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"aj style house" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

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"aj style house" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

"Take your eyes off no opponent even when you bomb and that in a nutshell is mustafa ali two months. Or he's just getting his guy every single time and it's like okay so windows on swore start getting smart and he just starts beaten fucking dude at his own fricking game. I i can't help but wonder but you would hope that. After some of these instances that's a that's occurred by. Now what is this now. What is now punked. Scenario number three punk scenario number four. We gotta be careful here because if we keep doing this for another two three weeks then ali's just gonna start becoming a running fucking joke and he's just gonna be a You know he lightheaded. What's going on with the brothers. So i'm kinda be concerned about that. Right now will be concerned about that. All right jumping ahead a little bit See what other action do we have here. May steve are taken on a house party. Lucia house party picking up the dub or p freaking do whoopie freaking. That's all gotta say. Whoopi frigging do. Aj style house took on riddle That was almost fifteen minute match up. Pretty good i. I love the story that we told of this with an injured riddle Going into this By the way. I i i like how we went from last week. Remember last week. We had frigging riddle. That all why ford are. They got broke. My food rumor foods broken and he disappears. You know when he comes back and he's essentially no selling that injury. Remember that we talked about that. We talked about that with a passion last week. But this we've got matt riddle coming out. There bandaged up taped up foot. He's going out there. Selling like a mo fo during this match against aj towels good story. Good storytelling good. Good match between both of these guys. Viking raiders were in the crowd. They distracted olmaz. This was enough to have riddell get set up for a roll up on. Aj to get the three count. So and pretty much as a result of this with the viking raiders interference here trying to look out for their boy riddle as pretty much how we got to what all's going to be happening. The next two weeks worth of raw episodes that we talked about a few minutes ago Good good good. Should there were riddle. Nope no complaints wait riddle and a j styles there. Charlotte flair was in the house. We heard rumblings that something was going on. She was injured. You're going okay..

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