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"aguirre ridgway" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"Live together for a year and a half no sorry let me get it for a year and then got married in nine hundred seventy three and then had their only child matthew who was born in nineteen seventy five we are distinct think about some dude only two years older than me how he's a son aguirre ridgway hope he changes his name oh we didn't keep his dad's name that'll be a curse now gary and marsha also did a fair amount of outdoor in car saxon all right ridgway introduced wins though to his favourite south county south king county haunts for outdoor incar trysts back roads would it dead ends and mabel valley in applaud north bend obscure untended turnouts along highway eighteen dude have some various pacific sexual needs man they knocked it out and shady spots near star lake along the banks of the green river is wife said he specifically liked having sex outdoors and you know combined with dabbling in bondage and very specifically he liked to sneak up on her from behind the trees and on at least one occasion he tried to choke her using a police like hold she years later told invest gators every pretty disturbing to me man everybody has their different little fantasies but if i was a woman in some dude was that i was dating was like hey do you wanna you wanna roll play and i was like yeah no sure sounds fun what do you want to do like a catholic school role you know you're the professor students and then he was like i wanna head into the woods and i want you to pretend that you're lost and afraid i'm gonna stick up from behind some bushes and i'm gonna fucking choky down i'm rousey to the ground and and fuck you like an animal i'd be like you know what on second thought how about instead of role playing i call the police and you get the hell out of here and are never allowed to come within a hundred yards me again.

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