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"adam rowley" Discussed on Boston Public Radio Podcast

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05:20 min | 8 months ago

"adam rowley" Discussed on Boston Public Radio Podcast

"Public radio on election day in the city of boston as you just heard on the news henry santoro and the pulse open at seven o'clock and we're going to have a very busy election day right here. We are and by the way for those who are worried. Marjorie was wasn't jury duty yesterday. She engineer to quick guilty verdict. So she can be back for election all done marjorie. Aided walpole's jim you gotta get out of there back in any case. Today's merrill preliminary will get us that much closer to finding out who will make history as the first person of color elected mayor of a city that has majority minority. That would be boston. it's a race. It's getting national attention but we'll enough. Bostonians take advantage of being a part of this historic moment by turning out to vote. All five of the major candidates will call into the show today so if you want to hear their final pitch i would stick around. Join us online. I though for his take on which candidates may have an advantage who could be the wildcard and the issues that are driving people bowls is gbh reporter adam riley adam rowley courses co host of the scrum politics adam. Thanks so much for calling in. Hey guys thanks for having me so as you well know polls have michelle ruinous with a significant lead going into this kind of a tight race for second among johnny campbell. And this asaba george. Anything change expected any surprises or no. Or what do you think. I am not expecting anything to change with machel..

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