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"afghan women skills development center" Discussed on WTOP

"Ethan crumbly used his father's gun in the deadly attack It went far beyond just a negligent parent Fully support an advocate holding them responsible The suspect's been charged as an adult with murder attempted murder and terrorism In Minnesota a mostly white jury has been seated this morning in the trial of a former police officer in the shooting death of black man Dante Wright the officer insists she mixed up her gun with her taser Cases of the Alma cron variant in the U.S. have been mild so far but New Jersey doctor warns it's not the time for people to let their guard down I think people should be careful particularly if your immunosuppressed If you're obese have asthma diabetes chronic lung disease heart disease you should be wearing a mask washing your hands and keeping socially distant 2.2 million people got vaccine shots yesterday in the U.S. highest daily amount since May The government says employers created 210,000 jobs last month That's the worst showing in about a year about the unemployment rate fell from 4.6 to 4.2% Bank rates Mark Hamrick goes beyond the headline numbers Labor force participation rose That's a welcome sign Wage growth remains solid with a year over year gain of 4.8% while mindful that inflation has been running red hot President Biden who says he's fighting a cold a plot of the report and is pleased the government shutdown was averted by Congress Fighting the government isn't a great achievement as a bare minimum what we need to get done But in these times a bipartisan cooperation is worth recognition From Detroit W J radios Jeff Gilbert has news of a vehicle recall Things Honda passports pilots and ridge lines have hoods that can fly open while you're driving No injuries or crashes reported but there have been more than a hundred warranty claims Honda says a gap can cause air to get into the hood causing vibration which damages the latches over time Advocates are hopeful about some news from Afghanistan CBS's Allison keys The Taliban government is decreeing that women must consent to marriage and that they should not be considered to be property The Afghan women skills development center is calling this huge but says the next step is to see if it actually gets implemented Some advocates wonder whether the Taliban will extend women's rights involving work and education Checking Wall Street right now the Dow is down 268 points This is CBS News This hour's newscast is presented by rocket mortgage Need to know what it takes for a home loan to fit your budget and your family rocket.

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