befriended them and showed them a good time around town such a good time that Charles convinced the coupled comeback to Thailand with him. He showed them even more fun in Bangkok eager to see a new city and Cornelia agreed. The trio flew flew to Bangkok and continue to party around town yet. Within a few days of their arrival. Hank and Cornelia was stricken with a mysterious illness. Charles had poison then Charles graciously offered to take care of them. He even made sure to look after their passports and valuables while they recovered but suddenly in the middle of December. Charles's scam was derailed Tali Girlfriend showman Karoo had come all the way to Bangkok looking for him and she had arrived right on shawls. Charles surprises doorstep. Coming up Charles's murderous spree goes international. 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Challenge your friends and prove your prowess by sharing the results with podcast on social media. You never know you may even find yourself in the hot seat one day. Follow killer knowledge free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story in the fall of nineteen seventy five thirty not one year old Conman Charles Branch had poisoned over a dozen people calling them out of their personal belongings and stealing their identities. He'd Fleece his victims out of quite a lot of money but soon the simple Khan was no longer enough for Charles. Within a matter of months he killed killed two people including Vittorio Hakeem who he burned to death. Charles thought he got off Scot Free but only a few weeks later. The tallis Gull friend arrived in Bangkok looking for onces when Batali failed to check in with her Charlemagne the main suspected that something had gone awry. She travelled to Bangkok and visited the hotel he had been staying in the front desk informed show main that he had checked checked out and moved in with one along goatee. The Clark gave the address. She raced over to see a fatality. was still there. She asked around the building if anyone had seen her fiance word started to spread. That vitally had gone missing while most people at the the apartment only found this slightly troubling Charles sought as a threat. He decided to act. On December. Fifteenth Nineteen seventy-five Charmaine's naked body was found in the water near Pattaya. The autopsy revealed that she was strangled to death. The bones in her neck were completely shattered. Once it's Charles began cleaning house. It seemed he was unable to stop on December sixteenth. He evicted Hank Batanya. Yeah and Cornelia Hem car the Dutch couple. He had lived in from Hong Kong. They were still dreadfully ill from Charles's poisoning so they did little to fight back when Charles and DJ through them in a car in the middle of the night Charles drove down the road to patio and when they got to a remote section of the highway a he and a J drank the couple out of the car then the two men beat the couple strangled them Dow step bodies with Gasoline Salihi and set them on fire when Charles Dj returned to the apartment smelling of gasoline and covered in dirt. No one seemed to questioned them about their audience. Charles assumed that he had once again got away with murder however in private five it his three other accomplices. Dominique Jahic and Jacques began to suspect that Charles was involved in the deaths of of all of these tourists as they realized Charles may be dangerous situation. Grew all the more tense. Dominique was still recovering from the poison. Charles had given him and Yana conjunction had yet to receive the new passports. They were trapped with a murderer. The suspicions only intensified when on December eighteenth the charred bodies of a young couple were discovered near Pattaya. The papers incorrectly identified the victims as Australians however the three Frenchmen correctly suspected that these were actually thank and Cornelia they knew they needed to flee from Charles as soon as they possibly could luckily for them. They soon got that chance just before Christmas Charles. Ajay Anne Marie used. The Dutch couples possibles to travel to Katmandu and hit the casinos. There Charles met twenty six year old Laurent carrier and twenty nine year old. Connie Joe Bronze which at I runs. It was thrilled to meet Charles when he told her he was agenda. Ella she showed him some precious stones that she had just purchased in Delhi but Charles proclaimed that she had been swindled. Luckily he would be more than happy to go to Delhi and help her right the wrong of course his offered help was merely a smokescreen for more sinister intentions two days after meeting. Charles the young couples burned bodies were discovered just outside of Kathmandu Brunswick had suffered multiple stab wounds and carry as throat was slit. When Charles returned to Bangkok he brought bronze itches gems with him and sold them but when he got back to his apartment Charles discovered his home had been picked clean and his safe had been tampered with when Charles was murdering strangers