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Cowboys may use both tags on Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper

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08:34 min | 3 years ago

Cowboys may use both tags on Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper

"The final year specifies that each of the NFL's thirty two teams can use both the franchise and transition tags this particular offseason that historic guarantee. If you don't know what that is you know franchise in transition tags in general I mean we. We have all sorts of information if you really want to understand the depths of them but in general the franchise and transition tag are ways that NFL teams can protect players that are set to be free agents. If you don't WanNA player to hit free agency you don't want me hit the open market. Bam you slapped a franchise or transition tag on them and typically generally only one is available to each NFL team so you have to pick which player you want to place a franchise tag on right or transition. Whatever the movie and so the fact that all. Nfl teams would be able to utilize both of them. This offseason really served as an incredible asset for the cowboys wrote about this last year. We wrote about this in March. Nineteen how we talked about then. Hey next offseason. The cowboys could have this really awesome tidbit in the that was the title of the article. That could really help them. Because of the cowboys find themselves in a position and we we kind of forecast this year ago where they have three big players that new contract extensions that are set to be true free agents Dak Prescott Amari Cooper and Byron Jones. You knew that and so while you can shake combination however you want in all likelihood the Dallas cowboys were going to Franchise Tag Prescott because it seems incredibly unlikely that deal done before that happens. Before the franchise tag deadline and then they were going to place the transition tag on either Amari Cooper or Byron Jones. Whoever you believe more likely personally I believe it was Amari Cooper but that would prevent both of those players from hitting the open market. Which means the cowboys could protect them. That's a big deal in. It seems like in this again. My personal opinion and and other people it'd be to share these thoughts and certainly a lot of our readers and commenters and listeners but a lot of people had kind of sort of made the assumption that the cowboys have accepted that they're going to lose Byron Jones. And you know what I think. I think I speak for all of us. That are listening. Here we're all gathered around the campfire. You know what if the cowboys is Byron? Jones not ideal but at least they have Dakhil these they have. They can figure this out. Maybe they spend their first round. Pick on cornerback. Whatever not trying to get to far into those weeds but the ability to keep both deck and Amari was and is a gigantic advantage. That the cowboys have going for them. How ever if a new collective bargaining agreement is reached in so far again at the time of this recording. We have the half that the owners have to comply with if a new collective bargaining agreement is reached it will essentially rendered the ability for teams to use both tags moot and they will revert to normal circumstances where there can only place one tag on one player. Now if you have not out by now you need to know that this hypothetical world which is I would say somewhat imminent in somewhat inevitable based on the rates that the collective bargaining agreement is happening and again as we sit on Thursday night. There's so many players kind of tweeting that they don't like the new. Cba proposal and whatnot so there could be some back and forth but if this is finalized before free agency and there's still a couple of weeks and those are going to be very important weeks then. Dak Prescott has all of the leverage in the world and all of the leverage in the world and we touched on this at the end of Thursday's episode because if that's the case and you and I were representing Dak Prescott. Then guess. What our point in our proposal to Jerry Jones Stephen Jones in the cowboys organization? Hey Dude if you don't if you don't get a deal done with us if you don't give deck all the money's basically you're going to have to tag them we all know that and if you tag back guess what you cannot tag anybody else if you tag back. Guess what. Amari Cooper and Byron Jones are going to be true free agents. You're going to be competing with the market for them. That is not ideal and other cowboys went from a world where they were probably going to lose one of the two. Probably going to be Byron Jones right to now that could potentially lose both of them which which would be a complete and utter disaster. And you know you can. You can play hindsight's twenty twenty but if the cowboys had just up to their contract offer to Dak Prescott Uruguay. I mean. We're talking thirty. Three thirty four million dollars per year. Everybody freaked out about that last year. That would look like such a bargain out. That's what happens with these deals. We've talked about that Matt Ryan to use thirty million dollars annually. Everybody freaked out now. That looks super cheap. And if the cowboys had done that they would have the ability to use the franchise tag on either Amari Cooper or Byron Jones win this ultimate sort of hypothetical becomes a reality and they would theoretically only lose one. Maybe not even either. So now the cowboys win till the eleventh hour is going to cost them in a literal financial sense where they're gonNA have to pay Dak Prescott more money and it could cost them in the capacity that they are now going to lose Byron Jones. And maybe even Amari Cooper now I should say that there is a a ray of hope. I suppose because you know look you may think this and I don't mean new but I mean I mean other person the other person here my think Jerry Jones is just. You know the cowboys. They don't know what they're doing. They're messing up. But there is a possibility. Because Jerry Jones is typically a big proponent for things like this the specialty. Nfl adding another wildcard round and round and other wildcard teams. A seventeenth game that is upping the value for every NFL owner. Jerry Jones is obviously very involved when I was on. Espn San Antonio on Thursday. We head John Maclean from the Houston Chronicle legendary. Nfl reporter one of the best. Ever do it and I John. I said look you know. Is it possible? The Jerry Jones kind of knew that this was coming that he was going to lose his ability to use both tags and somewhat prepared. Here's John Maclean said on. Espn Antonio John. You mentioned the The franchise transition tag loophole. That may be filled up and unavailable to the cowboys. Now maybe I'm giving Jerry Jones and co a little bit too much of the benefit of the doubt here. But in your estimation do you think that they you know Jerry Jones at least and we don't know the way the votes win but that he would seemingly be at the very least somewhat in support of this which would negate the ability to tag to players if he did not have a plan in place to at the very least keep one or two of these. You know high price three free agents. They have Adak Amari. I'm Byron Jones before the Franchise. Tag deadline that that's a great point. Jerry Jones. One of the movers and shakers in driving this agreement and even though it could hurt him. But I think Jerry all along you can't keep everybody I expect them to Cape Prescott and probably Cooper if Byron Jones those on the market. He's got a chance to be is defensive defensive back in yesterday I think teams are going to line up to give him a record-breaking deal. I don't think they would do that. With the Mario Cooper. There's too many good receivers. It's a great year for receivers coming out the draft. It's a good year for corners. If you don't mean Horn and the top after the first round so say they let Burne Jones go say the replacing with a cheaper free agent or they go after a corner in the draft and they can even train them they might have their pick of all of them no big deal John Maclean said it was a great point no big deal deal no big deal but anyway I think that if you're looking again if you're trying to be positive trying to be optimistic. I think there are two things to note one is that this is not probably not a surprise to cut the cowboys. Brass right like they had to have known that the collective bargaining agreement could be You know a a new one could be struck and therefore the ability that they were potentially leaning on to utilize both tags would be rendered moods and so they had to potentially be prepared for that. Maybe they all prepared for that. Maybe the preparedness is the preparedness to lose both Byron Jones in Amari Cooper. Who knows the other thing is that Adam schefter head tweet about this where he said Some something to the effect of if there's a new CBA expect a flurry of roster moves. And it's possible that you know we. We've heard so much about how different players in different guys and especially quarterbacks are awaiting the new CBA strike new contracts because they want a piece of whatever. The new percentages that players are going to get and whatnot and so we'll see so it also is possible that maybe the deal lanes right after the new. Cba struck because maybe DAX team is waiting for a new CBA to all to make their move. So who knows? But that's the positive side of things if you're trying to be positive so it is what it

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