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Brewers at Cardinals- Series Preview with Special Guest Bill Schmid of Milwaukee 105.7 theFan

Scoops with Danny Mac

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Brewers at Cardinals- Series Preview with Special Guest Bill Schmid of Milwaukee 105.7 theFan

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Fridays is up scoops with Danny MAC DOT COM. This is our game preview for coming to you. Brilliant clarity thanks to Lord over time is located in the heart of the do men's and women's jewelry. Laura's diamonds dot com well well Adam wainwright helping to get this playoff push to the end he is going tonight for Saint Louis Eleven and nine four point one six. Era Array the brewers are in town first of three Adrian Hauser six and five three point five nine era. He's one strikeout away from from one hundred this year brewers in town. I if three Jack flirty going tomorrow. He's had a historic second half. That's something I get into Ben Frederickson on the website but tonight. It's Adam wainwright. He's coming off seven innings. One run effort to give him his eleventh win of the season his last time out out his last two starts both been seven ending outings that ended in wins. The cardinals have a four-game lead over both Chicago and Milwaukee at started start a play tonight should be a packed house tonight tomorrow and Sunday and the schedule really gets an uptick here because Washington comes to town after this then the cardinals go go to Wrigley Field then Arizona than finish up with Chicago at home and the regular season comes to a close. It's all over but then the cardinals are hoping it's postseason play if you're not going to cardinals baseball tonight down at Busch Stadium Place to be is westport social now. 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It's snook span so check out all the surprises in storage now just despite the Red Snook dot and you'll know it's good cardinals win the final game of a three-game series in Denver over the rockies and head back to Bush stadium to get set for the Milwaukee brewers brewers who will arrive in Saint Louis Red Hot winners of seven straight the cardinals go three three on their six game road trip and at eighty two and sixty four are four games in front front of the surging brewers and the Cups Chicago losing two of three in San Diego also salvaging the final game of a trio of matchups against against the padres according to fan graphs dot com the cardinals hold a ninety one point six percent chance of making the playoffs and a seventy six point six percent chance of winning the division the the cubs playoff chances fifty two point four percent Milwaukee thirty three point seven the cups according to the website a sixteen point seven percent chance of winning the division the brewers six point seven percent the cardinals will not face any more teams under five hundred and open a massive final two weeks with three against the brewers and the Washington nationals down before seven of their final ten games against the cubs at Wrigley Three in the desert against the diamondbacks and then three more against the cubs at Busch Stadium the final weekend of the season scheduled starters for this weekend's cardinals brewers series are Adam Wainwright in Adrian Hauser on Friday. Hey Jack flirty and Jordan lyles Saturday Michael Walker and Chase Anderson on Sunday still reeling from the loss of Christian Yelich the brewers are playing good baseball but leave of south Florida and head to Saint Louis who the brewers turn to now that the rainy national league MVP as fractured his kneecap and will miss the rest of the season how does Milwaukee's pitching continued to shape up and get healthy and what's the outlook for this weekend as the brewers trying to get back into the wild card and national the League's central racists for all of that and more we visit with Bill Schmidt of one zero five seven the fan in Milwaukee host of the Wendy's big show from two to six and brewers brewers postgame. It's a preview of the cardinals and Brewers at Busch Stadium this weekend for scoops with Danny Mac dot com. I'm Chris Ready. Are you ready for the boys of summer. Well pulled up front row seated hotshot sports bar and grill for all the cardinals action this season at one of their eleven area area locations during every cardinals game you can enjoy the new hotshot strip ablaze special featuring a large pizza order boneless wings and a bucket doc it. Abud family bottles available for a great price also be sure to join the party on the last Tuesday of each month this season for hotshots ticket Tuesday. Hey and your shot to score a pair of tickets to an upcoming game. Don't forget to score one dollar hotshots Tacos any day after the cardinals score eight or or more runs hotshots proud home of Cardinal Fan since nineteen ninety your home for all the Games all the time find hotshots location near you. hotshots chats net dot com. Now what's going on man. I know tough news with the injury in Milwaukee couple of days ago but certainly the brewers playing great baseball right now Chris. It was an an absolute gut. Punch is what it was and the team was starting to really hit a little bit of a stride and go on that run that obviously you've seen the cardinals go on here in the last six weeks or so people here in