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"ajay anne marie" Discussed on Con Artists

"Charles had poison then Charles graciously offered to take care of them. He even made sure to look after their passports and valuables while they recovered but suddenly in the middle of December. Charles's scam was derailed Tali Girlfriend showman Karoo had come all the way to Bangkok looking for him and she had arrived right on shawls. Charles surprises doorstep. Coming up Charles's murderous spree goes international. And he begins to form a new. You family podcast listeners. We have a real treat view. If you're a fan of true crime you'll love. On New Trivia Series Kayla knowledge new episodes are released every Tuesday his host Kata to tell him. Oh sure you're a fan of true crime but are you ready to put your skills to the test and be crowned in undisputed expert. Then try your hand at Park. Cast New Trivia podcast killer knowledge every Tuesday to competitors go head to head to correctly answer multiple choice. True crime questions never gains the most points after twenty questions wins all the murder mystery and suspense. You've come to expect from podcast now in a fast paced interactive format each episode dive deep into a different shocking topic from history such as the Manson family Jimmy Hoffa and even Jonestown massacre with each question and answer sure comes additional context surrounding event enlightening even the most knowledgeable true crime lover. You can play by yourself. Challenge your friends and prove your prowess by sharing the results with podcast on social media. You never know you may even find yourself in the hot seat one day. Follow killer knowledge free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story in the fall of nineteen seventy five thirty not one year old Conman Charles Branch had poisoned over a dozen people calling them out of their personal belongings and stealing their identities. He'd Fleece his victims out of quite a lot of money but soon the simple Khan was no longer enough for Charles. Within a matter of months he killed killed two people including Vittorio Hakeem who he burned to death. Charles thought he got off Scot Free but only a few weeks later. The tallis Gull friend arrived in Bangkok looking for onces when Batali failed to check in with her Charlemagne the main suspected that something had gone awry. She travelled to Bangkok and visited the hotel he had been staying in the front desk informed show main that he had checked checked out and moved in with one along goatee. The Clark gave the address. She raced over to see a fatality. was still there. She asked around the building if anyone had seen her fiance word started to spread. That vitally had gone missing while most people at the the apartment only found this slightly troubling Charles sought as a threat. He decided to act. On December. Fifteenth Nineteen seventy-five Charmaine's naked body was found in the water near Pattaya. The autopsy revealed that she was strangled to death. The bones in her neck were completely shattered. Once it's Charles began cleaning house. It seemed he was unable to stop on December sixteenth. He evicted Hank Batanya. Yeah and Cornelia Hem car the Dutch couple. He had lived in from Hong Kong. They were still dreadfully ill from Charles's poisoning so they did little to fight back when Charles and DJ through them in a car in the middle of the night Charles drove down the road to patio and when they got to a remote section of the highway a he and a J drank the couple out of the car then the two men beat the couple strangled them Dow step bodies with Gasoline Salihi and set them on fire when Charles Dj returned to the apartment smelling of gasoline and covered in dirt. No one seemed to questioned them about their audience. Charles assumed that he had once again got away with murder however in private five it his three other accomplices. Dominique Jahic and Jacques began to suspect that Charles was involved in the deaths of of all of these tourists as they realized Charles may be dangerous situation. Grew all the more tense. Dominique was still recovering from the poison. Charles had given him and Yana conjunction had yet to receive the new passports. They were trapped with a murderer. The suspicions only intensified when on December eighteenth the charred bodies of a young couple were discovered near Pattaya. The papers incorrectly identified the victims as Australians however the three Frenchmen correctly suspected that these were actually thank and Cornelia they knew they needed to flee from Charles as soon as they possibly could luckily for them. They soon got that chance just before Christmas Charles. Ajay Anne Marie used. The Dutch couples possibles to travel to Katmandu and hit the casinos. There Charles met twenty six year old Laurent carrier and twenty nine year old. Connie Joe Bronze which at I runs. It was thrilled to meet Charles when he told her he was agenda. Ella she showed him some precious stones that she had just purchased in Delhi but Charles proclaimed that she had been swindled. Luckily he would be more than happy to go to Delhi and help her right the wrong of course his offered help was merely a smokescreen for more sinister intentions two days after meeting. Charles the young couples burned bodies were discovered just outside of Kathmandu Brunswick had suffered multiple stab wounds and carry as throat was slit. When Charles returned to Bangkok he brought bronze itches gems with him and sold them but when he got back to his apartment Charles discovered his home had been picked clean and his safe had been tampered with when Charles was murdering strangers Interpal? Dominique Jahic and Jacques had broken into the safe and discovered. They're missing passports. The passports were missing pages ages and filled with fake stamps. Charles had obviously been using them with Charles out of town and their passports recovered. The three Eamon fled to the airport fearing for their own lives. They flew to Paris where they told Interpol everything they knew about. Charles Sobhraj Charles panicked. He had no idea what the deposited Frenchman knew where they gone or why they left him in the first place he only knew they had found their passports in his safe therefore they were a threat to him. He stood about the disappearance for some time but there was little he could do. He flew back to Kathmandu hoping to forget his unfortunate turn of events instead instead he walked directly into an ambush in Nepal. He was greeted by the police. They had managed managed connect Charles and Marie to the wrong carrier and Connie Joe. Bronze itches deaths. Once they realize the victims were Westerners. The police questioned various areas hotels about any missing residence. Bronze Itch and carry as names. Came up and witnesses pointed them tools. Charles Marie Charles. Sales of course deflected the police's questions. He claimed he was hanged. Ben Tanya a European professor on Sabbatical Marie was his assistant. Instant Coffee Hamka both denied knowing the two victims. He had their passports to prove it. The police disallow them to walk free for now but wish them to remain nearby for further questioning using this opening Charles. Marie Reunited with Ajay and made for the airport. On New Year's Eve. Nineteen seventy five. The trio left Nepal and landed in Calcutta India. Uh the next few months were well wind of chaos for Charles but he would stay confidence throughout it. All like many Con Artists Lists Charles Embodied Narcissistic personality traits. According to Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne professor emeritus of psychological and brain brain science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst a key component of narcissism is a feeling of invincibility. The important link between clean the two as Professor Whitmore notes is that people high on narcissism cannot see or admit to that own flaws. It is highly likely that the more he got away with the more times he escaped the hands of justice the more also himself as being invincible. Volt the law. This likely explains why he persistently travelled between locales where he was being pursued and why his behavior grew even riskier for the first three months of nineteen seventy six when he reached Calcutta Charles befriended a young Israeli murdered him him and stole his belongings. He then returned to Bangkok even though he could be connected to four murders there. Instead of lying low he proceeded to drug and American Roberts Grana then stole his passport as well in March nineteen seventy-six Thai police arrived to question Charles about the Keeney mutters as his killings had come to be known yet when they arrived at the apartment to bring him in. Charles also used his new alias Robert Greener as the police were looking for a long goaty. They let him go Weil. A police.

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