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"adrian taylor ness" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"You injured? I'm using an analogy. I mean, his his injury. And what I'm and you're more experienced than me. But if you. I haven't seen you profession picture. I mean, I have an interest in professional. I mean, well, you're you you just said you have four years working house barn. Professional professional spot people. I've never used the word professional nephews, the profession you have more. You are you saying you need more time in this. I'm not saying I need more time. I'm saying we have a God for you the same way. Maybe like the same way JD called in. And he and he has we have a guy for him like this. This less. On behalf of the UK. I want you. Okay. But you want me. Do you have more experience than me? I mean, I think he easier and you does that help Deo at this there. That's a fire respectful. Yeah. Man. I guess that helps I guess health help are you today picking on you, don't Mike. I want him to take it easy on. Okay. I do. Two hundred six five six five years, but the damn jabbing trade from dean, and I got all types of terms. I'm like AJ since I'm the side. I gotta do like AJ he has to come to the US. Not about to he. Manager me called out. I he can't go water and his corner because I have a water phobia water now because of neon AJ. So as his corner can. For fix for minutes. I got a phobia. Now, I'll have a doctor's excuse on hand water. I'm expert skin. Special bottle. I have the Panama Lewis special bottle. He can't have what it because I my therapist. You know, this should have serious like I'm afraid now like my girls kind of upset. I can't take showers. I'm so scared of water. I never like this thing when I got splashed it would have been cool to just like me and Neo. But it was like, knee, Neil and all this. And we just sat how half a million you even put your hand on the knob to even like attempted to turn it brother point at this point. I just sit in two and the nurse. You know, sponge bays me because. Screaming? I can't have a lot of water. I mean, it should I'm fucking. You know, I'm not ready a concert. I need more time on that note. Listen, I got hit the gym before the fight reviews on duck out. So I can get near for the fight review. So patriots only we get that fight review pop in and can't wait to see it. Maybe cross a line somewhere. But damn I don't know what happened. You can call in got one from Adrian Taylor Ness, a duck. Yeah. They come. I know man. We've got all kind of ducks in just call and vegetal. So it is are you a bitch. Bor. I mean, look I'm a bitch. I mean what what the age. Spirit, though. My my don't ever help. I'm aging. I'm ancient I wouldn't have be rushed. You know, AJ said two thousand twenty and two thousand seventeen like what the fuck was the big deal. Like, they can't get mad at me. They didn't get mad at AJ unless they're hypocrites..

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