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Aussie Inventions That Changed The World

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Aussie Inventions That Changed The World

"Let's put an thinking caps and brian up on these fun. Facts about awesome ozzy inventions for outkast of kids fan crab. The famous black folks airplane flight were coded is actually colored bright orange. If it really was black you'd never be able to find it after a plane crash and it was invented in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight by scientists david warren of the aeronautical research laboratory in melbourne. He thought typer coda in a secure box. Recording everything spoken in the cockpit of a plane would be pretty handy so he showed it to an important british air vice marshal during his lunch break and the vaas marshall could it was such a good idea. He invited into london to show it off to the minister. I the action. The rest of course is history. Mice rings didn't come back. The returning boomerang is considered a major achievement in aaron article design but most boomerangs but designed to travel in a straight line. Hunting rings could to help them fly through the fossa but they mostly flew straight towards their targets to knock it down nine side returning boomerangs mainly used. His toys does some rainforest people designed to small four pointed. Boomerang the hunting amongst the trays and those boomerangs definitely came back. The one cost was based on goat. Skin wine flasks used by greek shepherds. There was the south australian. One might cold. Tom and grove and he wanted to find a way to keep wine from going off off the bottle so he thought back to how the greek ship. It's carried they wind and they did it in airtight goatskins in notting. Sixty five. He came up with the idea of putting a plastic bag full of wine in box. It wasn't until nineteen seventy one that someone else thought to put tap on the bottom of the bag before that people had to tie out the bag with clothes peg or a pipe. Clint when i'd finished having a drink

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