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"adam trauman" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

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"adam trauman" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"Of a non factor. Let's face it. It could be a not for top. Thomas comes back now but can't eliminate i like micheals marquis colleague can eliminate the fact he might. He might just not be that good. You know So they could really rely on the tight ends. i guess. And they're both widely available. John johnson and adam trauman top. Dst's to pick up. This is where i might be active. Yeah i mean we've been saying this for a while. The browns i thought ross pretended to be a little bit higher clearly not facing the chiefs but i was surprised that forty seven percent. I put the packers next at thirty four percent. I think they're going to destroy the lions after getting embarrassed by saints back home. Monday night So aaron rodgers davante adams or think you're gonna be huge especially with jaffa aku out for the rest of the season after rupturing his achilles so that's secondary got worse as well and then. I put the giants third. I don't think they're defensive. Performance was truly indicative of that side of the ball. You know they give up the big run at the end. Melvin gordon But now taylor hainan keeping you said he eats shown they can make some plays but still short week. giants not necessarily in desperation mode yet. But you know it's it's gonna get close to that pretty soon especially how People media for example reviewing gilman's job. Joe judge job potentially so. I think the defense comes out and plays while washing all right. I d. I'm just going to give one name that i gave on sunday morning and i wish i had actually had the guts go. Go get him. Was nick vigil. But i would say you've got an opportunity either. Anthony barr if he plays or nick vigil. Both on the vikings vigil is his backup and vigil. Had eight tackles scored twelve points in our in. Our league You know eight. Eight solo tackles to only a sack as well so he was really good and anthony barr is barely owned but that could be a productive spot. There and i'm not really gonna give anymore. Ap's because it's it's hard for. Id waiver wire advice because most leagues only played a handful of guys. I know but i started good players out there. starting linebacker. Who could rack up some tackles take. Anthony barr nick vigil. Whoever's going to start for For the vikings and Real quick if you have kickers to add yes I have not gay at indianapolis week. So indoors and coming off a decent performance matt prater gives minnesota and then greg joseph In the same game against amazon. I wanna take a quick break. When we come back we will recap the sun the monday night. Game real quick. We'll do the drop on meter and we'll give you the rest of the names you need to know on the waiver wire will be right back. The golf season never stops. The pg tours fall.

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