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The Kist & Solak Show #44: Eagles Embarrassed by Saints

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The Kist & Solak Show #44: Eagles Embarrassed by Saints

"They. Hi, this is Jim chica- our podcast step over will be ballers podcasts that work for all of your Sixers needs. Says game breakdowns with a course in headband and more subscribed. Liberty Bowers podcasts heathen, I tune Stitcher sparked by or ever you get your favorite podcasts. And check out the step over a podcast about Sixers basketball. Mostly. Michael kissed Benjamin. So it's the Kistin Solex show presented by SP nation and leading nation. You are not flying high on the kissed end so lack show. This is forty four. Brought to you by the fine folks at Espy nation and bleeding green nation. I'm your host Michael kissed following at Michael kissed NFL as always during the best dog on co host in the game, Mr. eight year streak without a bad day. He is Benjamin so lacked band, man, I I know every day's a good day to be alive, but this one feels just a little less good. How you doing brother? It's a good day to be alive. It's just for other reasons that are not to the podcast relative to to a forty eight two seven loss by the eagles to the saints worst worst loss in history for defending Super Bowl champion while really. You're just pumping on all types of fun stats pre show at now you hit you trade traits. Trae Thomas tweeted that out shadowed try. It was Mike Rafah who said that seven points for the fewest. The eagles have ever scored underdog Peterson twenty four first half. Points were the most surrendered under Doug Peterson. It was the worst game the have played in a pass three years. Yeah. Total letdown total let down on the road. Not let down like didn't even expect them to play that. Well, just would have been like nice for the offense to string together to good plays men. They nobody like you. Don't get the sense that anybody on the team things that the team is good. You know what I mean? Like like, no one's. Nobody's like, you know, raw boom by nobody's got much fight to him, which can hardly blame him. The team is very very bad right now. Then you know, who's playing worse in the in the league right now, very very small teams play worse than us right now. Yeah. And it's and it's sad. Speaking of the offense. You know, we expected some sort of life from them or needed to see some sort of life before it got to the point will where nobody would give a darn what you did for the rest of the season because when it came to the games that mattered. They came very very short. They opened this game up with a three and out. There was the third down screen to Josh Adams, which I was not in love with and we'll get into play calling and everything like that. But I thought I should should've put it in winces hands and let him make a play downfield in that specific situation. I think there are people criticizing things that aren't necessarily the problem when it comes to the play calling in other situations. But again, we'll get into all that second drive. The they get a big return from Corey Clement. They go three and out. Then the third drive was the interception where the saints have on what they call drop kick coverage, and the eagles are running very common concept that we've talked about on this show to two man route combination of play action with a post route. And you get the over route coming from the other side, and what defenses can do to combat this is they can run. What's called the drop? Kick coverage where the safety will come up. And what happens is that corner. That was on the deep crosser can then kick back to a deep zone to also help. Out with that post route. And that's what you saw for. Marshon lattimore. So you saw him fade off of the off the cross or pass that off and then get back to the post. Route underthrown intercepted by Marshall. Lattimore really bad start for the offense bad start and bad game. For Carson Wentz. Just in that situation alone. Not confirming post nap that cornerback is a threat to drop back to that deep zone. Something that's been a common theme for him. Lately. Not confirming post nap in my opinion, anyway, but really slow start and for a team that really needed show some life in the first quarter. This was definitely not been. Yeah. It comes down to the fact like, you know, so he said are you Josh Adams screen call? And Carson Wentz. An interception down the field. Nelson Igor kind of not going to me that football. And you know, deep dropbacks in the pocket leading to sax on third and three right? We're gonna talk about that. By the way to go ahead. Right. Say, hey, here's the thing. Like, Mike Hourigan upset. During the game. So we were talking to each other. Because a everybody's very frustrated at heels are losing. And so everybody's just kind of wantonly critical. Just just have hazardously critical every play that has a poor result. Independent of how the results came to be right? Just poor poor analysis for process and it's frustrating when. Like beat reporters. Analysts who are relied upon to give good analysis kind of feed into the frenzy of obviously very upset. And and rightfully so fans that are upset with how the teams performing they feed into that negativity by just criticizing everything from from stem to stern criticizing play calls, despite the fact that they've liked play calls like that other circumstances had done. Well, criticizing wide receiver play in quarterback play. When it's. Oh, I it lacks like true depth of analysis. Whenever the