Interpal? Dominique Jahic and Jacques had broken into the safe and discovered. They're missing passports. The passports were missing pages ages and filled with fake stamps. Charles had obviously been using them with Charles out of town and their passports recovered. The three Eamon fled to the airport fearing for their own lives. They flew to Paris where they told Interpol everything they knew about. Charles Sobhraj Charles panicked. He had no idea what the deposited Frenchman knew where they gone or why they left him in the first place he only knew they had found their passports in his safe therefore they were a threat to him. He stood about the disappearance for some time but there was little he could do. He flew back to Kathmandu hoping to forget his unfortunate turn of events instead instead he walked directly into an ambush in Nepal. He was greeted by the police. They had managed managed connect Charles and Marie to the wrong carrier and Connie Joe. Bronze itches deaths. Once they realize the victims were Westerners. The police questioned various areas hotels about any missing residence. Bronze Itch and carry as names. Came up and witnesses pointed them tools. Charles Marie Charles. Sales of course deflected the police's questions. He claimed he was hanged. Ben Tanya a European professor on Sabbatical Marie was his assistant. Instant Coffee Hamka both denied knowing the two victims. He had their passports to prove it. The police disallow them to walk free for now but wish them to remain nearby for further questioning using this opening Charles. Marie Reunited with Ajay and made for the airport. On New Year's Eve. Nineteen seventy five. The trio left Nepal and landed in Calcutta India. Uh the next few months were well wind of chaos for Charles but he would stay confidence throughout it. All like many Con Artists Lists Charles Embodied Narcissistic personality traits. According to Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne professor emeritus of psychological and brain brain science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst a key component of narcissism is a feeling of invincibility. The important link between clean the two as Professor Whitmore notes is that people high on narcissism cannot see or admit to that own flaws. It is highly likely that the more he got away with the more times he escaped the hands of justice the more also himself as being invincible. Volt the law. This likely explains why he persistently travelled between locales where he was being pursued and why his behavior grew even riskier for the first three months of nineteen seventy six when he reached Calcutta Charles befriended a young Israeli murdered him him and stole his belongings. He then returned to Bangkok even though he could be connected to four murders there. Instead of lying low he proceeded to drug and American Roberts Grana then stole his passport as well in March nineteen seventy-six Thai police arrived to question Charles about the Keeney mutters as his killings had come to be known yet when they arrived at the apartment to bring him in. Charles also used his new alias Robert Greener as the police were looking for a long goaty. They let him go Weil. A police officer was supposed to keep an eye on Robert just in case Charleston. Should he looked the other way. Three handsome bribe Charles. Marie and Jay were allowed to flee Bangkok. Once the police discovered that Robert Grana slash along not yea had disappeared word of his escape spread to the international law enforcement community Dutch diplomat. Herman Canadian bag was was furious. When he heard the news he had been conducting his own investigation into the deaths of Hank Been Tanya and Cornelia Hamkar and he was positive? Tiv- that along goatee was the man responsible. He pressed the local authorities to let him investigate. Canadian bag was given permission to search houses apartment. Unlike the Thai police he and his men were able to find an exorbitant amount of evidence against Charles else including identity papers cash incriminating receipts and a slew of items belonging to Teresa Knowlton. Batali Akeem and Cornelia Hencke. It was clear to Canadian bag. They had found them man now. All they had to to do was catch him. Surprisingly Charles had not run far. He Marie and Ajay had mainly mainly fled one country south to Malaysia. The trio hit out in the old colonial town of Pian while they're Charles sent the J. on a mission after only a few days. Ajay returns with a packet of gems. Worth about forty thousand dollars over one hundred and eighty eighteen thousand dollars today. Charles wanted to fly to Geneva Switzerland and sell the gems there but I he ended J. needed to take care of some business on their own. Charles instructed Marie to meet them at the airport. That's afternoon yet. When Charles showed up to meet her he was alone? Marie asked him where. Ajay was but Charles refused to say a word. Marie was concerned but felt there was nothing she could do. She and Charles boarded their flight and flew to