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"adriana el chicano perez" Discussed on WSRQ Talk Radio

"And make more attractive matchups was for years that the knock against professional boxing is that they're they're matchups were were lacking they had a guy that didn't have that much ability against the guy that had a lot of ability so that everybody khanna know who's who's going to win but mixed martial arts have made boxing promoters more aware of creating matchups that are more attractive to the public more competitive match up if you will very cool and so again april seventh two thousand eighteen this year coming up from six thirty pm to ten thirty pm here's a how long is a boxing match is it just until someone gets knocked out or how does all different ways of timing a boxing match the in professional boxing it's either a four round fight three minutes each a six round fight three minutes each and eight round fight three minutes each a ten round which is usually for a little title title is at stake or twelve rounder which is for a championship and so the ones that you're having for your event are going to be how many rounds are most of them will be four rounders 'cause we have people making their professional debut including two guys from my club making their pro debut and as the main event will be a six round fight featuring my guy adriana el chicano perez who fought in las vegas for years ago against the guy who's currently a world champion awesome so we're going to repeat the information so you can get your tickets at the end of the show but definitely something worth checking out we're going to take a quick break imagine think about you to think you're listening to w s sr q one oh six nine fm and twelve twenty a m w sr q the voice of sarasota manatee did you know when you donate to.

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