moral of the story is this in my opinion. You can't lose to a team forty eight to seven unless literally everything is right. You can like you. You know, like, we, you know, I I'm sure you've got this going on right now. Mike, I people my mentions asking me I when we fired Peterson. I people ask me when we fired him shorts. People asking me if we cut Aguiar N Tate. So we can assign tyrel Williams. I people asking me on another go on a care member. Now where it's so weird because this team in this coaching staff is fairly close to the team in the coaching staff that wanna Super Bowl things have obviously not gotten right this season. Doesn't mean burn it all down, right? Wherever wherever you are listening to the pike s gentlemen, if I may impose upon you exercise think for a second about why it's so disappointing that the eagles are playing this poorly. The answer is because we've come to expect much. More from them. And why we come to expect much more for them because the data we have on the key players of this team includes a Super Bowl win includes a dominant twenty seventeen season. So the reason that they're such a strong instinct to say, you know, screw it like this is awful Yuna blow. It up is. Because we expected so much more. This is such a drastic is significant perilous drop off a huge delta between expectations and reality. It's how you get coaches who survive in thrive in mediocrity late Jason Garrett Jeff Fisher more Lewis lovey Smith. So they named who were longstanding coaches without great success. That's how they stick around for so long as because they meet expectation. So there isn't this fierce disappointment during the season because you expect from them mediocrity and you get mediocrity. And sometimes it's a little worse sometimes the little better. But you never thought it was going to be. Otherwise, we just want our first Super Bowl. Of course, we thought that meant everything had changed. Now, you have a team that is underperforming. Relative to talent levels underperforming relative to coaching ability. They're they're not getting lucky. They're not executing. They're not playing with fantastic effort than playing with great discipline. The play designs aren't as good. Carson Wentz is taking a step back. The office of lies with injuries the defensive secondaries dealing with injuries. There was a coaching talent drain. There's ninety five Jillian explanations for what's going on in each one of them is true certain degree. But the reason that I think that there's such a fervent, and and passionate pissed off reaction is because unlike we have ever previously experienced as eagles fans, we came to expect something better we thought that this coaching staff. This this quarterback this offense of line, this defense, whatever it was was another now that we didn't have to deal with massive disappointments from our football team. And as it turns out, of course, that's not the case. And it will never ever be the case. You know, ever like like like, you know for a long time like a team like New England has staved this off. And it seems like maybe finally might becoming for New England. You know, they're struggling a little bit. This year. Brady's got retire. And then they're come up. What is do will be done, you know? And so I think that we have to knowledge that number one. The problem is everything if this was a team that like if the eagles have hung tight with the saints on offense and the defense what has able to buy a stop in the fourth quarter, again, it'd be a little bit easier to say the problem was still the defense. And if you know the eagles defense was able to get some surprising stops against the saints generate some more pressure and the off it's only put up seven points. It'd be a little bit more easy to say. Like some have been saved at the promise. The offense reality is the vehicles got pants for sixty straight minutes is because the entire team is playing poorly right now. However, you know, if you were to look exclusively at the past four games of the season, you'd be positive that Frank Reich. Was the absolute offense of mastermind Philadelphia. Doug Peterson was a total of fake and a crutch in a a, you know, a poster not as I am just a fake. I can't remember the idiom I wanna use whatever if that's gonna four-game sample size. If you look at the twenty game sample size from the past two years. It's very clear that Doug Peterson is a fantastic. Offense of minden deserves a ton of credit you on to mean. So you can be narrowed on the four games if you want the wealth of data says that this is a team that could be very very good could be contending. They're not playing that way right now there's a ton of problems to fix Tom players need to get healthy. There's there's some serious introspection necessary from the front office, the coaching staff alike surprises it'll happen. But the problem is everything. And the reason it sucks much is because not, you know, eight calendar months ago. The problem was nothing. Right. And so it's been a drastic turnaround. We have definitely forgotten as a fan base how to deal with these types of situations in some of your actions that we're going to get to the reactions. We're gonna get. Three words where we have probably were what is all five hundred responses who's five hundred forty responses last time, I checked so. Yeah, that's that's that's wild and been dialing back to some of the criticisms that were laid on this game in lot of are totally valid is even pointed out the screen pass. I didn't like put in his hands. But like for instance, you get