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The Incredible Amavi Collection Featuring Chris Cook

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05:40 min | 2 years ago

The Incredible Amavi Collection Featuring Chris Cook

"Chris thank you so much for sitting down with us today to talk about this incredible collection. A LITTLE PROBLEM. Happy to do so. My first question is what is a part of this. A mob collection. What comes in the collection so our Fathers Day. Mavi collection comes with no three really unique products so we have versus. Burma the lobby touch All Hillier with Net back second is used bath bar so unlike previous years. You're doing a whole that bar with the Amami used inside and then the third part is a dot kit so toiletry bag but the thing about this bag is it's one hundred percent recycled t. from US water bottles. Wow so excited to be bringing something by mentally conscious. Tr Father's day line. Ah that sounds so amazing and having that you know recyclable that you're being back good for the environment but great for everyone who gets to how one as well so my next question would be. What was your thought behind the development of the Ahmadi Blend? Where did this come from? So the the origins of the Amami blend really were to have an opportunity for men to take part in Central L. experiences. Well I think sometimes we feel like it's a very much a woman oriented you know experience but men are also welcome in more than welcome to be included in using essential oils on from many different reasons. And so what we wanted to do was really create a blend that could really tie into men's usage so it has a lot of really cool earthy woody aromas part of it that really created this wonderful experience for the men in your life absolutely and it is such a beautiful combination of those earthy. Woody smells. It's just warm and wonderful. I love it personally. Yeah so why? Was it important for To bring this collection. That is more geared toward men like I was saying having everybody included in essential oils is amazing part of your personal life and you know even your business is to be able to target. Everybody needs natural health in their life and this one specifically is helping men feel more grounded in their lives. All of these would blend would essential oils. That bring this calm to your your personal lifestyle and having an opportunity to celebrate them in in our life is also a huge part of what we do here dough tear. We want everybody to feel loved and included in. This is a great way for us to do that within essential oil So you've mentioned those incredible oils that are inside a couple times. Can You let us know? Exactly what those are. Yeah what I love about the lobby blend. Is it off it features to woods would oils that we don't always use all the time so he know key doesn't come all the but we have. No kin are mommy blend and Buddha would and as well as Balsam fir black pepper the chewy when they come together to create this really fortifying Glenn we know it's fortifying blend in really. Do feel confident. Whenever you had on your body or your enhancing for that aromatic affect it really does create this whole change in your your attitude in person Easing these unique blend. And I love that. You brought up those two oils. That people don't really get a see very often for anyone that was able to get the when it was the product of the month earlier this month. It is such an incredible smell and have it as part of this blend. I'm sure is just adding you know sprinkled on top of the cake though one hundred percent it's such a unique smelling essential oil that I love that we get to feature it again this year so I think the bath bar is probably self explanatory for people have had to use that. But how would you recommend using this touch oil? The mob detached so touch royal is something that I would recommend looking up different like touch points on the body. Obviously but for men. I would really recommend you on your wrist. Ten of right there because it it really grounding place on the body can be a really grounding in fortifying aroma in supporting on the part of your body. Just your wrist right through here that is going to be a constantly being Abdirahman therapy perspective of that as well loser. That's the place that I would typically put it on my body not also behind the ear to the best places using that essential one. I love that and because it is attached it so convenient people can carry it around with them. Have it with them when they're meeting it? It's not something that you know you forget it home and then Ono. This is what I needed today. I could have had it in. My pocket is just so convenient when it's in that touch bottle. Oh exactly super portable and I carry mine with the ninety eight percent of the time just because it's so simple and I need that oil on the regular basis. Oh Well Chris. I love all of that information. You're able to give us today in the tips for the application for that roller touch with the thank you so much for joining thank you.

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