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"adams hegel" Discussed on Niners Nation

"It as a single high safety. So it's kinda hard to compare anybody to earl. Thomas did but jimmy ward is what he can bring to this defense way could just flip them in flip mouth in any scenario. That's what i get excited. Balancing multi safety. Not just a jamal. Adams hegel sack the quarterback type of safety. This defense will be fine next year no matter what happens with saleh which. We'll talk a little bit about but real quick. I think there's only one moment that really halted the hype train for me this year and i think it was just injuries in general whether it was nick bosa jimmy. Garoppolo deebo samuel. You know. I got hurt a little bit like i think the injuries in general just really halted what could have been this season and i still think one hundred percent. This team's healthy even which garoppolo who we have talked about a million times. How i don't think he's you know this season was his put up. Her shop seasoning. Put up so. I don't think he's the guy i think jimmy garoppolo. This team is probably still playing next week. No matter what If this team isn't hampered by injuries in the way they were than. I think that this is still a playoff team is still a team that potentially could get to the nfc championship. But i think that there's some big changes that need to happen. And i think i'm hoping that in the end the injuries will seem like a blessing. Because it allowed this for the forty niners to fix this roster and retool it to make another suitable run with a much better quarterback to the point where we're not relying on one of the greatest forty eight hundred defenses in the history of the team right. I'm i'm gonna go with so injuries. Yeah that's definitely. I agree with that one hundred percent. But i'm gonna go with someone individually which is kinda harsh but it's absolutely true. He stopped the train himself. Which is nick mullins. When his rookie season he came in he was three and five. Okay that's not even a five hundred record but this is two years after you'd figure the guy got better being under the same system with kyle shanahan being in the same quarterback room with cj beathard and jimmy garoppolo who've all been there together. You'd figure that he got better. And he stepped up when his number was called this year but instead worst winning percentage which i said that doesn't completely go all on the quarterback but apple those games he single handedly lost the game for the forty niners eagles game. That's an absolutely for all their cowboys game. That one was ugly as well. So and then he had a lower touchdown percentage he had a higher interception percentage. He had a worse quarterback rating and awards. Qbr so that someone. i look at say. Hey man maybe if you were just two thousand eighteen nick mullins. This team could have had a shot at eight and see what happens but he just gotten worse in shanahan calling him the smartest quarterback in the room. It's just head-scratching to believe. This guy is the smartest quarterback in the room yet. He got worse from two years ago. Yeah i that's perfectly fine and if we're going to blame one player. I think he was the worst player on the team this year by far. I think it's not really close. And i think that like most of these guys. I think that you know they did their job. The best they could they really tried to work with what we had. Nick mones was just so awful for most of the season that you know he really killed this twenty twenty season even though it was probably already dead as soon as nick bosa got hurt But yeah i. I completely agree and i think he's on his way out. I don't think he plays a forty Uniform ever again but Yeah another guy. I hope is not on his way out. Though is is robert sela i i think he is on his way out. I mean. I hope he's not i feel like He was the embodiment of of this defense. This year It's going to the data that he signs with another team. I think he's gonna be a hard day for a lot of niner fans. Because i think he came full circle where a lot of people hated him because the talent wasn't there and then the talent got there and he was so good that we were blown away and then this year the talent wasn't there and he was still so good and so i mean if i had to name any. Mvp on the team player. I think it's robert. I think that robert has the most important was the most important part of the two thousand twenty forty niners whether or not the playoffs. And i think when he leaves whether it's to atlanta detroit jackson wherever he goes. It's going to be a real sad thing. Yeah it definitely is. He's gonna go. I think it's an income down to between probably detroit's and jacksonville detroit. Because that's his hometown. His parents still live in the area. it will be. One of those dream comes true. He grew up alliance fan Depends if he sees i. I'd i because at the end the day he could group alliance fan but if it's not the best for his brand and basically his business. Why would you go there because defensive guys don't necessarily get second chances like offense of guys poi- an example adam gays. He got a second chance with the new york. Jets the very very next season after he fired from the dolphins of guys don't really get that they kind have to be defensive coordinator for ears in years and years before they get a second shot like vic fangio for instance if the denver broncos let him go he would go right back to being a dc. Even though he's a hell of a coach just had bad personnel in denver. And so you look at jacksonville expecting to make the playoffs next year. So he has somewhat of a window and he'll also get trevor lawrence in at quarterback with salary cap to work with so he can add pieces on events he as josh allen as a defensive end so i think he could rebuild holter into a winning culture rather than a jalen ramsey. Saying give me the hell out of here or negotiate way saying. Get me the hell out of here. I think you could read ran that jacksonville culture and it makes it easy. If you have a guy like trevor lawrence available at the first overall pick. I think the best job available by far is still the san diego. I'm sorry the los angeles chargers because justin herbert is already. What.

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