Milwaukee been waiting for that run for for all year long seemingly and then Christian Yelich carrying the load for the better part of last two seasons and he ends up going down in a heap but it's ever since then they've won two straight and really it's a strange feeling CRESPI optimism around the team team beforehand and you guys are saying Louis. Tell me a little bit differently because we're just getting used to September baseball here up in in Wisconsin and and getting used to do what playoff baseball is like you have been to the playoffs quite a few times and obviously won a bunch of titles and have a lot more storied history than we do but brewer fans were kind of thinking that this scene was underachieving playoffs weren't great and they wanted more after appearance in the NFL CS now this year after the injury a couple of nights ago. It's been a rallying cry around the city that people are like man and see what happens. There's a lot of good talent on this team and this weekend's going to be a lot of fun. That's how it happens and baseball sometimes some times and I personally bill feel like the cubs out of the three teams in the central in the race right now probably have the most pressure on them of all probably more than the cardinals and and and definitely the brewers I would say I would I would say so absolutely you look at what that roster looks like in the construction that theo APP scene and the other guys have done there in Chicago they they have put so much money financially and honestly look at the Capitol that they've put into that team they they pay twenty million dollars for Cole Hamels this year on one year deal but you also remember they've traded. I believe four or five prospects for him. Last year the deadline and that's all capital that your team gets older quicker and you start to regress a little bit sooner and you have to have conversations like they're having with you know do do we move on from Chris. Bryan Torah are we able to tr- able to sign a hobby bias. That's Chicago team. We're a little bit closer than you guys are and I know the disdain I guess is the best word for for it would do fan bases between the Chicago. Cubs is similar Saint Louis in Milwaukee. They are really feeling the heat right now the speed went on the radio today and set called it an embarrassment and about certain parts of the team and they are very very much in the thick of the negative energy not right now and the cardinals just been playing great ball here the last six weeks the brewers doing whatever they can hang in it with no Christian Yelich bill who needs to carry the water for for Milwaukee without the MVP in the lineup what needs to go and how does the recipe changed for the brewers to win games over the next two weeks well. You're going to see a couple of guys here. In in this series that are gonNA play big roles and Trent Gresham just the twenty two year old rookie. WHO's the guy that Christie was the first round pick in two thousand fifteen and I wanna say and he was he was a mid round first round pick fifteen or sixteen when through some real struggles in the minor leagues and came in with a Funky Funky Gra- bat grip and I don't know if they'll talk about it on the broadcast but he holds the bat a little bit more like you're trying to slice that nine iron and get it up one hundred thirty and put ended up right there on the dance floor. He holds it with a thumbs up and the brewers tried to change him and then he went through some real struggles at the minor league level but can combine I between double a triple and now the majors this year the guy said thirty one homers and hit well over three thirty and he's been able to be a force there for the crew when they needed him and Ben Gambles GonNa fill in that spot right field but a you know as well as I do and cardinal fans know about having him the PS is there. There's nobody that's going to be able to carry the load for what Chris Knowledge was doing he was having an unbelievable year possibly statistically better than he did last year but Ryan brought Michael Stock the two guys that come to mind run production wise that are going to have to step up brawny obviously and MVP back in twenty twelve and has gone through his struggles on the outside of the game and and that is one part of it where this is his time to shine and he's wearing the Christian Yelich Jersey underneath has and the brewers who is it won their last couple of nights but him and Mike Stock is a really gonNA try to pick up the load here offensively and you're also looking at a world champion Lorenzo Cain who has had had a down year really started to turn it on here in the last month how about from a pitching standpoint bill as we preview the cardinals and brewers with Bill Schmidt of one zero five seven seven the fan of Milwaukee on scoops with Danny Mak Dot Com will start at the back and then work our way forward and it appears. Josh ater is once again becoming Josh Rush Hater. I know he's had some struggles this year and some uncharacteristic stretches where he's given up not just runs but home runs but if you go back to the four one win over the cardinals are knows where hater through the final two innings of that game and the brewers won the final game of that three-game series haters appeared in eight games. The brewers have won all of them. He's thrown ten and a