Geneva Without Ajay. Ajay Chaudhary was never seen again. Most people believe Charles killed him and buried him in the jungle a brutal and final goodbye to the person who was once his right-hand man. Charles Marie trip to Geneva was is brief but lucrative. They left the city as quickly as they had arrived then flew to Paris hoping to reconnect and Leech off of people from Charles's passed yet or of his old friends and even his own mother rejected him and turned him away. Undeterred undeterred with Marie by his side thirty. Two Euro Chelsea set to work assembling a new group of companions. A new crime family early in June of Nineteen seventy-six. Charles Marie were in Karachi Pakistan when they invited a young Australian woman. Mary Ellen Ether Sir to join the group as Gem Courier Mary Ellen was in Pakistan after a bad end to a relationship the Middle East seemed like the perfect place place to do some soul-searching what she found was Charles Sobhraj with the potential of making some quick cash. Mary the Ellen agreed to go with Charles Marie to Thailand unfortunately right after they laid out this plan Charles Marie discovered that Thailand's land's top. News Channel was broadcasting their faces in a search for along gauthier and his girlfriend. Monique while Marie was rattled. Told Charles shrugged it off as he told Marie people were looking for Alana. Monique not chose Marie. However to ease fears Charles decided to change the plans slightly? They would go to India. I Charles Marie and Mary. Ellen flew fluent Bombay in search of new opportunities. There Charles found one in a young English woman named Barbara Smith. He convinced her to to join his new crew as well always looking for his next big scam Charles Lund from Barbara that the large group of French postgraduates was on their way to Delhi to Charles. This was a potential bonanza. He greedily envisioned all the cash he could flees from sixty. You're so gullible students. But to make the eight hundred eighty six mile journey to Delhi. The group needed one more small-time score something that not only get them there but also bankroll their stay until they hit the French students. The the victim was a young Frenchman named Jean Luc. Solomon details of Solomon's death are scarce but it is believed believed that he was poisoned not with the intention of murder but simply to immobilize unfortunately the dosage proved fatal for two days Solomon suffered in agony and died at the hospital after a hotel mate discovered him when they investigated his room. All of his valuables were missing and Charles and his gang were long gone on their way to Delhi to lay a trap strap at the beginning of July. The tool group of sixty French men and women flooded the victim hotel when checked in and many of them were swept into a conversation with a man they had met earlier. That day at the Taj Mahal whose sole purpose was to make sure these tourists had a memorable time came in India on each arm was a beautiful woman for two days. The three ingratiated themselves with the French group drinking. Hang Seng Seeing folketing. It was as if they'd known abroad and his girls for years on the final. Oh night in Delhi. They all gathered for one last dinner. Sabaj pulled the toy leader aside and asked if he knew about two recent dysentery. Harry breakout in Thailand. The tour groups next destination sobhraj offered the group some preventive pills. Though only a third of the the students took them after dinner. The pills kicked in men and women began to key Lova in agony violently silently. Throwing up all over the hotel lobby. The hotel manager ran to the kitchen to see if the tour fell victim to food poisoning but a few of the students this quickly realized that the only victims were those who took submerges medication as all eyes turn towards the friendly local they. They saw that he had already started for the door. A couple of the stronger and faster students managed to tackle Sobhraj before he could escape and when the police arrived they found him subdued tied to a chair. Charles Sarraj was arrested bright then and there and it would be nearly two decades before he saw the light of day again. Coming up Charles finds a new home in Tahar prison now back to the story in July of Nineteen seventy six thirty two year old man and serial killer. Charles Sobhraj tried to rob a group of French tourists in Delhi but Charles. Bits off more than he could chew the poison. He Fed to the group kicked in too quickly. The tourists put two and two together and manage to apprehend Charles before he could escape ape. They called the authorities. The police took Charles into custody and went about searching for his three female companions. It took took them two days to capture Mary. Ellen Barbara Smith and Marie Andre Leclair the Indian authorities quickly sussed out that Mary Ellen and Barbara with the weak links in the group in less than a day the two revealed every crime. They had participated in since joining joining Charles which included various robberies around