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"actinium cleopatra" Discussed on Parcast Presents

"Who posh my child. I've only come in to look on you. I'm a grown man. Mother barely twelve. My uncles were dead and gone by this time in their lives. Your uncles were not. You always remember that I will leave you if my presence to Stir Ono beloved mother of course not. I was not even asleep. You cannot find yourself in dreams. Nights are not restful for me mother ever since the grand ceremony with Mark Antony and your other children I feel as if there's too much for me to be thinking of. That is an admirable trait for a ruler. But you are not a full blooded one yet. Leave the worries for me for the time being. But if I'm your horace King of all civilization how can I ever sleep It is a question I often asked myself when my father would keep me up late with my studies telling me endless tales of the bloody history of our line but that is why of done what I have done to end the violence of our family to make it a true family once again only from there. Do I see any peace for civilization any true benevolent power? I shed blood in hopes of draining all the toxins from the world so that I may hand you something pure and beautiful yet. You rely on Rome as your father did. Though I confide in you do not mistake it for subservience. Keep that blade from your words to not try to cut me with them. You will fail but I- excuse your perspective. It must seem that you I promise my son. I am beholden to no Roman man. No Caesar or Antony I hope you know. They all underestimate you. Everyone always does. Oh I know it's my son. They always have then. I will dream tonight. Mother of the day you stand before the burning fields of Western men and they beg you for gentle rain outside of Alexandria Antony neglected relations with Rome and Octavian resulted in a final breakdown between the two final triumph hours in thirty three BC. Octavian rallied the Roman Senate against Antony by appealing to their fear of Cleopatra and her desires to absorb the Roman state into her own by thirty one. Bc Octavian had amassed an army with which to invade Egypt. Antony and Cleopatra prepped for Final War to fund her Army Cleopatra Dug into the long guarded gold vaults of Alexander. Some decreed this as a sign of weakness. But in Cleopatra's mind she was simply using the last of the resources left to her by her now. Impotent ancestors her duty was to present day Egypt that Summer Anthony's navy sailed against Octavian off the coast of actinium. Cleopatra's own fleet approached the Malay from afar. My Goddess spoke rises on the horizon due out advisors. Give us no clarity. Who IS BURNING OCTAVIAN? Antony both sides where Roman colors and both sides take fire but the line is breaking in our direction. I believe Octavian has triumphed on this day but Evelyn Catis. What shall we do damned food signal to him? We make a retreat. This will have to be a ground war. I am not sure that will be achievable. I will not let Alexandria unguarded as that Roman ingrate rapes her shores. Turn the fleet. Antony has failed us. Cleopatra was no fool she would not be making romantic last. Stand with Antony on this day. Not when her true love of Alexandria still remained in her grasp. Her support would have been useless anyway. The military minded of Octavian was too great Anthony's fleet broke and fled toward Alexandria with Octavian. Hot on his tail when Cleopatra Reach her home the realization dawned this would have to be her final bastion truly accurate records breakdown here with multiple variations on the same basic history Cleopatra. Along with her two handmaidens. Iris and Sharma took refuge inside of Cleopatra's giant MONUMENT TO HERSELF AS ISIS. Day barred the doors behind them. Smart as Cleopatra realized that whichever Roman man reached her first Octavian or Antony neither would be too pleased with her. At the moment it was true. Antony was devastated at her abandonment but he had a bigger problems when he reached dry land he could not rally his remaining troops to his cause on August. First Thirty Anthony's army deserted him and joined up with Octavian Antony arrived at Cleopatra's figurative doorstep broken and alone. I know she awaits the end here. Where else would she flea? She's used to fall. Her bodyguards led me into destruction. Where else could she go reminisce? Speak to me well boy. Seemingly the last true believer in Western civilization. I come with unfortunate news. She refuses to see me. Is that it. I give her an empire and she will let me rot on these part streets. I fear fear. The Pharaoh is dead impossible. I fear she has passed from us. It is all gone gone. Plutarch tells us that Antony took a blade to himself in an attempted suicide. While again sources diverge plutarch's narrative continues that even this could not kill Antony. He lay in the street begging for death for anyone to finish the job. When Cleopatra heard this still alive and well in her monument she altered her plan perhaps a shred of love remained in her heart. Antony was brought before the still doomed. Pharaoh as Octavian closed in on the city he was literally hauled up by ropes into an opening on the side of Cleopatra's monument. You you are too clever and the Isis. Add much to cool. Look at him. Iris get him water for the sake of Rome. Get me wine. The last cask belongs to you. You're not split it with me. I must keep my head for the fall. Caesar as I lay in the streets hurt his legions approach. I was almost thankful you're dead. Cleopatra you cannot allow him to capture you flee while you have the chance I will not leave my city to this barbarian. You're right about that. It'll be barbarous. He plans to parade you to the streets in a gilded cage. He'll make you into the horror of Oliver home. He will settle for nothing less than your authored decimation. This you have heard from the lips of my own soldiers before they deserted me. I thought he would go quickly. Antton or better yet. Surrender yourself to the forgiveness of Octavian. We're all long past forgiveness. You know this here council Antony drink not Roman but it will do I. Basically Badger leave like children would live a takes us Aryan. He has no story destiny before him. Now on the short one if you truly care for your family Antony Antony my goddess he's gone rapid silk my goddess Octavian has breached Alexandria. What shall we do? I will see his face. He will see mine. Octavian will see the woman who should have brought him low when Octavian arrived in Alexandria. He was led to Cleopatra's monument and found her and her handmaidens inside her own mausoleum..

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