this third in three with four minutes in the second quarter. The eagles are down seventeen to seven in. Jeff mclean. Tweeted out quote players to execute coaches have to put players in the best area to succeed that's four down territory. The only thing that takes it out of the equation is sack. Didn't like the call. Here's the thing about that. Call you can't take a sack, right? So leave in a seven-man protection. We play action pre snap motion shows you that. It's man coverage Zakar first PJ Williams. I am taking that matchup and that protection a thousand times out of thousand if that's what I'd get. Right. So. Put hurts in wins in a position to succeed. Stephen was new sqi playing out of position at centre got beat by Sheldon rankings who is a monster. And we talked about him a bunch in the preview show. The other team makes the play sometimes I have zero interest. None in result based analysis designed to fit a narrative, even if the truth over consume of what you're saying is true using that example for me does not compute, and it doesn't add Vance the conversation at all. And I'd get it. We get pissed off when we went to put blame somewhere because it makes us feel better about the chaos that is, but we need to stop with calling everything that doesn't work bad in everything that works, for example, something like Josh Adams that is on touchdown run this perfectly blocked up something like that as something that shows that Josh Adams, for instance, is a feature back because I saw those takes too on the other side of the spectrum we need to be better at having those conversations and not just yelling at each other. That. Needs to be fired or this is because a, you know, a is because of be usually it's a much more nuanced conversation in football when it comes to that. So those the conversations that I like having with you, Ben because I know you're a rational person, and we like to go through logically and break them down not necessarily just say because you know, zero points were scored in the fourth quarter. It's all on the coaching. I mean, the execution was bad too. And it's been execution for a lot of the season. And you know, I don't I don't know where to place like like the big the umbrella of blame. But Ben these conversations that we're gonna have you know, as we progress through the season it as we look at the off season. But thing this this sucks now like you look at micro, and how can you justify what's going on with that offense compared to what it was last year? I mean Doug Peterson isn't going anywhere. So is Mike grow going to be the sacrificial lamb for what has happened so far this season? I mean, it's it's I think it's probably the likeliest move. The you can look at right now in terms of of a long-term move that there's a lot of good offensive minds in the. League and people who'd be excited to work with the Doug Peterson. With Carson Wentz. You're not gonna be bereft for options. Does it solve every problem? No. Who said kind of every problem is the problem here. It is important to know, you know, like a rising tide does lift all boats, though, in the sense that you kind of get the impression from Carson who had a really bad game that he's just trying to like power everything he's trying to get everything going like, you know, he fees feeling tons of pressure from the office of line. Obviously he's he's trying to make every single throw. And he's inaccurate. A lot of shortstop obviously took several deep shot two shots both of which turned in interceptions. As a matter of fact, which I don't hate you know, what I mean? Like, I can't you put a ball sixty plus yards down the field. You kinda need your wide receiver to help you out a little bit. Usually, you know, that's a must wide open. Your usually kind of making a jump ball contested catch situation McCarthy just generally struggled in the sense of escape ability and the and the ability to extend plays. It's not something we saw very much obviously had the picks and then Accu. Pursues all over the place and the own Carson's not inaccurate quarterback on Carson's not a quarterback who struggles to deal with pressure. Usually. I think it's simply the fact that he's feeling so much weight go down by two scores early to put this team on his back into into power of his offense. Carson a lot of pressure. I'm sure Doug is that very similar spot of were Doug is having the experience that it ain't as smooth sailing as it was last year in the scripts certainly aren't turning out the production as they were. There's no doubt of the quick touch ideas. The RPO ideas all quick short game stuff is not turning out the same production yards after the catch. He does not have the same running game on which he could kind of rely for short yardage situations. And so you know that Doug probably also under a lot of pressure in that regard in Doug feels the onus on himself to do at time. And that's why you get like, you know, first ten reverses to go to tape in an abusing eight yards. And that's why you get third in eleven screens that only end up getting ten yards. You kind. Get he tried to. You've Carson is trying to make everything happen. I think Doug who's kind of trying to get the the the burden off of Carson's back a little bit in that regards. I'm sure grow is dealing with a tunnel pressure though, he doesn't call plays. So it's mostly just weakened weak out stuff. He obviously has to step into huge shoes. Same thing goes for press Taylor ozzy's setting in John D full of both shoes. So you get the sense that if one domino were to fall become easier on any of the