India as well as the drugging and accidental killing of jean-luc Solomon off to getting getting all the information they could from Mary. Ellen and Barbara. The police turned their attention to Marie. Leclair but she refused to give up her man. She believed that even after all sheets scene and all he put her through that. Perhaps that Charles who wrote those love letters was still there deep down inside. Perhaps she could bring him back. The police leveled with Marie Mary. Ellen and Barbara had already confessed. Charles was facing prison time no matter what Marie staying silence would do nothing to help him but maybe she could help herself. After thinking it over Marie gave a thirty two. You page statement detailing her life with Charles Sobhraj and every crime. She'd seen him commit Charles on the upper-hand refuse to cooperate for two weeks. He maintained that he was a Parisian merchant. But no one was buying it. Charles was not nearly as good at covering his tracks as he thought. Law enforcement agencies from all across the globe had accumulated mountains of evidence against him and all of his. Aliases Interpol wanted him for trying to rob a jewelry store in the Ashore Hotel. The ties wanted him for the Bikini. Keeney murders the Dutch wanted justice for the murders of Hank Been Tanya and Cornelia Hencke. Nepal was interested in discussing the murders of the wrong carrier and Connie Joe Bronze Itch but at the end of the day it was India's justice that Charles would face as they were the ones who captured him he was charged with the murder of John. Luke Solomon however even as the justice system presented incontrovertible incontrovertible evidence of his guilt. Charles never confessed to any of his other murders instead. He blamed them all on Jay Chaudhary Charles and the goals will take into the notorious Indian prison of Tahar to wait. The trial to Ha- is India's largest prison and houses murderous gangsters water and food was scarce and if a prisoner wished for even even the tiniest bit more to eat it was up to them to purchase it. Charles quickly went to work befriending. The gods and inmates within a few you days. He was able to manipulate them into smuggling him in more food than anyone could imagine. And despite radios being banned Charles Dell's somehow had three in his cell. Charles knew how corrupt India could be with the power of money. He was able to by off anyone he wanted. Including the prison guards. The looming question of course was by them off with what. It isn't exactly clear when Charles was able to do this. But before going to Ha- he managed to smuggle by his own estimation sixty eight carats worth breath of rubies and sapphires via ingestion. And when the time came he used those gems as his currency but the jewels weren't just used to secure a life of luxury. They were part of his plan to escape prison. One Small Charles and the others does waited a year before going to trial much of it had to do with the state of Indian politics at the time. India was in the midst of the so-called emergency in one thousand nine hundred seventy five civil unrest over electoral malpractice broke out across the country at the behest of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi whose election was called into question. A state of emergency was declared for eighteen months elections and civil liberties were suspended and and many of Ghandi's political opponents were imprisoned. This pushed Charles's case to the side. It wasn't until July of nineteen seventy seven seven almost a year to the date of his arrest. The thirty three row Charles was finally brought to trial both Mary. Ellen and Barbara testified against him however their testimony almost didn't come to be in the weeks leading up to the trial Charles allegedly Sent them threatening notes. Though we don't know specifically what Charles said. The two felt compelled to attempt suicide. Need it's quite possible that Charles either threaten to have them killed manipulated them into attempting it. The conditions at Tahar were horrible horrible and it is possible that Charles Feigned empathy as a way of manipulation Christian cases. PhD noted that to psychopathic Pathak criminals. Empathy seemed to be a voluntary activity if they want to. They can empathize and that explains how they can be so charming harming and maybe so manipulative once. They have seduced you into doing what serves their purpose. The effort feel empathy would probably disappear again whether Charles did manipulate them into attempting to take their own lives or the two felt. The pressure of the mitigating circumstances both survived. They were forced to testify. Barbara went through all of the details of her relationship with Charles and the various crimes she witnessed him commit mary-ellen on the other hand shocked the court by recanting most of her statements to the police ace originally she admitted to the poisoning plot but in court she changed her testimony and said that Charles only instructed her to be friendly with John. Luke Solomon