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"aj makishi" Discussed on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

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"aj makishi" Discussed on THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

"I'm doing good thanks to flying solo over here and the people could've seen what we've gone through the last twenty minutes who would may the world's greatest blue book real look serious to be honest which i mean. I am helpless i am. It's amazing. thank god. I know a little something about fighting and i've i've worked very hard to do that and it's just amazing how bad i am at this stuff. I mean for me rob. Just get me through. I'm ready to put him up for like some kind of award. You know who we need to the podcast awards production in my mind. I want to put them up so size one. Because i it's just i had no here. I am thanks to have walked me through this. I got nobody here for the people listening. If we had a behind the scenes camera on the both of us with our reading glasses on trying to figure out how to get the zoom working on teddy's phone and record it and it's been a production but we're here and we're here not just a taco boxing but to talk about ufc. And for the first time. I don't think we've discussed the beleta fight but we're going to discuss a fight teddy. I was inundated inundated with messages of people telling me to watch this. Aj makishi pit bull fight and just so the fans. No i watch everything. We only have so much capacity but this one had so much pas and we did get so many incoming requests in the fight was so good that we we were on the fence about recording this week but two fights lived up to expectations this weekend. And we're here. And i appreciate you for doing it teddy. I love your t-shirt. We've got a lot to talk about about olympic boxing. And all that goes with it so we've got a lot to cover today. Yeah we do. Listen we're always going to be there for the fans as long as they opened the door to us. Their living rooms tools that kitchens to us there caused to us have phone scores wherever they may be on learning. You could be anywhere because i'm learning this stuff. Travels travels a little bit. And all i can tell you. I was so embarrassed a little bit. You know amongst fridge. You don't have to be embarrassed. But the so inept at try to get on an rob walk me true. I had to say to my man. Can you know i did. I did pass biology in in high school. I was smart in a suit. I feel like from a golf on. I'm smart things. I'm not like i'm stupid. Something go trying to get on this thing but we're here. Thank god and the the bella tool. I one of my audience. Colleagues and friends is the director of bella. Twenties as me for years literally can for years. Please please. I love your podcast. It's getting bigger and bigger and everyone's talking about all fighters watch it and everybody the offense even togo and and i was just overwhelmed..

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