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"african american civil rights radio caucus" Discussed on Radio Survivor Podcast

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"african american civil rights radio caucus" Discussed on Radio Survivor Podcast

"And so a third of US have radio stations and I knew this because working at central state were WC issue is located. It is credited with having the first FCC license of an HBO. Station in nineteen, sixty two. So So I, I had a little bit of a connection there but I it was curiosity and so that curiosity was really Nurtured when I. Went Back to school after I. Quit my day job to get a Grad cert in archives and went to Wright state, universities, public history program, which is of very fine program and In the course of doing a class assignment I learned about a guy named Sam Br. Allow Ski. Who worked at the the Library of Congress and WHO had was quoted in a very interesting article that was in the rolling stone about digital preservation of of materials at a music recording studios, how reissues of the best of kind of albums was getting difficult because in the early digital era? there was very little Meta data attached to these early digital files and masters were being lost. And it was. It was difficult to to reissue some of these materials because various tracks were missing anyway. I thought that was fascinating and I thought he he sounded interesting. So when I googled him I found out that he was giving the keynote address at the very first radio preservation task force conference in Washington that's right. Yes I was there So I made a deal, I found out about it. I made a deal with my faculty to give me my midterms early. So I could go to the the conference with the promise that I would do a presentation on it when I got back and when I got there I sort of fell into that community of radio preservationists and Met Sonia Williams who is currently chairing the Communications Department at Howard University a longtime producer in Washington DC and I was invited to serve on the African American Civil Rights Radio Caucus of the of the task force which she chairs. And it so that you know the rest is history kind of thing I've I've been involved with that larger group talking about the issues of preservation of audio preservation and Just's. Having that curiosity again nurtured by. By folks who are curious themselves. Well and what I like about your project is you know I'm very interested in College Radio Archives in history and it's a bit overwhelming. So I liked that yours is at least finite, you know the number of stations that exist and and you can actually try to track them. So so that's what you're doing. You're you're trying to survey the landscape of what is housed at different historically black college and university radio stations. Could you could you describe a little bit? Is there a typical hp cu college radio station or are they just as diverse as every other college radio station?.

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