third innings. He struck out twenty. He's given up to its one walk. No runs is John Schroder becoming Josh Hater. I said it yesterday we we went around the table in the afternoons here on the fan in Milwaukee and AFS who is GonNa have to try to put the team on their back after the Yelich injury and everybody wanted to say Moose and Ryan Braun Lorenzo Cain. The offense of guys came to mind but for me it was josh later because this team goes as Josh Hader does the starting pitching is not great. It's well documented documented how they they maneuver the starting pitching and they they worked through the bullpen and the brewers succeed through bullpen management and how Craig Counsel is able to manipulate manipulate the match ups but there's no different matchup when you're talking about Josh later walking up to the mound in the eighth or ninth and last year it was the sixth and seventh because you have the back end of the bullpen relief that you could bring him in whenever the game was going to change the game isn't always tipping in the eighth or ninth inning You Watch baseball doing doing cards pre imposed and CNN that this game can turn in the fifth sixth seventh inning and last year they were deploying him all year long he pitched in fifty five games last year and this if you're he's already eclipsed that he was close to forty five appearances when we were talking about the middle of August and they kinda shut him down for a couple of weeks allowed him to get his bearings back underneath me given up runs and I wanna say it was ten or eleven consecutive appearances for hater and he is really starting to lock the door. We're using that slider a lot more a lot of people up here wanted and he is a dangerous dude the lineup to and now the brewers are feeling when when Josh ater there's right they feel like they short in the game and when he can go one two innings at the end of the game it brings a different type of confidence so that brewers team but he pitched Wednesday pitch Thursday. I would imagine he's unavailable. Friday Saturday. Maybe Sunday is different. They use Josh eight or a lot differently. There are a lot more patient with that arm absolutely and I imagine that from a complete pitching standpoint a little encouragement that that's one area the brewers are getting healthier yeah right yeah for sure and and we're hoping to see Brandon Woodruff here in the next week and a half dude having an unbelievable year and when you look at where the brewers were at coming coming out of spring training and they started the year with Brandon would or corbin burns and Freddie Peralta who you'll see in this series as well coming out of the bullpen and they were all first year in full time starting pitchers Biala Tha that working were very very low and you ask anybody between the brewers organization. They understand that they they knew the risk they took and and Brandon was the one that panned out after having a big postseason last year with somewhat of a hero in the postseason last year he came out had an all star star caliber year and white when the brewers were really needing him and he was really starting to feel like going deeper into games he was it was an average that he was going at least six and a third working into the seventh inning got into the eighth inning a couple of times and he goes down with that oblique they haven't had him at about six weeks but they are getting healthier in the pitching staff and they've had some really surprise appearances from Adrian. Hauser has looked really nice in that rotation Saturday nights starter Jordan lyles. All the team team has done his win. Seven of the eight games that he started for the team and he was a throw in guy they traded him for a prospect that was never gonNa make it to the major leagues a former second second round pick but still had a little bit of promise and they knew they had to get an arm in here. They got Jordan lyles and they've been having some really really key performances by guys that were unexpected bill. We appreciate it man. It should be a lot of fun and here's to a fantastic weekend of baseball. The cardinals brewers thanks so much for the time brother. Hey I can tell you this man. Whatever happens happens and I can't wait for this three three game series and as long as the cubs don't win the Al Central. We'll all be happy. Schmidt with a brewer's perspective from one one over five seven the fan in Milwaukee the cardinals and brewers three games this weekend at Busch stadium the cubs meanwhile host the Pittsburgh pirates. Who have won thirteen of their last twenty? That'll be Adam wainwright on the mound for the cardinals on Friday against Adrian Hauser Jack Flaherty and Jordan lyles Saturday Saturday Michael watkiss scheduled against Chase Anderson on Sunday for scoops with Danny Mac dot com. I'm Chris Ruby hair saloon for men proud sponsor of scoops with Danny Mac dot com homebase in Saint Louis founded in nineteen ninety seven sixteen locations. You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary beverage relaxing shampoo potash lament complimentary shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars and for an extra five dollars. Get a stress relieving Scout out. This is hair saloon for men sixteen locations. There's one near you hair saloon for man.

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