others for the offense. I mean. I have to deal with Subaru your day with health issues now in the offense of line in the sense that Jason Peters is clearly playing sixty five percent Kelsey goes out who guy was new skin there on the office of line struggle for the entirety of the game. I think we get in weaken. A a lot of people right now are touching back on the golden Tate trade, and yeah, like I understand the logic behind the Tate trade is talked about the time. Like, you know, this was we believe Tate will bring enough to our offense to help us become more competitive with zero competitive the division, obviously, two games in a tapes, not taken a significant amount of snaps garnered a significant number of touches he had today. I feel like six hundred bucks for the. Yeah. Yeah. So for the risk of the third round pick and the potential for basically, just the rental, none the Compaq. It's tricky right now definitely doesn't seem like Tate's providing the offensive returns clearly that we would have hoped we did as far as solving the problem. So that's there. There's another criticism that goes on the front office is a front office that seeing their twenty. Seventeen third round big received. Douglas, get smacked around the rest of that twenty seventeen class in the logic walls, Nate, Gary and shown Gibson L pump free are not offering anything substantial twenty sixteen a big v window Smallwood, Jalen mills all had most wa petunias over the past two years to release average themselves. The starters and have been unable to you know, you got at twenty eighteen class that you were a little wont for early picks of God. It's getting on the field that much Maddox goes down with a knee injury. He was kind of a crowning jewel class. Nobody else's participating this front office. That's been struggling as well to do. Good things in the draft. Like, I said problems everywhere on I'm sure everybody's everybody's job. Get a lot easier once kind of the dam breaks and somebody's really able to elevate their play. The question is, you know, at one point that can come how much is that can affect things. Philadelphia. Does not seem like a team who's gonna beat the giants. Next sunday. Like, I I wouldn't anticipate them winning that game. So you know, I it's not so much about saving the. Season as it is just being able to get the ship righted a little bit. Yeah. And flipping sized could this getting toasted up come out of the game? Sidney Jones would come out of the game. Who else came out of the game of data would come out of the game? Jordan Hicks would come out of the game. Jason Kelsey would come out of the game. Rick Levada would come out of the game. It just goes the hits just keep on common. So I I don't know unlock the biggest sports fan. I like I've said before I don't anticipate him being here after the season. So I feel you I feel anger with him. I do I mean, I don't know what to expect them to do. This patchwork secondary with been the reports. Because people have changed numbers in in whatnot. We've got new guys in like devante Bosnian stuff as the Bosnian. I'm like who's forty one? I there was one point snap. I couldn't recognize like half the second. This is just ugly. Like, you said, though, when it comes down to, you know, the Deppish that this team had are made worse with those injuries because. The drafts have not hit from what it seems like a has just beyond Carson Wentz. Those guys aren't making meaningful enough contributions to a mask some of those injuries in come in. Do that next man up thing is not happening for us that way, and obviously the secondary's a special case because they're getting just a rash of injuries in one place. But I mean who has been fantastic in the secondary for us other than Malcolm Jenkins writing run in cloud who went out early in the season. None of them really have don't think Sidney Jones played. Okay. There were couple of times where he he got ate up little bit. But I mean, I didn't the Joneses. It's literally it Cindy Jones's rookie season. Yeah. And he's playing do positions in terms of slot and outside and trying to couple Michael Thomas. I'd get it. Yeah. You can kind of call it still Soules like rookie. He had some starts last year. It's weird. The thing about the the more interesting thing with Soules not so much how much he started experience as it's that. They have been as resistant as possible to giving him reps above Jalen mills, which with how mills played is not as strong indicator. Yeah. So, you know, juries very much so Allan Sydney guys had a lot of good reps and has had his fair share bad jobs. A lot of rookie corners have Seoul is a little bit more so book that we're just wondering if that's ever gonna pan out yet knows corner, obviously is going to be a massive need for Philadelphia in terms of with round RBM a contract year. Now, he's I art is either going to bring him back is going to be on one year deal. How cheap is it going to be even if it is for a one year deal where you're still gonna have the next year's you'd better start drafting a potential star corner. You know, we didn't even get to it. Like, you know, this was discussed during the game so much other just awfulness going on. But to McGill on Hester still awful muscles does super bad. Mark Ingram goes for a hundred yards. Like like Ingram Ingram rips off like a. Thirty four yard like opening run. It was thirty eight yards. And it was tastes hills ceiling Malcolm Jenkins tastes in hills, lined up tight doubles as a wide receiver. Like like, I said, they would I thought that was adorable. Any did it a