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"adrian ronnie" Discussed on TuneInPOC

"I'm so excited with the Apple. I'm doctor Sanjay Gupta in New York. I'm Salt Lake City. And we're going to do this. I'm Adrian Ronnie in Chicago. I'm a marking that is a Minneapolis. This is the screen where it happens. The moments that can change the world. These are the faces we see. The voices we empower whose on the screen and whose behind it. This is the work that continues. Who are we are today and what we can become. This is where our curiosity can lead us when inclusion matters. This is why more perspectives make us stronger and how our mission can inspire tomorrow. This is journalism. That reflects the world we live in. Okay, sit back and watch this because the pushers of falsehoods at the Fox propaganda network are still trying to blame January 6th on Black Lives Matter, which had nothing to do with it. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if they actually applied the same standards? Well, we wouldn't call them standards to the January 6th rioters that they have about BLM. But daily show did to prove the point, they edited together comments that the fox channel made about antifa and Black Lives Matter with video from January 6th and it looks like the joke is on Fox. This kind of mob like behavior has got to stop before somebody gets hurt. Violence intimidation, unacceptable in this country. It's not a protest? These aren't children. These are adults, and they're destroying our country. I think what is so jarring to so many Americans right now is just the fact that there's so much lawlessness. Why isn't anybody stopping the looting and the vandalism and the destruction of private and public property? That giant lie handicapped the police. So they couldn't do a damn thing to stop the riots without being accused of attacking mostly peaceful protesters. These include people who threw projectiles at cops. Screaming the most disgusting things in their faces and inch away from their face. Well, there you go. We're now just a few minutes from the one year anniversary of January 6th. CNN is marking the day with an unprecedented gathering inside the capitol with police, lawmakers, and leaders. Life in the capital, January 6th, one year later, with Jake tapper and Anderson Cooper, begins tomorrow at 8. And I'll be on right after that with some really important interviews with folks who live through the attack who defended the capitol, our democracy, and more. Thanks for watching everyone. I'll see you tomorrow. Our coverage continues. Ship station saves us so much time. It makes it really easy and seamless. Pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. Our costs for shipping were cut in half, just like that. Go to ship station dot com slash TV and get two months free. CNN exclusive inside the U.S. capitol on the anniversary of January 6th. The police, the lawmakers, and the leaders fighting for accountability, an unprecedented gathering, untold stories, and what must happen next to defend democracy. Jake tapper and Anderson Cooper host live from the capitol, January 6th, one year later, Thursday on CNN. Across Africa, businesses are working together like never before. All new on CNN connecting Africa. Join me and Lenny Jocko as we Kris kross the continent to show you how new connections between people places and projects are revolutionizing commerce in Africa. All new connecting Africa Saturday on CNN in association with a fraction bank on the next eco solutions go inside expo 2020 Dubai to see how the elements are being harnessed for good. From the sun and essential resource. All throughout the day, our energy trees rotate just like sunflowers to face the sun. To the earth, and the sky. We were inspired by kite borders, how they can convert the wind energy into mechanical energy. Eco solutions Sunday

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