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"ai stephen" Discussed on Artificial Intelligence in Industry

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"ai stephen" Discussed on Artificial Intelligence in Industry

"Something we see very. Very much here, if someone's implementing something, someone will see it in. That wants some of that the ADS. Yeah, child does your business champion. How do you help them? Go on and become a champion within their organization. So you're it is a bouncing act, we a- In a good position that we have both those arms can take time with that yet, but I think other people have a role to play in that too I I don't agree with just the short term sell with a capability that may fail and may not lost. The middle ground of kind of being the internal adviser I think sort of different in some sense, but at the same point, it's a big opportunity. I think a lot of I know. A lot of our subscribers run services or product companies in their selling into the enterprise to be able to be the catalyst that actually gets that smart conversation to happen Scott that kind of centralized conversation that that allows a company to actually mature in in the big picture. That's actually a pretty big cool responsibility. If you're able to help a company that much I think, there's a big win. Win To be had their final note. I'll ought to be briefed on this one, but I want to squeeze it. It in Stephen S is one of our many emerged plus members here and the question is. Is there a market for digital maturity? Itself ease worded it a little bit differently. But you and I have talked about kind of upgrading your enterprise upgrading their capabilities to be able to adopt Ai Stephen saying that maybe not all consultancies have a I-. Chops are not all going to build algorithms, and not all gonNa write python. Is there a market for selling those AI prerequisites in terms of training teams to work together in terms of helping structured digital infrastructure in a new way, etc? Do you think there's a market purely for that or do? Those companies also have to quote unquote due the. One hundred percent that there is again we're in a privileged position Peter EC. We say strategic to execution. I work with the implementation team. My Team Legend has imitation, but we also have strategy. We have the business specialist and you could easily decouple those. We see a lot of projects where. their capabilities. One consultancy firm has done the as is assessment. One has done the then. Up and down the strategy design, another has come in to implement or technology vendor will do the implementation at the end there is absolutely a market for that for the education about a I for having those conversations in upscaling people in how to have a conversation to act as data advisor the as is benchmarking. There is a lot of work to be done in the strategy. I do think if companies are willing to take the time to invest in that I think it's part of the long term strategy to understand. Data maturity a lot in the data transformation that it's the first stage. Where's your data? And what does it look like right now? So there is a role to be played only doing that without necessarily being able to implement. If you can help, understand what's needed to implement. That's great. If you able to do a vendor assessments say like you with the client you put together. The are pay and you help evaluate the respondents, but now I don't think implementation. Capabilities or not? Having them rather are a barrier to work in that space. Cool Awesome, so Stephen. Hopefully, that's a satisfactory answer Scott I appreciate you throwing in that little bonus question at the end era did I wanted to make sure I got this went in before the interview was out, but anyhow I know that's all we have time. Thank you again so much being able to join us here on the podcast. Thank you, Dan. That's all for this episode of the A and business podcast. We did three use. Case episodes Monday Tuesday Wednesday this week. What did you think about that taught me a note on Lincoln Search Dan Fa Gela that G. G. E. L. L. A. on linked in pop me a Lincoln note or send me a request and let me know your thoughts. You like more volume more frequently something listen to every day, or are you just as fine with having two a week or even have a different preference? Let me know bought me a note on Lincoln I'm interested to know. This was a bit of an experiment for me and I. I really would love your genuine feedback for those of you who are actively selling AI products or services in other words. You pay your bills by making the business case. If you're not already in emerged plus subscriber, please do consider This is a resource we've put together for people who are the catalyst people who need to basically get the C. Suite to say yes, not with fancy sales tricks, but by finding the right AI applications. So this is our AI use case library, our Ai Whitepaper library where you can find Roi Information and deep dives into specific use cases as well as our full breakdown of Ai Best Practices so. For Measuring Roi our best articles on adoption and deployment, and these are resources exclusively for plus members, so if you're involved in a services, if you're a.

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