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"aiken independence boulevard" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Tell your smart speaker to play WGN Radio. Chicago's only 24 hours live news next, our media group station We've got cloudy skies it is 30 degrees now at O'Hare. And it is midnight. Good morning. I'm David Jennings. Yep. Winners here. We've got the snow to prove it. WGN, driving only one major headache right now. That's on the outbound Aiken Independence Boulevard. There is an accident reported in that area. And Chicago moves in a vase. One b of the vaccination effort, city leaders around lining a plan to make sure that vaccines get to people and communities most affected by the covert 19 pandemic. Daughter Alison are Wadi, Chicago's public health commissioner, says the Protect Chicago Plus program will aim resource is to 15 neighborhoods on the city's south and West side. We will not get past Cove. It As a city with some of our neighborhoods heavily vaccinated and some of our neighborhoods very under vaccinated data shows low numbers among black and brown Chicagoans in terms of those who have taken the vaccine so far. Of those vaccinated 67%, or White and Asian. The initiative includes partnerships with faith based organizations, Social service agencies in City Council members to bill host vaccination events in the very near future. Humanize public health of Harbin and Chicago's Public Health department say there are now eight new cases in the state of the Corona virus. Variant B 117 pursed identified as that strain from the UK agency, officials of both agencies say they'll be watching those who have got it. See if it is, as has been reported more easily transmissible but are two other variants one from South Africa, the other from Brazil. The same measures that have protected of annoyance from Kobe, they say, will help protect from the variant. And those mean wearing a mask staying at least 6 ft. Apart from other people, avoiding crowds Ventilating indoor spaces and washing your hands frequently. Just 25 days into 2021. There have been more than 100 and 60 Car jackings reported in the Greater Chicago Land area. The spike in crime, probably Chicago police to enhance its Carjacking Task Force City Council Public City Committee. Public Safety Committee held a public hearing on the same issue Friday. All them in Brendan Riley, telling WGN's own and of Lana's Yesterday. One of the biggest problems is a lack of accountability. He says. While CPD is arresting a lot of Carjackings, few are being prosecuted for felonies where there are impactful and meaningful jail time signed for breaking the law. And so when there's a lack of accountability for what is usually violent crime, um you're gonna consume you to see this happen and and grow in frequency, and that's where we are today. Riley says Chicago police need more resource is to deal with the car jackers. He liked the city to invest in more police helicopters or leased Replace the ones they currently have. CTU voted yesterday not to go back to the classroom and its battle with CPS over returning to in person learning. They say 86% of their 25,000 members took part in the vote. 71% voted to stay remote, Mayor Lightfoot says. In the course of this pandemic, there have not been any easy choices partnership with the CTU who come together in good faith. I have every confidence whatsoever that we will get something done that obviously protects their members but but also gives families Options if it's right for them to be able to send their Children back to in person Learning Janet Yellen is the first woman to ever serve as secretary of the United States Treasury. He was easily confirmed in a bipartisan Senate vote yesterday. The A's are 84. The nays are 15 and the confirmation is confirmed. The 74 year old Yelland was the top economic adviser during the Clinton years. He was also the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve. The impeachment trial against former President Trump will start next month Now that the article of impeachment was formally presented to the U. S Senate last night after the impeachment managers walked across the capital to the U. S. Senate, I announced the presence of the managers on the part of the House of Representatives, lead House manager Jamie Raskin read aloud the article that accuses Donald Trump of inciting insurrection by whipping Up a crowd of supporters January 6th and telling them to fight which led to a deadly breach at the U. S Capitol, injured and killed law enforcement personnel, menaced members of Congress, the vice president and congressional personnel and engaged another violent, deadly destructive and seditious acts. Republicans are already presenting legal arguments against Trump Second impeachment trial. Some warned that it will further divide the country, Jackie Quinn, Washington. Google is stopping political donations to members of Congress have voted against certifying Joe Biden's election results, the tech giant's Neck Pack organization says, putting a hold on all contributions for a review following the deadly violence of the capital earlier this month. Microsoft and Facebook have already done the same thing. Now. W GM Sports Hawks Visit Nashville Tonight, Chris Bones got crebain Creamy pregame. It's 6.

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