couple of times, they use tastes hill so much? They were trolling the hell out of us in using. So many of those tendency breakers this second I'll tell you right now. Sean Payton does not like Doug Peterson which makes sense Doug Peterson the end up on a couple times on the golf course in whatever. But the second Sean Payton came out with like, eight minutes left in the second through a pass with tastes inhale up seventeen to seven a drive on which the saints would eventually punt and Philadelphia would get that third three in New Orleans territory. So it could have been ten seventeen fourteen seventeen whatever still doing the second pay in the second pay through Pasa taste hill on first in ten in the second quarter. If just pay insane to Peterson like you guys have no chance of winning this game. We can turn this faucet on. Like and take my MVP candidate out and put my special teamer because hill literally special teamer and quarterback because you guys this no chance, right? And let me like that. Like the that fourth seven touched on Alvin Kamara such a good example because the game is already salted away. It's fourth and seven and paying goes. Well, let's just make sure Kamara still really good at catching balls down the field, still fine. Without you wanna make sure which I begrudge him nothing on that young. I mean, that's like we would we would absolutely for that. If it was thirty seven Philadelphia lead like we would one hundred percent be going for that. So we have to be okay with with, you know, the the hand the care and a stick I suppose when it comes around to the other way very clear from the beginning. This defense was gonna be able to do anything to stop the saints between -ticipant did especially as they crude further injury. There was going to be very little chance. The the only way Philadelphia was gonna hang in this game was the offense really turned in a blockbuster performance. Which? We didn't anticipate in the pre game shows, and we didn't see out there. So that was a that was a drubbing that that wasn't too hard to see coming, man. I really I really hated to see draft crush trae on Smith who I painted have a breakout game have a breakout game. It was the least happy of ever fell. Like, I am happy this happening. But it's the worst feeling in the world him and Keith Kirkwood, lighten it up good. Idea. Not camp believe we under looked. He didn't mention once in the previews for obvious reasons. Ben, screw this man. Let's get to three words, and let's get out of here. We all know what it is. It was a bad game. We didn't show up. It's been that. It's been the case for a lot of the season now. And yeah, we just got blown out by very very good. Very hot football team that we are nowhere in the same tier of the season end. I don't think me or you've been full ourselves into thinking that we would be in the same tier on this field today. So let's go to three words there are five hundred ninety five responses as I'm looking at it right now, are you are at be dog. Ten fire this staff with four likes. What are you people doing the whole staff yell van Braam hill at buns? Bramhall says Sixers are good which they are. I was driving back from Purdue Wisconsin the other day, and I get off again. Like, I dropped my rental. Unlike open my phone. Just to like, see what's going on. I have a Jillian notifications of messages on whatever. And it was right after Jimmy bother hit that game winner against the Hornets. Beautiful thing I love Jimmy bothering makes me happy showing Lamont at eleven. The goat says top ten pick question work. Look like we've said before I wrote my first read article for bleeding green nation dot com today in an -ticipant of this Oko check that out talking about some Clemson defensive linemen that we could be that we could be looking at because we don't know what the future holds for brand Graham, Chris long, Michael Bennett after two thousand twenty who else to Jernigan. So we may need to replace some of those pieces lament defensive line go check that out but top ten pick is very possible. I don't know how many more games team is able to put together the season as the injuries continue in continue and continue and continue to rack up. I like this one trae Alexandersson at t- underscore Ray. Eighteen says fire dog kidding? But then he also puts the thinking face emoji one like this. So I don't know why. So kidding, right? But also is he kidding? Because of the face so trays keeping us guessing man now, here's one that goes to a larger theme of what happened today's from. Jim bene- check at J Benchick. He says divisions wide open. The reason that the division is wide open that we have not talked about yet to apply that we have this Alex Smith thirty three years to the day that Joe theismann went down with a broken leg. Alex Smith has suffered a gruesome, lower leg. Injury foot. Turn the wrong way feel awful for him. Because when I was a kid I thought his name was pronounced like vise -ment like at Ryan with Heisman. That's actually why he did it. No. That's why that's why he says. That's why these men people say advisement, I say I'd say amazement because when I was a kid I read out his thought, it was nice don't they say at like five though, do they said these men actually way I shouldn't trust anything you pronounce. Okay. Lemme look this up. He's a risking quarterback. I'm not a fan of him to any degree, and I pronounce it these men because that's how it was originally pronounced changed thighs men because he was in the Heisman race in college. That's what I remember being. Anyway, I'm reading