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"adam chrissy" Discussed on CRUSADE Channel Previews

"Parlor foundations are stored the epic seventeen DVD or streaming download series that completely refuse that most pernicious of modernist errors evolution discourses visually stunning and has presented so that lay people can arm themselves with true and the fight against the evil. That is Neil. Darwinism to order simply use are handy ornament say channel Dot com forward slash. Adam and right now. Your first episodes are free order now. Z. Channel Dot com forward slash. Adam Chrissy Channel News News. You can trust because the truth can be trusted. Traveler Crusade Channel News Desk. Here's Stacy Cohen. Good Morning Crusaders. Welcome Tuesday March ten twenty twenty. I'm Stacey cohan reporting from the Crusade Channel News Desk at Cohen Ranch in Winkelmann Arizona. This report is brought to you by McClure tables using Michigan hardwoods in Michigan to make the best made in the USA shuffleboard on the market. Chappel on over to McClure tables DOT COM that's MCC L. U. R. E. TABLES DOT COM. Here's what to listen for this hour. The Dow had the biggest fall since. Two Thousand Eight giveaway. The Corona virus vaccine. Guess which candidates said that and a two year horse racing investigation brings down the Kentucky Derby winner. The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank more than two thousand points. Monday notching its worst day since two thousand eight as market angst over the spread of the novel Corona Virus and a new oil price war senate investor scrambling for safety. The thirty stock benchmark was down. Two thousand one hundred fifty eight points at its session. Low the massive sell-off triggered a key markets circuit breaker minutes after the opening bell trading was halted for fifteen minutes until reopening at nine forty nine eastern time. The sharp declines followed rollercoaster week that saw the S. and P. Five hundred swing up or down more than two point five percent for four days straight while Monday's drop was significant. It still didn't crack the twenty worst days for the S. and P. Five hundred investors. Continue to seek safer assets amid additional fears. That the krona virus will disrupt global supply chains and also tip the economy into a recession. Well as his struggling campaign seeks a big win in Michigan's Tuesday Primary Bernie Sanders took the stage at a Fox News townhall in Detroit and wasted little time in dismissing front runner. Joe Biden as a friend Crooks and former rival Hillary Clinton as a bitter ex candidate stuck in the past within minutes. Sanders took aim at the former vice president saying Biden had bailed out the crooks on Wall Street who nearly destroyed our economy twelve years ago that seven hundred billion rescue plan also had the support of then presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain Sanders said studies have shown that countries like Denmark are among the happiest on earth because they provide various free services like college and healthcare. Oh and Sunday. He also tweeted that once. A vaccine for Corona viruses developed. Guess what it should be. Free to coming up are saying the day they were a group of Roman soldiers arm with lightning quoted. The day think well speak. Well do well. These three things through the mercy of God will make a man go to heaven saint. Camillus you're listening to crew sage and on News Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. Coffee is good for Thailand but Genius Waltz prayer. Well that's funny because when I finished morning prayers I want coffee. And what little genius. I have tells me to choose. Crusade Captain Dark Roast. Our coffee is custom roasted from the finest fair trade coffee beans and bag by the heavenly Rose Coffee Company order your supply crusade captured dark roast today by browsing to Mike Church DOT com forward slash. Coffee THAT'S MY CHURCH DOT com forward slash coffee or call eight four four or five crusade. Today we honor the forty martyrs or the holy forty. They were a group of Roman soldiers armed. Lightning who's martyred Roman three twenty four. The Christian faith is recounted in traditional Mardi allergies. They were killed in Lesser Armenia. Which is present day? See this in Turkey. Victims of the persecution sue after three sixteen persecuted the Christians of the east the earliest account of their existence and martyr dramas given by Bishop Basil of Caesaria from three seventy three seventy nine. In homily he delivered on their feast. Day the Feast of the forty martyrs is thus older than Basil himself. Who eulogized them only fifty or sixty years after their deaths. President Trump said Monday evening that he will be meeting with congressional leaders Tuesday to press them about what can be done to help the economy as it struggles amid the crow virus. Outbreak trump said that he plans to meet with Senate leadership Wednesday to discuss payroll cut. And that would help small businesses and also aid in help for hourly workers who might become sick. They'll be very dramatic. Trump said of the proposed economic measures during an evening briefing at the White House. This blindsided the world and I think we handled it very well. Trump told reporters that the administration was seeking very substantial relief. More than two dozen people involved in the horse racing industry have been indicted for taking part in a scheme to give racehorses performance enhancing drugs to help them win races around the world according to federal prosecutors. They announced this on Monday. One of the defendants is trainer. Jason Service who prosecutors say dope virtually all horses under his control including maximum security. The coat that crossed the finish line first at last year's Kentucky Derby but was disqualified for interference last month. Maximum security one ten million in the inaugural Saudi Cup that defendants are accused of misleading and defrauding the government agency that regulates the veterinary care for racehorses by disguising the banned drugs with misleading labels. The FBI started this investigation two years ago according to prosecutors while they were investigating another matter..

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