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"acting health human services" Discussed on The Larry Elder Show

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"acting health human services" Discussed on The Larry Elder Show

"You know you know. It's serious when the tone of cnn. The tone of cbs has begun to change here is cbs. Last night. we want to turn now to a flood of drugs coming into this country at the. Us mexico border record amounts of opioids and along with them deadly consequences. Cbs's janet chamlan reports tonight from el paso texas along the mexican border drug cartels are seizing opportunity. We are seeing the cartels are exploiting our current influx of unaccompanied children as well as our influx of single adults and they're bringing hard drugs border patrol agent. Joel freeland has. Us manpower focused on human smuggling notice. He said of single dotes is enabling traffickers to move staggering amounts of drugs including fifty nine pounds of highly lethal fenton all seized by texas troopers. The last six months if that almost sixty pounds of fat not had reached the streets and not been stopped. What could have been the result. The result is mass casualty. You know year that nelson years have jumped eight hundred percent in texas. The drugs coming across the border here are fueling an unprecedented epidemic across the country. The toll of which can be counted in the skyrocketing number of overdose deaths among them twenty year. Old jacob del hero of colorado. I wake up most days instead of shocking. Our cannot believe. I'm wants the child. Jacob is among the more than eighty eight thousand americans who died from overdoses in the twelve months ending october. Twenty twenty up nineteen thousand from the same period a year. Before you'll live with me for the rest of my life. My wife had to watch as i screamed and begged for my son to a border patrol agent. Jerry galvan knows heartbreak like that often starts here the cut into it and set it up beforehand. So they know where they're going to be coming through as agents say the cartels you thought of migrants to move a river of drugs jenner family and cbs news. El paso. okay. That's cbs news. This is acting health human services assistant secretary and the numbers that we saw starting in marsh or simply unprecedented especially the junk that we've got an the volume that we saw in egypt the again. That's acting h s assistant. Secretary this is cnn. i played. Cbs here cnn. The thanks so much in our last night. Bullied cove infections among migrants crossing the. Us mexico border are just one reason that many more are dying this year compared to two thousand twenty as they make deadly track to the united states the surge of migrants is expected to get worse. Cnn's rosa flora's went to the us. Mexico border to get a reality check. We should warn you. Some of what's in her report. You might find disturbing. This is the end of the american dream for this man. He has a mexican voter's card who authorities believe crossed. The border on a raft walked for five days and then ran out of water. His arms scratched by the brush. And for this woman. He's only twenty four years. Old authorities say drowned on the rio grande had been in the water for three to five days. Her body is so gruesome. We can only show you her clothes. They are two of more than fifteen hundred migrants who died on the texas border. Since dr corinne stearns.

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