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"adam levine morgan" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"You can go vo on our draft to Bobby bones dot com you know there are Eddie your terrible I what they're not doing good yeah I kind of saw the results there and I was really rooting for me if Morgan number two wins and right now she is in the lead pretty substantially now that it's over substantially all which is not I want to support more number two I wanted to be like I'm not supporting were the only two in the race I'm not going to win so I felt like if I throw my vote somewhere it maybe should be to Bob because I made his list that's true if I should I don't I'm not support Morgan number two and then also if she wins it's over yeah well I want to say that right four percent I'm a twenty nine percent you guys are in the teens were way back there no I did hear it so yeah yeah yeah yeah so check it out Bobby bones dot com vote on whoever you think should win the drafter all celebrity to start with a at Jason Aldean Amy from the Bobby bones show and Adam Levine Morgan number two has and it sounds like they're educator anyway nine but if she wins is over and over yeah might take a break although they if people want to take a break they can also vote if they wanna whatever they want in the like to say Morgan over to yes I would really like to when the bell and I don't like that people are not helping me do that because you're making them feel bad about it I'm not making a feel bad about anything yes time for Amy to sing the top three songs in country music these are the biggest songs as of last week when the radio charts hit and sometimes she goes I don't know that song yeah and so here you.

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