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"aiden trayvon" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

"Thing was always writing letters. So that's unfair but let's answer. We were kind of like the question was set up to be like twenty years ago. So you kind of But have you ever sent out. Fan mail before to somebody in a written capacity. Have you ever gotten fan mail. Why did flowers from a person. I don't know but that's another story tom. Yeah i thought that we got to see the second opening ceremony of training camp. Only the cowboys would have multiple opening ceremonies throughout an entire training camp But jerry was weirdly emotional again like we kind of talked about this. At the state of the union address in oxnard. Jerry was kind of there. Were some tears. There are some some wannabe tears. We there was such like ecstasy. You know watch this episode coming off at the drone shot. And then you're getting hyped. And then you're just like rock with jerry. Jones really kind of setting up football season in an emotional way. Is there any doubt that jerry jones absolutely loves his life and what he's doing you know this man. He so in his element he feeds off the fans. We we've always known. He feeds off the attention. His love for the camera and the microphone is well established. But this isn't just an act or something. He really connects with all those people out there and no. I don't buy crocodile tears. I think that is. I think he's really on his you know. He wears his harness leaving. Before i get off. Thanks i wanted to just mentioned for those outside of texas. That don't know. Spades is the quintessential texas card game. What playing spades and the bat is just something that's played around card tables throughout the state and with a lot of firing competition and and really good trash talking of saw their. Tom find aggie like i am. It's not a card game but forty two is my favorite sitting around a table game to play with some dominos. A different been. There done that too exactly out to the chicken in college. Station tony Jerry also had a lot of one liners shit like this is really awesome episode. I'm going to butcher this. And we're going to dance around the expletive because this is a family show but it was something to the effect of why not start a day without messing up or something like that. When they were in the helicopter it was some some derivative of that like. Let's just start a day by messing up. You know but again not. It was not the vernacular. Jerry chose to you. Live your life by that creep. Tony think i have the assurances that jerry jones have. I don't think i have the wallet that he has saga be a little more careful than i think. Jerry jones does well. Hey is what it is. Roy was there any doubt that i feel like this is the first time we've seen like a bird's eye view no pun intended of the jerry. Copter that's what you would have thought we would have seen it through all or nothing and we've seen it land a thousand times at the star and at. At and t. stadium but to be on it for the fly into indices a mess up right like i feel like the only thing we didn't look at. What is it called the manifest. That's what it's called like. The thing in the air like the book that was like the only thing we didn't see like we got a lot of we were intimately tied to the area right. Yeah i mean. I felt like i was writing in it. And that's probably because the cameraman at least was writing in it and the shots was getting worse. Intimate is you're going to get although jerry's helicopter fairly spacious compared to a lot of the helicopters that i've been in yeah which is not but when it comes when it comes to like the again the entertainment value of what hard knocks can bring. This was kind of the best of it right. And i think perhaps focusing on some of that jerry opulence plays into that right because if they ever do an episode where they also give us a tour of his of his jerry buss right the one he takes to training camp. That would probably get a lot of people is excited as well right. Who doesn't love a little throwback to mtv cribs billionaire style. That's true meg. We you're the reality. Tv expert here. And you know it's always a treat when an expert or when a when a character is shown in a different light when the villain is all of a sudden humanized or the hero does something villainous. I dunno phyllis a word but We talked about trayvon digs. his son. Aiden trayvon spoke which was weird. I mean how often. How many times have we ever seen. Trayvon do anything outside of his standard normal media obligation and what's more is. It was immediately followed by a session of amari. Cooper of all people miked up so to perhaps the to quietest players on the team trayvon a little bit more vulnerable than amari. What were your thoughts unseen. These particular players. I i mean i was. Obviously we were so super excited to see coop but just speaking to digs especially like really looking behind that curtain in seeing like him facetime with his brother. We got to see aiden. Who was a superstar and stephanie. His mom equally so like they. They come from a family of hams. And like i just need more of them. Tom aiden digs. Or isaac alarcon's mom. Who was the true superstar. Tonight's episode god domain kid had the cuteness but the just the heart and soul of the mom. All was that was great to see i. Would you know i've i. I'll give her vote myself. Just because i thought she was great she was. I mean i don't know anybody that routes that intensely in the preseason like she was tied to this Do we all believe that. Isaac had three pancakes by the way on that one series and are. Are we buying that or you know. Showed them right. I can that those could have been like splice together. Though you know what i'm saying like like the the secrets made it seem like it was like back to back to back so yeah. That was a little editing. Yeah roy what have we not mentioned yet that you want to talk about man. I always make a list The the small stuff that we got from dak prescott right. We got kind of two monologues from dak prescott. That had nothing to do with football right. We got the the awesome quote about how under armor was spanks before spanks and he used to wear them on his way to school so that he could talk what he felt like was chubbiness. Who hasn't been there right. And i cosigned that statement about under armor. Haven't been spanks before there were spanks and under armor. They were ahead of their time the other portion that he gave us though that portion about on by the way for different brand from the mr jordan athlete on saying e careful. That's true. He needs to be careful right back his back. He's in go on the was way more. Existential go ahead. The other part about the haunted houses and we are close to that time right. We're only about two months away. Really a month away from haunted houses getting up and running especially here in texas and there are some extremely intense ones every point he made about it. I was like ding ding ding. Why do i point explained points. Where i for people who missed the everybody has hbo. Max is attached to friends or big bang. Theory is what it is. Yeah so the point essentially made was like i used to tell my mother that if there was any where they were going to kill you it would be in a haunted house right. The people that are using those chainsaws. You don't know if they've switched them out with a real chainsaw..

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