nothing more. Despite Mary Ellen's reversal the prosecution had nearly forty different. Witnesses to speak speaks Charles's crimes. They were confident that they would secure the death penalty against him on August eighth. Nineteen seventy eight. The court gave their ruling as journalists. Thomas Thompson writes Charles was found guilty on three less accounts in the death of John Lewis Solomon culpable homicide not amounting to murder drugging and administering stupefying drugs for the purpose of robbery. Sorry and voluntarily causing hurt to commit robbery. This essentially amounted to manslaughter. Charles was sentenced to only twelve years. Marie Leclair was found. Not guilty though. Oh Charles had escaped the death penalty. That didn't mean. He was finished being punished for some of his crimes. Not long after the Sullivan trial. Both Oth Charles. Marie were convicted in the poisoning of the French tourists at the victim hotel. It tacked another five years on Charles's sentence into Zaha. Unfortunately we don't know the length of Marie sentence just that she also stayed in to her. What we do know is that in in the early Nineteen Eighty S? Maria was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was released on mercy and went back to Canada. In April of one thousand nine hundred eighty four. She passed away. It was said that to her dying day she was still in love with Charles Charles Sobhraj for Charles his twelve years into how wasn't the abysmal. State that the majority of the inmates faced he managed to buy himself self a life of luxury with various bribes. But that didn't mean Charles wasn't thinking ahead. There was still a warrant out for him in Thailand and and it was valid for twenty years. Once he was released from to Ha- it was very likely that India would extradite him to Thailand where he most likely faced the death penalty so in March of Nineteen eighty-six the Tenth Year of his incarceration. Charles also threw a party. He invited both inmates and prison guards during the party. He spiked the punch. When everyone passed out Charles simply walked out the front door but Charles never intended to leave India a few months after his escape he willingly got himself court? He was convicted for the drugging and the escape enough time was added to his prison sentence. That if and when he was released the Thai warrant would have expired on February seventeenth nineteen ninety-seven fifty two year old Charles. The serpent Sabaj left to harsh prison. A free man by then most warrants for his arrest had expired or any evidence from other cases had gone missing and much to Charles's delight the world within those twenty years had forgotten who he was. He eventually made his way to France where he relished. In what celebrity he did have charging money for interviews and in the early two thousands he was said to have sold the movie rights to his life to the tune of fifteen million dollars for for nearly six years he managed not to break any laws even claiming that he had retired from crime. However that didn't mean the law was finished with him in September? Two thousand three fifty nine year. Old Charles was arrested in Katmandu less than a a year later. He was sentenced to life in prison for the nineteen seventy five murder of Connie Joe Brundige over the next few years. Here's Charles. Continue to fight for his freedom. Appealing to the Nepalese courts. He even wrote a letter to then. French President Nicolas Sarkozy see but all of his appeals were rejected ultimately in two thousand ten. The Supreme Court upheld Charles's houses conviction and in two thousand fourteen sixty year. Old Charles was additionally convicted for the death of Laurent Carriere in February of two thousand Nineteen Charles. Now seventy four filed a writ requesting clemency. The Supreme Court gave the government three months to come to a decision but the result of that decision is unknown for now. It is is assumed. That Charles remains in a Napoli's prison Charles. Sobhraj was a master criminal with little to no regard awed for anyone but himself after a childhood of neglect. He realized that the only person he could rely on to survive was himself. Even if that meant meant lying cheating and killing from the end of the nineteen sixties to the mid nineteen seventies. The Middle East and Southeast Asia became became Charles's criminal playground though his cons were hardly complex. He managed to carve a successful niche for himself for nearly a decade. Hey but despite being known as the serpent for his ability to slink in and out of prison it was only a matter of time before his his luck ran out. It is unclear. Why Charles has never attempted some elaborate escape from the Paul like his previous prison stays? Perhaps age has dictated that he fight legally only Charles knows that answer. And only the Nepalese. Government's snow's if Charles will ever walk the streets of Kathmandu or Bangkok or Paris again Thanks for listening to con artists. 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