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"acton toll sokoll" Discussed on The Good Fight

"Bill. We have the fake in the whole island Acton toll sokoll tradition. We've made it the facts are just out there and that in a fair fight though win, but they're not out there. They have to be produced, and they have to be pushed into the fight if they're gonna have a chance. And now the good fight with Yasser monk. Welcome to the podcast that such as the ideas, policies and strategies, but can Beato photon populace like Donald Trump for the next four years and an X forty. About ten days ago. I'm gonna Merckel announced that she would step down as the leader of a question Democratic Union this coming December and not seek reelection. As Germany's Chancellor in twenty twenty one. This is a seminal moment in Germany's postwar history Levin exception of that brand of commodity Adna of hemmitt cool Merckel has shaped her country the most proposal period, and it is difficult. Not to have a lot of admirations. She made it to very top despite being triple outside a woman in a mostly Mayland of contrivance party Protestant in potty traditionally dominated by Catholics and somebody from countries east who had grown up on a communist rule until the age of thirty five. She also clearly has a steadfast commitment to some of the prince. Tipple's but have died at the Federal Republic since its founding should he believes in the rule of law and democracy and in European project, and yet I feel that I'm gonna Merckel will be remembered ravenous kindly by history than most now believe and the reason for that is that she is not visually leader, not somebody who's able to guide her country for rhetoric and as a result, she has failed to confront the free. Biggest crises, but Germany and European continent has faced in blast twelve years. I when you're a crisis ruptured it exposed to fundamental construction floor in the euro, you cannot have a currency union without a political union and some people wanted to move to want to put it I was Ford need to fro weak countries. Like Greaves out of the euro in order to make it manageable. Well, I'm gonna Merckel didn't do either one Lovie other. Instead, she was kept giving Greece and other some new ping countries just enough money to tide them over but not enough money to fry and not enough political reforms to actually fix the underlying problems as a result after ten years of significant suffering in Greece in some of us have in European countries. The fundamental laws remained the same ready to be exposed when a public government takes over in Italy. The next economic crisis hits Secondly, the refugee crisis its origins. I little bit was settlement people think in with some of twenty fifteen Merckel was frequently criticized for not responding quickly after phobic attack and condemning it for telling an asylum seeker teenager on life TV that she could not how. Stay in the country. So when lots of refugees were coming in and some of twenty fifteen and there's no clearly options for how to keep people who ready neural out of German soil Merckel, did she usually did which is to run after public opinion when it had seemed to swing and favor of refugees. As soon as she did vet opinion. Swung back and Merckel ebb. The pragmatist followed in its path she may deals with reason Turkey to make sure that refugees no longer could get to Johnny. But because she never publicly explained course of action because she never told Germans that some of twenty fifteen would not be repeated under her watch because she was unwilling to speak openly about some of the real challenges. But the influx of refugees had cost it made it easy for riot to claim that she wanted to replace the German population or that she was blind to some of the challenges, and as a result V if d has become the first power party since nineteen forty five to establish itself as a. Fixture of German political system. Third, and perhaps most importantly Merckel has done virtually nothing to deal with a rise of a four-time populism around the world, and especially in central Europe a few years ago, it might still have been possible to build a coalition to ensure that the us stop subsidising, Victoria ban with its funds as he turned his country into an autocracy. It may even have been possible to start proceedings to expel hungry from the opinion. Mocha didn't push for any of that..

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