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"air aukin" Discussed on Lace Out AFL Podcast

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"air aukin" Discussed on Lace Out AFL Podcast

"Love and the comments on the chats. Absolutely say well if you if you never join us for. Jews dine outlaw label. Ipm's ryan aces data. Tom get on the ice age. Way we broadcast live. When you eat these you can get on the chat and be part of the shire. We'd love it every single day. Just let let's talk about it. Is there was a perth team in the well open. Iams come on bergen pips thomas. I'm just gonna read the sentence as says on nights and then we're gonna leave it to that. Okay emma roy it sucks. Nothing needs to be more to be said how many how many lindy as there are no consequences for striking if not Obviously we're talking about the that the protected spe. He's she's and as you said as ev nine it's always been a consequences. Lead to whatever. The week saw this week was complete reversal. Where the consequences actually mandatory anything anymore. You're actually cannot script one week earlier you get two people put up. Dangerous tackles with one having a concussion this week or thumbs. Pain have min- four years. Nothing not a fine not Awake sanction nothing. It is a joke. Idiot is a joke. Don't have any haircut. One get a fine or xiangling design code. He go to fallen. But the god didn't did have the bowl all ken's knocked the blog. Air aukin birth arms. She can't do those times. He didn't have the ball gets nothing cell. Would take his head off igniting but it was. It was running through him in misty. It's nothing was true. Shade hunch the fray. I blake in the guts your home. What do you have to do to kaffa tight. Somebody wins grips. I'd i don't wanna talk about because i'm bored of the geelong protected spacey's as we not jones protected we know this. They protected a guarantee cell. Would and who will hold a fine. Not because of what. I did on the field but because they categorized into the what eleni is lenny. Hayes category blow your syndrome. I it's less over the rising style. You take a quick one question from ross butler now. The with these being followed us for a couple of years now absolutely. Yes saas media question. And i think it's got a lot of relevance to it. So it simply these hype as a richmond supporter. What's the best way to spend more september. And he's asking me being melvin supporter. Well normally ought be going up to chateau la pepa. At lea- we normally go h september. Because we don't normally do anything juries of ten. But it's locked down now. So i'm a little bit stumped. I'm actually in the same situation as you. More team will be playing falls in the first time in a long time. Yours based maybe you could just watch the days Hopefully everybody in weena flag and then when we can go out and celebrate on the Maybe one round dan bulla. That's something that you could do. Well maybe you could just think. A few more of the richmond cotton draft specialty gains on. I got three slabs worth from two thousand seventeen nineteen twenty. I'm enjoy that. Could also shots with our maple guy do some some fog bowl with the maypole. You do things you can do..

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