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"adrian bennett" Discussed on Game of Crimes

"I'm saying this as a caveat to you, marfan Sheryl, even me. We don't do politics here, but the one issue the one concern you had, even though he was given this sentence plus a 116 years, documented cases of cop killers in Virginia that were released. On parole and you had a real concern is that a previous parole board may have seen their wife fit to release this guy on parole. Absolutely. The parole board has never had to notify me after he had served, I believe it was 17 years. He became eligible for parole. Parole wasn't abolished for violent offenders until 1995 under governor Allen. Which meant that woodfin is eligible for parole. And then did 17 years, and then I started having to go every one to three years to the parole board to keep him incarcerated. I let them know when he was due. What a lot of people don't know is they only have a very small amount of available hearing dates, each quarter. The parole board is supposed to notify the victims or their families if the victims are deceased of the upcoming parole hearing. However, the victims are supposed to register with the vine system, which is currently recently been updated. As I understand it, the parole board is supposed to supposed to attempt to locate and notify the victims and their families. Last year, especially, that wasn't happening. Everybody was doing stuff. Freestyled their own way using COVID-19, or whatever reason. And victims, victims, families were not getting located. They were not being notified. And a huge amount of the worst of the worst defenders were released back into society. Many of the victims and their families did not know. We're talking serious sex offenders. The worst of the worst killers. We're talking about a lady who with her, I think it was daughter and the daughter son killed this lady's husband through his body into a well covered it up and then had a party in the same damn place 6 days later with this guy in the well they got the they got the young son, the son of the grandson to go and kill this guy, she did 6 years and she got out without notifying the Commonwealth's attorney or the family. Correct? Unbelievable. You know, and notwithstanding COVID, notwithstanding COVID or anything else, it doesn't release you from your responsibilities. If you're holding that position. Well, there's only so much I can say because I am sure this is not totally over. The former chairperson, Adrian Bennett, was appointed a judge as a judge down in Virginia Beach. She has been on administrative leave. There were several complaints made to the office of the state inspected general reportedly those investigations found the parole board in violation of policy procedure and state code. Richmond united for law enforcement, we were very involved in providing services for the victims hooking people up and doing some independent investigating and providing information to the appropriate sources. The parole board, they were releasing a huge amount of people, the worst of the worst. I wish I could tell you more on that. Maybe that's something where I could hook you up with some people. Another time for another story after everything is completed last I heard now judge Adrian Bennett is on administrative leave and that's all I can really say right now. But at the end of the day, there needs to be accountability on all levels. And I think both of you will agree with me that the people in the professional law enforcement, yeah, we have bad apples and law enforcement too, but the good apples hate the bad apples worse than anybody because it tarnishes the profession, the integrity and everything. And I'm here to tell you the majority of people in law enforcement truly care, they want to make a positive difference. They want to help. And they will hand the bad apples up, quicker than anybody. There has to be transparency and accountability. If you want to be a criminal, be a criminal, don't be a cop. Don't be a prosecutor. Don't be a state, somebody in a state office. Don't be on a parole board and think you have no accountability. And that's something that I truly hope the newly elected officials will make some positive changes and reforms for the parole board because here is a part of a system that I was always so proud to be a part of that has become the enemy. It's taken up for the criminals and they're supposed to be unbiased and victims are supposed to have rights. And victims rights were clearly violated in so many cases. Yeah, this just wasn't a one off. This was a continuous pattern of behavior that went on and on and on. And look, you're right, we could do a lot more on this. I don't want to take away from the last part of your story because I think the last part of this really emphasizes where your heart is on this. And look, do you just spoke to mersey when you said that about the bad apples? He routinely says, what do you always say, Murph? Nobody hates a bad cop more than a good cop. And they should be put under the jail. They should be held more accountable than other criminals. You take on a position of public service, public trust, that's what goes with it. And if you're on the parole board, if you're the governor, if you're a police officer, you're a public servant. You can't betray the public's trust. Yeah, set the politics aside, it's about, let's look at the facts of the case and determine that now are there some people who've gone to prison that become good candidates for parole? Absolutely. That's the purpose of parole. But it amazes me. Somebody who was given three life sentences plus a hundred and what did you say 60 years or 16 years? 16. How do you get a 116 years plus three life sentences and still become if he wasn't eligible for parole, he wouldn't be having a parole hearing. Now woody. How do you kill three people and then you're eligible for parole? You don't deserve to get out. What the lies were back then when he got convicted and like I said, even if he wasn't eligible for parole engine geriatric reform in Virginia, he would still be eligible for pearl because they want to get once the inmates hit about 60. They want to start getting the older inmates out. They become very expensive because healthcare is the biggest cost center in a jail in a prison. You know, just taking care of that stuff. Well, hey, look. Let's leave that there for a minute because I want to talk about let's just real quickly talk about how many more years did you stay on Richmond? And then let's talk about your work on victim's rights and a lot of the stuff you're doing now. I went back approximately 6 months later. Rode with the supervisor.

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