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"adam adam hill" Discussed on Vegas Nation - Raiders Football

"Sign up today and get a new site sided with up to fifty dollars all right well. Let's get into the game you brought up keelan doc- had a big game fifty two yards for him. I there's there's a lot of guys that i saw jon gruden after the game talking in the locker room saying the august thirty first is going to be very difficult for them getting down to that fifty eighty three man roster obviously this game. We gotta look at a lot of different people who may be on that bubble people like marcel. Eight-man people like up here smell fennell keelan. Dos <hes> what do you think as far as results helped out anybody's case tonight who was the big standout boy i think it was dos and i think it is mainly because he continues to catch the ball right and i wanted to write about more of the wide receivers verse but an original story was going to be but as the game kept going on you kept seeing drops i mean jon gruden pointed out in his press conference. He said that they're probably two touchdown. Touchdown passes that nate peterman had than being dropped so when you keep seeing that it's like man who is actually continuing to make plays an is keen dos right that that seventeen yard grabby head on the right side line which was probably a throw that was a little bit underthrown by peterman when he goes back grabs <hes> pity key taps the toes and then he goes out of bounce. Those are things a professional wide receivers. Do those are the kinds of things that you say all right. We know that we can utilize as your skill set at this level so that's what they have to keep looking for right and when you're seeing guys just go down with field and sometimes it catches just sometimes they don't yes. They're going to have some maybe difficult decisions to make when you drop the ball and makes it easier all right. We have to get out of this. Quarterback battle is is it going to be nathan peterman or is it going to be mike. Glennon glennon was pulled after just i think nine attempts and four completions thirty eight yards then we had nathan peterman come in in and play the majority of the game after that it was about what mid second quarter i think that <hes> peterman came into the game so when you had the look that we had last week at glennon and then and this week you get more of a look at peterman who between these two is separating themselves as who is going to be that backup for derek carr adam well. I think both it's going to be on the team. I i get the feeling that grew has kept three in the past they kept to last year. I think he wants to keep three a lot of that will determine some of these other positions like who they need to keep deep. If guys are making pushes for the roster and i know one of the things that drew and talked about tonight is potentially five undrafted guys making the roster all of a sudden. You have to start considering. Do you keep dan but i think right now. They're really comfortable with glennon as number two but i think gruden's very intrigued by peterman potential and i don't think to let him go <hes>. I don't know if he believes leaves if they let him go they could. They could keep him around down the road so something tells me he's much more comfortable with glennon right now if they need to go to somebody but he wants that beat him around and he'll keep three other oscar and that's how i feel that they're gonna shake out quarterback camp. It was interesting. I mean gruden was asked after the game basically when he said we we'd seen enough from london so that's why we didn't necessarily need to have him play more than one quarter so he was asked after the game does that mean gene that you've made a decision there and go on not gonna get into that but he did say they really like blunt and and he continues to say he likes nathan peterman. He really really liked what he was able to do. Leading the team down the field for that in two minute drill so that they can kick the game winning field goal so i tend to agree with you adam. I think you know you ever see that old. El paso commercial with the little girl and the tacos and she's like board games does the john curtin and the two quarterbacks okay so the raiders pull out this win three no now in the preseason twenty to twenty twenty one final score and daniel carlson hits all three of his field goal. The last one is eight seconds remaining to put the raiders up when you're talking about morale and team building and that this team is trying to grow its culture. How big is this for the raiders right now as they head into their final preseason game against the seahawks. I'll let you asked this but i'm going to say zero. Just turn it over to mile. I i absolutely agree. I you know what is weird like. I cover teams. I always think man. It's probably good to get a loss in there in the preseason because when you go undefeated in the preseason usually you're going to be bad. Remember the owens sixteen sixteen lions or the own sixteen browns or knowing the preseason now you can also point two teams like i think the raiders had have some kind of strange preseason winning streak going on that somehow got to continue tonight because their game dot like terminated because of inclement weather uh-huh sixteenth win in a row in the preseason that's insane. That's so strange so like they're the outlier but i don't think wins and losses to me. Don't matter in the this is i. I like ingrained can get excited. You know it's better to win than it is to lose sure but at the end of the day you win. If you don't have any injuries in your game and you know tonight for the raiders they really didn't play anybody of consequence in. They didn't really have anybody go down. The green bay packers did so tonight tonight whether came out on top of the store or not you want and the one thing the only thing that i think is mattered in the preseason is that defense was so bad last year and listen tonight. It was a very weird game in the packers. Were you know packers didn't play anybody. They didn't even dress thirty three guys right before the game started because the field like they were playing anything in the raiders didn't have really i started out there but i look at last week. The way that their first team defense played in listen arizona's work-in-progress they blitzed and arizona didn't expect it like there was a lot of things that went their way but i think they're building some confidence in the preseason as far as their defense not being historically bad and i think that is the only thing you can take away and say okay look. We know there's more talent on the defense. They're actually performing on the field. They're getting more comfortable in paul gutters defense so there's progress being made in confidence being built there but for the most part the end result nothing that that kick going through the uprights of the game meant nothing nothing at all anything no honestly okay so. It's a high pressure situation well high high pressure. We came up with that but you have coal as your holder and you got your long snapper and now you've got carlson as is your kicker that battery it is a whole as a little bit important to make sure that you can get that right but other than that i mean it's is very inconsequential but i think thank you know as you mentioned. Defense is better six sacks in the last two games. That's not bad yeah. It's almost not what they had last season in fact civil actually funny. I asked gruden about that. After the game he said we challenged them at halftime because debt green bay was able to go up and down the field because weren't getting anything with a rush so challenge them at halftime. They came out and they performed better in the airport. That's it's good and it's great that you have this insight because as you are down in the field in winnipeg <hes> after the game did anybody happened to bring up the name antonio brown. Did anything come of that name from <hes> was he there. Did he run some practice reps. I did see him. I think actually on the sideline they show him shaking some hands with some fans any news about him and this helmet grievance that goes ozan tomorrow no news in particular he was there. Yes he also was wearing a helmet during pregame warmups. I do not know exactly exactly what kind of helmet that was that he was wearing a helmet. He was also very excited. <hes> when daniel carlson game winning field goal went through are running down the sideline that was nice to see gene so he was there. The only times named up brought a post game was when a reporter asked jon gruden about you know the distractions of the entire her off at training camp. You know basically all of august you know you are not you had the weirdness of traveling the winnipeg and kind of unprompted jon gruden brought up tonio brown's name in ceylon tonio brown here and he's fine la la la and i'm not talking about anymore. Extractions intially five undrafted rookies who might make this team so i was like okay well. Nobody really asked us simply about antonio brown but you brought up antonio brown all right so we can keep up with that story and you guys well on vegas nation dot com. That'll do it for us today. We've got to let him go right now because he's in winnipeg. He's got to enjoy himself yeah yeah. It's got so much out there from what i understand. We're going to go get some room service and go to sleep. Come on my take up room. Service is already close nan. Oh that's most of them close around route ten o'clock the tim hortons. That's the only miles ago find himself tim hortons but you can find him on twitter at miles a simmons adam adam hill l._v. r._j. I am at heidi fang and again you can find the show on his nation dot com the biggest nation.

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