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"adam pelletreau" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"The green bail schoolboys is under the direction of jessica chen with our national anthem tonight here at barclays center before they still between the new york islanders and the nashville predators you're ever result john hey there and garrett rank on the lines ryan galloway and steve barton the starting line of course visiting predators ingoal expec arena on the fence matisse komen tk sue bad the center is ryan jill hanson he's got caught citizens on his left and victor arvidsson jewish right for the new york islanders yoho lock back between the pipes ryan poet and adam pelletreau this noting decontamination bars eldest center anders liam left and jordan beverley on the right eyles beat the parade six that you in nashville back on october twenty eight john to bears out a natural hattrick jordan heavily scored his first two goals as a milder and new york goes for the sweep of the season series brothers are the visiting white their trimmed in black and gold they'll go left the right this period with tech arena stretching out well above decrease in the net to are left in the home blew their trim his orange and white they go right to left with yahoo lockett topped the paint two hour right so we go to center race matt bars l for the islanders against ryan joe hanson for the predators the referee setting them both checking the netminders and we are just about set for hockey sticks down puk down underway tonight from brooklyn we thank you so much for joining us for new york islanders hockey creditors where the opening draw dump it behind the elder net ryan johathan on fear the vicar arvidsson create a rightwing corner he slammed into the wall by public with the prince get the puck out the left point with he is hack home as it jump on attacked the center he dumps it in but nashville must tag up and get back on side let me out as caught on the break out here stretch facet center off the states of andhra sleep cured near belief that camp that indeed rightly corner predators bars l on it senator emily in the highest knock but he couldn't grab it arvidsson state that the other way right we've got to the outer blue pounded on yahoo lock who steers it into the far corner it out of play thirty eight seconds in a way scoreless opening braemar firstperiod action underwritten by professional physical therapy is seven two gere laura once he islander balances coming off hallmark of.

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