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"ahmad gardener" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"W who shell back to throw his past, bottled up in the air and intercepted the bear cats pick it off. My gardener comes down with the ball and the bear Cats had their first check takeaway of the game as sauce. Gardner has his third interception of the year. And Hoard the SM You gained the third interception of the season by Cincinnati Corner Ahmad Gardner and what's become a rarity, an opposing team throwing toward the sophomore quarterback. This week, he was named an Associated Press second team All American here on the same honor as his teammate. James Wiggins. Welcome back to Mercedes Benz Stadium. We are getting set for the Peach Bowl coming up at the top of the hour. It is obviously been a phenomenal season for Cincinnati's defense, anchored by its secondary and a big reason why the U. C D has been so good this season. Has been the play of the man they call sauce. Ahmad Gardener who, by the Way, was also named first Team All American by the Football Writers Association of America as well as U. S A. Today I talked with him on this week about what those postseason honors mean meant a lot in the That's not something like that I was like looking into. But when people brought it to my attention, you know that was really something that I was like Blessed to receive and everything. I think one of the really cool part about you being named. All American is you were joined on the team by your teammate your barricade teammate James Wiggins, who went from not playing at all last year to being named in a P. All Americans, So give us an idea of what you gained from playing with James. You didn't get by Not playing with James last year helped a lot having a veteran safety. Who would you like? Show me the ropes like, hang in there with me and everything, you know, Make sure that I get my I Q of and be able to grow fast as a cornerback. So yeah, that was great being able to play with him this year. I remember talking with Kobe Bryant early last season about you, and he had kind of taken you under his wing and look, he he gets He gets a lot of balls thrown in his direction because teams don't want to challenge you. And I want to ask you about that. But give me an idea of what you've learned from playing with Kobe Bryant. Um I learned a lot from my life how to be a leader, you know? Coming in, Like very young. I learned how to like. That all you on Lee joining the seniors, Those aren't the only people that can lead a team like cornerback can lead and president consulting work can also like I just learned how to be like a leader like that's the main road that he liked taught me. Keep my composure through everything and just lean everyone, no matter what position they play. Word travels fast in college football amount last year teams Darraji they challenge Do they threw your way this year? That's not happening. There will be long stretches in games where the ball doesn't come your way. Doesn't become a challenge to stay focused to stay engaged when More often than not the policy and coming in your direction. There's not a challenge as much, but I'll take that as a former respect, you know, Quarterback like I'm not a secret anymore. So you know, they know about me. So you know the consequences that that's in play like if they thought of my size, so Did you have to stay focused every time like because, you know, I never know when the ball is gonna end up getting going my way. I know you'll talk some trash Do you ever say to the other team's quarterback walking back? Dude, throw the ball my way once. Yeah, talking a little smack sometimes, but You know, I just play. I just got there and play football at the end of the day sophomore quarterback Mark Gardner with us in the pregame show this week. You have a pretty remarkable streak. We're one game away from completing your second full season and yet No team has beaten you for a touchdown. You haven't given up a touchdown and coverage. It goes without saying no, DB wants to give up a score. But is that streak in the back of your head providing maybe a little bit extra motivation. Most definitely, I can't. I just can't get lax. You know that's something I problem myself. I take that very personally, They know that's given up points and that's something that I most definitely do not want to do. I think one of the differences between last year's team in this year's team is Ahmad that Cincinnati is better offensively on the outside, They're better in deeper at wide receiver. There's more things that you seek, unduly offensively, you practice against these guys every single day. So how have these guys on the other side of the football major better? Yeah, I brought it round and it brought the best out of me. Like every single day of practice and captain everything. And like every receiver, I go, I go against whether if opponent like actually team or my teammates. I'm gonna bring the best out of them. You know what I'm saying? So that really helped me and I'm sure I helped the receiver girl off. Obviously you've been recognized as an AP All American, But you're also getting talked about a lot in the NFL draft community and you're not even eligible for the draft until 2022. I know you follow people on Twitter. I know you read a lot. I'm sure a lot of people are in your ear that are talking about us. An early round draft choice already in the 2022 draft. Are you paying attention to any of that? My feet on my timeline. You know, people tag me in it sometimes, but I'm just I'm just in the moment right now. You know what I'm saying? Like I'm just playing ball. But I know that opportunity is gonna come and I'm gonna make the best of it and make the most out of it. Last year, you had to pick six against UCF. I talked to you the following week for the pregame show. I called you by your given name and you said, Call me sauce. That's been your nickname Since you were six years old. It is grown. Everybody calls you sauce. What has it been like to watch the nickname Take off watching the nickname Growth. Just like back home. The only people that Carver that is like my family members like all my friends, my boys. They called the sauce sometimes. So, yeah, it's been real fun Sauce. Gardner, the sophomore cornerback from Detroit, Michigan, named an all American by four different Publications. We are less than 22 minutes away from kickoff. It's Cincinnati and Georgia in the Peach Bowl. When we return Daniel chat with Bear cats head coach Luke Fickell, you're listening to you See football presented by Ukraine on 700 wlw. Frickin handle, clean restoration.

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