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"adam west armstrong" Discussed on KSFO-AM

"It came up the other day we were watching was watching the old Batman with my kids. He's he's into the old Batman now, yes. Great movie. Great. I remember that as a child, Just loving though it was on for me when I got home from school every day, and so, you know you have the cliffhanger every other day. Oh, yeah, Well, I loved it then. And I love it now. Same bat time, Same bat channel that sort of stuff. But I mentioned in my kids that I had met that man once and we've interviewed both Burt Ward and Adam West, Adam West Arrayed animal must late, Great soul, Robin and Batman. My kid was just that my son was just amazed at that. I met that man and talk to Robin. I'm kind of a baby seal, son. And he said Why did Why were you talking to Robin And I have no memory of why we're talking Robin to amuse ourselves and the listening on it. I tell you what the original Batman show I read once and again. I'm not sure I buy this exactly. But The mark of successful art is it conveys what it wanted to convey it. It moves people in the way that the honoured artist had in mind. It's a least partially true, but the original Batman Was precisely in achieved precisely what it set out to achieve. It was It was funny. It was snarky. It was camp. It was all so much camp. It was actually fairly decent drama in that, you know. Ah, Robin would be trapped in a giant clam. You want to know whether Batman could pride hungry Jaws open in time, and you think? Damn. I wonder what's gonna happen You soon in the next time he might have on his utility belt, some anti clam spray. Exactly. Normally had that came in very handy. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I love the labelling of everything like it was that that computer and I'm pretty sure there's even Twitter account. It just is, you know, bad thing, but it was precisely as smart and as it was trying to be, and precisely as dumb as it was trying to be a really great art the stars that were in that show. Oh, yeah, Everybody wanted to be on it at the time. A lot of the like, You know, Burgess MEREDITH and I'm little Frank Gorshin. All thes reflect the biggest stars of the time. There's on you in A Simpsons appearance. Really? My son was watching an episode the other day that I swore to God I'd never seen which almost seems impossible. Yeah, she never been so like, five, but it was a bad guy was a woman and I'd never seen her before. She was a one off, but and I looked her up. She's one of your famous movie stars like the forties like one of the biggest stars in the world, and she decided to be You know when she's a little older, this villain in the Batman show? Yeah, because that was the Hott TV show at the time. Is that anywhere? Can you get that on demand? I'm sure you can on one of your screaming services. Check your local listings. Either I get stuff on streaming services. I do this I set a record. You know, I set the record and so I can't tell you what time our channel anything's on it. I know it was up in my list of recorded shows. You only see it long enough to look like I watch Tucker and Larry Bird. I have no idea what time of day there aren't a slightest idea. Really? Okay. I actually know that Justcause listen, live from in my car. But when I'm not listening to this great radio station Have you heard about loot? Safe dot org's the Safer way to loot. Now it's a website loot saves mission is to make the act of looting, safer, fairer and in to empower all parties involved. I can't believe more people aren't bothered by the fact that there's life on Venus. We should revisit that. They discovered life on Venus yesterday. Yeah, enormous snakes like 150 ft. Long. Eyes at both ends. Wow. Yeah, yeah. Was it put in the middle right in the middle in the middle? You know, you know nothing about evolution, snakes Venetian Venetian. Now, that'd be from Venice, anyway. So ah, creak living creatures on Venus and loot safe dot org's in moments, folks, this is Adam West Armstrong and getting maybe drinkers, Robin They're okay. Guys sober up. Strong and getting Meet Lisa, a.

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