up on this right now key to continue talking about the thing. But Washington is in serious trouble. Their offense of line is completely beat up as we talked about last week Brennan Scherf going down the Volvo going down. They have serious issues there, then they lose Alex Smith. And then the Dallas Cowboys win today against the Atlanta Falcons. And with the momentum that they have going that could be some serious trouble for the Redskins. If they can't hang on a they weren't able to tie up the game with the Texans. They tried a sixty three yard field goal that hit the bottom crossbar in pinged out. So they still almost brought that game to overtime even after being down to scores. Believe it was when Alex Smith went down with the something broke into four legged we'll call it that some. Yeah. To be land and fibula while I broke, dude. I broke my tibia and kind of look like that. But not nearly as gruesome, and that's bad. News bears us. Yeah. That's going to be a fun recovery for him. I feel awful for man. That's terrible. You know to see that happen anybody that was super gruesome now that was that was just absolutely dreadful and Aikman made this point somewhere between nine and four hundred thirty times during the broadcast with that added context, it really is just shocking the loss that because eagles could a law beat that be the Cowboys loss to the saints. Obviously the extent which they loss to the saints does add to it. But they'd be five and five point with the Redskins are likely gonna drop in the division. Whilst starting quarterback to huge disappointment eagles for not winning Cowboys game. Yes. So you know, you've got four more division games to the Redskins. If you beat the giants and you beat the Cowboys. You're technically still in business. I don't. This this team played really really badly. And that's that's that's not good because that's bad. So it's tough to believe that they're going to this like that Cowboys game was a game. Like, this is a must winner, and they came out really flat. And this was a game. It was like man like we really need to pick this up in the chemo Superfly. So like, you know, what kind of expect from him here? I don't know. So it was it's pronounced these men, and that's his given names these men and then yeah. For the Heisman push. They started pronouncing it FIS men while he was trying to win the trophy this story. Screw him than any of the three words that you like before we before we get the heck out of here and start to transition to guy we got review this all twenty two. I just man draft work is looking really appealing right now. Somebody said watching the notebook and posted a gif of that movie. And I really liked the movie makes me cry time. I like movies. That's not true. I hate them cry time. But I enjoy them. I closed down this darn thing. Because I got tired of reading all the fire Peterson takes and everything. Like that. Let's see let me see if I can grab one more before we before we get the heck outta here. Don Conway at Don Conway, junior body bag game. It's the reverse body bag game for the Philadelphia. Eagles historic game will go down. No it won't. It's not a historic game. Nobody's going to remember this game at all until we played the saints next year or something to that effect. Saint frigging good, man. They are dangerous and that pass defense was in at all the Swiss cheese that we thought it was going to I'm just depressed rambling. Now. Ben, can we please end this. You wanna say goodbye to the gentlest by gentlest this last vestige? Thank you as always for listening to the kissing. So I show here on BGN radio. We do appreciate you sticking with us and reliving. What was a data? Forget for Philadelphia. Eagles fans everywhere. As always Ivan Benjamin so lack on Twitter ad Benjamin. Soul. That's the case Michael cast on Twitter at Michael kissed NFL. That's K. I S T. It's thanksgiving week. So the schedule is likely to be a little bit abridged some different shows in different pairings, just as you know, I'm traveling around and obviously Stolnis cow in and kissed all themselves are with arrangements. So we do wish you a happy holiday weekend. If we don't catch it before them. But of course, you will be hearing a review shows an preview shows for the giants this week just the staffing in the scheduling and the dropping might be a little bit different. Right. I was listening. Yeah. Figured as much. I was just saying there's not gonna be as much as the show's going to be different. Because like, you know, I'm not gonna be able to do most of the shows this week for the for thanksgiving week. Yes. That's correct. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, we're going to be working around that, but we're going to still be pumping out content. So the only thing it'd be missing is a is a couple few days of Mr. Benjamin. So which I'm sure our ratings are gonna take. But please stick with us downloaded, even if you don't wanna listen to it because you know, we need it Ben still coming back. So support the network. Even when Ben is gone, please. Are you sure he'd made till? Do you hear me begging? You hear me begging the gentlest Zora valley. You're gonna arrive like a new logo when a new feed and everything. Yeah. Who would do that? Vying really got. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart. It seems mart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe raising a hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it tell a friend, I'm Spencer hall. Don't do anything smart.

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